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What to do If You Are Forced to Take Swine Flu Shot
youtube ^ | Sept. 19, 2009 | Dr. Russell Blaylock

Posted on 09/19/2009 10:08:45 AM PDT by MsLady

Click on the url and watch. This is part 1 of 4.

TOPICS: Health/Medicine
KEYWORDS: blackhelicopters; forcedvaccinations; h1n1; kooks; swineflu; tinfoil; vaccine
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1 posted on 09/19/2009 10:08:46 AM PDT by MsLady
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To: MsLady


2 posted on 09/19/2009 10:15:26 AM PDT by Wayne07
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To: MsLady

I’m not taking a flu shot...period!

3 posted on 09/19/2009 10:15:42 AM PDT by SonOfDarkSkies (For good judgment ask...What would Obama do? Then do the opposite!)
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To: MrShoop

Who you calling kook? These docs or the government? If your saying the docs, check out the video’s first.

4 posted on 09/19/2009 10:21:51 AM PDT by MsLady (If you died tonight, where would you go? Salvation, don't leave earth without it!)
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To: SonOfDarkSkies

Me either!!! Nor my family!!!

5 posted on 09/19/2009 10:22:33 AM PDT by MsLady (If you died tonight, where would you go? Salvation, don't leave earth without it!)
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To: SonOfDarkSkies
They showed two kids in the hospital with H1N1....One was quite obese and had asthma and wasn't doing well at all. The other was the "boy next door"...age 10....he was getting a little better each day.

I have two grandchildren about this age...What to do?? It's not my decision but my daughter will ask....

6 posted on 09/19/2009 10:24:38 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: SonOfDarkSkies

I don’t either. About 15 years ago I started developing a bad reaction at the shot location. About 10 years ago it got so bad I quit all together.

7 posted on 09/19/2009 10:31:44 AM PDT by Dutch Boy
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To: Sacajaweau

The H1N1 has shown up in our school. One of the kids on our street has it. She had high fever for 2 days before she was taken to the doc. She’s now on the mend. Luckily, for her, it wasn’t much worse than the seasonal stuff that is so typical for this time of year.

8 posted on 09/19/2009 10:53:16 AM PDT by Aggie Mama
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To: MsLady
Tell them you have an egg allergy. There is no test for it.
9 posted on 09/19/2009 10:54:56 AM PDT by mad_as_he$$ (Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. V for victory)
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To: mad_as_he$$
ell them you have an egg allergy.

Good idea. I hope it doesn't become mandatory where I live. I have no intention of taking the swine flu vaccine.

10 posted on 09/19/2009 10:59:08 AM PDT by alicewonders (Sarah Palin is the face of America's future.)
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To: MsLady

This is so full of utter crap that it makes me sick. To start with, the Swine flu is not a bad flu, it might become a somewhat worse flu, but it is not a serious problem. What *is* a serious problem, and what health authorities around the world are terrified half to death from, is Avian flu.

Since it emerged, killing 60% of the people who were infected with it, with hospitalization, the Avian flu has continued to expand its territory, mutate into specialized strains in competition with each other, and tried to develop a way to become easily transmitted between humans.

It is like no other influenza ever seen. And it is still as deadly as it was at the beginning. For *this* reason, the US government, and governments around the world, have been upgrading their ability to make vaccine. The US used to have just 1 or 2 companies making it, but now we want every drug company that can to make it.

And there is still nothing they can do until they get the “actual” strain of flu. When hundreds of thousands of dead, likely in Asia, turn into millions of dead.

And they will not be able to produce vaccine for Avian flu before the disease hits the US. But instead of a normal six months to produce and distribute the vaccine, we may be able to cut it down to three months.

So why is everybody pushing Swine flu vaccine? Simple. To test the system. Swine flu is a dress rehearsal for the Avian flu. To try and get the process working as well as it can work with a real, if less harmful flu. To shave off days, or even hours, to be eventually able to get the Avian flu vaccine from the manufacturer to the public.

Will it work? We already know it won’t. That it will be months of Americans dying in great numbers, and we will be as helpless as we were in 1918, until the first vaccine is available. We already know this.

And you can beg, bribe, threaten, panic all you want, and it won’t matter, because there won’t be any vaccine to distribute.

