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Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: We're Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service Card ^

Posted on 03/17/2012 8:02:07 PM PDT by OUTKAST

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro: We're Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service Registration and Forged Birth Certificate -

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To: Godebert

I haven’t followed all the interviews he’s done so I’m not sure.

I was thinking about all the things we know now that we didn’t know in early Feb 2010 when Breitbart made those statements. Back then it was still being floated that the BC# discrepancy because the BC’s were pre-numbered at the hospitals. The HDOH has since admitted that they numbered the BC’s at their office almost always on the same day as they received the BC.

Back then we didn’t know that Virginia Sunahara’s birth at Wahiawa (listed on the BC as Virginia) and death at Kapiolani (listed on the death certificate as Tomio) is one of the few scenarios that would provide the “date filed” and BC# discrepancy that is on Obama’s BC.

We didn’t know that even though the HDOH has Virginia’s birth listed in their birth index, a query of their DATABASE would not show up her name - meaning that the index printout did not match what was in their database, and that their database at that time did not have Virginia Sunahara listed under ANY BC#.

We didn’t know that the HDOH would eventually show a computer-generated BC for Virginia having a BC# far out of sequence, or that the HDOH would totally abandon even pretending to obey UIPA and instead refuse to allow ANY original BC copies to be made.

We didn’t know that Obama would present in a press conference at the White House an electronic file easily identifiable as a forgery, or a copy of his COLB from the snopes website, or a paper copy of his “certified long-form BC” scanned with light enough settings that no security hashmarks appeared from the FRONT of the “certified BC” but which still showed print that bled through from a paper BEHIND the “certified BC” when that security-paper BC was scanned.

We hadn’t processed the fact that the Hawaii Democratic Party had taken from their standard OCON exactly one line of print and that the line they took out left the OCON without either the eligibility language or the one legal requirement that only the HDP could fulfill (the statement that the candidate was specifically the candidate of the Hawaii Democratic Party). We hadn’t realized that the lawyer previously used by the HDP was the same lawyer who filed the Dunham-Soetoro divorce and so had probably seen a birth certificate for Obama - or that the HDP Chairman who signed the altered OCON, Brian Schatz, had spent time in Kenya the same year that Michelle and Obama were there right before their wedding.

A LOT has happened since Breitbart claimed there was not enough evidence. And there is a LOT that we know that still hasn’t seen the light of day yet. Most people don’t even know the things I’ve mentioned in this post or in the previous post, thanks to a hostage media.

61 posted on 03/18/2012 2:06:13 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

Civics course 1A ‘How to circumvent and pervert the Constitution with deception and money’ or keeping a part of Lincoln’s words ‘You can fool some of the people all the time’ alive. People just don’t get it or don’t care that the most free government ever constructed could be prone to political prostitution even though warned of this at the time of founding by Founders. Similar to the glory days of the Romans, people in the USA are enjoying the sporting events, the casinos, the rock concerts, and free wheeling life styles with sham foreign supplied money. Our elected and and appointed government officials, top to bottom, do not care.

62 posted on 03/18/2012 2:17:36 PM PDT by noinfringers2
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To: butterdezillion

Was Breitbart even planning on attending Sherif Joe’s news conference? Why not? I think the entire “threats” to the media angle is baloney. The ridicule seems to be working on it’s own.

63 posted on 03/18/2012 3:47:43 PM PDT by Godebert (NO PERSON EXCEPT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!)
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To: Godebert

The threats to the media have been corroborated by the Cold Case Posse. It’s not a theory; it’s a fact.

64 posted on 03/18/2012 4:45:29 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: editor-surveyor

Vividly, Jerry Parks and a long list of people in AR. I worked for a guy who owned an AT&T security company and was a high profile businessman in AR. Before the world knew what a corrupt and purely evil human being Bill Clinton is, this guy was telling me Clinton was so dirty he could never get elected.

He was shocked that the media hide all of Clinton’s scandals from the public. He said Bill Clinton was a very dangerous man and anyone who ever got in his way, paid a price.

