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Four students, teacher arrested in hazing incident at California high school [homo rape]
NY Daily News ^ | 6/25/12 | Christine Roberts

Posted on 06/27/2012 10:18:11 AM PDT by SaraJohnson

Police claim that teacher Emmanuel Del Rosa, 27, “facilitated some students to carry out the hazing to limit behavioral problems within the classroom” during summer school at AB Miller High School in Fontana, California.

Four students reportedly took part in the assault, authorities said in a statement. Police declined to release more details, citing the on-going investigation.

Fernando Salgado, 18, is accused of attempted sodomy with a person under 18-years-old, rape, mayhem and child cruelty with the possibility of injury or death.

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TOPICS: Chit/Chat; Education; Local News
KEYWORDS: childrape; education; homosexualagenda; pedophile; publiceducation; publicschools
We read about a lot of child sexual abuse at public schools. This school in pervertland California is now a zero tolerance prison and other people's sons are the homosexually raped inmates.

It is way past time to end the public school insanity of social, mental and sexual abuse. Release the inmates and end Government employee unions. Give parents vouchers. Homeschool.

Parents don't know the half of it. Most children don't tell and when they do, a lot of parents don't believe them when a lying teacher tells the otherwise! We live in a sick society and sane parents have to take control over their own children to minimize the damage. Liberals are the sickest of the sick and the meanest of the mean in our society and they are your children's teachers and public school leaders. They hate innocence and they despise families and children - especially boys.

1 posted on 06/27/2012 10:18:20 AM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: SaraJohnson

Take heart in knowing that when the collapse they engineered finally arrives, it’s the pussified libs that will suffer most. The ones that survive the firse month anyway.

I’ve said this before but watch something like Road Warrior/Thunderdome. In a full SHTF situation, that’s probably not far from what will result. And what are the honest odds that a city bred/miseducated lib is going to survive as anything but a slave (sexual and physical) to the more feral of their kind?

2 posted on 06/27/2012 10:34:14 AM PDT by Norm Lenhart
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To: SaraJohnson
Oh, come on. It's just an alternate lifestyle. It's not like sodomy, in this case homo rape, is really rape rape. It's just the expression of normally adjusted people perpetrated on the intolerant heterosexuals.

Get a clue, dude. /sarcasm /cynicism /immorality

3 posted on 06/27/2012 10:35:44 AM PDT by Thommas (The snout of the camel is in the tent..)
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To: SaraJohnson

When I would feel inadequate about homeschooling, my hubby used to remind me about what the kids were NOT learning - a great value in itself.

4 posted on 06/27/2012 10:41:58 AM PDT by esquirette ("Our hearts are restless until they find rest in Thee." ~ Augustine)
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To: SaraJohnson

Sodomizing rape is not hazing. Mediot reporter at work again.

5 posted on 06/27/2012 10:56:07 AM PDT by SampleMan (Feral Humans are the refuse of socialism.)
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i read the story, how do we know it was homo rape? i dont see the victim’s sex mentioned....did i miss something?

6 posted on 06/27/2012 11:34:39 AM PDT by raygunfan
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To: SaraJohnson

When I was 7 and 8 I had the same teacher for both years...

Her son was my age but much bigger and he would sexually molest me...

He would chase me around the classroom and catch me and touch me...

I felt awful but who was I going to tell ???

The teacher ???

None of the children dare tell her that he hit us when she was out of the room..

My parents ???

Teachers were the gods of education...

I didnt have any words to explain what had happened to me..

This happened after school when I was being rewarded for good grades by getting to clean the blackboard...

The teacher was down in the teachers lounge and after I had finished the 5 -10 minute chore I went there to tell her I had completed the task...

It was more of a way for the teachers to showcase their star pupils...

I was rewarded with real nice cookies and the other teachers got to know the children who they could rely on to do good work and to conduct themselves in an acceptable fashion etc when we were in their class the next year or so...

also most of the teachers knew my parents and older sisters so that was a form of further motivation when I was congratulated at home...

