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From the above Web Site:

It's a cycle, it's a cycle, it's a cycle!


A True Inquiry Into Climate & Weather, Part 1: A Hot Potato

Humans have nothing to do with it

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3 Nov 09 - Listen to this eye-opening interview with author Robert Felix,
climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball and meteorologist Joe D’Aleo on
"It's Rainmaking Time! with Kim Greenhouse"

Listen free:
(When you get there, click on the words "Click here to stream")

About the participants

Dr. Timothy Ball is a renowned environmental consultant and retired climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg. Dr. Ball has a B.A. from the University of Winnipeg, an M.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1970 in Geography, and a Ph.D. in climatology from the University of London, England.

Joseph D’Aleo, executive director of, was the first Director of Meteorology at the cable TV Weather Channel. A former college professor of meteorology, D’Aleo has served as a member and then chairman of the American Meteorological Society’ Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, and has co-chaired national conferences for both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

Robert W. Felix, author of two internationally acclaimed science books - Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps - is the host and creator of and He has given more than 300 radio interviews in the U.S. and Canada presenting his view that the next ice age could begin any day.

Kim Greenhouse is host and creator of Kim is a communications steward, pioneer, and rainmaker for a better world who loves to bring new knowledge and unique opportunities to those who are ready, willing, and receptive.

        Thanks, Kim, for the huge amount of work that you've put into this, not
        only for conducting the interview, but for all of your homework and for
        taking the time to read both of my books prior to the interview. If only
        other hosts were that conscientious.

                                                         * * *

Hi Robert, Tim, Joe,

WOW!! Have sat through your two-hour radio interview, WOW!!!!!

What a fantastic mega-bullet to the climate alarmists, jeez, how can anyone still accept that man is affecting the climate is way beyond me.

Also superb to hear you guys cover the global governance issue, the one and only true driver that makes sense, after all is said and done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, all three of you, for your superb effort.

How can we collectively stop this insane official behaviour?!

Who has the power to prick the man-made climate-change balloon?

Best regards,
Hans Schreuder

6 posted on 02/26/2010 11:01:15 PM PST by Ernest_at_the_Beach ( Support Geert Wilders)
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To: All
Burt Rutan calls Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) a Fraud


Something seriously wrong

1 Jan 10 - (Excerpts) - "Few significant products are driven to commercialism, validated by claims of the scientific community.  Before investing in a new product, those committing funds almost always look to an Engineering Study or Engineering Design Review, rather than using only the claims of Scientists.  This is not being done at all, with the AGW-planet crisis issue.

"One has only to look at the two most notable charts (below) from two United Nations IPCC summary reports, published a decade apart, to realize that something might be seriously wrong. 

Picture 1

Estimated average global temperatures for the last thousand years

"The fact that the 2001 “hockey stick” chart was presented in color in several sections of the 2001 IPCC report, without explaining how the scientists managed to completely eliminate their earlier depiction of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age (both are well covered in historical documents as well as scientific analysis is unacceptable behavior.

"Noting that the “hockey stick” chart was removed in later editions of the IPCC “scientific” reports supports the conclusion that something is indeed wrong.  It was removed because an outside investigation was conducted that resembled a proper engineering review - with a finding of fraud. 

"Specifically, the fraud was identified by showing that the critical data for the chart came from cherry picking just a handful of Siberian trees (tree ring proxy to estimate temperature), without evidence that the researcher applied the proper scientific method.  Using all the data or any random selection of 10% of the tree ring data showed no significant correlation of planet warming to human CO2 emissions.

Fraud not limited to cherry picking

"The fraud was not limited to the tree cherry picking.  The computer code for presentation had been tweaked such that a hockey stick shape is produced even if the data set is developed with a random number generator! 

"The horrific result of this scandal was that the 2001 UN hockey stick chart formed the very foundation of a non-scientific theory that resulted in the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize, a movie Oscar and a best-selling book.

8 posted on 02/26/2010 11:09:39 PM PST by Ernest_at_the_Beach ( Support Geert Wilders)
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