Oddly enough, scoundrels like these people, who think they know better, will probably rake in a fortune from people desperate to protect themselves from Avian flu, before the vaccine has arrived.

Some of these products might actually help. Things such as Vitamin D, ionic metal supplements, some fruit juices, and over the counter medicines may help fend off the disease. But most of the stuff they try and flog is useless, or worse than useless, making people more susceptible to the disease.

Compared to a shot of vaccine, as far as Avian flu goes, there is no comparison. All this other stuff may protect you a little, but vaccine will save your life.

As far as Swine flu goes, meh. Unless it gets a lot worse, it is just a dress rehearsal. Get a shot if you want a shot.

11 posted on 09/19/2009 11:01:51 AM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy
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To: Aggie Mama

If you haven’t watched the videos, just click on the link.

12 posted on 09/19/2009 11:19:20 AM PDT by MsLady (If you died tonight, where would you go? Salvation, don't leave earth without it!)
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To: MsLady
"Follow the money ..."

13 posted on 09/19/2009 11:20:00 AM PDT by WVKayaker (Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C Clarke)
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To: MsLady
What to do If You Are [about to be] Forced to Take Swine Flu Shot

Have available a 9mm injection device of your own?

14 posted on 09/19/2009 11:20:22 AM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: WilliamofCarmichael

LOL...sounds like a plan. If you haven’t already, watch the videos of this doctor talking about how ineffective ALL flu vaccines are. And what to do if they force you to take one. The other thing is, take vitamin D. For adults the dose is about 5,000I.U. a day, for children 2,000. Almost ever American has low levels of D. The other thing the Dr. Blaylock said was to ice the injection site.

15 posted on 09/19/2009 11:27:04 AM PDT by MsLady (If you died tonight, where would you go? Salvation, don't leave earth without it!)
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To: MsLady
Along a similar vein... The drug company propaganda gives a dire prediction, at the same time it covers up and lies about the threat from their snake oil!

** "Teen vaccine can prevent cervical cancer

Now there’s a vaccine to prevent the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States – human papillomavirus – and in the process reduce the chance young women will develop cervical cancer. More than 20 million people in the U.S. currently are infected with HPV. Health agencies predict that at this current rate, at least 80 percent of women will have HPV by the time they are 50. ..."

16 posted on 09/19/2009 11:28:20 AM PDT by WVKayaker (Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C Clarke)
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To: WVKayaker

I would not allow my daughter to have that vaccine.

17 posted on 09/19/2009 11:39:48 AM PDT by MsLady (If you died tonight, where would you go? Salvation, don't leave earth without it!)
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To: MsLady
Here's more info:

What is in the Regular Flu Shot?

Egg proteins, including avian contaminant viruses

Gelatin, known to cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis are usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin

Polysorbate 80 (Tween80™), which can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis

Formaldehyde: a known carcinogen

Triton X100: a strong detergent

Sucrose (table sugar)

Resin, known to cause allergic reactions

Gentamycin, an antibiotic

Thimerosal: mercury is still in multidose vials

Analysis of material by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by Dr. Russell Blaylock. (September 5, 2009)

Critical Observations:

Doctor visits for flu are down from the level in April

Total flu hospitalizations are similar or lower than for seasonal flu (yearly flu)

The number of death secondary to flu and pneumonia is unchanged from yearly rate

Only two states are reporting widespread infections -- Georgia and Alaska. Other states report only regional or sporadic activity, meaning it’s not very contagious.

There is no evidence that the virus has mutated at all anywhere in the world

The virus remains susceptible to the drugs Tamiflu and Relenza.

Only 43,771 cases have been reported in the United States. Because of poor reporting the CDC estimates that true numbers indicate that one million have been infected. Many people did not get sick enough to go to a doctor. Likewise, not all people are tested who go to a doctor.

Of these 5,011 have been hospitalized and 302 have died.

Death Rates From the H1N1 Flu

If we use the 43,771 figure and 302 deaths that means the death rate is 0.6 percent, an extremely low death rate for any flu.

The percentage of hospitalized patients who died was 6 percent, again a very low incidence of death.

