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To: ru4liberty

I had not realized the thread was pulled. Will look into it and find out if I can, if the thread is accessible in some other manner. I am rather sad if it is no longer at all available, because we had a lot of relevant information saved up on it. I did not realize I needed to make some kind of back up copy, either.

It appears that the first thread in the thread invitation is still active. It was the thread where I was in a huge learning curve and there were some explorations at times in it that frankly were a bit wild. But when we launched the 2nd thread, we had come down to wanting to figure out how the grapple with the “beast” of the UN working to usurp our national inheritance at the grass roots level.

It’s JimRob’s living room, and what he says goes, but I do admit to wondering sometimes how decisions are sometimes made.

19 posted on 11/13/2012 9:23:35 PM PST by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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To: TEXOKIE; ru4liberty

OMG! I have much to thank you for. Last March we DID have a thread pulled, but the one we started after that IS still viable. I got confused and posted the incorrect URL for the 2nd thread.

Please accept my apologies for the mess-up. I’m hoping that I have now corrected the error.

The A 21 action thread is:;page=101

The post 128 of that thread is as follows:

Dear Agenda 21 Warriors,

I have been out of pocket for a bit, but have much to tell you! Following are highlights from notes I took several days ago at a meeting with a presentation on Agenda 21. As most of you know, it is a very LARGE undertaking to wrap your arms around the material. I thought these folks (Art and Sheila Briesch of Edmond, OK) did an amazing job of organizing the material, so I did my best to capture the majority of the information they covered. They went pretty fast, and I know I didn’t get all of it, but thought their outline is very useful, and as we study (and act!) some more, we can fill in the blanks that need to be filled in! I apologize in advance for any errors.

I hope soon to compile another summary post. But always remember, as vast as this issue is, there is a LOT being posted and published in other places that I do not see. Please remember you can do a search on the FreeRepublic search engine for keyword “agenda21” and lots of articles will pop up. PLEASE ALWAYS feel free to post your findings and your own action reports on this thread! And, of course, I do always welcome your pings and freepmails!

God bless all of you for joining in this fight!


Several days ago, my Darlin and I attended a county Republican meeting here in northern Oklahoma. The speakers were from Edmond, OK, which has been fighting Agenda 21 matters in their city. It is a city on the north of and just bordering OKC. These dear people are just like you and me. They learned about this, and are not professional speakers, but have been researching and educating themselves and their neighbors about the very real and current threat to all of our liberties and property rights posed by Agenda 21 and all the areas and buzzwords associated with it.

Yesterday we also went to a nearby Tea Party meeting. At the meeting were some who also had attended the above mentioned meeting. One of the topics covered was again Agenda 21! Word is getting out.

The first speaker (Art) covered a brief overview history of Agenda 21. Topics only touched on (because it is vast) were:
1) 1848 - was when “Communist Manifesto” was written, and laid the groundwork
2) 1913 - 16th Amendment, the Income Tax. Prior to that date, government revenues were levies and tariffs.
- 17th Amendment, Senate became ELECTED by popular vote instead of being SELECTED by the various state legislatures, and therefore Senators became vulnerable to lobbying. It destroyed the balance of power between the states and the Federal Government.
- Federal Reserve Act – Congress gave away its right to coin money. Constitution does NOT allow the government to PRINT money, only to COIN it. The Fed is a PRIVATE corporation and is not answerable to the People. The only input the People has is that the President appoints the Chairman.

3) 1921 – Creation of the Council on Foreign Relations. This was the creation of the “shadow government.” This is when we begin hearing of “The Establishment” which is really “The Power Elite” and is all about the drive toward One World Government.

4) 1945 – Creation of the UN. The speakers pointed out that the term, “United Nations” was actually initiated by FDR in 1939. The UN ignores the existence of God and it declares that IT grants rights. It was founded by such known (at least now) Communists as: Alger Hiss and Dexter White. Both of these men had important positions in government. Of course, there were others....

5) 1972 - “Human Environment” Document which outlines 26 principles about the environment and the world. The UN is a better steward of the land than you are.

6) 1976 – “Vancouver Action Plan” - UN Habitat United Conference on Human Settlements
Owning land is a holder of wealth, which is a roadblock to social justice. According to these people, land should be used for “the greater good.”

7) 1983 - the Brundtland Commission - “Sustainable Development”

8) 1992 – More on Development – Rio de Janeiro – GHW Bush attended
Convention on Biological Diversity
Framework Convention on Climate Change
Agenda 21

AGENDA 21 has 40 Chapters covering ALL – repeat that, ALL – aspects of life on Earth: plants, animals, land, everything
GHW Bush did not sign on to Agenda 21, but Clinton did. Clinton also created the framework for Agenda 21 implementation. He figured out a way to bypass Congress by using the environment as the key. That is why everything we hear about from city planners, teachers, etc is all about “being Green.”

9) 1996 – Habitat II
Settlements, sustainable cities, sustainable energy, redistribute wealth of industrial nations to others, Cap and Trade, land management

At this juncture, the speaker discussed the 1848 “Communist Manifesto” philosophy regarding private property and outlined the 10 planks of the “Communist Manifesto” which most Freepers are familiar with, and of which we are dangerously close to fulfilling.

