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Romney not running a campaign that will unite the GOP: he won't run on his record and trashes others
1/31/2012 | Laissez-faire capitalist

Posted on 01/31/2012 7:05:00 PM PST by Laissez-faire capitalist

Instead of appealing to voters to vote for him based upon x,y and z, he panders for votes by trying to increase his opponents negatives (as in FL) above his own by massively outspending them on negative ads.

This approach has led to his negatives skyrocketing and his positives declining among independents and moderates. Fivethirtyeight and others have been monitoring this, and it isn't pretty. With each battle won (temporarily in Iowa and now Florida), he is headed to surpassing Obama's negatives or having lower positives (some show he already has) and he will ultimately lose against Obama if he keeps it up.

Romney won't prove that ethics problems led right to Gingrich's resignation as he has asserted. WaPo ran a fact check that showed Romney's assertion on this to be false.

1.) Romney won't prove how many jobs he created at Bain. At one time it was 100,000, then Washington Monthly documented him saying over a few week span how he created "a hundred thousand jobs...tens of thousands jobs...thousands of jobs." Then it became 120,000.

And all along the way, WaPo, Fact, Forbes, The AP and many others showed his claims to be "untenable," "not proven," " no proof to back up the claim." And still no proof. Romney will take credit for the current tally of jobs, which are after he left Bain, but he won't take credit for the bankruptcies after he left Bain.

2.) Hot Air confirmed it. "Confirmed: Romneycare = Obamacare." And Romney doesn't have the internal fortitude to just admit this. Like peeing on Tea Partiers and conservatives legs and telling us its raining.

3.) Zerohedge "On Mitt Romney's Defense of Bain Capital and the Private Equity Industry - Here Are Some Facts."

Boston Globe "Bain Often Couldn't Lose With Buyouts."

Baltimore Sun "Corporate Welfare for Bain and Romney."

Forbes "Romney Supervised Medical Testing Company Guilty of Massive Medicare Fraud."

Redstate "Romney advisor: no repeal of Obamacre

American Spectator "Romney: Corporate Welfare Bum."

All these and many, many other news pieces have thoroughly exposed Romney as an uber-RINO. And the left, right and middle continue even now putting out more and more news articles like these with each passing day. No way to ever catch up to undo them.

4.) Romney's support for TARP, the Massachusetts Green Energy Fund, the Stimulus Bill, etc has earned him no friends among Tea Partiers and conservatives.

5.) Romney win't tell voters line by line, step by step each and every wonderful thing he did as Governor of Massachusetts.

6.) Romney won't own up to his flip-flops.

So in the end, by trashing your GOP opponents that conservatives and Tea Partiers support, instead of running on your record - running against rather than for - win it on your own.

Winning in a "competitive" way is one thing. Bashing teeth in and expecting conservatives and Tea Partiers to show up for you in November?

Forget about it.

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To: Laissez-faire capitalist

Don’t like Romney, don’t care for Newt, but I’ll hold my nose and vote for anyone that may provide ANY glimmer of hope to get the current street gang out of the Whitehouse. I hope Romney, or Newt, will go after Obama with the intensity that they’ve gone after each other. My fear though is that Romney will become another McLame.

21 posted on 01/31/2012 7:55:03 PM PST by Smnz (Frogmarch Obama and Holder in chains out of DC.)
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To: Laissez-faire capitalist
Believe it or not, that is what the talking heads at FOX said. Said he runs the risk of alienating many in hos party if he doesn't start to be for something other than just blasting his fellow Pubbies! They know what it going on. It was a notice sent over the airwaves to Mittens
22 posted on 01/31/2012 7:59:43 PM PST by Anti-Hillary (No Jesus, No Peace! Know Jesus, Know Peace!)
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To: Smnz

Why vote for Tweedledum, to get rid of Tweedledee?

The “anybody but...” mantra more often than not leads to disaster.

Both support TARP, stimulus bills, both flip-flop and stick it to their base, both love mandates, both love bailouts and both love crony capitalisnm.

23 posted on 01/31/2012 8:23:31 PM PST by Laissez-faire capitalist
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To: Anti-Hillary
There is no way Romney can beat Obama, how is he going to run against someone who is the same as himself? What negatives will he use when he points the finger at Zero, when 3 of those fingers are pointing right back at himself.

I will not vote for Mitt, EVER.

24 posted on 01/31/2012 8:27:05 PM PST by annieokie
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To: bigbob

They also want someone that will differ with Obama on issues.

25 posted on 01/31/2012 8:30:40 PM PST by freemarketsfreeminds
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To: Anti-Hillary

But those dunces couldn’t see that this is where he would be a month ago.

