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Agenda 21 Action Thread ^ | 3/23/12 | TEXOKIE

Posted on 03/23/2012 4:34:41 PM PDT by TEXOKIE

A few days ago I realized that we who are participating on the Agenda 21 thread have amassed an impressive amount of data and links which are quite important for the educating of anyone who is wondering what “Agenda 21” is all about.

There is absolutely no question in the minds of any of our participants at this stage that “Agenda 21” is real, and is NOT a tin-foil hat conspiracy. There are quite a number of people on this forum who were way ahead of us, and have been quite patient with us while some (like myself) have played catch-up.

The link to the original Agenda 21 thread, with all the previous data, links, and discussion can be found here:

With this new thread, I am proposing that we continue our practice of collecting data and links to relevant articles, but I would also like to see discussions and brainstorming, advice, ideas, on WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?? Nuts and Bolts. Baby steps. Giant steps. Letters to the editor. Letters to representatives. After action reports. Putting into practice the overcoming of the Delphi Techniques practiced by Sustainability Meeting Facilitators. Ways to educate our fellow citizens. Etc.

What say you?

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Education; Local News; Miscellaneous
KEYWORDS: agenda21; agenda21thread; climate; environment; global; landgrab; propertyrights; resources; shadowwars; smartmeters; socialism; sustainability; threatmatrix; transitions; un
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Perhaps oversimplification, but getting the U.N. the “H” out of this country, this country’s business is a priority the next administration must address.

Question: When did, and which President signed a Congressionally (Senate) approved treaty with the U.N. allowing them access to govern within our borders? The ICLEI is operating within our borders, within our communities, our counties, our States NOW. Why are they able to do this?

The Left (includes RINO’s IMO) is allowing them to do so just as the Left is allowing, and nurturing the illegals to swarm across our borders.

151 posted on 08/11/2012 9:25:04 AM PDT by rockinqsranch (Dems, Libs, Socialists, call 'em what you will, they ALL have fairies livin' in their trees.)
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Thanks for the ping!

152 posted on 08/12/2012 8:47:35 AM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: ProgressingAmerica; Nachum; One Name; Texas Eagle; Jerrybob; DarthVader; SumProVita; george76; ...

Here is a roundup of some of the relevant/related articles and issues which have come to my attention.

But first, I have found myself stewing about not doing more. I was actually condemning myself for what I was seeing as me doing practically nothing about our topic. I knew that what was happening was that I was entering into a spiral of thought that would take me to a place where my action would freeze altogether. Then a comforting analogy entered my mind and I would like to share it with you, just in case any of you are ever plagued with a similar destructive self-talk.

The analogy I now use in my own thinking when I fall into the trap of self-condemnation at not doing more is the one about the battery. Yes, we know that there are some huge batteries out there that power cars, boats, and other huge mechanical and electrical devices, etc. I know that I am not of that power....but I try to keep in mind that there is a GREAT need for the D Cell, C Cell, AA, AAA and others down to the humble tiny hearing aid batteries which some people rely on for safety and quality of life. Truly the issue is not size, but reliability and constancy.

I know that I can do more, and I seek to, but the self-condemnation aspect is not helpful nor constructive. So this humble little hearing aid battery will continue to plug away at whatever little step is the next one to take. (Maybe one day I might grow up to be at least a AAA! :-D)

I guess the point is, ALL of the different levels of battery size make a difference in the lives of all of us, and we need each one and are grateful for them all. Thanks again to all of you for remaining aware of and working as you are able on this Agenda 21 issue.

If I have missed something of urgent proportions, please notify me and we shall seek to rectify it!


The CSPAN video runs 01:12:41
June 24, Aspen CO, Aspen Institute

Opening Footer shows:
“Rio+20 - UN Conference on Sustainable Development in June, 20 years after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio” It focuses especially on agriculture.

Panel discussing the issues are:
Dan Glickman - Former US Representative, D-Kansas 1977-95 - Former Clinton Ag Secretary 1995-01. Talks about the farm bill passed recently in congress. States there is a disconnect between the issue in the US govt (pay the farmers subsidies) and the way the problem is being dealt with at the Aspen gathering. - Research budget has “gone to hell.” - Was in Mozambique and told about use of fertilizer being used “more intelligently”, but no roads to get food to market. - Research Issue: 150th Anniversary of the Lincoln Morrell Act which created the Land Grant College

Dennis Dimick - National Geographic Magazine, Executive Editor for the Environment - Studied ag in college

John Foley - Speaks about “Challenges in Agriculture.” - University of Minnesota, Institute on the Environment Director - Says we need to stop the “wrong thinking which is ‘we’ll simply grow more’” Discusses water, grain conversion efficiency. “Earth Collaboratory - use social networks” to solve problems

Jason Clay - World Wildlife Fund - Senior VP of Market Transformation - Talks of consumption issue - need to measure because if we measure, we can manage them better. Need to measure waste, fertilizer, etc

Chris Reij - World Resources Institute Senior Fellow - Production systems - Studies on high population densities - tells somewhat self serving story about him sitting on a plane with a secretary to someone high in the government of an African nation (Niger?) and gets a meeting with that nation’s president. The president asked him to write a presentation for him to present at the Rio gathering. Reij reports that the president used the presentation in several other settings as well.

Background set of the video has the words,”Living in the New Normal”


“Henry George: We must make land common property - inch by inch”
PGA Weblog ^

Posted on Friday, August 17, 2012 12:33:17 PM by ProgressingAmerica

In “Progress and Poverty” (1879) on page 295, Henry George wrote the following:

We have traced the unequal distribution of wealth which is the curse and menace of modern civilization to the institution of private property in land. We have seen that so long as this institution exists no increase in productive power can permanently benefit the masses; but, on the contrary, must tend still further to depress their condition. We have examined all the remedies, short of the abolition of private property in land, which are currently relied on or proposed for the relief of poverty and the better distribution of wealth, and have found them all inefficacious or impracticable.
There is but one way to remove an evil—and that is to remove its cause. Poverty deepens as wealth increases, and wages are forced down while productive power grows, because land, which is the source of all wealth and the field of all labor, is monopolized. To extirpate poverty, to make wages what justice commands they should be, the full earnings of the laborer, we must therefore substitute for the individual ownership of land a common ownership. Nothing else will go to the cause of the evil—in nothing else is there the slightest hope.”....SNIP


GAO: EPA rules to cause energy price increases in Midwest, ‘compromise’ electric grid
Washington Examiner ^ | 8/16/12 | Joel Gehrke
“Four coal industry regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will likely cause electricity prices to rise and may “compromise” electric grid reliability — especially in the Midwest and South — according to the Government Accountability Office.”...SNIP


Agenda 21 Radio airs on Saturdays from 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. PT on KMYC 1410AM in Marysville, (Northern) CA

Watch and listen online at

Call in questions at 1-877-211-4525 or 530-742-5555

E-mail the host at

Lawsuit over roads in Tahoe Forest west of Reno
ap ^ | Aug. 19, 2012
A national group representing off-highway recreationists is suing the U.S. Forest Service to try to overturn a new travel management plan on national forest lands in the Sierra west of Reno they say is overly restrictive. The Pacific Legal Foundation said in a lawsuit filed recently the agency plan adopted in 2010 illegally closed more than 800 miles of roads and trails the public has used for years in the Tahoe National Forest...

6) ARIZONA - Cochise County Tea Party
One of participants gives us this update on Arizona with two emails:
a)Subject: U.N. AGENDA 21 - Just Posted - Update of the EPA Meeting last night in Benson
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 14:21:18 -0700

Friends Against Agenda 21,

Here is an example of Tea Party Patriots working for the Community, Joanne a very hard working tea party leader and tea party members combating together the EPA. The Cochise County Tea Party have been at this a long time and it is slowly paying off for them. I have a great deal of respect for active Tea Parties and all there members, that get the job done for the people in the Community. This should be County and town administrators doing this work. Not to say that there are some good administrators looking out for the people and their interest, but not enough of them.

Please go to the link below and read the report from the night before. WOW, this is what it takes, plenty of good people well educated in the issues, Joanne did a great job in reporting the nights event. With our ongoing education sessions and some lessons learned such as Cochise County’s and others that we can share, we too can have some success, and we will! Again I thank Joanne and the Tea Party Patriots of Cochise County for sharing this event with us. God be With you, Bill

b)Subject: Just Posted [ August 16, 2012 1:09 PM]
- Update of the EPA Meeting last night in Benson

I just posted a synopsis of the EPA Hearing last night in Benson. There was over 300 people that showed up and I thank all of you who came to show the Fed’l representatives that they should NOT mess with Cochise County. (apparently the IRC didn’t send the EPA the memo....)

Check it out on the forum:

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you


questions, comments

Visit Tea Party Cochise County at:


Google Shopping blocks all vitamins and natural products -glitch or deliberate censorship?
Natural News ^ | 8-19-12 | Ethan A. Huff

Post 4 explains: “He means in the Shopping search, on google. Nothing turns up there. Google is changing the nature of their shopping search, however. I dont know if this is related.”

Post 7 adds: “Also, banned all guns and ammo..No more Bud’s Guns or Midway USA.";

8) ARIZONA - Tombstone

Out Of Touch President Obama Fiddles While Tombstone, AZ Burns
Forbes ^ | 8/13/2012 | Ralph Benko

Welcome to the Wild West, 2012 style. The Feds to Tombstone: “If you want to fix your water line, better lawyer up and talk to President Obama.”... SNIP

“Obama, is truly the out of touch candidate. The U.S. Forest Service — of which the president is ultimate boss — is preventing, on the flimsiest of excuses, Tombstone Arizona from rebuilding its water pipeline. Obama, conniving, is putting Tombstone, a fixture of American history, in mortal danger....” SNIP


Felt it on my heart to let all of you know about these following threads in case you missed them!


Well worth the 8 minutes

For those inclined and have not found the thread yet, I want to bring your attention to a particularly (imho) annointed prayer offered Aug 18 on DarthVader’s thread, “Pray For The Salvation And Restoration Of America” (8/18/2012)[Prayer]| The Holy Scriptures (Psalms 37 and 94)

For those who may have missed this:

Special Operations OPSEC targets Obama for reckless intelligence leaks
Red State ^ | August 16, 2012 | Dan Spencer


Florida Family Policy Council & Tea Party Ft. Lauderdale ^ | August 21, 2012 |

Vets Being Rounded Up Nationwide?
Western Journalism ^ | August 24, 2012

Glen Beck interview
Worth the 14 minutes, imho

153 posted on 08/25/2012 12:41:39 PM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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What I think that a lot of people are missing is what Glenn Beck used to warn us about, always watching what Obama is doing with the other hand. I was doing this in regard to coal, Obama waging war against privately owned coal mines in the East and promoting and subsidizing sub-bituminous coal in the West, on federally leased lands, mostly owned by Indian tribes.

What I wasn’t doing is watching what Obama’s left hand was doing in other segments of the economy, like the new union owned bank, Amalgamated, to which the DNC is moving their funds after the election. There is some speculation that GM is also about to make use of the union owned bank.

Then there is the energy sector, where Obama has tried to shut down operations on all federally leased lands, but has not been able to control the drilling on private land. We just learned this week that the investment company that we all thought was saving the oil refining in the Philadelphia area is partly owned by government unions from CA and NY and has been in trouble with the state of NY for kickbacks and payoffs. - more union involvement in another economic sector.

Finally, there is Obamacare, which we should never forget, is NOT about health care or health insurance, it’s about the unionization of 1/5 of the work force under a single government union.

Win or lose in November, Obama is moving forward with his agenda of unionization of the American economy in order to use the unions to control commerce and industry, and now entering banking, as well. This is all leading to the Agenda 21, the SEIU is an international union.

154 posted on 08/25/2012 1:47:31 PM PDT by Eva (Eee)
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To: Eva
What I think that a lot of people are missing is what Glenn Beck used to warn us about, always watching what Obama is doing with the other hand.

Its actually far worse than that. Not only do we have to watch the other hand, we have to watch the GOP as well.
155 posted on 08/25/2012 2:39:15 PM PDT by cripplecreek (What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?)
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To: Eva

Thank you so very much for your cogent observations!

156 posted on 08/25/2012 3:53:01 PM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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Thanks for the ping!

