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Paranormal: An Encounter With Black-Eyed Kids ^ | February 4, 2009 | Jason Offut

Posted on 08/20/2009 9:59:04 AM PDT by Nikas777

Paranormal: An Encounter With Black-Eyed Kids

by Jason Offutt

Posted: 13:15 February 4, 2009

There’s something wrong with these children.

They approach quietly, yet boldly. They’re young, usually teens or slightly younger. They insist on coming inside your house to use the bathroom, the telephone or just for a drink of water. But for some reason you’re afraid. Why? They’re just kids. Then you notice their eyes – black, as if the pupil had poured over its banks. You don’t let them in – or do you?

Black-eyed kids. The term has floated across cyberspace since Jan. 16, 1998 when journalist Brian Bethel first posted his chilling encounter with overly-lucid children whose eyes were coal black; not a hint of iris, nor white.

And they scared the hell out of him.

The existence of these children has since become an Internet urban legend, but is it really just that? Maybe not.

Below is a story of black-eyed kids from an anonymous reader of “From the Shadows.” I’ll call him “Bill.”

Bill was driving through Afton, Okla., a town in the northwestern part of the state on historic Route 66 just south of the Will Rogers Turnpike, when he stopped to see some old friends.

“I saw they had a new dog; a very stout dachshund,” Bill said. “I asked them about it and Michael said, ‘The weird kids left her when they left town.’”

Bill asked Michael and his wife about these “weird kids.” They told him a group of young people had knocked on their door and begged to come in and talk. The “weird kids” were driving an old van, but Michael thought it was in good shape because it didn't make noise.

“However, he and his wife felt uneasy and didn't let them in,” Bill said. A few of the kids left the van and walked the dachshund Michael and his wife ended up with. “But they didn’t seem too attached to (the dog).”

Bill asked Michael if these young people were Mormons.

“Hell, no,” Michael said. “They didn't dress right and they were junkies."

"Junkies?" Bill asked.

Michael’s story has disturbed Bill ever since.

“ (Jan. 18), a friend was talking about dark forces on the move and mentioned black-eyed kids,” Bill said. “I Googled it and a chill went up my spine.”

Bill contacted Michael about the information he’d found on these entities, but, like many who’ve encountered these black-eyed kids, Michael and his wife just want to forget meeting them. Their experience was terrifying.

“They don't want anything to do with an investigation,” Bill said, “or have their name made public, or really have anything to do with any further conversation about black-eyed kids.”

"Yeah,” Michael said. “Their pupils were huge."

The kids’ eyes were solid black. Looking into their eyes was like staring into a void.

Turned away at the door, the black-eyed kids eventually left, to the relief of Michael and his wife. Some time later, Michael saw the dachshund wandering around town, felt sorry for it, and brought it home. Michael and his wife are thankful the black-eyed kids never returned for it.

Jason Offutt is a syndicated columnist, author, college journalism instructor, and fan of all things strange. His book of ghost stories, “Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to the Show-Me-State's Most Spirited Spots ,” is available NOW. Jason is available for interviews, speaking engagements and beer festivals. E-mail all serious inquiries to:

Read also:


Some people claim that this phenomenon is an urban legend. But it doesnt quite fit the definition of an urban legend. The stories of these creepy black eyed kids comes from all over the US, not just one place. The stories are very few in number and have just surfaced in the last ten years. The first story I remembering hearing about these creepy 'kids' was from a man named Brian Bethel, a reporter for the Abilene Reporter, who published his story of an encounter with three boys (see below).

"I don't really know what I'd call this story if I was submitting it for publication in Fate or something of its ilk. "Brian vs. the Evil, Black-eyed, Possibly Vampiric or Demonic But At Least Not Bloody Normal Kids" doesn't have much of a ring to it. (Shrug.) :)

But that's at least an accurate title. As so many things do, it all started out innocently.

My Internet Service Provider used to have offices in a shopping center before they moved to their (comparatively) lush accommodations elsewhere. There was a drop box at that original location. The monthly bill was due, and thus, there but for the Grace of the Net I went. It was about 9:30 p.m. when I left. From my relatively isolated apartments, it's about 10-15 minutes or so to downtown (Abilene has a population of about 110,000).

Right next to Camalott Communications' old location is a $1.50 movie theater. At the time, the place was featuring that masterwork of modern film, Mortal Kombat. I drove by the theater on the way into the center proper and pulled into an empty parking space.

