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To: cva66snipe

What you are saying is some children have a diagnosable physical issue with hearing. Sure, that can happen, no doubt, and if suspected the child could easily be tested for hearing loss and interpretation disorders. What I am saying is that the massive number of kids with supposed medical conditions is unreal. Your condition seems to be a physical issue. As a pilot I have trained in various flight physiology classes and know the strange yet very real issues with vestibular confusions. It wouldn’t be funny at all if they happened during normal life due to a physical ailment. The affects can be very disturbing and cause a person to be completely dysfunctional.

When I was 7, in the 3rd grade, instead of working with me as a ‘troubled child’ the system wanted to discount me, so they deemed me mentally retarded. Those skipped words when reading, the excessive talking, the lack of memory, the lack of attention, the apparent dyslexia, the hyperactivity were all normal in a kid of that age, but they as adults simply wanted me to sit still, be a genius and learn through some kind of osmosis. In other words, they didn’t want me to be a kid and they didn’t want to be adults.

Turns out I have a high IQ and was simply bored to tears with the school system. Thank God we moved from California and into other school systems that worked with “gifted” children. I have had a great career doing what I do because I could tap into those gifts. Had we stayed in Kali they wanted me on Ritalin, to drug me into stupidity. Another thank God, my dad was in the Air Force medical field and knew about Ritalin and would have no part in it. He had Air Force docs test me, they found I wasn’t retarded and kept Kali’s ‘diagnosis’ of mental retardation out of my records. They knew the Dr. Spock treatment for hyperactive intelligent kids wasn’t Ritalin, it was to stretch their minds with advance subjects and good physical activities in school and it worked perfectly.

I am still hyper, still get into anything and everything, still skip words when reading, still type various characters in reverse order, still get bored inside 5 seconds with most things as I already know the answer, but I can study anything, intensely solve any problem including the supposed ‘impossible’, still spends hours concentrating, and work with people at a social level. I learned those skills; they certainly weren’t natural for me, or really any kid. A number of great teachers and mentors spent their time to teach and train me.

Another nasty side effect of telling every kid they are not normal: Everyone now has an excuse for bad behaviors and that excuse is used often in their adult lives to the point they become dysfunctional.

I married a great woman that is the clinical director in a psychiatric hospital. She routinely sees patients that are misdiagnosed, especially the younger crowd, even those in the military, which have been told their whole lives that their perfectly normal behaviors are not normal and they need medical help. They are extremely confused and just don’t know how to act. Deprogramming is the usual solution, to teach them that they are normal and do not need medications. We have screwed several generations of people telling them they are abnormal and need medications or medical intervention, when what they really needed was an adult in their young lives. They are taught at a younger age that there is something wrong with them and she sees them later in life to tell them there isn’t.

There are people that truly have medical conditions beyond their control and need help, but not the 10% of this nation’s children that are given psychoactive drugs for perfectly normal behaviors.

41 posted on 08/10/2012 7:32:37 AM PDT by CodeToad (History says our end is near.)
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To: CodeToad
I think the condition has always been there. But what about the triggers though? That is the key I think. The so called epidemic is of our own doing with our own technology advances. Generations before in most persons with this it likely would not have shown up. But the person with it would have been the ones who kept moving west for example out of towns away from crowds. It also hits you in family gatherings. For many a reunion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, gatherings is also tax them because of the many conversations at ones. Again it hits the tasking part of the brain trying to track activity. The brain if it doesn't get what it feels is an appropriate response then you'll likely get Cognitive issues as a result.

The fear of heights is another. Most people who have a fear of heights likely do not understand why. It isn't a phobia in the mental health sense at all where as most others phobias are phobias based on traumatic experieences etc.. Our brain is geared for survival and is constantly doing checks and balances. Now the person may not even be aware they have poor balance but the brain does know this. The brain must also compensate which it does. It is that survival portion that triggers alert say on a ladder or roof. Much in the same way it triggers anxiety. If you don't respond it triggers fear. Someone with a fear of heights likely has poor balance. CBT as such as a treatment for that is pointless and even dangerous.

You mention Dyslexia? That too goes with this and that too Dr Levinson has linked to Vestibular symptoms to Dyslexic type symptoms back in the 1970's although for two decades he was ridiculed by mental health experts for it.