The year we were 9 we had another teacher and she never left the room until later after she had finished grading papers then she would lock the door for the night...

I often helped her grade papers etc and the boy would hang around and finally leave knowing I was going to walk home with the teacher the way the teacher lived and I would not be alone...

I would rather risk being in trouble for being late home from school than have him touch me..

That year I was constantly top of my class and that teacher, Miss Bell (who was also my Brown Owl, leader of the Brownie troop,) went on to be awarded by the Queen..

Thankfully Miss Bell loved me and didnt care for the boy and I prosperred in her class...

Once he asked her slyly who had the higher grades, he or me ???

She got out her book and read off our monthly test scores...

His was 8s and 9s and some 10s.

Mine was 10, 10 10, 10, 8, 10, 10, 10

He snorted about the 8 until Miss Bell explained that was the month I was out for 3 weeks with Yellow Jaundice (Hepititis)...

She said she wasnt surprised and proud of me that I had still got a good grade and hadnt been to school to learn the work...

I remember she smiled to herself as she told him that was the same month he was there every day and yet only got 8 also ..

She seemed to be pleased that I had the same grade he did that month and I just wonder if he was a popular with the other teachers as his mother thought he was...

Whatever it was I felt I had triumphed in some way over him...

Looking back i may have been able to tell Miss Bell what the boy had done to me and been helped by her...

At the time it was enough that I had a safe haven with her and that she believed in me and my ability to succeed..

However my trauma from the sexual abuse that I had to suffer from the attacks by the teachers son caused me later in life to not complete tasks or to want to do less than I was capable of for fear of succeeding and thus something dreadful happening...

Now and again I weep a little as I do now for that poor little girl who had a big evil problem and a secret she couldnt tell anyone..

Who would have believed her ???

7 posted on 06/27/2012 11:36:08 AM PDT by Tennessee Nana (Why should I vote for Bishop Romney when he hates me because I am a Christian)
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To: SaraJohnson
Since the curriculum of reading, writing and arithmetic has been replaced with a curriculum of gay rights, oral sex and fisting instruction, this is to be expected.

Welcome to the diverse, tolerant and bully-free liberal Utopia.

8 posted on 06/27/2012 11:41:16 AM PDT by liberalh8ter (If Barack has a memory like a steel trap, why can't he remember what the Constitution says?)
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To: Tennessee Nana

What a terrible thing for a child to have to live with!

9 posted on 06/27/2012 11:59:39 AM PDT by squarebarb
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To: Tennessee Nana

I’m so sorry you suffered that sexual abuse, Nana. Like you, most children are afraid to tell and don’t deal with it until they are adults. Children are easy pickings for perverts.

I hope that today parents teach their children about inappropriate touching and instruct them to tell their moms and dads. I think it is better for girls because of the women took on the problem of male rape and it’s effect on girls. But for boys and men, homosexual rape it is still the dark ages of silence, guilt and shame.

10 posted on 06/27/2012 12:24:59 PM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: SaraJohnson

Male rape is being talked about...

Last month there was a summit on sexual violence in the military in DC and men spoke about being raped..

while they were in the military...

11 posted on 06/27/2012 12:34:44 PM PDT by Tennessee Nana (Why should I vote for Bishop Romney when he hates me because I am a Christian)
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To: Tennessee Nana

That’s good to hear. Moms and Dads need to talk to their boys and girls. No one has the right to sexually bother them, mentally or physically. Their sexuality is private.

Also kids need to be warned about the old school porn survey trick. They need to understand what MYOB means.

12 posted on 06/27/2012 12:47:01 PM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: SaraJohnson

Let’s handle this they we handled “that other scandal.” Sell the public schools, all their land, buildings, and assets, seize their banks accounts, and distribute the proceeds to pay out multi-million dollar judgments, while villifying unindicted officials including the principals, the members of the local school board, the head of the state Dept. of Education, and the No Child Left Behind program.

The difference being you don’t go to jail if you fail to send your kids to Catholic Church.

13 posted on 07/01/2012 1:01:43 PM PDT by TurboZamboni (Looting the future to bribe the present)
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