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Little gems from the Health Care Bill ^

Posted on 07/24/2009 3:12:23 PM PDT by CMS

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To: OgreTheGreat

Thanks, you have pointed out much of the misinformation about misinformation that I noted as I just read through the ‘Crap’ article!

41 posted on 07/31/2009 8:30:25 AM PDT by algernonpj (He who pays the piper . . .)
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To: mojitojoe

Enjoyed the graphic

42 posted on 07/31/2009 8:34:59 AM PDT by algernonpj (He who pays the piper . . .)
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To: Tribune7

From page 59:

‘‘(C) enable electronic funds transfers, in order to allow automated reconciliation with the related health care payment and remittance advice;”

Granted, it currently says ‘enable’.

43 posted on 07/31/2009 8:40:00 AM PDT by algernonpj (He who pays the piper . . .)
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To: oblomov

“What if I don’t want a National Health ID card?”

That would be doubleplusungood for you, comrade;)

44 posted on 07/31/2009 8:55:36 AM PDT by Frank_2001
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To: Jim Robinson; ncdonna
Are you actually for this pile of communist b/s?

I had a link somewhere to the bill and read some of the highlights, the ones I read appeared to be true.

That poster is either trolling or hasn't read the bill.

I'll go find that link

45 posted on 07/31/2009 9:35:40 AM PDT by Las Vegas Ron (Move over NetZero - Obama's in the house!)
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To: Jim Robinson
Well, I see you already swept up the trash but here is a link to the bill for future referrence, if by chance you need it.

To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes,

46 posted on 07/31/2009 9:40:56 AM PDT by Las Vegas Ron (Move over NetZero - Obama's in the house!)
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To: Jim Robinson

Like the magical sound of the back porch bug-zapper! Thanks Jim!

47 posted on 07/31/2009 10:23:06 AM PDT by Knute
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To: OgreTheGreat

“Who would go through 23 YEARS of school and training minimum (12 years of primary, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency minimum) and then decide to add on up 7-10 years more for heart surgery or neurosurgery for the same pay?”

Actually..that doesnt take into account that many college students change majors and end up with 5-6 years of undergrad. Some with masters degrees return to school for a B.S., then apply to med school. Still others return to school in their 30s and 40s in the hopes of becoming a doctor. What is going to happen when all these scenarios cease to come to pass? A whole lot LESS doctors in our country.

I’m convinced that we will see a lot of arrests in 5-10 years of competent doctors practicing without a license. As in, going underground to treat their patients. A friend of mine told me of a cardiologist in the UK who reached his quota and was TOLD by the govt not to perform any more heart surgeries for the remainder of the year despite many being on a waiting list.

48 posted on 07/31/2009 11:17:45 AM PDT by Soothesayer9
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To: Knute

Wow..hold on a minute. Am i to understand that anyone with an opposing view gets banned here? Honestly?!

Funny, they don’t do that at the other sites I visit: Ars Technica, TownHall, Am. Spec, or Seeking Alpha. Please tell me I didn’t make a mistake signing up with this site.

49 posted on 07/31/2009 11:20:42 AM PDT by Soothesayer9
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To: Soothesayer9


50 posted on 07/31/2009 1:12:04 PM PDT by Jim Robinson (Follow me on Twitter:
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“I don’t know how to hot link.”

Hit “Enter” after each URL.

1017 pages of HR3200

But I got it off of another forum

and they got it from, and just cleaned it up a bit.

51 posted on 08/01/2009 9:11:45 AM PDT by GGpaX4DumpedTea
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To: ncdonna

You are like those in Nazi Gemany trying to assure the Germans Hitler was doing what was in the best interests of the German people. Remember how safe Hitler made the streets of Germany by enacting gun laws?

52 posted on 08/01/2009 9:53:28 AM PDT by FreeEnterprise85
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To: Uncle Miltie
>>> Looks like I’ll be paying for healthcare twice, like I paid for education twice.

...don't forget you're paying for retirement twice already too if you have an IRA/401K to prop up your Social Security.

53 posted on 08/01/2009 12:07:43 PM PDT by Bill_o'Rights
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Here are my thoughts on this subject.

I actually was planning on posting a "Freeper's Observation" op-ed on this subject tomorrow. However CMS has done such a great job of adressing this issue that I thought I'd instead go ahead and augment the work that he/she has done so well on this subject.

This thread was linked to on some other websites in op-eds and some of the responses have been rather predictable. Both here and in those other threads. There are apparently some Obamabots who obviously are attemping to sell this snake oil who are trying to convince us that what CMS says is false and that what it is really isn't.

Let me just say that I have in fact read the various versions of this bill in their respective entirties and I can tell you that CMS is dead right on this. This peice of legislation is snake oil. Deadly, poisonous snake oil at that.