157 posted on 08/25/2012 9:05:59 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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Please add me to the Agenda 21 list.

158 posted on 08/25/2012 9:09:52 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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To: MestaMachine
I realized then what the whole deal was and sent it to Jim Quinn the same day. It seemed to me then, and still seems, that NO ONE picked up pn it except me. I have been trying to get someone to listen for years. gore and strong have made zillions from this scam, and many pols who say they believe in “manmade global warming” and “green energy’ DON’T really, but it is so lucrative they stand to gain both money and power from controlling the way we eat, drink, and they damn sure don’t want us to be merry. The whole financial meltdown and the foreclosures to STEAL people’s land and homes out from under them is all part of it. You are now seeing the war on family farms.

Animal Rights, environmentalism (endangered species acts, indigenous species acts, watershed acts), takeover of schools and education, writing of that crap in the textbooks -

Many different arms to the same octopus.

159 posted on 08/25/2012 9:14:44 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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To: AuntB
A blast from the past when we TRIED to tell them what was coming!

Thanks, AuntB

160 posted on 08/25/2012 9:19:43 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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To: cripplecreek
Not only do we have to watch the other hand, we have to watch the GOP as well.

Not all progressives wear the union label.

161 posted on 08/25/2012 9:31:34 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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Here's another link to an initiative being run by a CA county:

Sorry, don't know how to hotlink it.

162 posted on 08/25/2012 9:39:03 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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I wonder how they describe/define the “new normal?”

163 posted on 08/26/2012 4:21:53 AM PDT by SumProVita
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To: SumProVita

The thing to watch for Valifornia is integrated resource management. This is a communitarian scheme utilizing climate change as a catalyst to place control of natural resources in the hands of unelected NGOs and bureaucrats. Say farewell to privately owned property. The water program is being rolled out this year and next.

164 posted on 08/26/2012 9:10:58 PM PDT by marsh2
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To: marsh2


I will watch.

165 posted on 08/27/2012 7:08:21 AM PDT by SumProVita
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To: SmithL; KeyLargo; Tex-Con-Man; NYer; Nachum; MichCapCon; Mr. Silverback; cripplecreek; NoLibZone; ..


Here is an After Action Report, YouTube review, and some related issues round up! If there are some urgent stories I have missed please let me know.

Wishing all of you, Thread Participants, as well as Lurkers, a very happy Labor Day!

Weeder sends us the following after action report! Thanks, weeder for your action AND for the report! What a mighty Victory!

From weeder:

Just an update from beautiful Bucks County, PA.

I made you aware recently of our success in getting our municipality to reject a resolution to designate our River Road as a Scenic Byway. In the course of our work, which was constrained by time, we were contacted by a like-minded representative from a neighboring township, who was incensed that his board of supervisors had just approved such a resolution by a 3-2 vote in April. This was done despite strident objections of residents who demanded more time to learn about the implications of such a designation, and its effect on property rights.

We combined forces. His concerned citizen group gathered with me for a few sessions, and together we printed flyers and went door-knocking in Lower Makefield Twp. to inform the property owners. This led to the overflow crowd at the next meeting, culminating in a 5-0 defeat of the resolution, as described in the newspaper article that I previously sent you.

The deal was: They (the concerned property owners of UPPER Makefield) would help me with the awareness campaign in LOWER Makefield Twp., which was successful, in exchange for my help in getting it rescinded in UPPER Makefield afterwards.

Long story short, we duplicated the effort in UPPER Makefield, filled the Municipal building to overflowing for the 8/21 Supervisors meeting, and they rescinded the Byway resolution 5-0! Scared the crap out of them to see that many angry voters in one place. We’re 2-for-2, and the Byway is dead. FU UN! Agenda this, pal!

Here is a sample list of youtube presentations regarding the Agenda 21. Some people are for it. Some are saying it is a property grab. Others are saying the implications are far more dire. You make up your own mind.

These clips were brought to my attention by a beloved friend, and I took the time to view them. Of the bunch, I would consider only B, C, and D to have been worth my time. It is quite rare that I actually have the time to view video clips, so this exercise sort of confirms it for me that I’ll probably continue rarely viewing them!

A) Agenda 21 for Intelligent People – This guy seems to be all for it. Did not listen beyond first 3 minutes. (Foul language alert)- Runs 9:23

Example of how our opponents do indeed load the browsers to articles/media which are in their favor. This was the first one on the search result list sent by Dear Friend.

B) What is Agenda 21? - Discussion of the RIO 1992 documents from Liberty News Network/John Birch Society. “Profound reorientation of all human society” - ICLEI – Bribes/Incentives/Subsidies - Runs 6:08

C) “Agenda 21” The UN’s diabolical plan for the world is explained on the “Glenn Beck Show.” (FOX NEWS) Uploaded June 23,2011

Discusses the UN Dept of Economic and Social Affairs Document, “Division for Sustainable Development” –

From the explanatory verbiage under the video screen: “There are people that want to transform America and put our problems into the hands of the rest of the world. The best thing we can do is link arms together, neighbor to neighbor and reach out to our houses of worship and community centers and take care of each other like God and the Founders intended us to. But a growing number of people are latching on to the idea of globalism... groundwork is being laid right now for government control on a global level. These people have mastered the art of hiding it in plain sight and then just dismissing it as a joke...such is the case with Agenda 21. What is Agenda 21? Find out on this video.”

Beck discusses various individuals and organizations who are BEHIND the ICLEI. I found this aspect to be quite informative and helpful. Runs 14:18

D) “Millions to be KILLED under Agenda 21!” Henry Lamb and Michael Coffman expose – Runs 10:00

I listened to the whole 10 minutes, and I personally did not hear Lamb nor Coffman actually say millions would be killed....however, it is sort of implied because of the severe control of the government over the people.

The title seems to be an exaggeration of the substance of the clip, but speaks to the fears of the implications for all of us if this thing is fully implemented.

Aside from the title, the clip is quite informative.

E) “The Agenda 21 Death Map!!!” Poor quality video. Shows the map of the corridors (I think). Speaker admonishes the viewers to be sure to look at the legends, which is where the information can be obtained. “Agenda 21 is a 40 chapter UN document to reorganize the world around socialist command and control regulation.” Why it’s a “Death Map” is not explained in the clip. It is not clear who the speaker is. - Runs 0:37

F) “UN Agenda 21 quote ‘There will be no private housing’” Peter Schiff, John Stossel, Judge Napolitano
Uploaded November 9, 2009 – FOX News – Discussion of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac – Government housing – Runs 7:46

Not clear from the clip who is the one being quoted; presumably it is President Obama?

The summary verbiage below the video screen points out that, “Under ‘AGENDA 21’, (the Global Agenda for the 21st century), it clearly states that there will be no private housing or private transport. This is happening around the world at the same time.”

3) Southern CALIFORNIA - Nanny State
It’s the mild, mild West as state gets ban-happy
Sacramento Bee ^ | 9/3/12 | Brooks Barnes and Michael Cieply, The New York Times

Discusses the banning of bonfires on the beach, plastic foam trays in elementary school cafeterias, psychotherapy aimed at making gay teenagers straight, carrying of unloaded rifles in public, male circumcision, nativity scenes... Nanny state on full display. Final paragraph zinger has to do with one ban that was instituted by the military in Barstow and Miramar which others in the state have not done.

Obama to Lose Yet Another Huge Voting Bloc?

The Western Center for Journalism ^ | Aug 26, 2012 | Miki Booth

Please note the post 14 by Tex-Con-Man which outlines the reason this is an Agenda 21 issue and article:

Excerpt of the post:

“I think Miki is missing the larger point.
This is more about the UN “granting rights” to a group of people within the sovereign borders of the US. In a nutshell, the UN wants to protect designated “cultures” from having to assimilate into their host country. This is a back door through our sovereignty...”

5)PLANTS’ RIGHTS (No Kidding!)

George Romney–Rose Murderer!
First Things ^ | August 31, 2012 | Wesley J. Smith

I just saw a funny Tweet from @jimnorton, in which he “condemns” Mitt Romney’s father for “murdering roses” when he placed one on his wife’s bedstand every night. (Romney scored emotionally in last night’s speech when he recalled that his mother found out his father had died because the rose was missing.)

Thing is, Norton’s jibe is not quite as off the wall as some might think. Switzerland has, for instance, placed the “dignity” of individual plants in its constitution. The government then asked a big brained bioethics commission to explain why individual plants have dignity (they share molecular material with us), and the commission gave an example of a terrible immoral action. From my Weekly Standard column, “The Scream of the Asparagus:...”


Obama order targets industrialefficiency, emissions
Reuters ^ | 8/31/12 | Valerie Volcovici

“WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Thursday that would increase the number of cogeneration plants in the U.S. by 50 percent by 2020, a move that would boost U.S. industrial energy efficiency and slash carbon emissions by 150 million tons per year. The order is the administration’s latest effort to deploy cleaner and more efficient energy production in the country by working around political resistance to climate change and “green” energy legislation on Capitol Hill...”

7)MICHIGAN - Unions - (Related Issues)

Court of Appeals Says Union Power Grab Should Be on Ballot
Michigan Capitol Confidential ^ | 8/23/2012 | Jack Spencer

“The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the so-called “Protect Our Jobs” ballot proposal should be put on the Nov. 6 statewide ballot...”SNIP

“If passed, the proposal would pre-empt Michigan from ever becoming a right-to-work state. Under right-to-work laws, employees are given the freedom to choose if they want to pay dues or fees to a union.

In addition, if adopted, it is estimated the proposal could repeal — to varying degrees —about 170 Michigan laws and numerous parts of the state constitution.” SNIP

166 posted on 09/03/2012 4:36:46 PM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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Indigenous species acts are another part of it: cows, pigs, some grains, fruit trees, chickens, a lot of food animals and plants are NOT indigenous.

167 posted on 09/03/2012 7:00:19 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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Thanks for the ping!

168 posted on 09/03/2012 8:49:06 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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Harris suggests World P’ment replace UN Council

Member countries can make the United Nations (UN) fully democratic and transparent by carrying out reforms and restructuring, including re-establishing the world body as a World Parliament with member countries’ representatives as members.

Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh said under the Parliament, a Cabinet could be created incorporating all present members of Security Council with additional members to be elected by the UN i.e 48 members as UN Ministers with specific portfolios.

Presently these portfolios are being held by Director Generals.

Harris said that as suggested by US President Wilson in 1942, a UN Police Force should be created in addition to the UN Marine Police Force.

Both the UN Police Force and UN Marine Police Force are to enforce all decisions made by the World Parliament, and to be stationed regularly, he said.

“With the establishment of a UN Marine Police Force, then America can assign or second half of its fleet to UN Marine Police Force in Asia.

It is suggested the Admiral be an American and the Vice Admiral to be from the Chinese Navy,” he said.

The United Nations up to this day is guided by the Security Council, which may be necessary in the past, but after more than 60 years, most member countries numbering 193 were no longer colonies and were being led and governed by educated and civilised people.

He said therefore, these countries do not need any guidance.

Thus, the Security Council is no longer necessary and the UN must be restructured and reformed to match the present development of the people and the world.

“Make the United Nations the only authority vested with power and authority to solve country to country international finance, monetary and trade problems, he said in his proposal paper entitled “United Nations Needs Reform and Restructure Very Badly” that was emailed to all member countries at the UN headquarters in New York.

“Based on news reports overwhelming number of the member countries would like to see that the UN is strong, fair and just, a respected body where they can look for guidance and assistance,” he said.

Harris said Guided Democracy was now obsolete and that the world needs a completely democratic and transparent body - chosen by the countries for the countries and for the government of the countries.

Under the present structure, it appeared that the Security Council, consisting only of 11 member countries, is more powerful than the General Assembly, which meets once a year, he said.

He said the Statute of Convention of the United Nations, which was created nearly 67 years ago seriously need to be reformed and updated in line with the needs of the present times.

“It is unable to function effectively in the present world atmosphere.

United Nations should transcend nations become a Supra-National Institution, characterised by mandatory universal memberships and ability to deploy physical force for effective control.

“Such a supra-national World Parliament would entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of the supra-national organisation rather than in individual national units,” he said.

Harris said the World Parliament should be run like the American House of Representatives where member countries can submit any issue or complaints initially to the Cabinet and then to open debate in the World Parliament House. The Philippines, according to him, could then submit their case on the disputed area and China will do the same.