10) 2005-2014 - UNESCO “Education for Sustainable Development”

A short film was shown, and its information was flashed SO QUICKLY that I gave up trying to capture it with my notes.

The second speaker (Sheila) picked up with:
Such things as:

1) Wild Lands Project

2) Smart Growth

3) Stakeholder Councils

4) Public/Private Partnership – ie, think of “GE” and “Lightbulbs.” - is actually fascism
Discussion ensued with audience members noting that Houston and OKC have had different councils working to regenerate the city cores, and it is these very councils with little input from citizens which have been making the major decisions.

5) World Heritage Treaty and Biosphere Reserves (1970’s)
Convention of Biological Diversity Link shows the Biodiversity Map

Such things as :

NGO’s - “Non Government Organizations”

“International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” became “ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability” with a broader mandate to address sustainability issues.” (This is a quote from the website.)

SISTER CITIES INTERNATIONAL – For example, Edmond, OK is sister city to Engels, Russia. The speaker noted that Engels is named after Frederich Engels. OKC has at least 10 sister cities. What is the purpose of the Sister Cities? To share information. We should be asking what can we actually learn from them??

UN AGENDA 21 – Being fought by a number of local groups. There are links posted at

SMART METERS – These are being installed in some Oklahoma communities. These meters are capable of SHUTTING OFF your power. Appliances have been developed that will talk to the meter and will shut you down if it decides you are using too much electricity. They are laying the infrastructure. Guess what they will be requiring us to do in the future? That’s those appliances. Some who were at the meeting urged that if they try to put you on a smart meter, GET LEGAL ADVICE, hire an electrician, and tell the electricity company to come and get their meter.

EASEMENT And LAND TRUSTS – This is big in rural areas especially. There are tax incentives for the land owner to deed the property over to the land trust or enter into an easement agreement. Your “ownership” will be retained, but you lose all control over your property. The trust will tell you if you can grow plants or animals and if so, which ones...or not at all. AND you will STILL BE PAYING TAXES FOR OWNERSHIP. An Easement agreement is PERMANENT. You cannot withdraw once you enter into it. No recourse.

In Oklahoma there are 7 Land Trusts.
Three of the ones mentioned:
Land Legacy
Civil War Preservation Trust
American Farmland Trust – One of the nation’s leading Trusts. Founded by the wife of David Rockefeller. David Rockefeller’s thesis at Harvard was, “The Fabian Socialist.” Another fun factoid is that David Rockefeller worked with Alger Hiss.

WILDLIFE FEDERATION – an example of how this works: People who were shooting predator wolves etc, are told that they can’t do that anymore...and the WF has been reviving the wild wolf population where ever it can.

RURAL COUNCIL – recently created by President Obama

NATIONAL ANIMAL ID SYSTEM – recently the USDA stated that program had been abandoned, but many are not trusting that. It would make all farm and domestic animals have a chip, and enforcement would be multi-jurisdictional. With Google maps and drones, enforcement would be greatly facilitated for all these various strategies.

SUSTAINABLE FARMING – no fossil fuels – basically progressive farming is going back to using plows pulled by oxen. They are teaching this in colleges. There are now “Sustainable” college degrees offered in some schools.

LIGHT RAIL – goes along with herding the people into the urban areas – no cars etc.

Endangered Species Act 1973
Scenic Rivers/Byways
American Heritage Rivers Initiative – 1997

WHAT CAN I DO? (Some of the following are not only from the meeting, but also some things we have learned about in our studies for the past year on these threads.)
Contact representatives (at ALL levels) on a regular basis

Go to meetings - local municiple, county, state, and congressional town hall meetings. Look for city planning and other similar types of meetings. Tea Party meetings. Be there. If you attend planning meetings, go prepared. Learn about the Delphi Technique -

Read the newspapers and your city and county web sites and look for some of the buzzwords - “Sustainable,” “Stack and Pack,” “Green” anything, “Carbon Calculator,” NGO. Land Trust. Etc.

Educate yourself.

Educate your neighbors – talk to them. Write letters to the editor. Send information to your email list. Organize your own meeting!

Take the next step in front of you – even if it is only a small one.

LINKS/INFO: – on the Delphi Technique

The speakers were Art and Sheila Briesch of Edmond, OK. They can be reached through, or by email, .They stated the they would be willing to go to states surrounding Oklahoma to speak on the topic. is a local group in Edmond, OK fighting Agenda 21.
From the site:

Diversity The Diversity Map

Michael Shaw’s video on UN Agenda 21 and sustainability

“Shadows of Power” by James Perloff
“The Law” by Frederic Bastiat by Tom Deweese
“Behind the Green Mask” by Rosa Koire
United Nation Agenda 21 (Look it up on your computer) Make sure it is the UN website
“The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx
The United Nations Exposed” by William Jasper
The American Heritage Series” by David Barton DVD series (10 DVDs)

(For Oklahomans)

(For all of us)
Federal US senate web site. Can look up federal bills that affect you.

American Majority

128 posted on Friday, July 13, 2012 6:52:17 PM by TEXOKIE

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20 posted on 11/13/2012 9:48:34 PM PST by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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