Using the glow of the marquee to write out my check, I was startled to hear a knock on the driver's-side window of my car.

I looked over and saw two children staring at me from street. I need to describe them, with the one feature (you can guess what it was) that I didn't realize until about half-way through the conversation cleverly omitted. Both appeared to be in that semi-mystical stage of life children get into where you can't exactly tell their age. Both were boys, and my initial impression is that they were somewhere between 10-14.

Boy No. 1 was the spokesman. Boy No. 2 didn't speak during the entire conversation -- at least not in words.

Boy No. 1 was slightly taller than his companion, wearing a pull-over, hooded shirt with a sort of gray checked pattern and jeans. I couldn't see his shoes. His skin was olive-colored and had curly, medium-length brown hair. He exuded an air of quiet confidence.

Boy No. 2 had pale skin with a trace of freckles. His primary characteristic seemed to be looking around nervously. He was dressed in a similar manner to his companion, but his pull-over was a light green color. His hair was a sort of pale orange.

They didn't appear to be related, at least directly.

"Oh, great," I thought. "They're gonna hit me up for money." And then the air changed.

I've explained this before, but for the benefit of any new lurkers out there, right before I experience something strange, there's a change in perception that comes about which I describe in the above manner. It's basically enough time to know it's too late. ;)

So, there I was, filling out a check in my car (which was still running) and in a sudden panic over the appearance of two little boys. I was confused, but an overwhelming sense of fear and unearthliness rushed in nonetheless. The spokesman smiled, and the sight for some inexplicable reason chilled my blood. I could feel fight-or-flight responses kicking in. Something, I knew instinctually, was not right, but I didn't know what it could possibly be. I rolled down the window very, very slightly and asked "Yes?"

The spokesman smiled again, broader this time. His teeth were very, very white.

"Hey, mister, what's up? We have a problem," he said. His voice was that of a young man, but his diction, quiet calm and ... something I still couldn't put my finger on ... made my desire to flee even greater. "You see, my friend and I want to see the films, but we forgot our money," he continued. "We need to go to our house to get it. Want to help us out?"

Okay. Journalists are required to talk to lots of people, and that includes children. I've seen and spoken to lots of them. Here's how that usually goes:

"Uh ... M ... M ... Mister? Can I see that camera? I ... I won't break it or anything. I promise. My dad has a camera, and he lets me hold it sometimes, I guess, and I took a picture of my dog -- it wasn's very good, 'cause I got my finger in the way and ..."

Add in some feet shuffling and/or body swaying and you've got a typical kid talking to a stranger.

In short, they're usually apologetic. People generally teach children that when they talk to adults, they're usually bothering them for one reason or another and they should at least be polite.

This kid was in no way fitting the mold. His command of language was incredible and he showed no signs of fear. He spoke as if my help was a foregone conclusion. When he grinned, it was as if he was trying to say, "I know something ... and you're NOT gonna like it. But the only way you're going to find out what it is will be to do what I say ..."

"Uh, well ..." was the best reply I could offer. Now here's where it starts to get strange.

The quiet companion looked at the spokesman with a mixture of confusion and guilt on his face. He seemed in some ways shocked, not with his friend's brusque manner but that I didn't just immediately open the door. He eyed me nervously.

The spokesman seemed a bit perturbed, too. I still was registering something wrong with both.

"C'mon, mister," the spokesman said again, smooth as silk. Car salesmen could learn something from this kid. "Now, we just want to go to our house. And we're just two little boys."

That really scared me. Something in the tone and diction again sent off alarm bells. My mind was frantically trying to process what it was perceiving about the two figures that was "wrong."

"Eh. Um ...." was all I could manage. I felt myself digging my fingernails into the steering wheel.

"What movie were you going to see?" I asked finally.

"Mortal Kombat, of course," the spokesman said. The silent one nodded in affirmation, standing a few paces behind.

"Oh," I said. I stole a quick glance at the marquee and at the clock in my car. Mortal Kombat had been playing for an hour, the last showing of the evening.

The silent one looked increasingly nervous. I think he saw my glances and suspected that I might be detecting something was not above-board.

"C'mon, mister. Let us in. We can't get in your car until you do, you know," the spokesman said soothingly. "Just let us in, and we'll be gone before you know it. We'll go to our mother's house."

We locked eyes.

To my horror, I realized my hand had strayed toward the door lock (which was engaged) and was in the process of opening it. I pulled it away, probably a bit too violently. But it did force me to look away from the children.