Since the CDC estimates that one million have been infected, we must recalculate death rates. Using this more accurate figure, the death rate is in truth 0.03 percent, which means 99.97percent will not die from this flu. Your chances of dying are incredibly low.

Age and Death Rates

We hear a lot about the unusual age distribution with this virus, especially as regards death rates, with the young being more affected than, as with seasonal flu, the elderly (90% of deaths are usually among those greater than 65 years old). The risks of becoming infected are as follows:

Ages 5 to 24 y/o--------26.7 per 100,000 (0.027%)

Ages 0 to 4 y/o ---------22.9 per 100,000 (0.023%)

Ages 25 to 49-----------6.97 per 100,000 (0.0069%)

Ages 50 to 64 y/o------3.9 per 100,000 (0.0039)

Over 65 y/o-------------1.3 per 1000,000 (0.00013%)

And the risk of needing to be hospitalized are:

Ages 0 to 4 y/o---------0.0045%

Ages 5 to 24 y/o--------0.0021%

Ages 25 to 45 y/o------0.0011%

Over 65 y/o-------------0.0017%

This indicates that for all age groups, the risk of being hospitalized are far less than 1 percent and well over 99 percent of people will not need hospitalization.

This explains why this infection is being downplayed by the virologists themselves, the ones who know most about the dangers of viruses.

The distributions of death also vary considerably by age. Below is the distribution of deaths according to age.

Ages 25-49 y/o---------41%

Ages 50 to 64 y/o-----24%

Ages 5 to 24 y/o------16%

Over age 65 y/o------- 9%

Ages 0 to 4 y/o-------- 2%

So, we see that the greatest death rates in the extremely small fraction that die are between ages 25 to 49 and 65 percent are between ages 25 to 64.

The least likely to die are babies up to age 4 years, yet they are targeted for vaccination and as we see from the above data, children below age 2 years get absolutely no protection from the flu vaccines.

Analysis of the New Government Projections to the Media

If we analyzed it according to the worst case scenario released by the government we see far lower figures than being projected:

They say 150 million Americans will be infected. That is 150 X as many as now infected, and represents a much larger figure than now estimated with a 6 to 6.5 percent of a localized population.

For the United States itself with a population slightly over 300 million, their figures indicate a 50 percent infection rate. There is nothing to indicate such a high infectivity rate from the past 7 months of analysis.

It should also be appreciated that the infections will not occur all at once, but will slowly evolve, as we have seen thus far, meaning that at any one time a much smaller amount of Americans will be infected -- which also reduces the numbers who will require hospitalizations at any one time, and who will need ICU care.

As far as the number that will need hospitalization, the government now says there will be 1.8 million people hospitalized, of which 300,000 may need ICU treatment.

If we use the existing data we see that the numbers are quite different. At the time the data was taken, 303 people out of one million infected died and 5,011 needed hospitalization. This means a projected hospitalization incidence of 750,000 and a death rate of 45,000 deaths. Remember, this is using their data applied to the outrageously high figure of 50% of the population being infected -- that is, 150 million people.

If the infection rate is 6 percent, as all the studies have shown thus far, we see much smaller numbers.

Instead of 150 million infected we see 18 million infected. Using these more realistic figures we can estimate a hospitalization rate of 90,000 and a projected death incidence of 5436.

Again, it is important to keep in mind that the infections will be evolving and not all at once as both sets of figures seem to imply. If we spread this over several months and waves of the infection, we see that at any one time the hospitalizations will be a much smaller number, as will the deaths.

Thus far, there have been nationwide 2,000 hospitalizations a month and 99 deaths a month.

Certainly the hospitals in the United States can handle the increase. In the United States we have 5,759 hospitals containing 955,000 beds and 70,000 ICU beds. Most hospitalized people will not require intensive care. Most are suffering from dehydration and only required IV fluid infusion.

It should also be appreciated that most pediatric deaths and elderly deaths will occur early in the epidemic because the chronically ill and immune suppressed will become infected early. Therefore one would expect the deaths to rise initially and then fall as the infection spreads.

The hospitalization rates are actually lower for the swine flu than in previous seasons.

The hospitalization rates were either lower or barely above the seasonal flu admissions in the previous two years.