And... there is nothing left for him to run on.

He avoids his record as governor like the plague. There are dozens and dozens of articles from Forbes, HuffPo, Red State, Legal Insurrection, Daily Kos, Boston Globe, WaPo, and on and on (left, right and even some from the middle) which have thoroughly exposed him as being a heartless LBO barbarian, who piled up untenable amounts of debt at companies as he borrowed against their assets to send out dividend checks and procure generous consulting fees, stiffed his suppliers, etc.

His so-called job creation record has been shredded, annihilated and thoroughly debunked.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

He has no plan A anymore. It is only plan B - in Blitzkrieging his opponents, which will thus continually drive up his negatives and decreasing his positive numbers.

26 posted on 01/31/2012 8:35:57 PM PST by Laissez-faire capitalist
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To: Anti-Hillary
Well, isn't it just sooooo precious that the talking heads at Fox News have figured out that scorched earth tactics in the primary can actually LOSE the general election?

Where do they get these rocket scientist analysts? Gee, folks, how obvious is this?

However, Mittens will continue alienating the base. If he gets the nomination, it will be a hollow victory. The Donkeys and MSM will slice, dice, and puree this arrogant ass. And when he's surrounded by Obama and his minions he'll be crying for help.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Hey, Mittens, stuff you worthless POS!

27 posted on 01/31/2012 8:38:36 PM PST by MasterGunner01 (11)
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To: ansel12

That is ok..Newt can kick his ass coming up soon!

28 posted on 01/31/2012 8:41:26 PM PST by fabian (" And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter")
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To: Laissez-faire capitalist
Will not vote for Obamney.


Get it yet, RNC?

29 posted on 01/31/2012 8:44:59 PM PST by mykroar (I believe in the simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it.)
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To: hope

Only difference is, is that Romney is attacking his base, whereas Obama has largely mended the fence with his base. As an example, HuffPo and Daily Kos now are pretty much 24/7 anti-Romney filling the net with damaging news pieces.

And moderates read not only their stuff, but the stuff from the right, too, which is fighting Romney for its very survival.

Moderates thus see both sides as being opposed to Romney, thus reflecting Romney’s ever-rising negatives with independents and moderates.

And Obama this quarter raised twice as much money as Romney and Gingrich combined. And Obama is piling his $ up.

Romney and Gingrich are spending most of their trying to get the GOP nomination.

30 posted on 01/31/2012 8:46:10 PM PST by Laissez-faire capitalist
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To: Laissez-faire capitalist

The GOP is broken, maybe fatally. The tent is just too damned big to stand!

31 posted on 01/31/2012 9:05:53 PM PST by SWAMPSNIPER (The Second Amendment, a Matter of Fact, Not a Matter of Opinion)
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What’s interesting as that when the right was in charge—even though GHWB and GWB were very liberal republicans, they told the moderates to go sit in the bus and just go along for the ride. Now when it seems the moderates are leading, the conversatives just seem to be abandoning the party because they’re not getting their way 100% of the time. It just goes to say who is really loyal to the party and who is not. And the same thing goes for the Dems too—even though they don’t even let their conservatives into the big tent.

32 posted on 01/31/2012 9:41:32 PM PST by gman992 ("I'm a conservative. I'm just a happy conservative.")
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To: gman992
Romney isn't a "moderate" republican, he is a democrat.

As far as conservatives getting their way it has been a Hell of a long time since that happened other than for a few issues. The leftward slide has progressed at different speeds but it has progressed constantly.

In no way do I see the few gains we seem to have made to be guaranteed over the long term, I suspect we've just been given a few crumbs to keep us complacent.

33 posted on 01/31/2012 11:31:55 PM PST by SWAMPSNIPER (The Second Amendment, a Matter of Fact, Not a Matter of Opinion)
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To: Laissez-faire capitalist; All
Looks like Romney will be on his own come November : A baked-in image as a nefarious businessman and hardened high negatives/low positives with precious little or any support from the GOP base.

That's a pretty fair assessment.

The establishment and their closet adherents among "conservative" pols and pundits are uncannily naive for not seeing this.

34 posted on 02/01/2012 8:43:40 AM PST by newzjunkey (More votes than Newt & Santorum combined? Where does anti-Romney rebound in Feb?)
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To: RoosterRedux

“Frankly, neither is preferable! And both are devoted to their faith ahead of Country!”

Wouldn’t a Christian president be the same way? I sure hope so...

35 posted on 07/06/2012 1:04:29 PM PDT by libdestroyer
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