I turned back. "Er ... Um ...," I offered weakly and then my mind snapped into sharp focus.

For the first time, I noticed their eyes. They were coal black. No pupil. No iris. Just two staring orbs reflecting the red and white light of the marquee.

At that point, I know my expression betrayed me. The silent one had a look of horror on his face in a combination that seemed to indicate: A) The impossible had just happened and B) "We've been found out!"

The spokesman, on the other hand, wore a mask of anger. His eyes glittered brightly in the half-light.

"Cmon, mister," he said. "We won't hurt you. You have to LET US IN. We don't have a gun ..."

That last statement scared the living hell out of me, because at that point by his tone he was plainly saying, "We don't NEED a gun."

He noticed my hand shooting down toward the gear shift. The spokesman's final words contained an anger that was complete and whole, and yet contained in some respects a tone of panic: "WE CAN'T COME IN UNLESS YOU TELL US IT'S OKAY. LET ... US .... IN!"

I ripped the car into reverse (thank goodness no one was coming up behind me) and tore out of the parking lot. I noticed the boys in my peripheral vision, and I stole a quick glance back.

They were gone. The sidewalk by the theater was deserted." ----

It's one of the creepiest stories I've ever read, not because Mr. Bethel is such an amazing story-teller (which he may be) but because of the nature of these kids. They come to you asking for help, usually in three's but also in pairs, one is a little older than the other two and seems to be the 'leader" who does the bulk of the speaking. Their problems are similar with each case...they want you to either invite them into your car or into your house. But they won’t force their way in, they want you to invite them. It has to be with your permission. People who have supposedly witnessed these 'visits' claim to have an overwhelming feeling of dread wash over and grip them as they stare into the kids' eyes (which are completely black, no white whatsoever).

They claim to feel pure evil, like they are going to die just by looking into their eyes, and there is some kind of hold these kids have on their victims, almost willing them with their eyes to open the door and let them in. Those who have been able to tell the tale are the ones who were able to break the almost trance-like state they are in to drive away from them or slam the door in their refuse entry to them and to get away from them. There are a few stories told about people who actually let these kids into their cars and end up getting in a fatal accident, or letting them into their house or apartment and dying of a heart attack or some freak accident.

So, who are these kids? Some claim the black eyes would indicate that they are demons, which would make sense as demons are supposed to have some trait about them that distinguishes them from humans, often it is the eyes. Demons have never walked the earth as humans, therefore they cannot represent themselves as wholely human. Demons also have to have permission, whether direct or indirect, realized or given intentionally, in order to invade a person's life and it is the same for these 'evil kids.'

Black Eyed Kids: A Profile

by Barry Napier

The internet has made it so that it is much easier to stay up to date with paranormal events. Sadly, it has also made it easier for people to spread many false claims and hoaxes. Because of this, it is difficult to tell when someone is contributing to a lie that has already fooled many readers or if the account is truthful.

One such phenomena is the growing number of stories regarding so-called Black Eyed Kids. The stories certainly reek of an almost mythological stench, but there are so many similar accounts that it is hard to look past. The events have been quietly gaining momentum in forums and paranormal websites, so quiet that many people are still not familiar with them. The Black Eyed Kids reports are scattered around the internet and chances are that a great deal of them are fabrications derived from the first reported accounts. But if the Black Eyed Kids (BEKs) are real, then they certainly deserve a great deal of attention. And for those that are not familiar with the phenomena, a profile might be handy in order to get familiar with the subject.

A Brief Background

The first well documented and discussed account came from a journalist named Brian Bethel in 1998. In his story, two children (not quite teens, but close) approached him as he sat in his car while parked in a parking lot. At first glance, the kids looked normal, wearing clothes that were in style and had a pale, olive colored skin. In acknowledging the two boys, Bethel was overcome with a peculiar fear that he describes in his account as: "I could feel fight-or-flight responses kicking in. Something, I knew instinctually, was not right, but I didn't know what it could possibly be."

Claiming that they were on their way to see a movie but had left their money at home, the two boys asked Bethel for a ride back to their house. When Bethel did not allow them into his car, the kids seemed to get annoyed and kept asking for a ride. As Bethel's fear and panic increased, he actually found himself wanting to open the door. However, when Bethel noticed their eyes, a primal fear took over and momentarily paralyzed him; the kids had coal black eyes, completely lacking pupils and irises.