The Cabinet will prepare a paper based on both sides’ submissions and the paper submitted to the World Parliament for decision.

Once the decision is made, the World Government Ministry will implement the decision through either the police or marine police who are to enforce the decisions conscientiously.

Harris said the World Cabinet should incorporate all members of the present Security Council with an additional 37 members to be elected by the UN Parliament.

“The United Nations World Parliament ought to hold at least three sessions a year, and extraordinary sessions as necessary to hear debate and make decisions on any issue put forward,” he said.

China could be prevailed upon to provide the World Parliament location, in view its vast areas and resources, he said, adding a new city to be known as World City should be built for the benefit of all countries and the billion people.

The World Parliament might be able to resolve the South China Sea disputes where China was claiming sovereignty and had established bases and settlements including a special city, Shansa City.

The areas were also being claimed by surrounding countries, particularly the Philippines.

The nations of the region were supposed to work collaboratively and diplomatically to resolve the disputes without use of force and certainly without encouragement by some other nation.

However, the Philippines went to America for help, and America despite its subtle diplomatic action made a wrong approach adding to the threat in the potentially oil-rich waters.

He said the consequence of America’s statements was a response from China to reject shipments of bananas from the Philippines.

It was also reported that more than 500,000 Chinese tourists with confirmed bookings from April, May and June this year cancelled their visit to the Philippines.

The Philippine Government ended up unilaterally withdrawing its naval boats from the disputed area. “Can America do anything to force China out? China will not listen to any one person or nation, except to the voice of a United Nations - World Parliament,” he said.

Harris said it was also not beneficial for America to send half of its naval fleet to Asia in disguise as a relief for emergency disaster in Asia.

It only created tension in the region and making it more difficult for Asean, while nations hosting the American Force under the guise of emergency relief forces would not benefit whether directly or indirectly by China’s reaction.

It was also causing unnecessary waste of money and resources, he said, adding that in addition to the unpopular American Foreign Policy, the move by America on the South China Sea would cause further damage not only to America but also the Asian nations.

The perception of the Asian people is that America was destabilising the regions with the view of allowing American companies to sell arms to these countries.

“It is only just to put the dispute for hearing by the 193 member countries at the World Body and to make decisions. It avoids adversial approach from which no party can back down to a worldwide opinion that the parties can acknowledge and respect without embarrassment.

“It is expected that all parties would abide by such world body if democratically constituted including China. This will avoid if not reduce tensions among the major powers of the world.

“Abolishing the Security Council will pave the way to setting up of a World Parliament and a World Cabinet making the UN the most powerful and having full authority on earth,” he said.

He added that the establishment of such Parliament and Cabinet is the only way to save the world and to avoid genocide and other killings and the wastage of funds.

“With all round cooperation of the countries, everybody will be able to live peacefully and comfortably. There is enough land and resources for the future of 10 billion people of the world,” he said.

In order to achieve the aims and objectives of the founder members that formed the United Nations in 1945, the 193 member countries must at the forthcoming General Assembly move a motion calling for the establishment of United Nations Parliament and United Nations Cabinet, he said.

It is high time that the power and authority to resolve problems between nations as well as humanitarian problems be placed wholly within the power of the United Nations.

“The United Nations must be empowered to do so.

Veto powers of single nations must be reviewed.

There cannot be serious objections to this suggestion, except for reasons that are wholly selfish, suspect and unbecoming,” he said.

169 posted on 09/04/2012 9:28:28 AM PDT by Whenifhow
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Harris suggests World P’ment replace UN Council

170 posted on 09/04/2012 9:33:08 AM PDT by Whenifhow
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Congratulations on winning your hard fought battles. Thanks for all the vids.

171 posted on 09/04/2012 10:03:39 PM PDT by Freedom_Is_Not_Free (REPEAL OBAMACARE. Nothing else matters.)
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To: Whenifhow
“Abolishing the Security Council will pave the way to setting up of a World Parliament and a World Cabinet making the UN the most powerful and having full authority on earth,” he said. A dictatorship, how nice!
172 posted on 09/05/2012 10:00:08 PM PDT by B4Ranch (There's Two Choices... Stand Up and Be Counted ... Or Line Up and Be Numbered .)
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Thanks to the web site Democrats Against UN Agenda21, I ran across this article from an American Bar Association article on probate & property. The article is titled “Navigating the Political Challenges to Sustainable Development” by James E.A. Slaton. Check out this quote from the article:

“To us, hating sustainable development is like hating kittens,” Mr. LaFargue says. “It’s been hard for [planners] to say this is something we need to deal with because they didn’t see the connection.”

Here’s a link to the article:

They really hate any opposition to their agenda, so they hate the Tea Party.

173 posted on 09/20/2012 9:50:00 AM PDT by ConjunctionJunction
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To: Twotone; VitacoreVision; Iron Munro; PHloon; blam; PapaNew; w4women; Tolerance Sucks Rocks; ...

AGENDA 21 Roundup

Here are some of the Agenda 21 and related articles and issues which have come to my attention. If you know of others of urgency, please post them on the thread and/or alert me to them for highlighting.

If you want to read more, be sure to do a keyword search on “agenda21” .... and please be sure to try to remember to tag relevant articles with the keyword as well!

My continued thanks to all who participate in the challenging of anti-freedom forces and situations.


This email came to me from a friend in Florida and I felt it was important to pass it on to you.

The Email:

I suspect that many of us did not realize that in Florida our Supreme Court justices have to periodically run on the November ballot to get a “yes” or an “no” as to whether they should be kept on the court. They are NOT appointed for life as are Federal judges. The 3 judges on the ballot are extremely liberal. They were appointed before a Republican held the governor’s office. Of course, the Naples Daily News supports their retention.




THIS IS SO IMPORTANT – PLEASE pass it on to your lists of all those in Florida.


See Posts 169 and 170 of the Agenda 21 thread

“Member countries can make the United Nations (UN) fully democratic and transparent by carrying out reforms and restructuring, including re-establishing the world body as a World Parliament with member countries’ representatives as members.

Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh said under the Parliament, a Cabinet could be created incorporating all present members of Security Council with additional members to be elected by the UN i.e 48 members as UN Ministers with specific portfolios.

Presently these portfolios are being held by Director Generals.” SNIP

Article goes on to discuss UN Police and UN Marine Police Forces.

Portlanders balk at ‘no parking’ apartments
KGW News ^ | September 13, 2012 | Tim Gordon

“PORTLAND — Residents of some Portland neighborhoods are asking, “Where’s the parking?” when it comes to new high density apartment buildings.

There are nearly 20 apartment buildings planned, being built, or already constructed in the past 18 months that do not include parking for tenants. The developments are on the city’s north and east sides.” SNIP

Will be released November 20, 2012

5)AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION - Probate and property
See post 173 of Agenda 21 thread

Here’s a link to the article:


Video: The Three-Phase Process of How Agenda 21 Invades a City
Stop Agenda 21 in Texas ^ | Sept. 22, 2012 | Sovereignty International / Freedom 21

Stop Agenda 21 in Texas
Sept. 22, 2012

This three-part video series exposes the three-phase process through which Agenda 21 enters most communities and uses actual examples of techniques used by organizations to confront the process. Examples include what to do, and what NOT to do to resist or repeal the elements of Agenda 21 that may be included in your community’s comprehensive Land Use Plan and building and zoning codes. Narrated by Henry Lamb and produced by Sovereignty International, Inc. and Freedom 21, Inc.

Youtube Links:


7)ALABAMA - Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21


Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21 - June 8, 2012 | Alex Newman

Alabama became the first state to adopt a tough law protecting private property and due process by prohibiting any government involvement with or participation in a controversial United Nations scheme known as Agenda 21. Activists from across the political spectrum celebrated the measure’s approval as a significant victory against the UN “sustainability” plot, expressing hope that similar sovereignty-preserving measures would be adopted in other states as the nationwide battle heats up.

The Alabama Senate Bill (SB) 477 legislation, known unofficially among some supporters as the “Due Process for Property Rights” Act, was approved unanimously by both the state House and Senate. After hesitating for a few days, late last month Republican Governor Robert Bentley finally signed into law the wildly popular measure — but only after heavy pressure from activists forced his hand.” SNIP


Romney’s Speech at the Global Initiative Conference
micsak | September 25, 2012 | micsak

from w4women who posted this thread:

“I just watched Romney’s speech at the Global Initiative Conference and I was blown away. Foreign aid should be tied to getting people employment. All free enterprise - all the time. It was impressive. He even got a few digs in about Obama. It is a must see.”

Here’s hoping that this candidate has his head screwed on right about international issues.

9)NEW YORK - building codes and Amish

Amish, N.Y. town reach settlement over building codes
The Washington Times ^ | September 24, 2012 | Stephen Dinan

“A New York town has agreed to drop criminal charges against an Amish community that had balked at following modern building codes for their homes by adding such features as bigger windows and smoke detectors — something the traditional sect members argued violate its religious beliefs.” SNIP


Parental Control: Fight for it, or Lose it!
Set Our Children Free ^ | 9/27/12 | Tony Caruso

“In case you haven’t noticed, parental rights are under assault. Your ability to raise your children as you see fit without interference from the government is being viciously attacked as never before. The reason is simple: The Globalists can’t achieve their dream of a utopian world unless they control all thought, and they can’t control all thought without indoctrination of the populace from a very early age. They don’t trust you with your own children, as you might infect them with the heresy of self-reliance, individualism, God-given rights, self-government, and liberty. Here are some examples of how these control freaks have insidiously infiltrated every area of our children’s lives that we parents used to take for granted.”

Anyone had trouble closing a bank account?
Vanity | 9/29/12 | nully

...”Are American banks under orders to do all they can to avoid actually closing out accounts?

Is this an effort to camouflage the exodus from the banking system, brought to you by the same people who stop counting someone as unemployed when their unemployment benefits expire?”


Smart Grid: What is the Cost?
Right Side News ^ | 9/22/12 | Rick Haymow

“The “smart” grid: What’s really at stake?

Look at British Columbia: Around the globe, citizens of all walks of life are invited to realize that we’re all now on the playing field of a corporate control end-game. Through power grid modifications and smart meter installations, monopolistic forces are currently implementing a highly-hackable “smart” system of wireless utility metering, monitoring, selling private data, and control of life in citizens’ homes.”


UN Small Arms Treaty Passes While Media Sleeps
The Western Center for Journalism ^ | September 20, 2012


See post 2 for an image of Ben Bernanke’s - The Early Years

“Why QE3 Won’t Jumpstart the Economy and What Would

174 posted on 10/01/2012 7:22:00 PM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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Thanks for the ping!

175 posted on 10/01/2012 8:26:57 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: Mr. Silverback; cripplecreek; NoLibZone; Lucky9teen; Pete; bicyclerepair; apillar; weeder; ...

PapaNew has asked an important question on his thread about Alabama and I wanted to put it forward to the ping list:

“BTW, which state besides Alabama look like they will stand up as “homes of the brave and land of the free” against this Marxist totalitarian coup d’état?”

“(I’m about to graduate from law school and am trying to figure out where to live. We’re from California but am in school in VA.)”

That’s a very good question. I know that there is a lot of push-back in Oklahoma, but don’t believe it has reached legislative action yet. Texas, the same way. That being said, I don’t think you could go awfully wrong with either state!

Uh oh...just found this story. I knew our governor had compromised, but had not realized how terribly:

Found this article from a Tea Party organization in Texas with a valuable strategy for discovering who are the local movers and shakers seeking to implement A21 in a city or area:

Here is a link to a Virginia tea party with a letter from Tom DeWeese of American Policy Center who is a big Agenda 21 activist.

PapaNew, you ask a really good question, and I would like to know the answer to that as well! I hope some of the Agenda 21 thread researchers will help us find the answer! Some may also wish to advocate for good states to settle in!

(PapaNew, you DID ask! LOL!)
I wish you well in your life-after-law-school!


176 posted on 10/03/2012 1:18:04 PM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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A couple of days ago I caught the meterman’s attention when he was reading the power meters in my neighborhood. I asked him what he knew about SMART meters. “Nothing, other than what’s in the newspapers”, he replied. I asked him if he liked his job. “Yes, sure do. The wages are good”.

