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Left-wing extremists at D.U. called for the "communistic-islamic" overthrow of U.S. in 2004
various sources

Posted on 04/15/2009 6:44:16 AM PDT by ETL

I'm pretty sure the following was meant to be serious...

Charging the 2000 presidential election was 'rigged', the DUmmies swore they were not going to allow it to happen again in 2004 (Kerry defeated like Al Gore in 2000). Bold-type emphasis added by myself.-etl

Arming the Left: Is the time now?
Post from: Lori Price CLG (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-22-2004 11:17 PM
Response to Reply #10

16. Yes, spread the word, even if you *didn't* read it, that there *will* be riots! Yes! Riots, and a whole lot more!..."

Democratic Underground blogger ("happyslug": 1000+ posts) responds...

"if it is decided to fight, be prepared to fight, bring a backpack, entrenching tool, tent, and other equipment of an Infantrymen. You will need it for Bush and his supporters decides it is better to fight than to accept the will of the people, the fight to overthrow them will be a long fight."

" takes three things to overthrow a tyrant;...

1. Popular support, you must have the majority of the people on your side (i.e. Democracy, even the Communists and Islamics both try to show they have the Support of the Majority of the People),

2. Organization to perform the overthrow (This is why Madison wrote the First like he did, these are HOW you organize an opposition. Without the First it is hard to organize an opposition and any resistence organized in absence of the rights stated in the First tend to be as tyrannical as what you are opposing)

3. Weapons to push the issue if the leadership that is being overthrown tries to use force to stay in power. You have to be willing to answer force with force. Weapons do not overthrow a tyrant, weapons just protect the people who are overthrowing a tyrant."

"Now, you may say "Hay, you are talking about Islamic and/or Communists groups not 'Western Liberal resistence groups'". And you would be correct. As I said in the beginning the first step in a guerilla war against a tyrant is to first organize. The Islamic and Communists Groups were the best at organizing people. "Western Liberal Resistence Groups" were less effective in organizing resistence groups (And less liked by the CIA and KGB who tended to fund these groups, remember any war is expensive, money talks).

Furthermore since most Islamic and Communist groups tend to be the first groups outlawed they tend to go underground first. Once underground they start to organize and as other groups are outlawed those groups tend to join the opposition which tends to be either Islamic or Communistic. Once outlawed these groups also tend to be controlled by the most fanatic opponents of the Tyrants and these tend to be either Islamic or Communistic. Thus to oppose the Tyrants you have to support a side with enough discipline to get the job done and that tend to be Communist or Islamic."

"...Any weapons we resort to must be "real" weapons not pistols. i.e. Rifles and shotguns. Due to concerns of re-supply (you have to plan for a long battle) such weapons should be limited to very small number of different rounds. Generally restrict yourself to the following rounds:

5.56x 45 (.223 Remington) 7.62x 63 (30-06) 7.62x 51 (.308 Winchester or 7.62 NATO) 7.62 x 39 (7.62mm Russian 7.62 AK Round) 12 Gauge Shotgun. 30-30 Winchester."

"You have more weapons in the above calibers than any other calibers thus should be your first choice in weapons. Saying this I must point out I like the 7x57 and 7.92x57 Mauser rounds and the M1898 Mauser Bolt action Rifle, but the 7.92 (sometime called 8mm Mauser) but these rounds are less common than the above and thus harder to obtain when re-supply is needed (and re-supply will be needed if the struggle lasts for any length of time).

Re-supply of Ammunition has always been the bane of any military operations. Without ammunition you can not fight. To get you ammunition, it is easier if we can keep the number of different rounds to a minimum (i.e. 5.56x45 and 7.62x51). I list the 30-06 and 30-30 winchester rounds for these are two VERY popular rounds and ammunition for both are easy to obtain (the same with the 12 Gauge shotgun). I list the 7.62 AK round do to the huge number of SKSs and AKs imported since the fall of the Soviet Union. I list it for while there are probably more 30-30s and 30-06 rifles out they than 7.62 Aks and SKSs, the Aks and SKSs may very while outnumber the rifles in 5.56x45 and 7.62 NATO.

Also, if it is decided to fight, be prepared to fight, bring a backpack, entrenching tool, tent, and other equipment of an Infantrymen. You will need it for Bush and his supporters decides it is better to fight than to accept the will of the people, the fight to overthrow them will be a long fight."

[end of excerpts...but many other just as crazy thoughts found at the following link. This thread continued for THREE entire weeks before the moderator finally stepped in. But as of today, Tuesday, April 14, 2009, the thread is still up on the Democratic Underground website.-ETL]

Democratic Underground Discussion Board
Topic: "Arming the Left: Is the time now?":

"Lori Price CLG (1000+ posts) Sun Feb-22-04 11:17 PM Response to Reply #10
16. Yes, spread the word, even if you *didn't* read it, that there *will* be riots! Yes! Riots, and a whole lot more!..."