65 posted on 03/18/2012 5:34:18 PM PDT by Beatthedrum
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Here is a possible reason that the Selective Service record is off limits.

It appears that Selective Service employee Robert Flahavan may have permanent role of ‘fixing’ selective service histories for the current generation of politicians who were eligible to serve during the Vietnam era.

“...indicating that Mitch McConnell did not receive a Armed Forces Physical Examination as stated by Richard Flahavan”

This blog basically implicates Flahavan in covering up. Not for Obama. But for Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. Remember that Flahavan provided the reply to the FOIA that resulted in the forged SS record becoming public.

66 posted on 03/18/2012 7:46:00 PM PDT by bluecat6 ( "A non-denial denial. They doubt our heritage, but they don't say the story is not accurate.")
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To: bluecat6

I post on a billiards forum as JohnnyP. They have a non-pool section. Looks like one of the posters is a Fog Blower:

67 posted on 03/18/2012 8:04:22 PM PDT by JohnnyP
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To: Godebert; butterdezillion

Here is a phone interview where Sheriff Joe discusses his phone conversation with Breitbart....

68 posted on 03/18/2012 8:46:55 PM PDT by visually_augmented (I was blind, but now I see)
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To: visually_augmented
From what I read about Shapiro in this article, Breitbart was the heart and the brains and the risk-taker in his organization. Would it be lost on anyone paying attention to the news conference that the sheriff's investigators also reported threats to media personalities?

Breitbart may well have been warming to the false documents evidence. The call was shunted via Jerome Corsi. Arpaio wasn't even aware exactly to whom he was speaking until Breitbart's death was reported and he saw pictures.

Sheriff Arpaio said 'he told me about tapes' he had. The idea that these two important players, who were strangers actually, would start to collaborate could pose a a major problem. If Breitbart cannot follow up and perhaps form a coalition of sorts, cui bono?

69 posted on 03/18/2012 9:40:39 PM PDT by 22cal (Forgiven, not perfected)
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To: visually_augmented

Thanks. In several places Joe implies that Breitbart called him because he knew Joe was having a press conference the next day, and the call was about that. Then later Joe says:

“He mentions that he’s happy that I’m doing my press conference and that I had some good information. And then I hear he dies...”

What Breitbart said to Sheriff Joe doesn’t sound like somebody who thinks the issue is a waste of time and that there’s not enough evidence. It seems a lot different than what Breitbart was saying in Feb of 2010. Having credible sources with access to witnesses and documents makes a big difference. And as I noted in earlier posts, we’ve learned a LOT since February of 2010 - stuff that it seems was not wasted on Andrew Breitbart.

Arpaio mentioned having spoken with Breitbart 4-5 hours before he died. So that must have been early evening (7-8pm) when he spoke to him. A couple hours later Breitbart must have gone to the bar. If I remember correctly he talked for a couple hours with some more liberal guy at the bar, then he heads out to go home about midnight, crosses the street, and almost immediately hits the concrete, dead.

If I’m misunderstanding the timing of things I hope somebody will correct me, but that unfolding of events just looks really fishy.

70 posted on 03/18/2012 10:09:26 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: goodnesswins

I hope so because the documents were to be part of the vetting, no?

71 posted on 03/19/2012 2:08:07 AM PDT by hummingbird
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I know Shapiro is on our team and he isn’t stupid, but he has always annoyed me. What struck me as a quick and superficial application of his intellect to issues, followed by brashly callow pronouncements seems to have jelled from that of a youth given too big a soapbox to a smug and somewhat obnoxious adult.

Oh well.

72 posted on 03/19/2012 6:29:48 AM PDT by 9YearLurker
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To: 9YearLurker

He isn’t stupid, but he’s too smart. I used to like him when Prager had him on years ago.

73 posted on 03/19/2012 8:31:44 AM PDT by JohnnyP
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To: JohnnyP

Too smartypants might be more precise.