The CDC’s own data says that the hospitalization rates and death rates are no higher, in fact they are significantly lower, than the previous two to three flu seasons.

It is obvious that the government is using “scare tactics” to promote vaccine use in the United States and that the pharmaceutical makers of vaccines are in bed with these officials.

The public should be outraged.

Why Do Some Die From Such a Mild Virus?

As stated by the virologists, this virus is no more a danger than the seasonal virus that visits each year and actually seems to be much weaker.

One may also note from the CDC’s own data, the previous nonsense about 36,000 dying from the seasonal flu every year is pure fiction. We have had a little over 400 deaths nationwide over the past 5 months, nowhere near the 36,000 figure screamed from the airwaves and our TV sets, yet the public is in a state of panic.

So, why are some dying from this virus?

What is little understood by the general public is that the only reason people die from the flu is that they have either an immune suppressing chronic illness, such as diabetes, direct immune dysfunction, dietary deficiencies of critical immune-supporting nutrients, chronic pulmonary disease, heart disease or cancer.

Smoking powerfully suppresses immunity as well as damages lungs, and we know that smokers are much more likely to suffer complications and die than non-smokers.

Excess dietary omega-6 fats (corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, peanut and canola oils) also severely weaken immunity. The EPA component of omega-3 oils also powerfully suppresses immunity.

A study by the CDC found that 32 percent of children dying from H1N1 flu had asthma, when the incidence of asthma in the general population was 8 percent. Two thirds of the children who died had neurological disorders, such as seizures and cerebral palsy.

So, the vast majority of children who are dying have one of a number of chronic health conditions, yet the media gives us the impression that perfectly healthy children are dying.

A recent study of why so many died during the 1918 flu pandemic found that most of the deaths were secondary to bacterial pneumonia and not the flu virus itself. In 1918 hospitals had little to offer a sick patient -- there were no antibiotics, other than sulfur drugs, no IV fluids and no respirators -- all they could offer was a warm bed and aspirin.

It was also disclosed that the number of flu-related deaths among children was lower this year than the previous two years.

What are the Virologists Saying?

Virologists are scientists who study viruses -- their classification, their genetics, methods of spread and their ability to cause disease. No one knows more about this virus than the virologists.

The British science magazine, The New Scientist, recently polled 60 virologists to get their opinion. These are the results of specific questions:

Will the virulent version of the virus appear?

Extremely likely-----------------none


A 50/50 chance----------------- 14

Possible-------------------------- 38

Not at all--------------------------3

What the virologists are doing personally

Stock Tamiflu or Relinza-----------------14

Stock above plus antibiotics------------- 6

Stock food, water and power source----5

Get pneumococcal vaccine---------------3

Nothing------------------------------------ 30

Hand washing, mask, etc--------------- 3

Notice there was no mention of taking the swine flu vaccine.

Behind the push to vaccinate the entire population are the pharmaceutical makers of the vaccines, who are working in conjunction with the government to make the vaccine mandatory.

Homeland security and FEMA are pushing for forced vaccinations and the medical experts, virologists and epidemiologists are calling for calm and resorting to voluntary vaccination only. The former have links with the vaccine manufacturers via political contacts. A great deal of money will be made by the manufacturers, should forced vaccinations be mandated.

Will This Vaccine Be Tested?

According to Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 5 tests are planned. It is not clear as to the use of the squalene adjuvants, ASO3 and MF-59.

Because of concerns raised, the FDA is now hedging. Independent studies of squalene used as a vaccine adjuvant indicates that it is associated with a very high incidence of autoimmune diseases, such as an MS-like neurological syndrome, rheumatoid joint disease and especially Lupus.

The developer of MF-59 is Chiron pharmaceuticals, which was purchased by Novartis pharmaceutical company, who will be the main supplier of the swine flu vaccine for the world. According to Dr. Fauci, testing in both children and adults will be without this adjuvant and he admits that we have no data on the safety in children.(See Nature Vol 460/30 July 2009, p 562 for the interview.)

There are 5 tests scheduled for safety before mass vaccinations will resume. I looked up on the actual studies being done. It is instructive to note that the only studies actually being done do not contain any adjuvant (the immune booster) either for babies or adults. Yet, when the mass vaccinations begin, the vaccines will have adjuvant added, possibly squalene.