Earlier this week, My dad Chuck who will turn 87 in October received a brand new pacemaker, his third one. I can tell you that had this legislation been in effect, he would not had received it.

It's quite obvious that people are catching on to this piece of snake oil and are voicing opposition. What we are witnessing from the MSM who obiviously is in the pockets of the Obama Adminstration and the Reid-Pelosi crowd are Saul Alinsky style tatics. Tatics designed to try and smear the good names of people like myself and CMS who are simply trying to blow the whistle on this piece of poisonous and deadly snake oil.

I would just say to everyone before you go and take the words of these unsavory elements as gospel that you stop and think for a moment. This legislation clearly has Satan written over it. I can tell you that this is not something the man up above would condone much less tolerate. Do we really want Obama and the Democrats playing G*d with people's lives?

I would urge everyone to contact your Congressman about this snake oil and let him or her know how you feel about this piece of snake oil being shoved down our throats. Even if your congressperson is an (R), you still should contacct him or her to voice opposition. There are a number of very unsavory elements, Obamabots and others who embarce this Satan death culture who are going to try to convince our elected representatives that the vast majority of people support this snake oil when in reality, it's the other way around. We need to make every possible effort to outnumber these unsavory elements.

And, as to these clowns and goonies such as those at Politico and like Andrea Mitchell from PMSNBC, it's obvious they've have never had a real job in their lives and don't have any since of what real life is like. These news organizations need to be put out of business. They are not telling te whole story of what is going on in the world around us. If you really want to know what's going on in the world around you, you need to dump these clowns and goonies and start getting your news from sources like World Net Daily, Newsmax, Drudge Report and Free Republic.

The MSM has no interest whatsoever in reporting the news, their only interest is in turning America into another Zimbabwe.

Once again, Kudos to CMS for a job well done in doing his/her homework on this very subject. Whether anyone likes it being said or not this legislation is posionous, deadly snake oil and needs to be defeated.

Anyone voting for this is voting for murder and needs to have his or her butt run out of town. It's time for these clowns and goonies in Washington to get the message. It is they who work for us, not the other way around. It is we who are the bosses, not the other way around.

And, if they don't get it then they need to have their butts run out of town, period end of quote.


54 posted on 08/01/2009 12:46:16 PM PDT by E.G.C.
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To: OgreTheGreat


55 posted on 08/06/2009 6:02:57 AM PDT by gibsosa
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To: OgreTheGreat
thank you................. i cant say it any better. I hope it was okay to quote you in some lambasting on the so called ‘ Crap cutter “ site. I had to lay into some of the insultingly insipid gibberish people spout on that site.
“ I actually saw at one of the ‘teabagger’ events a sign that said ‘F**K the poor’”. that is the kind of thing that is so ridiculous, it is hard to swallow without the caveat, yes, I can imagine he DID see that, carried by an “Obam-ite” ( my own word for a tick like organism that drinks Obama-aid from the Kooler without questioning the source of the drink, ever ) in order to give the LEFT fuel for more of their idiotic banter.
A great Stateswoman, Geneane Garaffalo ( no clue how to spell her name, no desire to get it right ) said back in 2002 in an interview, that “ descent is a RIGHT, and more people SHOULD speak out against their government, and the government should be less harsh in its response “ I am paraphrasing, but that was her gist, Stand up speak out it is your DUTY and right as a U.S. citizen.
THEN, when the tea parties started, she said THIS: “Lets face it, most of these people don't even know what the Boston tea party was about or for. What this is, is all about HATING A BLACK MAN.” I could hardly believe my ears, and the moron reporter simply nodded and smiled, ‘cause he was an Obam-ite as well.
Because Republicans and Conservatives STOOD up, and said this is garbage, it HAS to be about HATING a BLACK MAN.
Good GOD Garafalo,, are you that much a bigoted hate-monger that YOU yourself have become worse than ANYONE or anything you have ever spoke out against ?
Apparently, yes is the answer. She went on and on about how all of these tea party people, were ignorant hate mongers, and that they were to stupid to know word one about what the Boston Tea party represented.

And worse still, hardly ANYONE outside of Conservative radio even mentioned this.

56 posted on 08/06/2009 10:31:26 AM PDT by Freedom Yankee (I have but one voice, but making it heard is merely a matter of opening ones mouth.)
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Thank you CMS.. I got this from Charisma. AJH

57 posted on 08/06/2009 7:06:24 PM PDT by americanmother (2nd Tim chapter 3)
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To: publana

ping for later

58 posted on 08/07/2009 9:53:38 PM PDT by publana (Obama, you will not intimidate me into not voicing my opinions.)
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That’s not all my friends.

Pg 503 Lines 13-19 Govt will build registries and data networks from YOUR electronic med records.

PG 506 Lines 19-21 The Center will recommend policies that would allow for public access of data.

