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To: Longbow1969
First, what is in power here in the USA currently is not a Marxist regime. When you say stuff like that you just sound ridiculous - like the boy who cried wolf. Obama and his gaggle of libtards are not hardline communists and have no dreams of the government taking over all, or even most, private business.

Right. The Devil does not exist argument eh?

Obama isn't what we see him as?

Obama and his cabal have no desire to take over businesses right?

No desire to take over every individual life in the country right?

What do you think ObamaCare was?

It is clear you do not understand this enemy, who or what Obama is, and who empowers and enables him. You think just like the GOP-e and the Ruling class hacks in DeeCee that think the same way you and Boehner do about him and the Marxist cabal now running the show.

To equate him with a simple incompetent garden-variety Euro-Socialist is akin to blacks trying to convince the rest of the faith that Obama really is a Christian, or the peacenik morons who lecture us about the fact Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.

Maybe next you'll try to convince us that Obama is a neo-Conservative?

Obama is a HARD MARXIST period. Ayers, Soros, Marshall-Davis and the litany of Marxists Obama has been groomed by is common knowledge by anyone studying his hidden past.

To be blunt and plain - and I can care less if you think it's silly or ridiculous - history teaches we are past the point of resolving differences with the corrupted institutions our Founders set in place. We have one option left to us - and being able to use that morally requires we secede, refuse to comply and resist this Marxist tyranny, and when they make that last mistake - we are justified in defending ourselves from the imposition of their godless will upon us. If you cannot see what this Marxist regime is and what they are doing - then you are willfully blind and your fate is sealed in chains anyway.

The question is, how many people will you lull to sleep and complacency before the real purge and genocide of this regime begins?

37 posted on 11/13/2012 3:38:47 PM PST by INVAR ("Fart for liberty, fart for freedom and fart proudly!" - Benjamin Franklin)
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Thankfully most learned conservatives don't spout the ridiculous stuff you do. If they did, I would be certain all hope is lost.

By the way, Obama is a pansy compared to a true Marxist. What Hussein and his bootlickers are pushing for is a wussy ass Western European social welfare state. The road that will take them down left unhindered would probably result in the nationalization of some utilities, but the private business would still by the backbone of the economy much like it is in Scandinavia. Now I think that is the road to ruin, but nothing will dissuade "progressives" like Obama that their approach is doomed.

We have one option left to us - and being able to use that morally requires we secede, refuse to comply and resist this Marxist tyranny...

Sorry pal, you sound......deranged. Oh, I don't think the path we are on ends well. I think it leads to Greece, with perhaps a pitstop in California. But there is no appetite for succession - and any politician or political movement that associates itself with such nonsense is finished.

We are not the majority at this moment. There is no silent majority simmering just beneath the surface ready to re-institute traditional values and conservative principles. No, we are a celebrity crazed, realityTV obsessed nation that has bought into what Obama and the left is selling. If there is a silent majority, it is probably all the additional uber low information voters the Democrats didn't manage to drag out to the polls during early voting.

No, we are going to have to make a conservative stand, make sure the public knows what we stand for, and be ready to pick up the pieces. The time for fighting will be only if real Marxists try to seize power when our economic house of cards falls. The dependent classes will not want to accept that the gravy train is over, so that is when the real danger arrives. But that is down the road and only one of many possible scenarios. Ideally we make our stand for conservative principles and win democratically when things go to heck in a hand basket.

38 posted on 11/13/2012 4:03:08 PM PST by Longbow1969
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