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Obama and Martial Law - WHAT IF?.... (vanity)
Self ^ | 3.19.2012 | Free Vulcan

Posted on 03/19/2012 7:27:22 PM PDT by Free Vulcan

There has been a great deal of reaction on Free Republic to the very recent rewrite by the Obama administration of the executive order dealing with National Defense Resources Preparedness, originally signed I believe under Eisenhower, and the small but significant changes in the language. Namely, giving the President, even under peacetime, powers of complete and total nationalization of anyone and anything within the borders of the CONUS.

All of which has brought talk and speculation of martial law by the Federal government as well as both the cancellation of this November's elections and the dissolution of both the U.S. Congress and the SCOTUS. In response to that I would like to propose a series of 'What if?' questions to the above scenario, not only to generate discussion, but also possibly give everyone here some impetus to act in a way using bona fide and existing channels of authority that could challenge Obama should he attempt such actions.

WHAT IF...on January 22, 2013, Barack Hussein Obama continues to hold the seat of power that is assigned under our Constitution as the office of the President and refuses to leave while declaring complete and total control over the entire CONUS and a complete disbandment of the other two branches of government?

WHAT response to such an action a Governor of any of the 50 states as clear indisputable fact that Barack Hussein Obama's term of office has ended, and as such he no long holds the office of President, therefore no longer commands any of the powers that go with that office?

WHAT a conclusion to the above statement, that same Governor declares Obama to be illegally occupying the position lawfully belonging to a President elected by the citizens under the Constitution, therefore committing an act of domestic terrorism against his state and the United States, as is anyone who is acting in support of his actions?

WHAT IF...that same Governor then themselves declares a State of Emergency in response to the imminent threat posed by the illegal usurpation of the office of the President by Barack Hussein Obama and his cohorts, and enacting his emergency power under such a declaration?

WHAT emergency session, the state legislature votes to give the Governor a set of powers in addition to those already in existence in a state of emergency? Namely:

1) Declaring Barack Hussein Obama and his cohorts to be guilty of conspiracy, subversion, and treason in the commission of terrorist acts against the authority and security of said State, the United States, and the Constitution.

2) Declaring any and all federal personnel existing within state boundaries currently giving support to Obama's illegal actions to be part of that terrorist organization and therefore subject to indefinite detainment, arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment, including capital punishment, as well as confiscation and/or destruction of any federal assets used in such actions.

3) Declaring any and all private assets of any said personnel operating in support of the actions of Barack Hussein Obama eligible to be frozen and/or confiscated, including military bases within the borders. Any individual or facility defying that order would be responded to with terminal force, without trial.

4) Declaring all funds paid to the Federal government to be funds in support of a terrorist organization, therefore mandating the cessation of all federal withholding of paychecks and payment of taxes.

5) Declaring all residents of the state who are members of any federal law enforcement or branch of the military, who are in support of Obama's actions, to be terrorists and fugitives of the law, and authorize teams to track them down and bring them to justice, dead or alive.

6) Declaring that any member deemed to be part of the above organization, should they commit an act of aggression against any resident or parcel of territory within the boundaries of said State, will be shot on sight without trial.

7) Releasing all citizens of that state from any claim of authority by the illegal terrorist organization headed by Barack Hussein Obama and indefinitely suspending all Federal, regulatory, police and/or military power over them, including members of the U.S. Military residing within it's borders.

8) Empowering the Governor to raise self-defense militias as well ordering all law enforcement and national guard to seal all possible entryways and arteries into the state from all federal police and military forces.

9) Empowering the Governor to use any and all means to resist and repel any invasion or attempt to occupy any part of the State at any time.

10) Empowering the Governor to hold elections at the mandated day, times and places, and work with other states to attempt to achieve a quorum to reconvene Congress at a secure location.

WHAT IF? a matter of swift action, said Governor executes all the above? What does Obama do then?

WHAT IF? a similar response, the Governors of a number of other states enact similar powers? What does Obama do then?

WHAT IF? communication with the Governors of other States, the Governor of said State signs a mutual defense pact to aid all States within the coalition any and all necessary Means and Aid in support of repelling the terrorist forces of Barack Hussein Obama? What does Obama do then?

WHAT IF? a mutual compact, the various coalition states rightfully hold their elections at the Constitutionally mandated time, and if in quorum, propose a meeting of their duly elected Congress persons within Coalition territory, in a designated Federal zone guarded by U.S. Military assets that uphold their Constitutional oath? What does Obama do then?

WHAT IF?...that same Congress declares the Office of the President vacant, and recognizes the duly elected official present who is highest in the order of secession as the current President?


What is the solution to fighting back? WE ALREADY HAVE THE SOLUTION. The solution is the States. It is imperative that not only do you work and support to get conservative legislatures and Governors within your states, you approach your state representatives NOW and propose that they adopt legislation as outlined above.