Then I asked how many meter readers were on his crew and he said nine. I asked if he had ever been to a City Council meeting? No. So, I told him that if he and the other eight people got together and started reading all the data they could find about the meters, got on the Internet and watched everything there was about Agenda 21 on, they would very possibly still have their jobs next year.

I figure nine men, nine wives or girlfriends, five children, thirty six parents, 50 friends and landlords could make quite a presentation at the next city council meeting. If 119 people spoke for three minutes each about the ills of Agenda 21 they might just have a chance at convincing City Hall they have made an error in allowing SMART meters into the community. I know they could get Agenda 21 banned because this group is expanding everyday. The city council would crap themselves if 120 people showed up all wanting to talk about the same subject! Especially a group that didn’t want to sit quietly while their councilman said past decisions cannot be retracted.

So, if you all were to keep your eye out for your meterman and suggest something along the same line as I have, we might just make a difference in what type of world our children play and work in.

Maybe hang a tag on your meter asking him to ring your doorbell so you can speak with him.

177 posted on 10/03/2012 1:55:06 PM PDT by B4Ranch (Stand Up and Be Counted ... Or Line Up and Be Numbered ...)
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To: B4Ranch

What a great idea!

Thanks for letting us know!

Did the crew people you spoke with actually respond well when you sought to enlighten them about what they were being called upon to do - and that their meter reading jobs would also be phased out?

178 posted on 10/03/2012 3:49:50 PM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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To: TEXOKIE; PapaNew
That’s a very good question. I know that there is a lot of push-back in Oklahoma, but don’t believe it has reached legislative action yet. Texas, the same way. That being said, I don’t think you could go awfully wrong with either state!

CA is pushing back too, but we have an uphill battle. There are certain aspects in TX wherein you have fewer private property rights than in CA. Just go somewhere rural.

179 posted on 10/03/2012 4:14:14 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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CA is pushing back too, but we have an uphill battle. There are certain aspects in TX wherein you have fewer private property rights than in CA. Just go somewhere rural.

That's good news SCalGal since CA is where we're from and where we're headed. I know Moonbeam Brown is governor out there and a lot of people think it's the land of the munchkins, but there's a strong Christian influence in CA (it's where the 20th century's best president lived).

Hope for the best.

I can't bear to watch the debates tonight. I only hope somehow Romney pulls a rabbit out of his hat and actually upstages "The One For Whom We Have Been Waiting."

180 posted on 10/03/2012 5:47:27 PM PDT by PapaNew
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To: PapaNew
That's good news SCalGal since CA is where we're from and where we're headed.

Rural areas are the most conservative.

181 posted on 10/03/2012 9:21:35 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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Thanks for the ping!

182 posted on 10/03/2012 9:44:43 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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I could tell that I was putting ideas into their minds that they had never considered before. I do hope for their sake and ours that they follow through with taking over a city council meeting to debate Agenda 21.

183 posted on 10/04/2012 9:53:43 AM PDT by B4Ranch (Stand Up and Be Counted ... Or Line Up and Be Numbered ...)
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I have forgotten what their comment was when I informed them that Alabama has forbidden A-21 statewide. Kind of a Really? WOW! remark. maybe that gave them some hope.

184 posted on 10/04/2012 9:56:00 AM PDT by B4Ranch (Stand Up and Be Counted ... Or Line Up and Be Numbered ...)
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Haven’t had an A21 update since early October. Still on the case ?

185 posted on 11/13/2012 8:40:52 AM PST by Renegade
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To: Nachum; Tailgunner Joe; Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America; Zeneta; Perseverando; Texas Eagle; ...

Checking in at last at the Agenda 21 desk after working (as we all are) to find a new balance after things went sideways on November 6. My apologies for the long hiatus.

Following are some information and some of the articles with the agenda21 key word posted on recently. Related topics are also included. If I have missed some important ones (and I’m sure I have) please post them to this thread. If you have any after action reports please DO post them and let me know so that the ping list can be activated! We love hearing about our warriors who are challenging this hydra-headed monster.

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was joyous and blest for we do have much to be thankful for – And giving praise and thanksgiving to God is absolutely critical at this time for the strengthening of our souls to embark upon what we face (or alternatively, what faces US! - for with God all things are possible!)

I appreciate and give thanks for all who are the participants of this thread, whether on the ping list or lurkers!

May the upcoming Holy Days of the Season bless all of you.


1) Both GLENN BECK’s and DICK MORRIS’ new books are about UN and/or UN Agenda 21. Love them or hate them, I’m grateful they are publicizing this issue.

also a brief Dick Morris article/blurb on Agenda 21:

Hours after election, White House supports U.N.’s global ban on Guns (Glenn Beck)
Glenn Beck ^ | 11/8/12 | Glenn Beck

“Just a few hours after being re-elected, President Obama encouraged the United States to support new United Nations discussions on a global treaty regulating guns and the gun industry. Supporters of the treaty believe the talks collapsed in July due to the campaign and Obama’s fears that Romney could use it against him. Now that the President has four more years in office, the White House is ready for the discussions to begin again.

“While everybody is saying, you know he’s going to compromise. He’s going to get together with the Democrats and the Republicans, he’s going to reach across — the very next morning he was pushing a global ban on guns,” Glenn said.

The Blaze reported that a Washington official said, ““We seek a treaty that contributes to international security by fighting illicit arms trafficking and proliferation, protects the sovereign right of states to conduct legitimate arms trade, and meets the concerns that we have been articulating throughout....”

3)CALIFORNIA and a Mystery State – some GOOD NEWS!!
Patriot Alert .Some good news from the left coast.
My e-mail inbox | Nov. 14, 2012 | Heather Gass
Posted on Friday, November 16, 2012 8:37:55 AM

“Here’s a bit of hope for those who are on the front lines here in California. We may not be able to save our own state, but the rest of the country is watching us and hopefully they will save themselves.

A few weeks ago I was asked to brief a handful of legislators from another state about Agenda21 and what is happening here in California. I won’t mention which one because I don’t want to compromise their efforts to fight this cancer from taking over their own state. They asked me to brief them so that they could be prepared for what might be coming their way. The fact that another state is interested in learning about this issue and how it is being implemented in California gives me hope. They were so blown away by what they heard that they scheduled another briefing. The second briefing was given by me, Sheriff Lopey from Siskiyou and Ken Delfino a City Council member from Colfax. The briefing was attended by almost 60 state legislators, city and county officials as well as sheriffs. This gives me hope that our fight here in California will not be in vain. This gives me more reasons to fight to expose Agenda21....”

Russia to Conduct Open Skies Surveillance Flight over US ^ | 11/24/2012
Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2012 4:27:05 PM

“ MOSCOW, November 24 (RIA Novosti) – Russian military inspectors will begin a survey flight this week above the United States under the international Open Skies Treaty, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said.

Russian experts will conduct the survey flight over the US territory in a Tupolev Tu-154 M/LK-1 aircraft during the period from November 25 and December 3, a spokesman said.
The flight will start from the Travis Air Force Base, California. Its maximum range will be 4,250 kilometers (2,600 miles).

During the flight, Russian and US specialists will operate surveillance equipment on board of the aircraft as set out in the international Open Skies Treaty. ...”

Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 ^ | Rosa Koire

“UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL.

Have you wondered where these terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘smart growth’ and ‘high density urban mixed use development’ came from? Doesn’t it seem like about 10 years ago you’d never heard of them and now everything seems to include these concepts? Is that just a coincidence? That every town and county and state and nation in the world would be changing their land use/planning codes and government policies to align themselves with...what?....”

Lawmakers Investigate Obama’s Soviet Style Mind Control
Western Journalism Center ^ | 11/19/12 | Kris Zane

“Georgia lawmakers sat in a seminar involving the UN’s controversial Cold War era mind control techniques used to move Agenda 21 forward. The seminar, as could be expected, was roundly mocked by the media even though the UN makes no secret of their abominable plans for the world’s future...”

Just one strategy that address’s the core problems facing our nation.
Zeneta | 11-17-12 | Zeneta

[Note from TEXOKIE: IMHO definitely food for thought and discussion.]

“The core issues that face our nation are clearly present in the fundamentally beliefs of our people. The ones that have voted for socialism, and most don’t know it or where we are headed as a result. We can point to education, yes, or how liberalism has taken over virtually every aspect of every institution, including big business, and say, “we need to stop or change this”.

But how ?

We need to understand that NO ONE can be TOLD, what to think or believe. They must come to their own conclusions about matters that test their world view. As a result, it’s not the message that is the problem for the conservative, but the messenger and how truth is discovered.

I will lay out just one tactic that, while it is a long term plan, it can only be done with a high degree of planning and purpose.
The overriding goal is to have people find the truth for themselves. We can only sow the seeds....”

8) PROPERTY RIGHTS - [Info on FLORIDA Citizen Harvey Ruvin]
Blaze Magazine Exclusive: Wondering What Agenda 21 Is? (Report on the International Land Grab)

The Blaze ^ | November 16, 2012 | Chris Field
Posted on Friday, November 16, 2012 7:09:44 PM

“International Land Grab
Imagine waking up in a country where a high-ranking government official stands in front of citizens and rails against personal property rights:

“The American system of justice must be changed to conform to that of the rest of the world, and there must be a shift in attitudes. Individual wants, needs and desires are to be conformed to the views and dictates of government planners. In the process of implementing Sustainable Development, individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.”

The shocking line that individual rights should be relegated to the rear has actually been attributed to an American high-ranking, public official: Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin.

The powerful Mr. Ruvin reportedly delivered that statement in 2002 at the 10th Anniversary of Agenda 21’s roll out (UNCED Rio+10 Summit-Johannesburg)....”

9) INTERNET TAKEOVER – Planning begins in December
Dubai [U.N.] Conference Could Change How Internet Operates
C-Span ^ | May 30, 2012 | staff
Posted on Friday, November 02, 2012 9:39:15 AM

“Governance of the Internet could change dramatically following a review of an international agreement on global telecommunications set for this coming December in Dubai. FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell (R) and the State Department’s Richard Beaird described the impact of the review during a discussion hosted by the Free State Foundation...”

Inhofe: EPA delaying job killing regulations until AFTER Obama is reelected.
Confounded Interest ^ | 10/21/2012 | Anthony B. Sanders
Posted on Sunday, October 21, 2012 4:50:10 PM

“To make consumers even more miserable, Senator Jame Inhofe released a study claiming that the EPA is delaying implementation of new regulations until after the Presidential elections that will destroy millions of jobs, increase gas prices and harm construction.

“The Obama-EPA plans to move full speed ahead to implement this agenda if President Obama wins a second term,” Inhofe writes. “These rules taken together will inevitably result in the elimination of millions of American jobs, drive up the price of gas at the pump even more, impose construction bans on local communities and essentially shut down American oil, natural gas and coal production.”

Do I smell the U.N.’s Agenda 21 per chance?...”

11) HEGELIAN DIALECTIC – Basis for the Marxist Dialectics

b) Antithesis
c) Synthesis

This is one of the strategies used by the Marxists for many years to stupify straight-thinking people. It is the action of proposing a Thesis (create a problem), then awaiting and planning for the Antithesis (reaction to the problem.) Finally coming forward with the Synthesis (solution to the very problem you created .) It makes for a good understanding of how we have been manipulated for decades if not centuries. We are admonished in scripture to be wise as serpents and yet be harmless as doves. Learning about this, IMHO goes a long way to helping us fulfill that scriptural mandate.


We who are called to do so, must persist in our efforts to fight for America and to pray for her as well. I would bring to your attention a passage from Luke which I stumbled upon a few days ago which gave me great comfort and encouragement:
(Luke 18:1 ESV)

Parable of the Persistent Widow
And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man. And there was a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’ For a while he refused, but afterward he said to himself, ‘Though I neither fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will give her justice, so that she will not beat me down by her continual coming.’” And the Lord said, “Hear what the unrighteous judge says. And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”
(Luke 18:1-8 ESV)

186 posted on 11/26/2012 4:59:59 PM PST by TEXOKIE (We must surrender only to our Holy God and never to the evil that has befallen us.)
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Here are a couple of things that made me proud of our legislature in Michigan. No mention of Agenda 21 but definite steps in the right direction.

