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To: Laissez-faire capitalist

Nice try, GoP-e ,, you had a good shot at winning it all before and blew it .. you even kept the leadership pretty much intact.

Yur mistake. not ours, many of us will never get to vote in a primary anyway.. and if the lessons haven’t been learned yet by those who should know better.. then, no loss.

4 posted on 04/23/2012 4:12:35 PM PDT by NormsRevenge
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To: NormsRevenge; Laissez-faire capitalist; All

Norms comment, “many of us will never get to vote in a primary anyway.. “ WHY IS THAT???
For the last few presidential cycles I am getting more and more pissed-off...
On what stone tablet is it written that the first primary be held in tiny-asse ((new (Olde) england)) fliberal New Hampshire??... followed by a ?caucus? wtf is that? in Ioway?

Sorry but the entire state (how does it qualify?)
of new hampshire wouldn’t make a decent sized wart on Naperville Illinoise arse...

And Iowa?? don’t they have television in that cornfritter state? The rest of the country has primaries but iowa HAS TO BE DIFFERENT!! sit all day in a (no bathroom break) caucus to make their constipated decision! WTF!?

Sorry but it is time for a and I don’t need or want to see a bunch of presidential nominees waste our donated money on political television ads in new hampshire on 10 people who might or not watch? For what seems like an eternity - just so that we get to see who they elected to get their 1 1/2 delegate to the convention - big whoop!

And Ioway... Only Rick Santorum was dumb enough to visit every village in the entire frickin’ state to win their SUPER DOOPER ENDORSEMENT and 2 1/2 delagatii to the cornvention...

Two INCONSEQUENTIAL states that with t.v. MarxStream fliberal pundits help made a mountain out of two tiny anthills - WHAT A FRICKIN JOKE! sORRY - BUT I’M SICK OF IT!

Time to regain our sanity and put the new hampshire’s and ioways in their rightful place of INSIGNIFICANCE!

I think (therefore I is) that we have ?maybe 4-6 regional primaries with say 1-2 weeks between primaries with 4-6 debates in-between! That’s it!
Chosen by lot in Sept/Oct as to the order of the regional primaries!
Just to keep it from getting tooo confusing - MANDATE that each candidate be allowed ONLY 2 TWO - 30 minute ad spots on television (no commercials) to be run FREE on a rotating Major Network basis in each Region.

This way the “playing field” can’t be TILTED in a rich guy’s favor and everybody will have the same opportunity to present their ideas or if they wish to run ATTACK t.v. spots - but remember ONLY 2-30 minute spots per region. And best the Networks don’t get Squat Money!

As far as PAC’s,union and corporate, (attack or pro-candidate) ads, LIMIT the number of $$$dollars that they can spend (per candidate) in each region! Who needs to see the same bogus negative attack ad 5 times a day for weeks on end - Eff Themm! They only influence the STUPID!

Internet Ads.... it’s free! “So let the sky be the limit”!

Ohhh! and you can’t spend any of your own “personal wealth” to buy yourself the Presidency! Like Romney, Kerry, Edwards and a slew of other lameasses..

I’m sure others have thought likewise and this was just off the top of my head and can be - refined.

Time to get the filthy money out of our (campaigns) and get ideas and people involvement, back in!

Mandatory! Presidential debates like Newt suggested!

13 posted on 04/25/2012 3:35:34 AM PDT by throwabrick (Saul Alinsky farts in bed..ObaMao says "excuse me"..the devil says "you're welcome")
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