This type of disorder seems to somewhat genetic as well. I have at least two cousins and an aunt that had it. My dad had a touch of it. I'm the only one who developed seizures from it though. That is why I take the Xanax. Other medications like SSRI's or antidepressants will put me into Serotonin Syndrome an adverse reaction most Shrinks are believe it or not are completely clueless about and some dare call it rubbish. I have seen it first hand. I diagnosed it in my wife when six doctors failed to do so simply by looking up Trazadone and Zoloft. It is something I pray to GOD I never witness again in anyone. BTW my wife due to Quadriplegia suffers from severe Inner Ear issues common to paraplegics and quads. Inner Ear function must be regained usually on a tilt table.

I think we are on the edge of what our brains can deal with sensory wise and that is the epidemic in itself. Also keep in mind a few, all, or anywhere in between symptoms I mentioned might show up. There does also seem to be a very definite connection to this and stress. Stress in an adult will worsen the symptoms. Most persons think stree comes from bad events> That's not true. A promotion you are thrilled about for example can bring stress. So can any life changes. One too many things for the brain to juggle and CRASH! Actually stress can trigger the onset.

Remember I said I had PTSD? I had previously lost my first wife to death, found a girlfriend I was dating and she became quad on a date that kept her in the hospital six months in which that time we married, nearly lost her then and several times after ward, saw a few other highly traumatic things that lead to the PTSD all of it within a few years time. It all hit at the same time though.

There is a book well worth the money & read called Phobia Free by Harold Levinson MD and he does go into case histories. His book was what lead me down this path to what I have learned and it made 100% difference in how I allowed doctors to treat this. Understanding the beast is about 75% of the process in learning to deal with it. If not for that book I could have become an Agoraphobic or even died from wrong medications.

How I adapted also goes against the text book practices of exposures help and are a must. No they don't. Does a hammer to the fingers every hour of the day adapt one to pain? Exposures are just that and they can trigger attacks. That doesn't mean stay home in a silent room rather it means doing detective work and learning your triggers and you control your environment and you control your exposures but most important is listen to your body.

I'm on an awake all night sleep most the day cycle and with that I can shop at a Wally World for long periods real late, shop at the grocery store real late and not have the P.A. put me on the ceiling and try to shop in the confusion it causes me. Again this goes against the standards of most experts who deal with anxiety. Most are way behind on the learning curve or they are locked into the Phobic Mode as being root cause.

BTW do you feet hurt :>} Poor mom and dad for the life of them could not figure out how I wore out shoes in less than a month breaking the sides over. I've wore corective insoles for 20 years now. But my feet and legs are now contorted and arthritis setting in due to that. I walk with a cane as of two years ago for balance and ability to lift myself from a squat.

It scares me doctors are real quick to pass out SSRI's etc for anxiety and not do extensive neurological case history and work ups. These are the persons most likely to develop Serotonin Syndrome. My wife thought she was Tess or Della Reese on Touched By an Angel and we is white LOL. We can laugh now but it cost her parts of her life from partial amnesia. You would think a doctor or doctors who saw condition improve when medication was stopped would say hey whats this? Nope in walks a shrink and says up the Zoloft. Bang one hour after injestion of the meds she was in it again. No they did not pick up on that part either. I did a web search of the two meds plus adverse reaction and first hit was their pharmacology professors article on Serotonin Syndrome. They didn't want to believe it even then. The did not blood work up, no CT or MRI because they were so darn convinced she was crazy and pyschotic. BTW she was being treated for PTDS. Why? Because a dentist darn near killed her with a pain pill meant for cancer patients to pull a tooth. She had a reaction and went in a Coma. She later needed dental work and had a fear of it. Thus the SSRI's.

Physical conditions or neurological conditions often create secondary cognitive symptoms. When the primary condition is mised and the behavioral treated instead that is bad news right? In my case which one were they treating? That's where I'm coming from. Ever doctor said SSRI and off the Xanax you go because it's very dangerous.

Until I found the cause on my own there was no real help. One smart psychiatrist my last one I had actually did figure out the right dosages on the Xanax which is low but consistent. He said never take any class of antidepressants again or I could be in trouble. That was before my wife had Serotonin Syndrome. That too goes against the grain of current practices.

I went to the V.A. a year or so ago for an exam with their primary doc simply to get a referral with him for their Audiology Dept for hearing aids. I have my own primary doctor. VA Clinic doc about had a calf when he read I had been taking Xanax 18 years. He nearly insisted he was going to change it. I said no you aren't and explained to him why. He didn't like it though. My wife has taken it 27 years. It was when Zoloft and Trazadone was added the reaction happened. Xanax likely saved her life as Benzo is the treatment for Serotonin Syndrome.