2012 Senate Bill 1276: Restrict setting aside state land for “biological diversity”

Introduced by Sen. Tom Casperson (R) on September 13, 2012, to prohibit the Department of Natural Resources from designating an area of land specifically for the purpose of achieving “biological diversity”.

2012 Senate Bill 1238: Revise state land acquisition procedures

Introduced by Sen. Darwin Booher (R) on August 15, 2012, to establish new procedures, criteria and restrictions for the acquisition by the state of property paid for with Natural Resources Trust Fund money, and add two new members to the decision making board who would be appointed by the House Speaker and Senate Majority leader (subject to certain restrictions). Among other things, if land was acquired for transfer to a land conservancy without assurance it would have to be kept open for all types of recreational use.
187 posted on 11/26/2012 5:35:47 PM PST by cripplecreek (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN!)
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Thanks for the ping!

188 posted on 11/26/2012 8:46:06 PM PST by Alamo-Girl
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To: cripplecreek

That truly is wonderful news! Thank you so very much for the report about things in Michigan! Working at state and local levels will truly be the key in days ahead.

189 posted on 11/27/2012 7:43:48 PM PST by TEXOKIE (We must surrender only to our Holy God and never to the evil that has befallen us.)
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190 posted on 11/28/2012 6:41:49 AM PST by cyn (Benghazi. That says it all.)
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To: Whenifhow

National league of cities, george soros, gun control ... finding consultants who will provide cover ... Local implications?

Jordan Mason, Rapid City, SD - Thank You, God, for people like Jordan, and may there be many more like him.

Thanks for posting this. No exp’n date on the info.

191 posted on 11/28/2012 6:57:19 AM PST by cyn (Benghazi. That says it all.)
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To: Texas Eagle; Mr. Silverback; cripplecreek; NoLibZone; Lucky9teen; Pete; bicyclerepair; apillar; ...

I want to bring to our Agenda21 participants’ attention this special radio show on Agenda 21 issues.

Agenda21Radio is hosted by Paul Preston and Chriss Street and airs Monday thru Friday from 9 to 10 PM Pacific Time on 1410AM Marysville, CA and is simulcast on

As I understand it, as many of our favorite talk shows have here on FR, there is going to be an Agenda 21 Radio Live Thread posted. If you want to be on that thread ping list, be sure to let Texas Eagle know!

192 posted on 12/14/2012 12:53:37 PM PST by TEXOKIE (We must surrender only to our Holy God and never to the evil that has befallen us.)
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Thanks for the heads up!

193 posted on 12/14/2012 9:33:56 PM PST by Alamo-Girl
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Could you place me on your Agenda 21 ping list? Thanks

194 posted on 03/30/2013 2:34:52 PM PDT by Eagles6 (Valley Forge Redux)
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I wish to thank several of you who expressed concern about the lack of A21 summaries of late. Please accept my apologies. Been meeting myself coming here lately! I am grateful for all who have kept this issue alive in their hearts and minds. Even though I have been silent of late, the importance of it has not diminished.

Following are high points and excerpts from some threads which have come to my attention in early 2013 regarding Agenda 21 and related topics. For other relevant threads, enter key word, “agenda21” in the FreeRepublic search engine.

Several of us have made an effort to identify many relevant threads with the key word, “ agenda21 “ . This is the page of the list of such threads as of May 3, 2013, which I performed in the FR search blank prior to this posting:


1) UN Agenda 21 in UTAH

Large group grouses at sage grouse hearing ( UN 21 in Utah )
San Juan Record ^ | Feb 13, 2013
Posted on Sunday, February 17, 2013 7:30:02 PM by george76
More than 200 people crowded into the Monticello High School auditorium on February 7 for a public hearing on the proposed designation of endangered species status for the small population of Gunnision Sage Grouse in San Juan County.
Representatives from the US Fish and Wildlife Service faced a mostly hostile but mostly respectful crowd. They were there to explain the rationale behind the proposed designation and how it may affect the area. …snip

Lawmakers, Utah sheriffs want to rein in renegade BLM, Forest Service officers
Deseret News ^ | Feb. 28 2013 | Amy Joi O’Donoghue
Posted on Saturday, March 02, 2013 2:48:31 PM by george76
Multiple rural county sheriffs from Utah testified Thursday about the abusive use of police power by Bureau of Land Management rangers or forest protection officers with the U.S. Forest Service.
They are asserting it is time to rein in the authority the agencies should have never been allowed to exercise.
Sheriffs from San Juan, Kane and Garfield counties spoke in favor of HB155, sponsored by Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, which proposes to limit BLM rangers and forest protection officers from exercising police power over state and local laws unless someone’s safety is at risk or federal contracts are in place with local police agencies.
“You cannot use our (laws) to arrest our people and issue citations,” Noel said. “We don’t believe they ever had that authority. Our chief law enforcement officer is the locally elected sheriff who is accountable to the people every four years.” …..snip

3) CONSERVATION – the New patriotism
The other dark side of conservation: The New Patriotism
PGA Weblog ^
Posted on Monday, March 04, 2013 9:25:45 AM by ProgressingAmerica
This is a (fairly lengthy) discussion of about Charles Van Hise’s book “The Conservation of Natural Resources in the United States.” Hise was an advisor to Theodore Roosevelt.
I think some interesting points are made, and for those who have the time, the article would be worth reading, imho.
Snip...”As you can see, the true reason for conservation was(is) control. I mean, what is gun control? People control. So too is conservation. It’s people control. If you take conservation to a more extreme form, what do you have? Environmentalism. What has the EPA been doing for all these years? Passing regulation to control every aspect of our lives. Take it to it’s most extreme form, and you have Agenda 21 and “sustainability”. So knowing this history does have a direct current application.(And I say all this while ignoring the eugenical aspect) As we’ve all seen on issue after issue in our current lives, once these progressives get an idea, they never let it go.
First, for those who may not know, the typical eugenist uses the word “race” in the sense of “human race”.(or perhaps the Nationalist variant, “Americans” or insert your country)
But second, note that very last line. “As if this privilege were granted from on high” - That goes back to how I opened this posting, and the progressives continued rejection of the Founders vision of Natural Law, the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and so forth. Government is all to all people. “...snip
Snip... “When I first started doing all of this reading, conservation was one of the few things that I thought maybe the progressives got right. Maybe it wasn’t a means to an end. No, nothing about progressivism is real. Behind every cause they initiate, big government is both the goal and result. And it’s not enough to know this instinctually. All of us need to be able explain it in detail and with the facts on our side. “...snip
4) HUNGER GAMES – Sierra Vista (ARIZONA [?])

Agenda 21 will cripple America, local group told
Sierra Vista Herald ^ | Bill Hess
Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013 7:02:48 PM by SandRat
SIERRA VISTA — The individual freedoms of Americans are being eroded to the point that future generations of citizens may see their living space compressed to something like was shown in the movie “The Hunger Games.”
That is the view of two people who spoke out against the United Nation’s Agenda 21 project, where the United States will see its citizens giving up property rights, the ability to live wherever they want and to see America’s wealth given to other countries to, in effect, create a financially- and politically-level playing field....snip

5) Department of HUD – info from their website
Another Reason To Fear Out Of Control Government
Alan Levy, Gun Owner | 3/9/13 | Alan Levy
Posted on Saturday, March 09, 2013 11:16:41 AM by Absolutely Nobama
No, I’m not talking about the non-event of the Sequester of Doom. Nope, this column is not about Gene Sperling’s love letters to Bob Woodward. I think the talking heads that inhabit PMSNBC, The Communist News Network (CNN), and the FOX Neocon Channel (FNC) are doing a fine job of working themselves into a frenzy about these topics, so there’s no need for lil’ ol’ me to offer my two cents.
I’d rather present to you actual news that no one is talking about. For example, look what I found while snooping around the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website:
[When appropriate,emphasis will be added.]
The article continues...snip

6) Interior Dept Nominee
“Spotted Owl Of The Range” Threatens To Block Obama’s Nominee To Lead Interior Dept.
The Colorado Observer. ^ | March 22, 2013 | Audrey Hudson
Posted on Saturday, March 23, 2013 11:54:48 PM by george76
“PM by george76
Sally Jewell on Thursday breezed through a committee vote to lead the Interior Department but the agency’s proposal to list the sage grouse as an endangered species threatens to block her nomination from reaching the full Senate.
some Republican lawmakers were not satisfied with Jewell’s responses to written and oral questions about her past association with the National Park Association’s lawsuits against the government and future plans to list the sage grouse as an endangered species.
Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho) threatened to put a hold on Jewell’s nomination before it goes to a floor vote unless the agency commits to using science, instead of the fear of a lawsuit, in making a final determination on the sage grouse listing.
“Those who are anxious to get grazing off of public land have used the sage grouse as a tool and a vehicle to do that,” Risch said. “Indeed, some have said they will make the sage grouse the spotted owl of the range.” ….snip

ATF Seeks ‘Massive’ Database of Personal Info: ‘Assets, Relatives, Associates and More’
CNS News ^ | 4/7/2013 | Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
Posted on Sunday, April 07, 2013 11:58:11 AM by autumnraine

“A recent solicitation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) reveals that the agency is seeking a “massive” online database capable of pulling up individuals’ personal information, connections and associates.
On March 28, ATF posted the notice on, entitled “Investigative System.” The solicitation was updated on April 5 with a few minor changes.
The document says that the system will be utilized by staff “to provide rapid searches on various entities for example; names, telephone numbers, utility data and reverse phone look-ups, as a means to assist with investigations, and background research on people, assets and businesses.”
The system is described as a “massive online data repository system that contains a wide variety of data sources both historically and current that can be utilized in support of investigations and backgrounds.”
The overview of the solicitation states:.......” snip

Secretary Kerry Still Pushing Law Of The Sea Treaty
Investor’s Business Daily ^ | April 1, 2013 | IBD EDITORIALS
Posted on Monday, April 01, 2013 10:11:56 AM by raptor22

“Diplomacy: After a reprieve from international regulation of our guns, another sovereignty-grabbing U.N. treaty, a pet project of our secretary of state, is still being pushed to declare the oceans the common heritage of mankind.
In the pre-dawn hours last Saturday, the U.S. Senate approved by 53-46 a measure “to uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.”
But a seemingly harmless cousin, the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), remains on the table, with its champion, former Sen. John Kerry, now our secretary of state.
Kerry gave a speech at the Ross Sea Conservation Reception on March 19 in which he suggested that we should have called our planet Ocean rather than Earth. During that speech, he put forth a global environmental agenda centered around the oceans that he has made a priority in his career. “...snip

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To: Sir Napsalot; george76; rktman; 2ndDivisionVet; Kaslin; Texas Eagle; Mr. Silverback; ...

Some (but not all!) Relevant Articles from April 6-May 11, 2013.

Number 3 has a very good summary for those who wish to catch up with, or to review what is before us. Please note the ACTION ITEM FOR FLORIDIANS in number 9. Also, there is very good news out of MISSOURI in number 12!

1) BIDEN confirms the cat out of the bag

Biden: ‘Affirmative Task’ Before Us Is to ‘Create a New World Order’
PJ Media ^ | 4-5-2013 | Nicholas Ballasy
Posted on Saturday, April 06, 2013 7:06:05 AM by Sir Napsalot

Vice President Joe Biden called the U.S. economic figures for March “disappointing” on Friday but said America “remains better positioned than any country in the world to be the leading economy” of the 21st century.
“The economy has now added private sector jobs every month, disappointing this month, but they nonetheless added jobs,” said Biden at the Export-Import Bank conference in Washington.

“Even so we’ve still found that at the time there’s a need for an ambitious affirmative agenda. We strengthened and signed three free trade agreements.”

In Biden’s view, the “affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order because the global order is changing again and the institutions of the world that worked so well in the post-World War II era for decades, they need to be strengthened and some have to be changed. So we have to do what we do best. We have to lead.”

2) COLORADO – Wilderness area no longer free to visitors without registration

Welcome to Weminuche: Sign in ( King to serfs in Colorado wilderness government lands )

Durango Herald ^ | April 06, 2013 | Dale Rodebaugh
Posted on Monday, April 08, 2013 11:33:14 AM by george76

Mandatory registration coming to state’s largest wilderness area . Visitors to the Weminuche Wilderness are going to be required to register before entering the almost 500,000 acres that stretch from Silverton to Wolf Creek Pass.
Use and abuse of the pristine mountains, valleys and waterways through the years now require switching from voluntary to mandatory registration at trailheads, the San Juan National Forest said in a news release.