74 posted on 03/19/2012 8:41:31 AM PDT by 9YearLurker
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To: butterdezillion
"The threats to the media have been corroborated by the Cold Case Posse. It’s not a theory; it’s a fact."

Even so, Joe Farrah, Cdr Kirchner, Leo Donofrio, Mario Apuzzo and Colonel Lakin never backed down.

Breitbart had more than four years to investigate the eligibility issues.


75 posted on 03/19/2012 12:05:30 PM PDT by Godebert (NO PERSON EXCEPT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!)
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To: Godebert

I hear what you’re saying. I have a lot of respect for the ones who didn’t back down, and I think we are now seeing the fruit of their labors.

Breitbart wouldn’t know me from Adam (except for a few obvious differences. lol) I’ve been deeply involved in this issue and still can’t tell for sure what claims are credible except the ones I know first-hand. All the others require some level of trust in the person who says the evidence is genuine. And there have been claims of sabotage all over the place. It could be that Breitbart was waiting for somebody truly credible to sort out the evidence, and Sheriff Joe is about as credible as a national figure comes these days. And he has access that somebody like me doesn’t have, which is why I’ve been hoping all along that I could plop my evidence in the hands of law enforcement and let them finish the job.

(Unfortunately, the highest level of law enforcement with the integrity to look at it was a county sheriff. To really dig out the whole story - which Arpaio has rightly said will end up being at least 10 times worse than Watergate - we need a federal investigation. So whereas I can’t be much help in the investigation any more, I can be a loudmouth to try to get people to push for Congress to appoint an independent prosecutor so we can force the government agencies to cough up their records for audit.)

Obviously I wish Breitbart had heard what we’ve been saying all these years. He probably thought he would just be banging his head against the wall since the government wouldn’t give him access to records either. I look at the time I’ve poured into this and ask myself if it was worth it; it’s been such slow progress. My own Dad thinks I’ve been wasting my time because nobody will ever have the guts to make the law and Constitution stick. In the time I’ve been working on this Breitbart has gotten some real results in exposing, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, Anthony Weiner (no pun intended), etc. He’s not been idle by any stretch, and many would say he’s got more to show for his 3 years of hard work than I have for my 3 years.

In the end, we need it all. What he’s done AND what all of us have done. I don’t begrudge what he’s worked on or accomplished, and as Mark Gillar and I were agreeing on, it does help us feel better to think that Breitbart may have come around to see the importance of this battle before he died.

As for his company, I suspect that they know Breitbart’s death was not natural. I just spoke with Mike Zullo again today and he said the witnesses regarding the media threats are scared spitless. They can’t get witness protection until the feds are involved. Another reason we NEED to pressure Congress to appoint an independent prosecutor. As long as Soros is able to make threats - and make good on those threats in the full sight of everybody - he will be controlling anybody he wants to control. I intend to make sure my Congress-critters are aware of that fact and grasp exactly what that means. It is NOT an exaggeration to say that this country is being held hostage. Soros is ruling by terror - which is exactly what the Islamists and communists (and their allies such as the drug cartels) do.

Interestingly enough, somebody on another thread posted that all Soros would have to do to shut me up would be to threaten my children. I responded by saying that I’ve already had to think that through and that my children and I are ready to go Home at any time and would rather be shot execution-style while fighting the coup than cower in fear hoping for safety only to be tortured and killed by the communist-Islamists after the coup. That post is now being used elsewhere to say that I am a mentally-ill religious lunatic whose children should be taken from me to keep me from shooting them in order to save them.

So you’re darned if you do and darned if you don’t. If you succomb to the threats you’re a wimp. If you don’t you’re a mentally-ill dangerous fanatic whose children should be taken away from you. A nice fine mess they’re setting up here...

76 posted on 03/19/2012 1:51:46 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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77 posted on 03/20/2012 8:26:13 PM PDT by Dajjal ("I'm not concerned about the very poor." -- severely conservative Mitt Rmoney)
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