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To: beaversmom; the invisib1e hand; Third Person; TSgt; CodeToad; RoseofTexas; darkangel82; ...

I’m compiling a Ping List for Psychobabble/PhRMAfraud. Please FRmail me if you’d like to be on it, and please Ping me with any related FR postings.

RE: my comment #17. Note the huge number of Movement Disorders reported from these drugs. Movement Disorders is a euphemism for Tardive Dyskinesia and Dystonia.
These conditions are not in the muscles themselves but are the externalized symptoms of brain and CNS damage caused by the drugs.

See a Video of TD

Here’s a Wiki on TD

See the entire Frontline Series on the Medicated Child which beaversmom linked to a segment of.

To those who think these drugs are helping your child, wake up. The psychiatric response to visible TD is to increase the dosage again and again or add another drug to cover up the symptoms which the drugs caused to begin with, which just makes it progressively worse.

These are AIMS scales. The industry uses them to rate the severity of the “Movement Disorder” damage they’re causing.

Here, is the DSM itself online

These are Insurance Co. acceptable billing codes, from the DSM. They are charging Medicare and Medicaid to Worsen Iatrogenic TD which they admit they Caused!

332.1 Neuroleptic-Induced Parkinsonism
333.1 Medication-Induced Postural Tremor
333.7 Neuroleptic-Induced Acute Dystonia
333.82 Neuroleptic-Induced Tardive Dyskinesia
333.90 Medication-Induced Movement Disorder NOS

And you’ll Love the next one.
333.99 Neuroleptic-Induced Acute Akathisia

Akathisia is the drug produced mental illness that causes those murders and suicides.

What really ought to fry your a** here is that the shrink Industry told the Dept of Health, Ed. And Welfare about their AIMS scale in 1977. The Fed Govt. has known Exactly what these crippling drugs are since 1977, and they haven’t taken them off the market yet.

Here’s a psychiatrist explaining how easy it is to be declared Crazy and Drugged with psychiatric chemicals. In this case it’s an antidepressant instead of an antipsychotic, but the principle at work is the point. Any excuse will do. Any excuse.

This invented mind disease was the result of Lilly’s expiration of Patent protection on their Prozac, so their APA flunkies created Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder as a psychiatric disease and Lilly re-patented Prozac to treat it under the name Sarafem. It’s still Prozac but now it’s in a Patented pink pill instead of a Patent Expired green pill.

42 posted on 08/10/2012 12:09:00 PM PDT by To-Whose-Benefit? (It is Error alone which needs the support of Government. The Truth can stand by itself.)
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To: To-Whose-Benefit?

Add me to the list, please. Thank you for the effort!

43 posted on 08/10/2012 1:07:20 PM PDT by Third Person (A man's got to know his limitations.)
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To: To-Whose-Benefit?

Dear God please do not take these drugs off the market or make them harder to get

They have been a godsend to my autistic son and, from my network of contacts, to many other kids with autism spectrum. Not what they were developed for, but they do work for some kids.

The side effects are ALWAYS carefully explained and monitored by the ped with med checks, and the risperidone would be withdrawn, not increased, for any contraindication

Please do NOT ping me to some alarmist drivel with a bunch of commenters who “cured” their kids (or claim they could cure mine) by spanking or better parenting, and who assume that because of what they read on the internet they are smarter than tens of thousands of American doctors who they suspect and accuse of being drug pushing tools of the pharm industry.


44 posted on 08/10/2012 3:09:09 PM PDT by silverleaf (Age Takes a Toll: Please Have Exact Change)
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To: To-Whose-Benefit?

Looks like you have done a lot of grunt work here. Please keep me on your ping list.

I’m just an old pig farmer from the backwash of PA, and as such not very educated on these types of things. But I know (gut feeling) that these monsters who take it on themselves to cancel innocent peoples’ life tickets are driven by something other than just mental retardation.

When you try to find the root of a disease, you look for a pattern. And when the pattern points to a culture of psychobabblers who seem to be practicing alchemy at best, one needs to focus on them with a laser eye.

The psychobabble industry on the other hand, will of course try to deflect that focus by pointing fingers at the tools their monsters use, and blaming the ready availability of those tools. Gunz, gunz, gunz.

A firearm is only a tool. The real weapon is the mind that wields that tool. And the so-called “doctor” who cultivated that mind, is guilty of fabricating the weapon.

About time to point fingers at the REAL culprits behind these atrocities.

Wonder who created that punk in Norway? Bet they all ran for the hills after he did his thing.

Remember, Tim McVeigh killed almost 200 and never even had a firearm.

He knew how to use bullsh!t to “get er done.”

45 posted on 08/10/2012 4:33:14 PM PDT by ConradofMontferrat (According to mudslimze, my handle is a Hate Crime. Hope they don't like it.)
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To: To-Whose-Benefit?; beaversmom; the invisib1e hand; Third Person; TSgt; CodeToad; RoseofTexas; ...
Years ago My sister called me up crying that the school wanted her to have my nephew put on Ritalin. I asked her what test they had done to determine that he needed this drug. She told me they wanted the doctor to test him.

I told her I would be over on Saturday to test him myself. I had two lawn chairs and fishing poles and a cooler of cokes and sandwiches. I took him to a spot I knew didn't have a single fish.

I taught him to bait his hook cast and reel in. I told him had had to sit quiet and still or the fish would not bite.

That child sat for over three hours casting and reeling in very slowly. He got up to pee once and ate a couple of sandwiches.

I took him home told my sister he didn't have ADD or ADHD, that he was bored.

I told her that the school could have him tested (At the schools expense) only if they tested his IQ first (again at the schools expense).

Two weeks later she called me up and said that his IQ was above normal and they wanted to move him up a grade.

I told her they were now going to the opposite extreme and to leave him where he was but with a different teacher.

The very next year he was given student of the month two months in a row.

48 posted on 08/11/2012 5:30:49 AM PDT by verga (Forced to remove tag line by administrator)
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