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Somethings going on...(vanity)
self | 10/3/2012 | self

Posted on 11/03/2012 7:55:16 PM PDT by Signalman

Almost every day, we've been seeing unbelievable crowds for Romney and miniscule ones for Obama. 30,000 for Romney, 2800 for Obama.

We're told that crowd size is not scientific evidence of how the vote will turn out and it's only "anecdotal". Doesn't mean much. We're told it's the polls that tell the real story and it's close, very close.

But I can't be the only one who senses that something, way beyond what the polls are saying, is happening. Look at the size of this Colorado crowd. I think this thing could be a blowout for Romney/Ryan. I think MSDNC, DU, and the Daily Kos could be in for a bad night, a very bad night on Tuesday. And while we're celebrating, they'll be trying to figure out how it all went wrong. (Thanks to FReeper markomalley for posting this photo in a previous thread)

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To: HannibalHamlinJr

I look at that map and shake my head. How stupid my little state looks, isolated in its stubborn, reactionary, ignorant blueness in a sea of red.

61 posted on 11/03/2012 9:25:54 PM PDT by ottbmare (The OTTB Mare)
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We The People are highly pissed off!

And that’s why R/R are going to win Tuesday night. It’ll be remembered as the Chick Fil-A election!

I went to the Mittens rally in West Allis, Wi on Friday. And looking at the jubilant faces of Reince, Scott W., Tommy, Ron Johnson, they do internals..they know more than we do.
They think it’s looking good for our side.

62 posted on 11/03/2012 9:29:16 PM PDT by Mountain Mary (Pray for our Republic...)
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To: Paladin2

I don’t think it is JUST the Tea Party that “is PO’d.” Lots of people who in 08 voted for the ONE are PO’d...and reverting to their AMERICAN values.

63 posted on 11/03/2012 9:34:42 PM PDT by goodnesswins (What has happened to America?)
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To: goodnesswins

64 posted on 11/03/2012 9:40:54 PM PDT by Paladin2
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To: ottbmare
Uh, your state is likely Red in a sea of Blue.

Never give the MSM the offense.

65 posted on 11/03/2012 9:44:37 PM PDT by Paladin2
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To: Paladin2

No, I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland. There are a lot of normal people here who are outnumbered and outvoted by the hordes from Baltimore and the DC suburbs. We are bright blue, surrounded by red. This is why I’m hoping to sell my house here and move to America, not far away.

66 posted on 11/03/2012 9:50:04 PM PDT by ottbmare (The OTTB Mare)
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To: GeronL
Look at Venezuela.
All the momentum with the opposition. All the polls showed it too.
Then Hugo wins by a landslide with results that were totally inverted from the final polling.
Probably used the same voting machines.

I too see many similarities. Remember - it's not the votes that count, it's who counts the vote!

67 posted on 11/03/2012 9:55:25 PM PDT by brityank (The more I learn about the Constitution, the more I realise this Government is UNconstitutional !!)
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To: SaraJohnson
There’s no accounting for demonrat voter fraud.

When it comes down to one state as it did in 2000, voter fraud is something to worry about. When several states are involved, it is much more difficult to steal a presidential election the way Al Gore tried to do - particularly when the states involved have Republican governors and attorney generals. All of us are naturally a little nervous because we know how the Democrats are willing to do anything to win, but, judging from the behavior and demeanor of the candidates, it is not going to even be close enough for voter fraud to come into play.

68 posted on 11/03/2012 10:04:59 PM PDT by srmorton (Deut. 30 19: "..I have set before you life and death,....therefore, choose life..")
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To: ottbmare
My point is to not give into calling Conservative States Red (i.e. Commie).

It's a MSM attempt to color the discourse and it's bogus - though 99% of America goes along.

69 posted on 11/03/2012 11:22:08 PM PDT by Paladin2
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To: Signalman

Have some faith, say a prayer that God gives us the president we need, not the one we deserve.

