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To: Swiss
So how is porn good?

Its not...but go ahead and try and justify it.

Ok the Gonorrhea rate peaked in 1978 and the syphilis rate in 1946. There has been a slight rise since 2000 but more likely the rise of illegal immigration than internet porn. I remember reading elsewhere where sexual assaults and other sex related crimes are down. So perhaps people getting themselves off by viewing porn has reduced all that.

This is justification? This wild ass conjecture? You have to be kidding to suggest that disease going UP and then jokingly trying to suggest with ZERO evidence that its due to illegal immigration. I guess they're not watching porn before breaking into the country right?

There is much more viewing of porn by the United States military over in the battle zone than in previous wars yet sexual assaults and rapes is rare.

And yet we in the military are twice a year subjected to sexual harassment and sexual intimidation training and indoctrination due to the fact that complaints are high. 20 Yeas plus and still in and I still see that the wrong approach to this is used and apologized for by liberals. Want to try this one again?

As for marriage, I remember years ago at a National Guard unit I was in most of the old timers would gather together after drill and watch porn and drink some beer. About all of them was happily married for years and will be until they die. I am thinking of all the troubled marriages I have known and I can’t think of porn being the cause of the problem for any. I am sure there is a few but there was much bigger issues for most couples than porn.

Now you're actually getting somewhere...It is correct to assert that most divorces do not happen over night. Heck, even adultery started some time ago in a persons life. It CAN and often DOES start with porn. Porn is a gateway to total dissatisfaction. After all, that hot little number who takes it any way you want to give it and does so for an hour or more is soooo much better than your not-so-hot wife. I stand amazed at the men who sell their souls here to the point of the destruction of their marriage because their wife does not look like she did when younger, pre-kids and on and on. Instead of thinking of the pain and suffering she went through to give him children, instead of thinking of this amazing act of devotion he thinks with his package and keeps going back for more and ultimately losses interest in a love relation for that of a physical one. Do you really want to deny this happens? I never said it is a 100% happening to ALL but you are totally lying to yourself and others to suggest that it has no impact even if a marriage stays together. I know of no woman in a true love relationship who thinks it's alright to share her man with another woman...and why don't you ask some women if they think its much the same when they see their man getting off to a porn film because they are not satisfied with that woman. See what they say.

42 posted on 12/30/2009 9:43:40 PM PST by ICE-FLYER (God bless and keep the United States of America)
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Dude lets be honest no matter what I would say you are not going to change your mind. Myself I don’t want to change your mind, if you think porn is the most horrible thing in the universe then that is your right.

You hate porn and challenge anybody to tell you what is good about it. Hell I dislike motorcycles, cars are much safer and quieter. They make me nervous when I am in traffic with some motorcycle just waiting for him to do something stupid. So what is good about motorcycles when people are more likely killed riding them? The difference is that I treat motorcyclists like adults, I don’t go around condemning their behavior. They like to ride, they take the risk, who am I to lecture them.

I can’t say I would pay $2000 to see porn stars in action like the original article but if that is what they want to do with their time and money I am not going to get on my moral high horse about it. Really “what good is it?” might be the most dangerous statement in the human language. Humans don’t need to eat beef, we can get protein elsewhere. A Vegan can say “What good is eating beef?” and explain all the reasons why cattle raising is bad for the environment. Some else might ask “What good is Jewelry?” seriously the gold and diamonds in jewelry is gotten at a horrible human cost in lives and injuries compared with other things. The anti gun nut asks “What good is guns?” etc.

Cold medicine in my state might only be prescribed by prescription because state law enforcement is saying “what good is sudafed if they are going to use it to make meth”. I am getting to the point let them make meth as long as I can get sudafed for a cold.

There comes a point where your war against a perceived wrong may infringe upon my rights. Mr. ICE I don’t know your personal story, maybe a loved one did ruin her life in the porn industry. Maybe your minister is on a power trip preaching against it. Perhaps you got some guilt about past events. I don’t know and I don’t care.

This is what I do know, of all the guys I have known I estimated at least 99% of them has viewed porn. Could a certain percent have a problem? Sure there is those addicted to the stuff like those addicted to smoking or drugs or alcohol or other stuff. There is a certain percent of religious types that goes totally nuts about their religion beyond reason. Should we ban religion because of their behavior?

So the question becomes at what point do you say the majority of users of something lose their rights to it because a minority can’t handle it? Are you calling for a complete ban on it, have the military raid adult bookstores and search house to house for porn tape collections? And at what point do you define porn? Just explicit sexual acts or is it nudity or do we say suggestive acts and clothing. Will we have public burning of J.C. Penny catalogs because they have women in bras in them? Or will women be required to wear burka’s in order to save the institution of marriage?

Like the cold medicine ban there is a certain point where the perceived evil is better than the cure to most people.

44 posted on 12/31/2009 7:58:31 PM PST by Swiss (Reality don't seem real anymore)
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