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To: Dengar01
but when a guy is making $2,000,000 an episode which goes up his nose in the form of coke then goes nuts, costs over 100 people their jobs, and continues to act like Zeus.... well yeah I don't have pity for this bum.

Since when is it American to bestow compassion according to the income of the recipient? That's precisely what all socialists since Marx have always taught: people are divided into classes and, whereas some deserve help and compassion, others deserve hatred. That is what Muslims believe as well: it is OK to deceive a Christian or a Jew but not OK to deceive another Muslim.

In Judeo-Christian morality, we don't think that judgment of another in matters unrelated to economics depend on his income. How is being hit by a car hurt any less if you have millions in the bank?

As Bennett said in mid-1990s, "While the majority of people in this country identify themselves as Christians, they no longer guide themselves by Christian principles in their daily lives." You prove him right. And prove also how class deeply class envy, which Marx and Lenin expended so much energy to ignite, permeated the society: what even you, a conservative, thinks of others depends on how much money they make.

When conservatives don't even notice how far away they have moved from traditional American principles, is there any wonder that we have a commie in the White House?

44 posted on 02/28/2011 7:42:43 AM PST by TopQuark
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To: TopQuark
I was referring to his salary in regards to his drug use. Last I checked you have to pay for hookers, booze and cocaine. And it has been reported that he spent $20,000 on cocaine on one night!!!

And if you want to talk about compassion have compassion for all of the people out of work because of this drug addict sicko.

If you read all of my posts I am referring to his drug usage not his income level.

I don't agree with your radical beliefs, you probably think I'm doomed to hell since you believe your specific denomination is the only way to Salvation. WHICH is ammo to anti-Christian humanists.

I don't believe that if you are a Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, ect.... that you are going to hell, obviously you have a different belief.

My sister belonged to a cult which kicked them out because they didn't go to church three times a week because my brother in law has testicular cancer and is immobile. You know what denomination that was? Baptist. Now are all Baptist Churches bad? Absolutely not, this just happened to be run by a psychotic who actually sent out literature demanding that woman have a certain length of hair, how they are still affiliated with Baptists is beyond me.

Do you think that a cancer ridden person who cannot attend church three times a week because of their illness and is condemned to hell like their preacher said?

Because your rhetoric is identical to that preacher who states that anyone who doesn't believe everything he preaches is going to burn in hell. That is how you are coming off in your post. And it saddens me that there are so many Christians who are quick to try and throw religion into everything. I go to Church, leave me alone with your damnation talk, too bad I can't block posters because ranting from zealots belittles this website.

This was a humorous article to take our minds off of the disasters across the world. Instead you inject your radical beliefs into this story. Hmm, maybe you are that same preacher, wouldn't surprise me...

72 posted on 02/28/2011 12:24:21 PM PST by Dengar01 (Go Blackhawks!!! Go Bulls!!!)
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