As if sensing that their chance for admittance into the car was coming to and end, the kids got more urgent and demanding. Bethel was finally able to push his fear momentarily aside and drive away. And while his story sounds like something out of a horror novel, there are other accounts to back it up. (Bethel's account can be found at

Most accounts occur at the individual's home. There is a knock on the door and on the other side, waiting patiently, is a kid of roughly 12 to 17 years of age. Their dress is usually common for the time and they seem rather normal. But then the sudden fear and the sense of wrongness sinks in. And then of course, there are the eyes.

The BEKs will always ask to be invited inside. Sometimes they claim that they need to use the telephone because they are lost, or their car broke down just up the road. If anyone has ever let them inside, there are no credible accounts. Almost all people who have run-ins with BEKs are too overcome with an unexplained fear and end up turning them away. This only infuriates the kids and they appear to grow impatient and more demanding that they be let in. Also, they will never actually leave until the person they have approached has either closed the door or left the scene of the encounter.

Rational Theories

There are a few obvious explanations that can be used to debunk these odd stories. The black eyes, for example could be nothing more than contact lenses. (Solid black contacts are available). But still, how does that explain the unnerving sense of fear and despair in those that encounter the BEKs?

The most likely scenario is that the few convincing reports were the results of overactive imaginations and that the string of reports that followed were nothing more than copycat falsified stories used for attention or fun. But most accounts seem to be passionate, and people that have encountered the BEKs seem to be genuinely frightened even after the encounter.

These are the easier approaches to the subject, the logical theories that easily sweep aside such foolish notions. But if even half of the numerous reports that are hidden around the internet are true, these logical approaches could be dangerous.

Not-So-Rational Theories

The most bizarre contradiction to the story is the fact that BEKs are said to give off a frightening vibe. Those that meet them claim to feel threatened, panicked and even disoriented. Some believe that this could be a result of their black eyes, maybe some sort of hypnotic suggestion used as an attempt to convince the person to let them inside their house or vehicle.

But then there is the question of why they don't just storm through the door without an invitation. Surely such a menacing figure would be capable of such an intrusion. A common theory that explains this is that the BEKs are some sort of evil spirit, maybe even a demon. The most recognizable figure that needs an invitation before entering a house is a vampire. While it is certainly a big stretch to claim that these kids are blood sucking fiends, we must remember that the idea of an evil presence needing some sort of invitation before entering a house (or even a human being) is a longstanding belief in many religions.

Another question: If BEKs are demons or some other evil entity, why take the form of a child? Perhaps they feel that caring people would have no qualms about allowing a lost or distressed child into their home to use the phone? The idea of a needy child knocking on one's door is certainly more appealing than a strange man.

At a Glance

Whether or not you buy into the mythos of the BEK phenomena, it is certainly a topic that leaves an unsettling feeling with the reader. But the more accounts you read, it seems that there might actually be something to it all, something that gives it a bit of slight credibility rather than dismissing it as an urban legend.

In closing, here are a few things that seem to be constants in BEK reports. Whether you use this information for your interest in the subject or debunking strategies is up to you.

1. Almost all cases occur at night or late afternoon just around dusk. Is the preference of night an instinctive strategy for the BEKs? Does our instilled fear of the dark somehow assist them with their scare tactics? Or maybe it is simply easier for them to approach their target undetected while moving about in the night.

2. The need to be invited in, as stated before, certainly reminds us of vampires. And while I personally don't believe in vampires, I can easily entertain the notion that the BEKs might be evil spirits or demons. If, that is, they are real to begin with.

3. The black eyes are obviously their most striking feature. It has been argued on several forums that if the BEKs are so sinister and crafty, why don't they just wear sunglasses to cover up this demonic feature? An easy counter to this is the fact that their eyes seem to be the source of the overpowering fear that people experience. Therefore, by obstructing their eyes with sunglasses, any sort of hypnotic suggestion via eye contact would be eliminated.

I'll be among the first to admit that the phenomena is a far fetched and unbelievable one. But as several internet forums indicate, it has many people intrigued. Still, as is the case with many other series of unexplained events that are spread across the net, the BEKs will be nothing more than internet hearsay until there is undeniable proof.