CLG Founder and Chair is Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
CLG General Manager is Lori Price.

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG)

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From the Chicago Sun Times, November 13, 2008:

Ayers: Obama was 'family friend'
New afterword to 2001 book, Ayers describes Barack Obama as 'family friend',bill-ayers-barack-obama-book-111308.article#

"This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who's a professor of English..."

YouTube Video:
The O'Reilly Factor confronts Bill Ayers:
October 24, 2008:


The Real Story Behind Rev. Wright's Controversial Black Liberation Theology Doctrine
Monday , May 5, 2008
FoxNews/Hannity's America
[special Friday night edition--original airdate May 2, 2008]

(some key excerpts)

["(Jose) Diaz-Balart is the son of Rafael Diaz-Balart y Guitierrez (a former Cuban politician). He has three bothers, Rafael Diaz-Balart (a banker), Mario Diaz-Balart (a US Congressman) and Lincoln Diaz-Balart (also a US Congressman). His aunt, Mirta Diaz-Balart, was Fidel Castro's first wife."]

JOSE DIAZ-BALART, TELEMUNDO NETWORK: "Liberation theology in Nicaragua in the mid-1980's was a pro-Sandinista, pro-Marxist, anti-U.S., anti-Catholic Church movement. That's it. No ifs, ands, or buts. His church apparently supported, in the mid-'80s in Nicaragua, groups that supported the Sandinista dictatorships and that were opposed to the Contras whose reason for being was calling for elections. That's all I know. I was there.

I saw the churches in Nicaragua that he spoke of, and the churches were churches that talked about the need for violent revolution and I remember clearly one of the major churches in Managua where the Jesus Christ on the altar was not Jesus Christ, he was a Sandinista soldier, and the priests talked about the corruption of the West, talked about the need for revolution everywhere, and talked about 'the evil empire' which was the United States of America."

REV. BOB SCHENCK, NATIONAL CLERGY COUNCIL: "it's based in Marxism. At the core of his [Wright's] theology is really an anti-Christian understanding of God, and as part of a long history of individuals who actually advocate using violence in overthrowing those they perceive to be oppressing them, even acts of murder have been defended by followers of liberation theology. That's very, very dangerous."

SCHENCK: "I was actually the only person escorted to Dr. Wright. He asked to see me, and I simply welcomed him to Washington, and then I said Dr. Wright, I want to bring you a warning: your embrace of Marxist liberation theology. It is contrary to the Gospel, and you need, sir, to abandon it. And at that he dropped the handshake and made it clear that he was not in the mood to dialogue on that point."

Source: The Real Story Behind Rev. Wright's Controversial Black Liberation Theology Doctrine:,2933,354158,00.html

Obama pals Dohrn and Ayers' Weather Underground and the Manson Family basically had the same agenda: to incite a race-based, black vs white revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist class ('pigs'). That is what Wright's Black Liberation is all about...

"Their founding document [the Weather Underground's] called for the establishment of a "white fighting force" to be allied with the "Black Liberation Movement" and other "anti-colonial" movements[1] to achieve "the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism."..."-Berger, Dan (2006). Outlaws of America: The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity. AK Press, 95.

Outlaws of America: The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity (Paperback) by Dan Berger

From the New York Times, August 24, 2003

"they [the Weather Underground] employed revolutionary jargon, advocated armed struggle and black liberation and began bombing buildings, taking responsibility for at least 20 attacks. Estimates of their number ranged at times from several dozen to several hundred."

Article: Quieter Lives for 60's Militants, but Intensity of Beliefs Hasn't Faded

Charles Manson's Helter Skelter:

"Helter Skelter would begin, according to one of Charlie's devotees, 'with the black man going into white people's homes and ripping off the white people, physically destroying them. A couple of spades from Watts would come up into the Bel Air and Beverly Hills district...and just really wipe some people out, just cutting bodies up and smearing blood and writing things on the wall in blood...all kinds of super-atrocious crimes that would really make the white man mad...until there was open revolution in the streets, until they finally won and took over. Then the black man would assume the white man's karma. He would then be the establishment'..."

"Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at"
--Bill Ayers (1970), quoted in New York Times, September 11, 2001:

Article: "No Regrets for a Love Of Explosives; In a Memoir of Sorts, a War Protester Talks of Life With the Weathermen"

"Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!"
-Weather Underground leader and wife of Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, referring to the Manson murders

Article: Allies in War -by David Horowitz | Monday, September 17, 2001

Actress Sharon Tate
very nice 3-min video slide show of Tate here

Confession (Manson Family)

When they got in the house, Susan [Atkins] said that in the living room there was a man on the couch and a woman on the chair reading. Then some of Susan's group stayed in the living room, while Susan went into the bedroom where Sharon was sitting on the bed talking to Jay Sebring. They quickly put nooses over Sharon and Jay's heads so that if they moved they would choke.

Frykowski ran for the door. "He was full of blood," she said and claimed that she had stabbed him three or four times. "He was bleeding and he ran to the front part, and would you believe that he was there hollering 'Help, help, somebody please help me,' and nobody came? Then we finished him off."

"Sharon was the last to die," Susan said with a laugh as she described how Sharon was begging her, " Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me. I don't want to die. I want to live. I want to have my baby. I want to have my baby."

Susan said she just looked at Sharon straight in the eye and said, "Look, bitch, I don't care about you. I don't care if you're going to have a baby. You had better be ready. You're going to die and I don't feel anything about it...In a few minutes I killed her."

Susan said she saw that there was Sharon's blood on her hand and she tasted it. "Wow, what a trip! To taste death, and yet give life."


"Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!"
-Weather Underground leader and wife of Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn

The Center for Public Intellectuals & The University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC)
April 19th-20th, 2002, Conference

[Participants include: William/Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Sen Barack Obama]

April 19th-20th, 2002
Chicago Illini Union
828 S. Wolcott

This conference is part of the Center's mission of helping to create a more engaged civil society, working towards social change, fostering coalitions between theorists and activists, and combating anti-intellectualism in contemporary culture. It will be both a celebration of ideas and a rigorous examination of the roles and responsibilities that intellectuals play in society.

I. Why Do Ideas Matter? (a keynote panel)

We introduce the “meta” theme of the conference by hearing “success stories” from diverse voices discussing their experiences intervening intellectually.

Timuel Black, Chicago activist; Prof. Emeritus, City Colleges of Chicago
Lonnie Bunch, President, Chicago Historical Society
Bernardine Dohrn, Northwestern University Law School, Children and Family Justice Center
Gerald Graff, UIC, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Richard Rorty, Stanford University, Philosophy

III. Lunch and Public Encounters

Alternative breakout tours led by Chicago activists. Tours of Bronzeville and other communities, and visits to organizations that are working on partnering theorists with activists.

IV. Intellectuals in Times of Crisis
Experiences and applications of intellectual work in urgent situations.

William Ayers, UIC, College of Education; author of Fugitive Days
Douglass Cassel, Northwestern University, Center for International Human Rights
Cathy Cohen, University of Chicago, Political Science
Salim Muwakkil, Chicago Tribune; In These Times
Barack Obama, Illinois State Senator
Barbara Ransby, UIC, African-American Studies (moderator)

The Center for Public Intellectuals
University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC):

1 posted on 04/15/2009 6:44:16 AM PDT by ETL
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To: All
Prominent democrats embrace left-wing extremist groups
House Committee chairmen, Rangel (House Ways and Means) and Conyers (House Judiciary Committee), Congressional Black Caucus members, Barbara Lee and Bobby Rush

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 6:17:06 PM ET by ETL:

2 posted on 04/15/2009 6:45:02 AM PDT by ETL (ALL the Obama-commie connections at my FR Home page:
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And DHS is worried about Pro-Lifers.

3 posted on 04/15/2009 6:54:58 AM PDT by massgopguy (I owe everything to George Bailey)
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To: massgopguy

hehehe, they know not what they do...

When they bring backpacks full of trailmix, bottled water, a small shovel, a tent...

Yeah...That’ll work...


4 posted on 04/15/2009 7:04:32 AM PDT by stevie_d_64
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LMFAO @ the visual of all these leftist hippies, who destest guns and the 2nd Amendment, trying to figure out how to even load and shoot any type of firearm..Let alone organizing an overthrow...I think they’d collectively piss their pants and wind up in the fetal position once the first shot was fired ...LOL

5 posted on 04/15/2009 8:09:52 AM PDT by HailReagan78
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To: HailReagan78

I work with a bunch of hard lefties and several of them are weapons and military accoutrement aficionados. It would be a mistake to assume that none of them carry weapons.

6 posted on 04/15/2009 12:14:36 PM PDT by rockrr (Global warming is to science what Islam is to religion)
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To: rockrr
I doubt they're true lefties then... Anyone with enough testosterone to be a gun afficianado would not really be a liberal.
7 posted on 04/15/2009 6:00:28 PM PDT by HailReagan78
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