3) SUSTAINABILITY – Review of where the UN and One Worlders want to take us

What Is Sustainability?

Canada Free Press ^ | 4/9/2013 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Posted on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 11:22:50 AM by rktman

“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” - Professor Maurice King
(Excerpt) Read more at ...


Roaches, Mosquitoes, and Birds: The Coming Micro-Drone Revolution
Canada Free Press ^ | April 15, 2013 | John W. Whitehead
Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013 8:46:22 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

“[Drones are a] game-changing technology, akin to gunpowder, the steam engine, the atomic bomb—opening up possibilities that were fiction a generation earlier but also opening up perils that were unknown a generation ago.”—Peter Singer, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution
America will never be a “no drone zone.”

That must be acknowledged from the outset. There is too much money to be made on drones, for one, and too many special interest groups—from the defense sector to law enforcement to the so-called “research” groups that are in it for purely “academic” reasons—who have a vested interest in ensuring that drones are here to stay.

5) WASHINGTON STATE – CO2, Climate Change

WWU scientist debunks myths about CO2, climate change

Olympia Report ^ | March 27, 2013 | Jeff Rhodes
Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013 12:57:16 PM by Twotone

Barely a day after the Washington State Senate voted to fund a study that would explore ways to enforce tougher greenhouse gas emission standards, a respected academic spent nearly two hours presenting scientific evidence suggesting the assumptions on which that legislation was based were wrong.

Dr. Don Easterbrook, a professor emeritus of geology at Western Washington University, on Tuesday told the Senate’s Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee he was relying on an old maxim in science: “In God we trust; everyone else bring data.”

“Well, I’m bringing data,” he said. “You’ll hear very few opinions from me. When I’m finished, you won’t be asking what my opinions are.”

6) CALIFORNIA – Planners, Smart Growth, etc

CA vs. The Suburbs: Planners, Smart Growth, and the Manhattan Delusion ^ | April 17, 2013 | Zach Weissmueller
Posted on Saturday, April 20, 2013 3:49:03 PM by Twotone
“If you really believe that suburbs are going to die, then let them die, and let the market address the situation” says Joel Kotkin, Chapman University professor and urban planning specialist.

But letting the market work is far from ideal for California’s regional planners and local politicians, who want almost 70 percent of new housing over the next 25 years to be multi-unit apartment-style dwelliings, despite the facts that more than half of Southern California households reside in a single-family home and that more people are leaving California than are coming in.

7) OREGON – Lumber

Last lumber mill in Josephine County closes

Oregon Catalyst ^ | April 19, 2013 | Herman Baertschiger & Gail Whitsett
Posted on Saturday, April 20, 2013 4:12:43 PM by Twotone

Salem, OR – The Rough and Ready Lumber Company announced it is closing its Cave Junction sawmill. The mill, which provided 85 family wage jobs with benefits, has not been able to secure a sufficient supply of logs to remain competitive.

“Today is a very sad day for Josephine County,” said Senator Herman Baertschiger (R-Grants Pass). “The great tragedy is that the land surrounding this mill is full of timber, 2.7 million acres of timber. It is like starving in a grocery store and not being allowed to eat.”


Gas ^ | April 29, 2013 | Rich Galen
Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 10:58:27 AM by Kaslin
I’ve done work for T. Boone Pickens and the Pickens Plan since 2008. I wanted to mention this at the top because we’re going to be discussing natural gas.

Don’t…don’t go on your next email yet, this is actually pretty interesting. New data from the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that drilling for natural gas releases significantly less methane (the main component of natural gas) into the atmosphere than previously thought.
Twenty percent less.

This is not seen as good news for the ultra-environmentalists who fervently believe that any fuel made from fossilized plant or animal matter (coal or natural gas) is bad.


2013 Rising Seas Summit

Association of Climate Change Officers ^ | None | None
Posted on Friday, May 03, 2013 11:57:03 AM by Twotone

The inaugural Rising Seas Summit will bring professionals from national and local government, industry, academic institutions and environmental NGOs together to highlight the interrelationships between sea level rise, climate change and extreme events. Understanding, anticipating and adapting to water related threats is critical to national security and a stable economy. Sea level rise will continue to damage coastal ecosystems and inland water systems, and the recent catastrophic impacts of Hurricane Sandy have demonstrated the risks faced by all coastal communities on the U.S. eastern seaboard. These new environmental challenges require that stakeholders share knowledge and work together to reduce and mitigate environmental and social degradation induced by climate change. (snip)


Fridges could be switched off without owner’s consent to reduce strain on power stations

The London Telegraph ^ | April 28, 2013 | Melanie Hall
Posted on Monday, May 06, 2013 7:50:34 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

White goods such as electric ovens would be affected by the proposals to fit all new appliances with sensors that could shut them down when the UK’s generators struggle to meet demand for power.

The measures proposed by the UK’s National Grid, along with its counterparts in 34 European countries, to install the controversial devices are backed by one of the European Union’s most influential energy bodies.

They are pushing for the move because green energy sources such as wind farms are less predictable than traditional power stations, increasing the risk of blackouts
The proposals are outlined in documents drawn up by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), and has been agreed by the EU-wide body of energy regulators.

The proposals were sent to the European Commission on March 27, and it is set to deliver its verdict on the proposals within three months, the Mail on Sunday reported....

11) AGENDA 21 and BIG BIZ – in this case, Monsanto

Monsanto “Friends” Agenda 21 ^ | May 10, 2013 | Chriss W. Street
Posted on Friday, May 10, 2013 7:53:25 AM by Texas Eagle

The beauty of UN Agenda 21 is that Big Government collects lots more taxes that they can spend on their Big Business friends. That is why it is so instructive to watch Monsanto, the agricultural chemical behemoth that has long been a great partner with rural farmers, turn on its base and join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Monsanto is now aligned with 200 major banks, oil companies, and other powerful corporate players committed to implementing the United Nations Marxist scheme to expropriate rural land and eliminate the suburbs by moving these unwashed masses to the cities where their independent voting can be cancelled out.

Missouri Legislature Bans UN Agenda 21

New American ^ | 5/9/13 | Alex Newman
Posted on Friday, May 10, 2013 11:24:55 PM by Baynative

With a veto-proof majority, the Missouri legislature approved a popular bill protecting private property and due process rights by banning a deeply controversial United Nations “sustainability” scheme known as UN Agenda 21. The legislation, SB 265, now heads to Democrat Governor Jay Nixon, who has not yet taken a public position on the issue. ~snip~

The widely criticized UN scheme, adopted by governments and dictatorships worldwide at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro more than two decades ago, has been marketed as a way to make humanity more “sustainable.” According to UN documents, however, Agenda 21 essentially seeks to restructure human civilization under the guise of environmentalism. Even human thought is in the crosshairs, official reports show.(snip)

196 posted on 05/12/2013 10:12:58 AM PDT by TEXOKIE (We must surrender only to our Holy God and never to the evil that has befallen us.)
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Thanks for the ping!

197 posted on 05/12/2013 9:07:38 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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Looks like they may be trying a name change:

Future Earth

Future Earth is a new 10-year international research initiative that will develop the knowledge for responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and for supporting transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades. Future Earth will mobilize thousands of scientists while strengthening partnerships with policy-makers and other stakeholders to provide sustainability options and solutions in the wake of Rio+20.

198 posted on 05/29/2013 7:19:48 PM PDT by SCalGal (Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$, A$PCA, or PETA.)
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To: opentalk; US Navy Vet; Wisconsinlady; george76; rktman; kristinn; markomalley; KeyLargo; DH; yoe; ..
Here is another round-up of Agenda21 and other threads which are related to the grassroots and other efforts on the part of the power elite to strip away our freedoms. The post is rather long, and I apologize for that, but felt that all of these are important for documentation on this thread. Please feel free to share!

I heard disquieting agenda21 news about a nearby town. Its officials apparently have been passing A21 ordinances stealthily after they received local push-back. I also did a search on the search engine for "agenda21." Several of us have been placing that key word on threads as we come across them. The following are taken largely from that list. However, it should be noted that not every thread which was marked with the keyword "agenda21" was included. If I have missed some that you think should be preserved on this thread, please do post them here!

I continue to be grateful for all who are interested and pursuing pushback and educating others in ANY no matter how small against the plans of the power elite for us through this Agenda21 and related activities.

In a recent post to the thread, SCalGal has alerted us to the fact that the ones behind Agenda 21/GlobalWarming may be trying for a name change:

"Looks like they may be trying a name change: Future Earth

Future Earth is a new 10-year international research initiative that will develop the knowledge for responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and for supporting transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades. Future Earth will mobilize thousands of scientists while strengthening partnerships with policy-makers and other stakeholders to provide sustainability options and solutions in the wake of Rio+20.

198 posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 9:19:48 PM by SCalGal

Thanks, SCalGal

~ ~ ~

Also relevant to this issue, see:

"UN’s “Post-2015 Development Agenda” Morphed from “Agenda 21”
Canada Free Press ^ | 6/5/2013 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

"On May 30, 2013, a letter was sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nation, signed by the Presidents of Indonesia, Liberia, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. This letter was informing Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General that the task he assigned to a panel of twenty-seven individuals has been completed, and the report published.

The distinguished panelists represented Indonesia, Liberia, UK, USA, Cuba, Benin, India, Sweden, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Yemen, Republic of Korea, Germany, Mozambique, Kenya, Russian Federation, Nigeria, Latvia, Timor, Netherlands, Jordan, France, Brazil, Turkey, and China. Representing the United States was John Podesta, chair of the Center for American Progress and of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, advocates for progressive policy."

~ ~ ~

EPA CO-OPTING WORDS Justice, Schmustice—Don’t Let Green Progressives Steal a Good Term
Cornwall Alliance ^ | June 19, 2013 | E. Calvin Beisner

"Last month, the EPA released for public comment an 81-page ‘Draft Technical Guidance for Assessing Environmental Justice in Regulatory Analysis,’” reports Cornwall Alliance Senior Fellow Dr. Steven F. Hayward. “… The ‘technical guidance’ lays out a detailed framework for assessing the demographic and racial impact of regulations, such as how to identify minority populations at higher health risk. ‘Minority, low-income, and indigenous populations experience greater exposure and disease burdens that can increase their risk of adverse health effects from environmental stressors,’ the guidance states.” 2)FOOD/GMO issues in JAPAN

"US genetically modified wheat stokes fears, Japan cancels tender"

Reuters ^ | May 30, 2013 | Naveen Thukral and Risa Maeda

"- A strain of genetically modified wheat found in the United States fuelled concerns over food supplies across Asia on Thursday, with major importer Japan cancelling a tender offer to buy U.S. grain.

Other top Asian wheat importers South Korea, China and the Philippines said they were closely monitoring the situation after the U.S. government found genetically engineered wheat sprouting on a farm in the state of Oregon.

The strain was never approved for sale or consumption..."


"Common core state standards the hot topic at ABEC conference"

Phoenix Business Journal | May 31, 2013 | Angela Gonzales

"The Arizona Business & Education Coalition brought together business and education leaders from across the nation for its annual conference today to delve into common core standards.

ABEC Executive Director Susan Carlson hosted a private reception for out-of-state business leaders at The Buttes in Tempe last night, where I got a chance to catch up with them to talk about their secrets..."


"Looky here(Agenda 21 ALERT), IBM report: Omaha's westward growth cause for concern"

The Omaha World Herald(Buffet's RAG) ^ | June 4, 2013 | By Erin Golden

"Omaha should cut down on suburban sprawl, restructure incentives for inner-city development and do a better job sharing data between government departments, according to a new report from IBM business consultants.

The city was one of 33 communities that received a grant last year for a study. A team of five consultants visited Omaha in October to assess the city's planning and development efforts and offer their recommendations.

Monday, the city released the consultants' final report...."

The "IMB's Smarter Cities Challenge OMAHA Report" is included in the post page by page.

THis is somewhat old news, but nevertheless relevant to our concerns. As most of you already know, Samantha Power is Cass Sunstein's wife.

