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To: oneprolifewoman

So let’s get it going. Let’s start a peaceful movement to have the Red areas secede from the Blue areas. Let’s do it. It’s like we’re in a bad marriage. Nobody wants it, but they stay in it out of fear and a misguided sense of duty. The fact is that we conservatives simply don’t have enough in common with the liberals to successfully share a polity with them. We’ll all be better off if we divide the United States along red-blue lines. Look at the county-by-county electoral map for this last election. It’s really quite stark. We conservatives would get most of it. And we’d run up against “red” areas in Canada. What’s more, we’d be shut of the deep-blue areas like Detroit, CT, VT, etc. We’d never have to hear from Bill Maher, Michael Moore or Barney Frank every again. And they wouldn’t have to deal with us. Let’s do it.

46 posted on 11/09/2012 7:26:17 PM PST by Gluteus Maximus
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To: Gluteus Maximus
I agree totally. People need to be serious about this. The US does not exist anymore. It is a sham. The framers never envisioned a socialized state of drones that live off and demand what others earn. ENOUGH!! Lets end this debacle. I am from Florida and most parts of Florida are Red outside of Southeast Florida which is a liberal mess. Ruined by Northeasterners and Latin Americans that have no appreciation for America. They drain the resources of others and then demand WE PAY FOR IT!!

It is past the time to make the Blue States pay for the government they want. Let the super rich Hollywood pay for the super poor minorities that truly are the drag on society. We know where the massive drag and cost on society comes from. They vote for Obama because he gives them STUFF they cannot pay for. They have no income, they generate no revenue, the cost trillions in welfare and social programs, they have kids they cannot pay for, crime that destroys communities and no futures. The Conservatives pay for everybody and it has to stop!!!

We generate all the revenue to the government then we are told to shut up and pay. WE DO NOT WANT A BIG GOVERNMENT...we want the freedom to dream, to build, to live and inspire as the FOUNDERS imagined. The Blue States are all failing...their economies are a mess, taxes everywhere, no jobs, regulations that never stop and massive welfare states that cannot be supported. These creeps destroy their states and then have the nerve to come to the RED STATES, where taxes are lower, businesses are thriving or growing, where AMERICA is loved and where people can still dream. And what do these Blue State people do? They ruin everything they touch. God look at New York, California, Jersey and Mass...they stink, population loss, no businesses, UNIONS out of control and mass welfare. KEEP IT!! we do not want you in the RED STATES! In fact, we share nothing with you at all. You want Socialism...we want want BIG BROTHER we want Self Responsibility!!

Here is the truth...The Red States do not need the Blue States....the BLUE STATES HAVE TO HAVE THE RED STATES to pay the bills....look where all the new jobs are in Red States from North Dakota to Texas to Florida to Georgia. Red States are OH which is really red....13 of 17 House seats GOP....GOP GOV and State Houses...the Gov turned around a Democrats’ mess when he came to office. Same here in Florida...on the State level all is RED and Rubio is a good Senator!

Lets dissolve the Union...let the Blue States create the Socialist Utopia they want and we in the Red States can build our Capitalist Free Enterprise System for Dreamers and Doers. Can you imagine the Economic Engine that would be unleashed without the shackles of the massive fed government and liberals? They would fall apart and we would thrive. We do not need or want them.

We are not able to coexist anymore. We all know it. There is so much division in this country and it is getting worse. We are not able to live with each other. I have no use for liberals and quite frankly could care less what happens to them. To me they are not American...they are leeches that believe they have the right to what others earn.

We need a country for conservatives to raise our children with God and Love of Country. Where success is championed and we dare our children to dream and reach for the stars. And no federal gov’t with race quotas, sexism, race baiting, class warfare and communism. Make no bones about it the Blue States are Communist/Socialist. They have nothing in common with our Founders. Texas is now a larger economy then California with 13 million fewer people. Soon Florida will surpass New York and then California in Economic Output as well. California at one time was the 6th largest economy in the world now it is no longer in the top 15. And they just voted for another tax increase. Pathetic!

Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tenn, MS, South Carolina, North Carolina, ND, SD, Kansas, Montana, Neb, OH?, Utah, Wyoming, Az? Arkansas, W VA and Idaho would thrive. Let the rest fall into the Socialist States...Sorry Colorado has lost its way and is lost. They belong with the Big Government Liberals. Virginia is lost due to northern Virginia...

This will only get worse if we delude ourselves that America lives. It is dead. There is nothing we share in common anymore. We need to preserve the American Dream where it is wanted and believed in. We need to do the proper steps to break up the Union. We need to use the provisions within the ratification process to unratify. The framers set forth the peaceful process. Conservatives look at the present future...Obamacare, massive debt, more EPA regulations, no new energy resources, more class warfare, amnesty and more welfare from south of Texas, training our children to hate capitalism and success, destroying the family, no God, no freedom and a CENTRALIZED STATE determining our existence. Do we want this? America is gone.

I could care less about Hollywood, New York City, Washington, Boston, Chicago, San Fran, Philly, Detroit or Minneapolis...they are all liberal bastions! Let them have their Socialist World and let us have our Freedom, Liberty, Small Govt and Capitalism. In 5 years they will be destitute and we will thrive!! We all know it!

Elections have is time to let the Liberals have their utopia and let them pay for it. What a joy for all us that love Individualism and Liberty it would be to live knowing our Small Government would foster growth and freedom while theirs would foster class warfare and dependency!!

This movement is growing more and more. It is becoming obvious this country is no longer sustainable. We owe it to our children to give them a better life. How can we look into their little eyes knowing what a depressing and sad country with no jobs or future they will inherit. No we cannot let that happen. Just look at 50 percent of college grads now with no jobs and no prospects...does anyone think it will be better in a year. Already talk is surfacing of another recession on the horizon....look at businesses...mass layoffs are coming soon as is mass dropping of health care offered by companies because of Obamacare....JUST DREARY!! Greece? Western Europe? California...heck we are on the doorstep! Only states like Texas, Florida, ND, SD, Oklahoma, Alabama, SC and others offer any hope!

We can sit and complain or work legally to do the right thing for all people. The liberals need their Socialist America we need our Freedom America. They are not compatible in anyway. Look at the map of the US outside certain megacities it is all red and that tells you something. Imagine about 200 million people would move to Freedom America and the rest could live in Socialist America. But one caveat you come to Freedom American you PLEDGE TO NEVER VOTE FOR GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS and come here YOU EARN IT AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!!

128 posted on 11/09/2012 9:38:00 PM PST by floridafree (The Separation/Break Up is overdue!)
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