It is time to set this fire alight. Force the national conversation on this issue, force it into the news cycle and the talk shows, force the current administration to deal with it. States like Wyoming, Arizona, and others have already either passed or at least initiated legislation on things like secession and federal jurisdiction over 2nd amendment rights – all it takes is one state legislator in any of branches in any the 50 states to introduce legislation as outlined above to bring it front and center.

If we want to stop this, this is where it starts: with the States. Surely with the numbers we have here one of us has the network and contacts to start get some state Representative or Senator to pick up this ball and get it rolling.

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To: Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Riots in a few dozen Dem strongholds does not a national emergency make.

True, true.

But would, say, a nuke, EMP attack, or something else happening to one or a few major US cities constitute one?

I know, I's some real tinfoil hat stuff. Even so, Obama is Grade-A, U.S. Choice, government-inspected EVIL...and I wouldn't put it past him to initiate a 'false-flag' op.

41 posted on 03/19/2012 8:52:39 PM PDT by hoagy62 ("Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered..."-Thomas Paine. 1776)
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To: Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Riots in a few dozen Dem strongholds does not a national emergency make.

They do if the President so declares. Or at least there would be the "color" of a National Emergency.

42 posted on 03/19/2012 8:54:35 PM PDT by El Gato ("The second amendment is the reset button of the US constitution"-Doug McKay)
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To: campaignPete R-CT

Who is America’s Pinochet?

43 posted on 03/19/2012 8:59:25 PM PDT by unkus (Silence Is Consent)
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To: BMC1

He’s dividing this country by class and by race. A class and race war would come in very handy to accomplish his goals. There are a lot more people involved in this than you could imagine.

I can’t disagree with any of this. I must have a bit more faith in my fellow Americans, however. Specifically, that they, like you recognize and understand the game unfolding and won’t be played for okey dokes.

Our national fabric is stronger than you think. Even after hacking and slashing at it for better than 3 years - we’re all still here, and contrary to what all the talking heads and professional media types try to hammer home every day, more and more Americans are waking up to the idea that hope and change in practice - ain’t like it was in the brochure.

That’s good news for the good guys.

44 posted on 03/19/2012 9:00:18 PM PDT by Sylvester McMonkey McBean
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To: Sylvester McMonkey McBean

Relax. The grown-ups will soon be back in charge.

They might be in charge but the whole system is so permeated with rot that no one will ever get rid of it.

45 posted on 03/19/2012 9:01:52 PM PDT by unkus (Silence Is Consent)
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To: pfflier

“I firmly believe the military would not obey unlawful orders from and POTUS at any time.”

Well, since BHO’s eligibility to even BE President has never been proven - with the belated “birth certificate” looking increasingly bogus upon expert analysis, questionable selective service document(s) AND multiple, unexplained social security numbers, the orders BHO issues as CIC actually ARE unlawful.

But we’ve seen what happened to Col. Lakin (and a few other military men like him), haven’t we?

46 posted on 03/19/2012 9:02:11 PM PDT by llandres (Forget the "New America" - restore the original one!!)
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To: llandres

These type of situations have a dynamic that can change quickly and I think they are. Col. Lakin was released when the new Joint Chiefs came in. These new revelations have more than likely caused serious doubts about Obozo who are higher up. They loath him and I wouldn’t be suprised if they presuured Congress to pass House Resoution 107 calling for the Won’s impeachment should he misuse the military again. Things are starting to go very badly against him.

47 posted on 03/19/2012 9:09:34 PM PDT by DarthVader (Politicians govern out of self interest, Statesmen govern for a Vision greater than themselves)
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To: hoagy62

It’s not tin-foil to game out any of the scenarios you mention. People get paid to do just this. The tin-foil to my way of thinking arrives when belief is not supported by fact. Religion excepted, of course.

An event or series of events happens close to election time - a national emergency is declared - Martial Law. How do you convince all those states, and areas NOT directly affected by those events that they CANNOT hold elections?

It puts a real strain on keeping the lid on things.

So, elections go forward - transition of administrations with Martial Law intact - events contained/analyzed/gamed forward and backward - Martial Law lifted - back to the work of cleaning up the Erkel trainwreck under a newly elected administration. :)

48 posted on 03/19/2012 9:15:29 PM PDT by Sylvester McMonkey McBean
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To: tacticalogic

Like all bureaucrats, their allegiance is to whoever will preserve their gravy train, and those allegiances will go whichever way the wind blows.

49 posted on 03/19/2012 9:18:37 PM PDT by Boogieman
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To: BMC1; All

“Look for Obama’s occupy wall street buddies create havoc over the summer with riots and destruction. Then when people start crying for it all to stop, Obama will declare martial law and suspend elections to hang onto power. The occupy people are run by unions, anarchists, commies and funded by Soros and they want to bring down the government.”