I can go deeper. My sibling about 5 years my senior has a history of strokes and now developed onset of Dementia. She kept falling and no one could quite figure it out. Her communication skills would not allow her to express things well or sequence what happened. We talked to the nurse at the assisted living and all came to the conclusion she was going into a panic mode. It boiled down to her always falling in the TV room and her getting up to leave.

Finally in desperation we took her to a walk in clinic. We talked to the doctor who had seen her a few times. I told the doctor what we saw happening and what we thought was the cause. He said let's try Valium then. We got her back to the center and the nurse gave her the Valium. Within 15 minutes it was like a switch was thrown. She could communicate within reason and comprehension, express herself, and had much better coordination. The calls about falls went from several a week to once every few months. The Valium toned down her sensory system so she could function. Many would think step up the sensory system and enhance sensory transmission as is done with SSRI's etc. When the receptors and the processing system is damaged all you get is sensory flooding on inaccurate or corrupted impulses that causes the computer {brain} to crash. The computer can only task so much.

Yea I was called stupid and Tard a lot growing up. The special ED/physical rehab school added to it but the school was what trained me to adapt and bought me 20 more years before point of disability. They worked on eye-mucle coordination two years. But I will never pass a Field Sobriety test LOL. Seriously I about got a DUI one night even though I hadn't been drinking. I had been pulled over for speeding.

I can't as such study nor now at this point into it read books. Books especially technical ones are look in them for specific information for a specific issue. Math concepts like Geometry and Algebra were not possible either. But yet the more educated ones in the family ask me how much things cost plus tax LOL. I learned shortcuts and do fast rounding off in my head.

I don't discount the fact many kids simply have disciplinary issues especially in today's society. But I also see parents who apply proper discipline have kids who have not only behavioral but learning issues and it's a lot more than when I was a kid. Being a troubleshooter my nature is too look and see what was changed? My generation in the 60's had black and white TV no real special effect thrills. This generation had Lion King and that movie puts me into major sensory overload. Look sometime at the extreme flashing in it and the fast scene changes. Epileptic in nature perhaps but not detectable on the EEG?

I passed all diagnostics like EEG, CT, MRI fine no problems. Yet my attacks produce severe upper torso seizures. It stays above the arms hits shoulders and neck like ice water or a cattle prod for 3-5 seconds. No pain but can very quickly exhaust me. A Xanax under the tongue will stop it sometimes it takes two if I'm away from the house. OR If at home I can pick up my acoustic guitar and play it and stop the seizures most of the time.

I believe many people have forms of this going back to undiagnosed and overlooked cerebellar-vestibular disorders. It is to what degree that will determine how much it effects them as kids and adults.

In my first cousins case he spent thousands of dollars on testing and doctors. I told him with his history of tubes in his ears as a kid he likely had what I did. Finally he went to a semi retired General Practitioner who had been there done that seen all and the generation where a GP treated all. He asked my cousin were you in Nam? Yes. Did you wear ear protection? He laughed and said what was that back then? He said and you had tubes and ear infections as a kid? Yep. You have Inner Ear Damage or a related Disorder was the doctors answer. His mother my dads sister also had it. It's more common than people think. Doctors due to time constraints and specialized medicine rather than the old GP Doctor of all Trades is missing it.

46 posted on 08/10/2012 8:38:36 PM PDT by cva66snipe (Two Choices left for U.S. One Nation Under GOD or One Nation Under Judgment? Which one say ye?)
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To: CodeToad
BTW I knew that compared to other kids abilities I was in fact not normal. Sports was hell. Gym as hell. I could do something most of my friends and classmates could not. I could camp alone all summer on the lake and be happy. There might be another camp a few hundred feet up the lake but I was on my own with the boat, dog, and food. dad checked me every day or so brought in ice etc. I could not run the mile and was always last. But in my teens I could out walk any jock on a ridge and cover likely twice the ground LOL.

Finally getting the answers as to just what the heck was wrong with me allowed me some Inner Peace about myself and I no longer saw myself as a failure. I'm also a pretty darn good unlicensed nurse :>}

47 posted on 08/10/2012 8:54:28 PM PDT by cva66snipe (Two Choices left for U.S. One Nation Under GOD or One Nation Under Judgment? Which one say ye?)
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