"Obama to Name Samantha Power to UN Post"

ABC News ^ | June 5, 2013 | Julie Pace

A White House official says President Barack Obama will name former aide Samantha Power as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Power will replace Susan Rice, who will take over as Obama's national security adviser. The official says Obama will announce both appointments from the White House Wednesday afternoon.

Power is a longtime Obama adviser who worked on his 2008 presidential campaign and ran the human rights office in the White House. She left the administration in February but was considered the favorite to replace Rice at the U.N.

~ ~ ~

From a more recent article about her appointment process, we find that there are some surprising (and some not so surprising) supporters of her nomination:

"Despite Cruz’s objections, Power does have McCain’s stamp of approval – which carries a significant amount of political weight.

Power also has two other GOP senators on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee vouching for her -- Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Idaho Sen. James Risch. More than two dozen foreign policy experts sent committee Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., and Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the ranking Republican, letters calling for a quick confirmation for Power.

In a July 16-dated letter to Sens. Robert Menendez and Bob Corker, 30 people including Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense; Elliott Abrams, former assistant secretary of state for International Organization Affairs; and Samuel Berger, national security advisor under President Clinton, pledged their support of Power who they called a “tireless advocate for American values and interests.”

“She will stand up for universal values like freedom of religion, speech, assembly and the press, and by standing up for those values advances America’s interests around the world,” they wrote. “And she will ensure that the United Nations is using the resources at its disposal to take action on behalf of those in need.”

~ ~ ~

Wikipedia bio:

There was a recent meeting in June outside of London of the infamous group of power elite.


Sources: NSA Sucks in Data From 50 Companies (Can track people in 'near-real time')
The Week ^ | Thursday, June 6, 2013 | Marc Ambinder

"Analysts at the National Security Agency can now secretly access real-time user data provided by as many as 50 American companies, ranging from credit rating agencies to internet service providers, two government officials familiar with the arrangements said.

Several of the companies have provided records continuously since 2006, while others have given the agency sporadic access, these officials said. These officials disclosed the number of participating companies in order to provide context for a series of disclosures about the NSA's domestic collection policies. The officials, contacted independently, repeatedly said that "domestic collection" does not mean that the target is based in the U.S. or is a U.S. citizen; rather, it refers only to the origin of the data.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that U.S. credit card companies had also provided customer information. The officials would not disclose the names of the companies because, they said, doing so would provide U.S. enemies with a list of companies to avoid. They declined to confirm the list of participants in an internet monitoring program revealed by the Washington Post and the Guardian, but both confirmed that the program existed.

"The idea is to create a mosaic. We get a tip. We vet it. Then we mine the data for intelligence," one of the officials said...."

~ ~ ~


Sources: NSA Targeting Credit Card Use

Big Government ^ | 6/7/2013 | Elizabeth Sheld

"The WSJ is reporting that in addition to monitoring cell phone records, emails and web activity, the National Security Agency is monitoring credit card transactions. "NSA has established similar relationships with credit-card companies, three former officials said..."

~ ~ ~


Biometric Database tucked inside Gang of Eight immigration bill
Conservative Action Alerts ^ | May 31, 2013 | Conservative Action Alerts

"Biometric Database tucked inside Gang of Eight immigration bill"

by Conservative Action Alerts on May 31, 2013

ALERT: The Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration plan will destroy individual privacy via biometric database.

American Conservative,

Last Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed their markup of the Gang of Eight’s “immigration reform” bill – a version that not only preserves most of the bill’s original problems, but also contains 233 additional pages of rules.

Senator Ted Cruz says that the bill only makes our current immigration problems “worse.” Sadly, he holds the minority opinion as he was one of only five Senate Judiciary Members who opposed S. 744′s exit from committee.


~ ~ ~


School iris-scanned students without telling parents CNET ^ | June 17, 2013 | Chris Matyszczyk

"A Florida school admits that it made several mistakes when it allowed a security company to install iris scanners without telling parents -- and without even having a contract with the company.

The eyes have it? Or the eyes were had? (Credit: Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

There's a quaint concept that seemingly every technology company dismisses as outdated.

It's called opting in...."


Ernst Haeckel, Father of Fascism and Environmentalism Environmentalism is Fascism
| 2012 | William Walter Kay

"Professor Gasman’s "Haeckel’s Monism and the Birth of Fascist Ideology" provides insights into the coherent fascist intellectual doctrine that, by 1920, was embraced by a wide swath of European academics and artists. Defining features of this cohort were:

They referred to themselves as: ecologists, naturalists and socio-biologists.

They were pseudo-scientists bent on subverting real science.

Their mantras were: natural, holistic, and organic.

Their Religion of Nature was basically a revival of Pantheism. They worshipped Earth as a divine living organism. Human achievements were disparaged as scant and fleeting compared to Nature’s glory.

They desired scientist-led governance. Scientists probed Nature’s divine realm, hence scientists alone understood the political implications of Nature’s laws...."

~ ~ ~

A vanity by long-time FReeper DH regarding the HISTORY OF AGENDA 21 on FREEREPUBLIC.COM

"Posted on Friday, June 07, 2013 10:05:15 AM by DH

What goes around comes around. What a true statement.

In the very early days of the internet and Free Republic there was a lot of articles dealing with Agenda-21 and the super spy agency NSA.

We were called all kinds of names but "being right" was none of them. We all were looked upon as kooks and extremist for our beliefs of what would happen when these agencies took full control of our freedoms.

Now, look at what we are dealing with in 2013. It has finally come to the point that the full power of both these agencies and policies has been brought to bear on the freedom loving Americans who, back then, scoffed at our comments back then......and now cower in fear of what the devil has let loose on them.

Back in Germany during the Nazi occupation they had Hitler youth to spy upon their own families and friends and now we have an even greater method to spy on everyone and keep a completely historical record of it to use against them, or anyone they wrote or spoke to, ..."

~ ~ ~


Feds to Protect “Endangered” Mouse ( and kill NM, AZ & CO farmers/ranchers/oil/gas )
Judicial Watch ^ | June 25, 2013

"American taxpayers will be tremendously relieved to know that the U.S. government is hard at work trying to get official endangered status for ... the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse and the feds want to designate it a critical habitat protected under the Endangered Species Act, the 1973 law signed by President Richard Nixon to protect species from extinction as a “consequence of economic growth and development untempered by adequate concern and conservation.”

The federal government’s list of more than 1,300 threatened or endangered species..."

..."The Service is proposing to designate around 14,561 acres of critical habitat along streams in a number of counties located in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona..."

~ ~ ~

Military spending millions to protect gophers, while workers go on furlough
Fox News ^ | July 12, 2013 | Dan Springer

"A total of 650,000 civilian employees are now being furloughed at U.S. military bases in response to sequester cuts -- but the Department of Defense is still spending millions to protect fuzzy critters.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in Washington state just received a $3.5 million department grant to purchase land around the base in an effort to protect the Mazama pocket gopher, a species that has not even been listed as endangered or threatened.

The expense is not sitting well with furloughed workers.

"That really makes me mad that they would do that," said Matt Hines, one of 10,000 civilian employees forced to take a 20 percent pay cut. "I'm all for saving animals, but at what cost?"

Under REPI (Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative), the Department of Defense and other federal agencies have spent $397 million to protect 264,000 acres around bases since 2003.

Sarah Hamman, from the Center for National Lands Management, has been tracking the Mazama pocket gopher in the prairie land around JBLM and says the military's involvement has been critical...."

~ ~ ~


Forest Service Demolishing 1860s Mining Community ( What Sequester ? )
AP ^ | July 11, 2013

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — "The U.S. Forest Service is starting demolition work on one of the earliest mining communities on the west side of the Continental Divide.

The Lincoln Townsite is an abandoned mining community east of Breckenridge in White River National Forest. The 1860s community was never platted or incorporated, but it existed through four minor booms and busts over the course of 50 years.


Sheriff Arrested in Florida Defending the Second Amendment Minutemen News ^ | June 7, 2013 | Sara Noble

"A number of Sheriffs around the country have pledged to abide by the Second Amendment and not enforce laws that they believe violate the Constitution.

Sixty-seven sheriffs in Florida signed one of those pledges declaring that they would uphold the Second Amendment and protect people’s’ right to keep and bear arms.

One of those signatories, Sheriff Nicholas Finch, was arrested by Governor Rick Scott in Florida for actions he took in a case in early March in which Finch made his stand for the Second Amendment.

Carl Causey has been appointed to replace him by Governor Scott until July when the case will be heard.

The charge stems from an incident involving his Deputy Sheriff, James Hoagland.

On March 8, Sgt. James Hoagland arrested a man named Floyd Parrish who was carrying a concealing semi-automatic, fully loaded...."

~ ~ ~


Police Open Fire on a Car Sitting at Crowded DWI Checkpoint Daily ^ | June 17, 2013 | Robhino

"*VIDEO* Police open fire on a car sitting at crowded DWI checkpoint

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A couple celebrating Father’s Day with their baby found themselves in the middle of a shootout at a DWI checkpoint when officers unloaded on a car sitting in heavy traffic. The couple, Jared and Rose Cleerdin were hoping it wouldn’t be their last Father’s Day together as the officers fired dozens of rounds in the direction of on-coming traffic. Jared Cleerden believes the officers acted way beyond what was necessary for public safety saying, ”Every cop turned around and started unloading like super trigger happy as if their training was coming into full effect and they were being able to utilize it,” said Cleerdin. “Everybody was just blasting this car to pieces. It was absolutely terrifying. It was way beyond reckless,” said Cleerdin. “I couldn’t believe it. These are professional people, professional officers, and they’re training, they’re highly trained and they’re not supposed to do stuff like that. Cops are shooting from the front of the car, back into the rest of the on-coming traffic to the check point, into the rest of the innocent civilians down the road...”

Other links provided on the thread about the DWI checkpoint shootout.

~ ~ ~

CALIFORNIA - (Whiff of good news out of El Dorado County)

El Dorado County Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power ( CA )
CBS13 ^ | June 21, 2013

"The El Dorado County Sheriff says he’s not happy with the U.S. Forest Service, so he’s stripping them of their authority by keeping them from enforcing state law within the county.

Sheriff John D’Agostini is taking the unusual step of pulling the police powers from the federal agency because he says he has received “numerous, numerous complaints.”

In a letter obtained by CBS13, the sheriff informs the federal agency that its officers will no longer be able to enforce California state law anywhere in his county.

“I take the service that we provide to the citizens of El Dorado County and the visitors to El Dorado County very seriously, and the style and manner of service we provide,” D’Agostini said. “The U.S. Forest Service, after many attempts and given many opportunities, has failed to meet that standard...."

10)16th AMENDMENT - (Income Tax - IRS scandals)

If Not Obama, then Impeach the 16th Amendment (The author makes an excellent point) ^ | June 9, 2013 | Mark Baisley

"I’d say it’s official; President Obama’s Watergate has arrived. And the witty question originally formed for Nixon’s big scandal can now be re-applied to President Plausible Deniability, “What did he not know and when did he not know it?” While I do think that IRS-Gate spells the end of this President’s ability to effectively advance the liberal agenda, I do not see an impeachment on the horizon; at least not for Barack Obama – but perhaps for the Sixteenth Amendment.

The recent parade of citizen witnesses to congressional hearings has laid bare the raw suffering that inevitably comes from tolerating the existence of a despotic government agency...."

CALIFORNIAN - FRACKING (Whiff of good news here)

Boom: California greens try, fail to pass a fracking moratorium
Hot Air ^ | 1:21 pm on June 11, 2013 | Erika Johnsen

"I somehow managed to completely miss this from a couple of weeks back, but it’s an especially interesting and kind of epic piece of news from a state that’s home to some of the largest, most cultishly do-or-die green interests in the country and a legislature currently dominated by a liberal supermajority. When I first caught wind of the fact that Californians were getting ready to introduce a proposal to ban fracking, I suspected that they would definitely have a fighting chance of getting the thing passed — but it turns out that enough of California’s legislators are at least somewhat tuned in to the economic realities of hydraulic fracturing, and enough so to thwart the often overwhelming clout of the state’s many eco-lobbies...."

~ ~ ~


Oil Found in Australia. Lots of Oil. Saudi Arabia Quantities of Oil.
National Review ^ | Jan 25th | Greg Pollowitz

"Trillions of dollars worth of oil found in Australian outback

Up to 233 billion barrels of oil has been discovered in the Australian outback that could be worth trillions of dollars, in a find that could turn the region into a new Saudi Arabia.