PG 518 Lines 21-25 The Commission will have input from HC consumer reps – Can u say unions & ACORN?

PG 621 Lines 20-25 Govt will define what Quality means in HC. Since when does Govt know about quality?

PG 624 “Quality” measures shall b designed to profile u including race, age, gender, place of residence, etc

Pg 630 9-24/631 1-9 Those Multi-stake holder groups incl. Unions & groups like ACORN deciding HC quality.

PG 633 14-25/ 634 1-9 The Secretary may issue non-endorsed “Qual Measures” 4 Physician Svcs & Dialysis Svcs.

Pg 635 to 653 Physicians Payments Sunshine Provision – Govt wants to shine sunlight on Docs but not Govt.

PG 660-671 Doctors in Residency – Govt will tell U where ur residency will b, thus where u’ll live.

Pg 676-686 Govt will regulate hospitals in EVERY aspect of residency programs, incl. teaching hospitals.

PG 711 Lines 8-14 The Secretary has broad powers to deny HC providers/suppliers admittance into HC Exchng.

Pg 719-720 Sec 1637 ANY Doctor who orders durable med equip or home med svcs MUST b enrolled in Medicare.

Pg 735 lines 16-25 For law enforce. purposes the Secretary-HHS will give Atty General access to ALL data.

Pg 757-762 Fed govt will shift burden of payments 2 Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) 2 States. (Taxes)

Pg 768 Sec 1713 Govt – Nurse Home Visitation Svcs (Hello union paybacks)

Pg 769 3-5 Nurse Home Visit Svcs – “increasing birth intervals btwn pregnancies.” Govt Abortions any1?

Pg 770 SEC 1714 Fed Govt mandates eligibility 4 State Family Planning Svcs. Say abortion & State Sovereign.

Pg 789-797 Govt will set, mandate drug prices, controlling which drugs brought 2 mrkt. Bye innovation

PG 801 Sec 1751 The Govt will decide which Health care conditions will be paid. Say RATION!

Pg 810 SEC. 1759. Billing Agents, clearinghouses, etc req. 2 register. Govt takes over private payment sys.

PG 829-833 Govt will impose a fee on ALL private health ins. plans incl. self insured to pay for Trust Fund!

Pg 838-840 Govt will design & implem. Home Visitation Prog 4 families w young kids & families expect kids.

PG 844-845 OMG! This Home Visitation Prog. includes Govt coming in2 ur house & telling u how 2 parent

Pg 859 Govt will establish a Public Health Fund at a cost of $88,800,000,000. Yes thats Billion.

Pg 865 The Govt will MANDATE the establishment of a National Health Service Corps

PG 865 to 876 The NHS Corps is a program where Drs. perform mandatory HC for 2yrs for part loan repayment

PG 876-892 The govt takes over the education of our Med students and Drs

PG 898 The Govt will establish a Public Health Workforce Corps. 2 ensure supply of public health prof.

PG 898 The Public health workforce corps shall consist of civilian employees of the U.S. as Secretary deems.

PG 900 The Public Health Workforce Corps includes veterinarians

PG 901 The Public Health Workforce Corps WILL incl commissioned Regular & Reserve Officers. HC Draft? WTF!

PG 910 The Govt will develop, build & run Public Health Training Centers.

PG 913-914 Govt starts a HC affirmative action program thru guise of diversity scholarships.

PG 915 SEC. 2251. Govt MANDATES Cultural & linguistic competency trng 4 HC professionals.

Pg 932 The Govt will estab Preventative & Wellness Trust fund- intial cost of $30,800,000,000-Billion

PG 936 Govt will develop “Healthy People & National Public Health Perform. Standards” Tell me what 2 eat?

PG 942 Lines 22-25 More Govt? Offices of Surg. Gen. -Public Health Svc, MinorityHealth, Women’s Health

PG 993 Govt will establish school based health clinics. Your kids wont have a chance.

PG 994 School Based Health Clinic will be integrated into the school environment. Say GOVT Brainwash!

PG 1001 The Govt will establish a National Medical Device Registry. Will u be tracked?

PG 1003 9-11 National Med Dev Reg ‘‘(iii) other postmarket device surveillance activities” U WILL b tracked.

59 posted on 08/11/2009 3:58:28 PM PDT by Razgriz (Razgriz is a deamon in the government, when he rises democracy FALLS.)
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't think this statement is correctly defined as stated:

Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed!

Pg 29 has a paragraph showing "annual limitations" - which I take to mean your out of pocket expenses will not exceed $5000 for an individual or $10,000 for a family

This doesn't seem to be the same as an admission that health care will be rationed..... now don't misunderstand me - I do think it will be rationed, but I do not think this page defines that at all.

Anyone else read it this way?

60 posted on 08/11/2009 8:14:50 PM PDT by WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
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