70 posted on 11/03/2012 11:32:02 PM PDT by Duchess47 ("One day I will leave this world and dream myself to Reality" Crazy Horse)
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To: Signalman

Something is going on. We drove to Denver last week from southern Colorado. All along the 240 mile route there were all these makeshift billboards along the highway made of 2 by 4’s with Romney/Ryan signs. Many of the businesses had signs for Romney. I worked in the 96 hour go to victory drive in 2004 and I didn’t see anything like that. I didn’t see a single Obama sign on that drive last week and I was looking for them. Not even in Downtown Denver. They say you can’t really tell a tsunami is coming until right at the last minute when it reaches shallow water. I think the democrats aren’t going to see this one coming. I hope. I don’t know what I will do if I have to face another 4 years like the last 4.

71 posted on 11/03/2012 11:57:52 PM PDT by albionin
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To: albionin

It won’t be like the last 4. Oh no.. not by a long shot. It will be much, much worse than the last 4.

72 posted on 11/04/2012 12:07:12 AM PDT by GeronL (
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To: GeronL

Agreed. I think that Walter E. Williams is right. There is such a division in this country of two diametrically opposed philosophies that it is time to part ways. Why should there be such a conflict. Let the West coast and the Northeast be left to their own devises and let the rest of the country go it’s separate way. Let California continue on the road to socialism on its own. Ironically the same people who oppose building a fence on the border to keep illegal immigrants out will be scrambling to build a fence to keep people in. If they want to live that way then let them but why do they get to decide for the rest of us. Why shouldn’t there be at least one country on this planet for those who don’t want the government to do anything for them but provide the army to protect them from foreign aggression, the police to protect them from criminals and law courts to protect their property and contracts. And nothing else.

73 posted on 11/04/2012 12:33:35 AM PDT by albionin
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To: Jabba the Nutt
" One of my doubts about Romney is whether he recognizes this and whether he'll have the cojones to fire zillions of Lefties in the Federal Government. Bush did not. Part of his failure as President, was that he did not have the stomach to fight. Bush wouldn't defend himself and he wouldn't defend his voters from the smears of the DemoMedia Complex. Bush even joined in attacking his supporters over immigration. By the end, there was no one left, who would defend Bush.

I hope Romney has learned from that failure. "

Has anyone in the Romney campaign or in his circles of people he knows talked to him about this failed aspect of the Bush presidency of George Bush not firing all of Clinton's appointees ? and start fresh and new ?

Anyone ?

From the new media ?

Michelle Malkin ?
Mark Levin ?
Rush Limbaugh ?

Or anyone from the Romney campaign ?

Has anyone communicated this to Romney and Ryan yet ?
If so please let us know.
74 posted on 11/04/2012 12:59:23 AM PDT by American Constitutionalist
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To: Jabba the Nutt

Might want to start a whole new thread on this issue.

75 posted on 11/04/2012 1:01:16 AM PDT by American Constitutionalist
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To: American Constitutionalist
If so please let us know.

That is one area of the campaign I would not telegraph my intentions. Mitt is a successful businessman. The first rule when taking over a troubled company is to remove the leadership that got the company in that mess to begin with. I am optimistic on this point.
76 posted on 11/04/2012 1:09:02 AM PDT by PA Engineer (Liberate America from the Occupation Media.)
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To: Signalman

Ask yourself this, where have all the ACORN nuts gone? All the people and all their effort, they/it didn’t just go away... they’re up to something.

77 posted on 11/04/2012 1:15:18 AM PDT by BigDaddyTX (Don't Mex with Texas)
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To: cripplecreek

I hope this is like 2010 all over again, where the Republican voters overwhelmed the pollsters and pundits. They did not know what hit them. How could they be so wrong?

78 posted on 11/04/2012 1:47:23 AM PDT by rawhide
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To: G Larry

Obama is not acting like he is going to win this thing by fraud. Their side is down and out. I dont think Obama wants a second term if he won it. The left is getting crushed.

79 posted on 11/04/2012 4:36:33 AM PST by Walkingfeather
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To: keats5
Check out this thread, Sen. Vitter's already going after a potential Romney moderate to head the EPA.

The EPA stabbed Bush in the back within 2 months of his taking office. They are among the worst of the out of control power-mad radicals in the Federal Government. If Romney doesn't appoint a kick-butt Administrator, how does he expect to get his oil and coal friendly energy program out of the blocks?

The EPA will sabotage him even before he takes office. I'm not sure Romney gets it.

80 posted on 11/04/2012 9:31:09 AM PST by Jabba the Nutt (.Are they stupid, malicious or evil?)
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