*(Note: Any readers who believes that they have had an encounter with a BEK or similar entity, please e-mail me with a detailed account to be used for future research. Thanks.)*

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This is a test posting of mine in the "weird" category. By the way, you don't have to believe in the supernatural to find this stuff intriguing. As a rationalist you can ponder this as a manifestation or reflection on the fears of the mass unconscious.
1 posted on 08/20/2009 9:59:05 AM PDT by Nikas777
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To: Nikas777
I Googled it ....

How many modern paranoid schizophrenic beliefs start with this phrase?

2 posted on 08/20/2009 10:02:05 AM PDT by mnehring
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To: mnehring

More than we can ever know I imagine.

3 posted on 08/20/2009 10:03:06 AM PDT by Nikas777 (En touto nika, "In this, be victorious")
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To: shibumi

“They walk among us” ping.

4 posted on 08/20/2009 10:06:24 AM PDT by Salamander (Like acid and oil on a madman's face, reason tends to fly away.........)
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To: Nikas777

5 posted on 08/20/2009 10:08:25 AM PDT by keats5 (Not all of us are hypnotized.)
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To: Nikas777

1. Vampires may not enter a residence unless invited.

2. Some Angels have no pupils or whites, only black irises.

6 posted on 08/20/2009 10:08:36 AM PDT by fortunate sun (Fight the marxist occupation of America. Support the Healthcare Insurrection.)
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To: Nikas777

There are more video/photo recordings of Bigfoot than there are of these “kids”.

7 posted on 08/20/2009 10:08:44 AM PDT by JimRed ("Hey, hey, Teddy K., how many girls did you drown today?" TERM LIMITS, NOW AND FOREVER!)
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To: JimRed
There are more video/photo recordings of Bigfoot than there are of these “kids”.

Here are two...

8 posted on 08/20/2009 10:10:35 AM PDT by r9etb
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To: Nikas777

They have “black eyes” due to dilated pupils. They have dilated pupils because they are stoned. Stoned teenagers?......shocking!

9 posted on 08/20/2009 10:11:21 AM PDT by HerrBlucher
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To: Nikas777
The Loch Ness Monster knocked on my door once, but I looked outside and saw who it was and didn't even answer the door.

Thank goodness he eventually left.

10 posted on 08/20/2009 10:15:16 AM PDT by Allegra ( Socks)
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To: Nikas777

Any True Blood fans around here know what the black eyed adults are.

I am not much of a tv person but Dexter and True Blood are my gotta see cable tv shows.

Well written IMO and I am not usually a fan of such subject matter but the murder/mystery aspect is entertaining.

11 posted on 08/20/2009 10:16:23 AM PDT by Global2010 (Chic Conservative Catholic Thug)
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To: Nikas777

Are you trying to freak people out?? Are you trying to give me nightmares?

good lord!

12 posted on 08/20/2009 10:17:23 AM PDT by GeronL (Pro-Freedom Fiction Writers Unite! -
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To: fortunate sun
If I ran into an angel with black eyes I would speak to it in the name of Jesus just to make sure it wasnt of the fallen variety of Angels.
13 posted on 08/20/2009 10:18:07 AM PDT by Global2010 (Chic Conservative Catholic Thug)
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To: Nikas777

14 posted on 08/20/2009 10:19:47 AM PDT by Charles Henrickson (If you think health care is expensive now, just wait till it's free!)
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To: Allegra

Nessie stopped by my house last week, and wanted tree fitty for the bus.

15 posted on 08/20/2009 10:20:53 AM PDT by 50sDad (The Left cannot understand life is not in a test tube. Raise taxes, & jobs go away.)
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To: GeronL

Yeah but ya clicked on in.
Stay away from True Blood (cable series) alot of black eyes in on of the demonic circles on that show.

16 posted on 08/20/2009 10:20:55 AM PDT by Global2010 (Chic Conservative Catholic Thug)
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To: Salamander
Norman Rockwell was familiar with the phenomena...

17 posted on 08/20/2009 10:21:10 AM PDT by Joe 6-pack (Que me amat, amet et canem meum)
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To: Nikas777

18 posted on 08/20/2009 10:21:33 AM PDT by JoeProBono (A closed mouth gathers no feet)
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To: All

Paging Art Bell...

19 posted on 08/20/2009 10:22:15 AM PDT by Maverick68 (w)
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To: Nikas777

Anyone remember the Black Oil in X-files? Before it ended with a totally convaluted and compormised ending that was, I mean?

20 posted on 08/20/2009 10:22:29 AM PDT by 50sDad (The Left cannot understand life is not in a test tube. Raise taxes, & jobs go away.)
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