Your post deserves to be seen by all. This is exactly what some of us have feared almost from day one, and with this latest, chilling Executive Order that BHO penned under the radar on Friday, the open-ended DHS contract for hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo, and various events unfolding daily, it seems more and more likely.

If we blow this election with in-fighting and “sitting it out” in protest of whatever nominee, we sign the death warrant for our beloved Republic. It cannot survive a second, unrestrained term of B. Hussein Obama.

Andrew Breitbart said it, Mark Levin’s said it - many wise and fine conservatives have said it.

50 posted on 03/19/2012 9:35:11 PM PDT by llandres (Forget the "New America" - restore the original one!!)
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To: Free Vulcan

I don’t think what any one individual governor said or did would matter a hill of beans under a ‘what if’
aren’t there already in place some 5 (or 6?) “regional governors” under some sort of Fema or whatever program? Zero would call on the Regionals in a martial law type scenario and fire all the state governors forthwith, i would imagine...just guessing of course.

51 posted on 03/19/2012 9:36:40 PM PDT by blueplum
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To: unkus

The GOP electors will meet in DEC, mail their results to the congress and on Jan 6, the speaker and Biden will preside over the counting of the ballots and a winner declared. He will be inaugurated at the US Capital on Jan 20.

If the Obambi electors do not participate, then their votes will not be counted.

If Obambi steals the silverware on the way out, we can buy a new set. If Romney is the new prez, our problems will have just begun.

52 posted on 03/19/2012 9:38:13 PM PDT by campaignPete R-CT (and I will not go to Illinois to campaign against MITT.)
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To: muawiyah

“You are assuming “the people will start crying” ~ which they didn’t this last year, and which they won’t this year, or even next year. The Occupy stuff might inconvenience a few but we have some pretty spread out urban areas so life goes on with or without them.”

Well, a) it won’t matter whether “the people start crying” or not. Now, BHO can declare a national emergency anytime he wants to and take control of everything per his EO; and b) the “Occupy stuff” hasn’t moved into really violent stages - YET.

53 posted on 03/19/2012 9:52:05 PM PDT by llandres (Forget the "New America" - restore the original one!!)
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To: campaignPete R-CT

If Romney is the new prez, our problems will have just begun.

You say what?

We’re already in deep trouble. Romney would basically go with the flow and maybe slow down the train wreck.

54 posted on 03/19/2012 9:53:23 PM PDT by unkus (Silence Is Consent)
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To: DarthVader

“There are too many eyes everywhere in government that are not friendly to him.”


55 posted on 03/19/2012 10:00:47 PM PDT by llandres (Forget the "New America" - restore the original one!!)
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To: Free Vulcan

Once that SOB is gone the people should put a statue right in the middle of the Washington Mall of him bowing before some rag head King.

56 posted on 03/19/2012 11:51:29 PM PDT by lwoodham (I am Andrew Breitbart. Don't doubt me on this.)
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To: blueplum
Zero would call on the Regionals in a martial law type scenario and fire all the state governors forthwith, i would imagine...just guessing of course.

The Constitution guarantees the States a republican form of government. If Zero can "fire" the governor of a state then there is no republic - the contract is broken. The only legitimate authority the federal government has is derived from the Constitution. If they break that, then they're simply a criminal organization engaged in an extortion racket, and need to be dealt with accordingly.

57 posted on 03/20/2012 5:31:38 AM PDT by tacticalogic ("Oh, bother!" said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.)
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To: llandres
American cities are not easily shut down ~ try it some time if you don't believe me.

Within minutes of a major tornado ripping through there are people at work with chainsaws getting the logs out of the way. We simply do not wait for the emergency crews to do everything.

Now an ice storm ~ that can shut you down, but it's almost always over in a short period of time.

58 posted on 03/20/2012 6:13:43 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: tacticalogic
Let's put this into a realistic scale. About 1/3 of the federal work force are in the military (or civilian DOD). About 30% (little less than 1/3) are in the USPS. A goodly chunk of the rest are in USDA, etc.

A small percentage are actually in DC. That's where you find the guys who break the law.

The total federal work force is barely 1.25% of the total population ~ MINISCULE NUMBERS ~

I'd be more worried about your state and local employees who belong to unions.

59 posted on 03/20/2012 7:37:51 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: Free Vulcan

Good for you. This is what I have been saying all along. If Barry tries to take over the states will step up and put a stop to it. We are not going to have a revolution of millions of americans dying in the streets. That is not how it will go down. That being said I think he will try it anyway. So its best to get prepared.

60 posted on 03/20/2012 8:13:11 AM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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