The real irony here is that this is the same bait and switch game they played in the 1976 swine flu vaccine disaster.

They tested one vaccine and gave a different one during the mass vaccinations.

Here we go again. Over 500 people were paralyzed with Guillain Barre disorder. The incidence was much higher, because it was not a reportable disease. And over 300 people died, which is also a very low figure.

Dr. Fauci admits that they have no idea what will happen when they mix the three viruses from the vaccines together or when they are given sequentially. When he was asked if the results of the studies would be reviewed by the health authorities, he answered, “yes, except for those done by the Novartis company.”

He justified this secrecy by saying that Norvartis had a very advanced testing system, which was done “in-house” -- that is, in secrecy.

It is also important to appreciate that this vaccine has been fast-tracked, meaning that many of the usual safety precautions used to prevent contamination of the vaccines will be overlooked by the regulatory agencies.

According to a number of studies, vaccine contamination is widespread, with vaccines containing pestivirus, mycoplasma, viral fragments, DNA fragments and bacterial components, all of which can produce chronic systemic disorders, cancer, neurologic diseases and even slow brain degeneration.

The Following was composed by Dr. Russell Blaylock as a method to reduce autoimmune reactions to the flu vaccines only. Do not use this if you have the flu itself. These are just general observations and not medical advice. You should work with your doctor for a specific program.

Treatment for Toxic Vaccine Exposure

Place a cold compress on the site of the injection immediately after the injection and continue this as often as possible for at least two days. If symptoms of fever, irritability, fatigue or flu-like symptoms reoccur -- continue the cold compresses until they abate. A cold shower or bath will also help.

Take fish oils -- I recommend the Norwegian fish oil made by Carlson Labs -- it has the correct balance of EPA and DHA to reduce the cytokine storm. The dose is one tablespoon a day -- if severe symptoms develop -- two tablespoons a day until well and then switch to one tablespoon a day. Children -- one teaspoon a day.

Curcumin, quercetin, ferulic acid and ellagic acid as a mixture -- the first two must be mixed with extravirgin olive in one teaspoon. Take the mix three times a day (500 mg of each)

Vitamin E (natural form) 400 IU a day (high in gamma-E)

Vitamin C 1000 mg four times a day

Astaxanthin 4 mg a day

Zinc 20 mg a day for one week then 5 mg a day

Avoid all immune stimulating supplements (mushroom extracts, whey protein) except beta-glucan -- it has been shown to reduce inflammation, microglial activation and has a reduced risk of aggravating autoimmunity, while increasing antiviral cellular immunity.

Take a multivitamin/mineral daily (one without iron -- Extend Core)

Magnesium citrate/malate 500 mg of elemental magnesium two capsules three times a day

Vitamin D3:

All Children -- 5000 IU a day for two weeks after vaccine then 2000 IU a day thereafter

Adults -- 20,000 IU a day after vaccine for two weeks then 10,000 IU a day thereafter

Take 500 mg to 1000 mg of calcium citrate a day for adults and 250 mg a day for children under age 12 years.

Avoid all mercury-containing seafood

Avoid omega-6 oils (corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, canola and peanut oils)

Blenderize parsley and celery and drink 8 ounces twice a day

Take Jatoba tea extract (add 20 drops in on cup of tea) one day before the vaccine and the twice a day thereafter. (you can get it at It is inexpensive.

18 posted on 09/19/2009 11:49:54 AM PDT by MsLady (If you died tonight, where would you go? Salvation, don't leave earth without it!)
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To: mad_as_he$$; All

Does anyone know if any of the vaccines (i.e. smallpox, typhoid, anthrax) that are given to military members, including those deploying to the ME and Africa, contain egg proteins?

19 posted on 09/19/2009 12:08:16 PM PDT by My hearts in London - Everett (So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.)
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To: MsLady
Here is a link to the State Laws for each state from the National Vaccine Info Center:

NVI State Laws

Just click on your state to find out what laws are in effect for your state. For example, in Arizona, school admins would have to supercede state law in order to force parents to vaccinate their kids.

20 posted on 09/19/2009 12:47:04 PM PDT by Mogollon (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. -- Thomas Jefferson)
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