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**Obama Bombshell** Blue Hawaii: Health Department falsified Obama's birth records!
Youtube FRAUD IN THE USA: The greatest birth certificate fraud in history ^ | 06/25/2010 | Dr. Ron Polland

Posted on 06/25/2010 9:43:42 AM PDT by Polarik

Sometime between October 31, 2008, and July 27, 2009, the dates of Health Director Chiyome Fukino's two press releases, Hawaii amended Obama's birth record. A brand-new Certificate of Live Birth (not Certification of Live Birth) was issued to him.

The DOH Director decides what goes in or gets taken out of birth records. She went on record as saying that "President Obama posted a copy of his certificate on his campaign website" even though she has refused to authenticate it for the past two years. This created a conundrum that could only be resolved by changing Obama's birth records to match what is in that online copy - which is a stone-cold forgery, and Fukino knows it!

That forged COLB also has its origin within the DOH: watch the video to find out the shocking truth as to whose COLB was used for the forgery.

You'll also realize that you've been staring at a forgery this whole time and not realizing that the most obvious sign of it was right there under your noses.

Not only did Obama get a new birth certificate, the certificate itself was designed with him in mind as Rev. 10/08 - coincidentally, the date of Fukino's first press release (10/31/08). Hawaii ditched the old Certification of Live Birth and switched to a hybrid form called a “Certificate of Live Birth” - formerly the name of the long-form birth certificate.

Say, "Aloha" to Obama's new COLB (Certificate of Live Birth):

Click on the thumbnail for a full-size copy

KEYWORDS: alvinonaka; birthcertificate; certifigate; eligibility; fukino; ineligibility; june; lfukino; naturalborncitizen; obama; ofukino
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To: cynwoody; rxsid

Finally, someone is asking me the right questions.

The new 2009 COLB is one of several, genuine paper COLBs I have. I wanted to show everyone what it looked like - up close and personal - but instead of redacting the private information on it, I replaced it with Obama’s information in the same, exact way that Obama’s forger created the fabricated COLB used in Factcheck’s phony photo shoot.

It is a layered composite, created totally in Photoshop, and everyone who has watched video 1-4 or video 2-1 would know that. In fact, if they watched video 2-2, they would know how to make it themselves.

So, while it’s a genuine 2009 form, the information on it originally came from Bambi’s “2007 COLB.” It is this information that I have posited as now being a part of his actual birth records (if “actual” can be used with Bambi).

Now, you see, FReepers are not going to understand how this fits with everything else that has transpired in the past two years to hide Obama’s birth records (and every other record of interest) without watching all four videos from Chapter One (followed or preceded by “It’s the conspiracy, stupid”).

This is the only way to really understand how Factcheck, Politifact, Hawaii Health Dept., and the Obama Campaign/Administration have corrodinated this fraud.

201 posted on 06/25/2010 1:12:27 PM PDT by Polarik (Obama: When destroying America is not enough.)
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To: Polarik

Just wish that was clear on the original post.

202 posted on 06/25/2010 1:15:22 PM PDT by MileHi ( "It's coming down to patriots vs the politicians." - ovrtaxt)
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None of this that you produced and posted is real?

The extended information on that gray Certificate of Live Birth, once called a "certification" is a demonstration to reflect the Hawaiian DoH changes in the last two years to cover for Obama fraudulent COLB.

203 posted on 06/25/2010 1:16:18 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: jellybean; Admin Moderator; Polarik; LucyT; Fred Nerks; BP2; null and void; little jeremiah

I’m a ‘proud birther’ but this stinks to high heaven!!! Like you said — WTH is going on here? I’ve never seen such ridiculousness as is on this particular thread...

Admin Mod - any chance someone hacked Polarik’s account(s)?

Polarik - Are you doing this on purpose? Have you been threatened, and therefore are trashing your OWN credibility for some reason here? And, if not... You need to answer the questions posed. I have supported your efforts to expose the fraud that was the original on Fact Check.

I support those trying to prove Obama’s ineligibility (even though place of birth doesn’t even MATTER in his case). HOWEVER, what you have done on this thread - with ‘fixing’ what you originally claimed was a *new* certificate FROM Obama is outrageous.

The “O-bots” and trolls may think we birthers are all idiots, but it seems to me that YOU have bought into that too for some reason. My question is WHY did you post this thread. WHY have you created the image on Photobucket, that you admit you now “FIXED”??? I’ll tell you right now, I don’t like being “played”. It’s bad enough that Obama and the Dems are doing what they’re doing, but I do NOT understand your behavior AT ALL.

I don’t HOPE that you’ve been threatened, but I do HOPE that is the reason you’re doing this - that you’re purposely trying to take yourself out of the game. Otherwise???

204 posted on 06/25/2010 1:19:46 PM PDT by LibertyRocks ( ~ Anti-Obama Gear:
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To: LibertyRocks

Read my comments to Cynwoody in #201.

The action is not on here, but on my Youtube channel, where there are 90 minutes of videos I made to explain what has happened in the past two years since Obozo’s COLB first appeared on Kos and FTS.

What I’d like for folks to do is to bookmark FR first, then go watch the videos.