The discovery in central Australia was reported by Linc Energy to the stock exchange and was based on two consultants reports, though it is not yet known how commercially viable it will be to access the oil..."


Honeywell introduces city-controlled thermostat system for homes
St. Paul Pioneer Press ^ | 06/11/2013 | Julio Ojeda-Zapata

"Honeywell has announced a new Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat that is intended to be distributed by municipalities instead of purchased at retail by consumers in order to better manage energy consumption across a town or city.

South Sioux City, Neb., will be the first community to deploy the new thermostat to help its 13,000 residents manage electricity costs, which are said to have risen steadily there in the past three years.

In the future, other municipalities will recruit residents to reduce energy consumption when demand spikes, a strategy known as automated demand response, or ADR.

As part of this, the residents would receive the $150 Honeywell Total Connect Comfort with ADR thermostat for free so that utilities can link to the home devices and reduce that residence's energy as needed.

Such an approach can help avoid brownouts and blackouts on the hottest days of the year, when power-grid stability is threatened..."

"Honeywell is based in Morris Township, N.J., but its division responsible for the Total Connect Comfort technology is based in Golden Valley...."

~ ~ ~

ARIZONA - good news brought to us by Jim Rob!

Sedona Arizona- A Smart Meter Free Zone? ^ | June 21, 2013

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 6:56:25 PM by Jim Robinson

"On Wednesday, June 19, the Sedona City Council held a special workshop regarding Arizona Public Service (APS) plans to deploy utility smart meters in Sedona.

Sedona Smart Meter Awareness (SSMA) is raising awareness about the cost, privacy, health and safety hazards of utility smart meters. APS and SSMA presented information about smart meters. Both sides were given equal time. Only ten public speakers were allowed due to time constraints, however all spoke in opposition to Smart Meter deployment. The meeting was standing room only. The entire discussion, including the presentations and council discussion is available by video here, see part 3A,.

Nancy Baer, SSMA representative said, “APS representatives seemed to be in over their heads when Councilors began asking questions. Sedona Smart Meter Awareness created a solid, fact-filled PowerPoint presentation delivered by Warren Woodward. All concerns were thoroughly covered: health, safety, privacy, and cost.”

In response to the question of federal requirement to install smart meters, APS confirmed, “There’s been no federal mandate for us to move in this direction.”

APS currently has a proposal on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to charge opt out consumers $75 upfront and $30 more added to their monthly bill. Every councilor objected to that proposed fee...."

Dream of the Power Elite who are cut off already from the Creator - the SciFi world of physical immortality coming closer? People are seriously looking into this!

Immortality by 2035?
CNBC ^ | June 14, 2013 | Bob Pisani

"How's this for a weekend conference: Some of the smartest people in the world are gathering in New York to try to figure out how to build lifelike copies of humans ... to be eventually uploaded with the contents of a real human brain.

It's the brainchild of a Russian multimillionaire, Dmitry Itskov. ... And he says he's perfectly serious, and that it could be accomplished by 2035.

Crazy? The New York Times gave Itskov a front-page profile on its Sunday Business page a week and a half ago.

Imagine this ... a digital copy of your brain in a different life form that could live for hundreds of years and be replaced.

There are several stages to his proposal, including an early stage (Avatar A) where lifelike avatars (androids) are created..."


"Constitutionality of Renewable Energy Mandates in Question"
The American Legislator| 6-17-13 | Todd Wynn

"With a potentially striking blow to renewable mandate advocates, a recent federal court ruling calls into question the constitutionality of key components of many states’ renewable energy mandates.

On Friday, June 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) against the state of Michigan (among other petitioners) in a dispute over FERC’s plan to apportion costs for new power lines to transport millions of megawatts of wind power around the Great Lakes region..."


What happens in the backroom of a sue-and-settle lawsuit?
Washington Examiner ^ | 6/6/13 | RON ARNOLD

"Is Big Green running things in President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency? Wake up and smell the corruption.

A virulent 2009 sue-and-settle lawsuit, WildEarth Guardians v. Jackson (as in Lisa Jackson, former EPA administrator) is an outrageous sweetheart deal rife with collusion and manipulation to create arbitrary regulations, along with the EPA takeover of state regulatory programs and a price tag of more than $2.5 billion -- all aimed against the domestic fossil fuel industry..."


Klamath Tribes and Feds Exercise Water Rights
ABCnews ^ | 6/11/13 | JEFF BARNARD

"Tens of thousands of acres in Oregon's drought-stricken Klamath Basin will have to go without irrigation water this summer after the Klamath Tribes and the federal government exercised newly confirmed powers that put the tribes in the driver's seat over water use — a move ranchers fear will be economically disastrous.

Klamath Tribes Chairman Don Gentry and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor said Monday that they were making what is known as a "call" on their water rights for rivers flowing into Upper Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon...."

~ ~ ~


Fish Hatchery On The Elwha Loses 50 Percent Of Fish To Failed Water Pump
Northwest Public Radio ^ | July 11, 2013 | Ashley Ahearn

"The largest dam removal in U.S. history is running into problems. Over 200,000 fish were found dead at a hatchery on Washington's Elwha River after a water pump failed over the weekend.

The water pump was put in to supply water to the Lower Elwha Klallam tribe’s hatchery. Originally, the hatchery was supposed to get its water from the newly constructed Elwha Water Treatment Plant. But this past spring, sediment released from above the dams clogged the Plant..."

Meeting in June about the Seven50 "Prosperity Plan"

“Fascism” Is The Best Way To Implement Seven50: SE Florida Prosperity Plan
RSN ^ | Monday, 17 June 2013 12:17 | Dr. Richard Swier

"On June 19-21, 2013, there will be dueling Seven50 Summits at the Palm Beach Conference Center, West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Seven50 plan is an effort by the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership, funded by a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), with the mission to “[C]reate and implement the Seven50: SE Florida Prosperity Plan, a blueprint for a vibrant and resilient economy; socially inclusive, sustainable, and affordable communities; and environmental sustainability.” …

The City of Vero Beach, FL has pulled out of the plan.

Mayor Craig Fletcher attended a briefing given by proponents of Seven50 and reported that: city and county government would be less important, only “mega regions” are important as in the EU, ..."


This is what the UN wants for us in west.

China’s Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Million Into Cities NYtimes ^
| June 15, 2013 | Ian Johnson

"BEIJING —China is pushing ahead with a sweeping plan to move 250 million rural residents into newly constructed towns and cities over the next dozen years —a transformative event that could set off a new wave of growth or saddle the country with problems for generations to come.

The government,often by fiat,is replacing small rural homes with high-rises,paving over vast swaths of farmland and drastically altering the lives of rural dwellers. So large is the scale that the number of brand-new Chinese city dwellers will approach the total urban population of the United States —in a country already bursting with megacities

… Across China,bulldozers are leveling villages that date to long-ago dynasties. Towers now sprout skyward from dusty plains and verdant hillsides. New urban schools and hospitals offer modern services,but often at the expense of the torn-down temples and open-air theaters of the countryside...."

~ ~ ~


Obama Admin Plans To 'Force' Americans To Move Into Cities You Tube ^ | 67/2/13 | XRepublicTV

"Redistributing" the Wealth


Feds May Close Forests Near Fresno ( CA )
KMPH ^ | Jun 20, 2013

"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking to close 2-million acres of forest to protect a toad and frog habitat.

The service held a meeting in Prather Wednesday to discuss closing parts of nine forests...."


Taxpayers, Rockefellers Fund “Sustainable” Plot to Undermine Market
The New American ^ | Tuesday, 25 June 2013 | Alex Newman

"The Rockefeller Foundation, mega-banks, and even taxpayers via the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have provided millions of dollars toward pushing a new type of “socially responsible” corporate structure known as the “benefit corporation.” More than 15 states have already signed on. Critics, however, say the scheme will further undermine what remains of the market system while promoting deeply controversial United Nations Agenda 21-linked notions of “sustainable development....”


5 Ways Barack Obama Is Making War On The Middle Class ^ | July 2, 2013 | John Hawkins

"While Barack Obama is enjoying extravagant parties with Hollywood celebrities and taking opulent vacations, America's middle class is being decimated by his policies. Certainly Obama deserves to be condemned for the Nixonian corruption and Carteresque incompetence of his administration, but what Obama is doing to middle class Americans is just as despicable. He's slowly, but surely squeezing them into oblivion.

Sadly, many Democrats are fine with this because they've calculated that a poor voter or better yet in their eyes, a voter dependent on welfare and food stamps, is more likely to support them than a voter in the middle class. Whatever happened to having a government that tries to make it easier for people in the middle class as opposed to putting policies like these in place? ..."

~ ~ ~


Michelle Obama Calls on Youth to Be ‘Citizens of the World’
Cybercast News Service ^ | July 2, 2013 - 10:49 AM | Fred Lucas

"First lady Michelle Obama called for young people in both South Africa and the United States to be “citizens of the world” through the use of social media.

“For you guys to begin to talk to each other and realize that you have so much in common whether you are in Soweto or Houston or anywhere in the world there is so much we can do together,” the first lady said. “And I want you all to start thinking about being citizens of the world, and in order to do, that you’ve got to start reaching out, and this is just the beginning.” …


Here’s Obama's 'Smart' Government at Work
Investor's Business Daily ^ | 07/09/2013 | IBD Staff

"ObamaCare: The president brags about how he's bringing smart, 21st century technology to government. But the news surrounding that talk provides a showcase for how inept his administration is when it comes to IT.

'We've made huge swaths of your government more efficient and more transparent, and more accountable than ever before," President Obama claimed Monday.

But the very next day, AP reported that a "computer system problem" has caused his administration to delay yet another piece of ObamaCare for at least a year...."


‘When the Guy Comes with a Clipboard…’ ^ | July 8, 2013 | Ed Driscoll

“I can fight the bugs, I can fight the lack of rain, but when the guy comes with a clipboard what are you going to do?”, asks farmer who’s shutting down his business, thanks to the Obama FDA:

Bessemer called it quits out of frustration with pending federal food safety regulations that likely will require farmers to very specifically track their produce and how it is handled from seed to sale, among other things.

The new rules are part of the Food Safety Modernization Act, sweeping changes within the Food and Drug Administration aimed at making our food system safer by being able to pinpoint where contamination occurs. The federal law was passed in 2011, but how it will be implemented is still a work in progress..."


...“Bessemer Farms calls it quits, says new farm rules too cumbersome,” from (the Akron Beacon Journal Online), today. As Jon Gabriel of the Exurban League once tweeted in 2009, “Just finished Amity Shlaes’ The Forgotten Man today. Obama’s team thinks it’s an economics textbook rather than a cautionary tale.”

~ ~ ~

(Whiff of good news)

A Healthy Farm Rebellion - Breaking up the food stamp-agribusiness political alliance.
The Wall Street Journal ^ | July 12, 2013 | WSJ

"An old Washington joke goes that an employee of the Department of Agriculture sees a colleague sobbing and rushes to ask what's wrong? The man replies, "My farmer died." So it goes with this week's House rebellion on the farm bill, which has Democrats wailing in protest. Their latest vehicle for subsidies and food stamps died.

House Republicans passed an historic farm bill on Thursday that for the first time in about 40 years separates food stamps from farm policy. This bids to divide what has been a political alliance of urban Democrats and farm-state Republicans that has bloated the budgets of both programs for decades.

This also explains the howls from Democrats, all of whom voted against the measure. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was visibly irate as she accused Republicans of taking "food out of the mouths of babies and you prevent a bill from going forward that addresses our food banks and our nutrition needs and the rest for our country, what are you thinking?" Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut chimed in that "a vote for this bill is a vote to end nutrition in America." Who writes this melodrama?

Ms. Pelosi's anger must be especially amusing to House Speaker John Boehner, because the Democratic leader helped to defeat the original..."

199 posted on 07/17/2013 12:58:17 PM PDT by TEXOKIE (We must surrender only to our Holy God and never to the evil that has befallen us.)
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There’s plenty here to absorb and pass on. Thanks for your hard work.

200 posted on 07/17/2013 1:38:34 PM PDT by Baynative (Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.)
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