I think I’ve covered everything


205 posted on 06/25/2010 1:20:20 PM PDT by Polarik (Obama: When destroying America is not enough.)
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To: Polarik; All
When did that NEW “Certificate of Live Birth” make its public debut? I, for one have never seen it before.
206 posted on 06/25/2010 1:21:51 PM PDT by justiceseeker93
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To: Las Vegas Ron

I’m confused as well... This whole thread stinks of SOMETHING. I wanted to ping you on the post I just put up, but forgot to add you to the TO: part. I’ll just say this - I’m NOT liking the feeling I’m getting reading through this thread. I feel like we’re being totally played. I only hope Polarik is trying to do this on purpose due to a threat or something, because that’s the ONLY way I could understand his actions here... Either that, or he REALLY didn’t think this through. It deeply saddens me, frankly.

207 posted on 06/25/2010 1:23:40 PM PDT by LibertyRocks ( ~ Anti-Obama Gear:
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To: Natural Born 54
Drudge is as close to mainstream as I get when checking the news. Only go to Fox when it is linked from another site. That’s why they need the kill switch.

Yep. They need the Kill Switch to shut down opposition information channels and our ability to organize.

They need to figure out a way to legalize 30 million illegal aliens for their votes.

They need to exploit the Gulf oil spill to maximum effect in order to pass their Cap & Trade abomination.

And on and on and on..... they're basically trying break us.

208 posted on 06/25/2010 1:24:05 PM PDT by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)
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To: Yosemitest
Best summary of the evidence yet -- Outstanding!

Thank you!!!

209 posted on 06/25/2010 1:24:38 PM PDT by JoeA (JoeA / Welcome to the Second American Revolution)
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To: justiceseeker93
When did that NEW “Certificate of Live Birth” make its public debut? I, for one have never seen it before.

It's a demonstration. Read 201 that explains it.

210 posted on 06/25/2010 1:25:22 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: dinap

Where have you been the last two years???

211 posted on 06/25/2010 1:25:28 PM PDT by danamco (")
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To: Polarik

OK, I’ll gladly take a look through the thread again (and your comment to Cynwoody), and I will go and view the whole video. In the meantime, I’ll shut up. :)

212 posted on 06/25/2010 1:26:15 PM PDT by LibertyRocks ( ~ Anti-Obama Gear:
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To: curiosity; Polarik

One word: F I N O !!!

213 posted on 06/25/2010 1:29:10 PM PDT by danamco (")
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To: LibertyRocks
I agree with you and read your post above....he should have been upfront on what he wanted to demonstrate.

I'm getting the feeling he also wanted to discredit the Kenyan BC and now it looks like he wants to drive hits to his YT channel.

Not to mention the ammo he's given to the trolls here...very disappointing.

214 posted on 06/25/2010 1:29:54 PM PDT by Las Vegas Ron ("Because without America, there is no free world" - Canada Free Press - MSM, where are you?)
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To: curiosity; pissant
Nope. I've looked at it, and it's all bunk.

That includes you, a bunk aka a F I N O !!!

215 posted on 06/25/2010 1:41:45 PM PDT by danamco (")
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To: pissant

Maybe Wiegel meant curiosity instead of Drudge

216 posted on 06/25/2010 1:43:30 PM PDT by danamco (")
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To: Polarik
If this was about George Bush's eligiblity, would take the Texas Health Department at their word?

I wouldn't. But that's because Bush claimed to have been born in Connecticut, not Texas.

Waitasec...are you saying Bush lied about where he was born? That he wasn't born in Connecticut? Maybe he wasn't born in the US at all! Maybe he was born in Mexico, like George Romney. After all, we simply trusted that he was born in Connecticut, and that he was the natural child of George and Barbara. We never saw a birth certificate to confirm ANY of that. No vital records produced in the ten years since his election? He *must* be hiding something.

Or just maybe, his mother took a secret trip to Africa, gave birth to him there, and then snuck him back into the US, and the whole family covered it up for 50 years, until some random person on the internet made up a rumor about it that turned out to be true.

I mean, that's plausible, right?

217 posted on 06/25/2010 1:46:25 PM PDT by LorenC
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To: musicman; Polarik; All

The question is, where does it originate from, or is it a forgery too, and how many islands comprises Hawaii???

218 posted on 06/25/2010 1:47:14 PM PDT by danamco (")
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To: Las Vegas Ron

It is obvious that the 2 years of intransigence from Obama and his supporters that he has no long form birth certificate. So there is no record of him being born in a hospital or having a birth doctor. Obama’s online COLB is a forgery.

It is inconceivable that Obama was born at home in Honolulu not when Hawaiian hospitals were down the street, and if Obama’s grandmother gave a statement that Obama was born at home, that would go against Obama’s official story that he was born in hospital. I doubt if that would pass any legitimate scrutiny. So that leaves where was Obama born? If not in Hawaii then where? The whole country of Kenya thinks he was born in their own country; that seems to be likely since Obama refuses to prove that he was born in Hawaii.

219 posted on 06/25/2010 1:48:17 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: Red Steel; Polarik
However, The Smith's Obama Kenyan BC has stood up to scrutiny so far where the critics have come up lacking.


You're entirely missing Polarik's point about the provenance of Smith's Kenyan BC.

provenance (noun)
1: origin, source
2: the history of ownership of a valued object or work of art or literature

Polarik: "But, Birthers kept looking at images of Kenyan birth certificates and thinking they must be real, without ever questioning their provenance. As long as they continue do that, they will be easily fooled."
Until Smith provides indisputable proof of his physical trip to Kenya, the provenance of his Kenyan BC cannot begin to be established. Listen to Polarik on this point. "Don't believe everything you see." Examining/Verifying the data on Smith's Kenyan BC doesn't establish the provenance of the document itself.


220 posted on 06/25/2010 1:49:58 PM PDT by BuckeyeTexan (Integrity, Honesty, Character, & Loyalty still matter)
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