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Egyptian Sheik Calls to Destroy Pyramids, Tax Christians, Says: Bin Laden Greater than Saladin
MEMRI TV ^ | November 10-13, 2012 | Dream 2 TV (Egypt)

Posted on 11/15/2012 8:00:22 AM PST by DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

Following are excerpts from a show featuring Egyptian Salafi Sheikh Murgan Salem, which aired on Dream 2 TV, on November 10 and 13, 2012.

Murgan Salem: They must pay the jizya poll tax. They cannot be exempted.

TV host Wael Al-Abrashi: You mean the Christians...?

Murgan Salem: I'll tell you, just bear with me. Yes, this should be one of the sources of income of the state. The Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians are welcome to live in the Abode of Islam, as long as they pay the jizya poll tax, and abide by the terms set by the Emir of the Believers, who rules the country.

Wael Al-Abrashi: What if they serve in the military?

Murgan Salem: They don’t need to. We will defend them. We will defend them.


Wael Al-Abrashi: When you say that you will destroy the statues, the Sphinx, and the pyramids, just like you destroyed the Buddha statues in Afghanistan – isn't this a cause for fear?

Murgan Salem: What is there to be afraid of?

Journalist Nabil Sharaf al-Din: This is a universal heritage. It doesn't belong only to you.

Murgan Salem: Let me ask you a question: Why are you afraid of shattering these idols? Do you worship these idols?

Nabil Sharaf al-Din: No sir, but this is a universal heritage that must be respected.


Wael Al-Abrashi: If you were in power, you would destroy the Sphinx, the pyramids, and all the Pharonic statues and antiquities?

Murgan Salem: All pagan statues and monuments – whether they are worshipped now or there is fear that they will be worshipped again, even if by a single person in the world – must be destroyed by us or others.


Wael Al-Abrashi: You met Osama Bin Laden in [Afghanistan]. You worked with him and fought with him.

Murgan Salem: First of all, I won't allow anyone to say "Osama Bin Laden" without the title "Sheikh".

Wael Al-Abrashi: Fine, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden. That's your call.

Murgan Salem: Sheikh Bin Laden is one of the greatest leaders of the Muslims to this day. I consider Sheikh Osama Bin Laden to be greater than Saladin. Saladin had supporters in his day...

Wael Al-Abrashi: Sheikh Morgan, don't get me worked up...

Murgan Salem: Okay, I won't. Let me explain. When Saladin wanted to liberate the Islamic world and expel the Tatars, there were emirates and armies that, although they were weak, supported him. Bin Laden had no supporters. Everybody was against him.

Wael Al-Abrashi: And you consider the killing of innocent women and children to be a glorious deed?

Murgan Salem: Sheikh Osama Bin Laden did not kill a single innocent woman or child who was a Muslim. Who says Sheik Osama killed innocent people? Where exactly?


This [Buddha] statue was worshipped by over 800 million people in the world – in the Koreas, Japan, Burma, Thailand, part of the Philippines, much of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They are all Buddhists, who worship Buddha, a god other than Allah. This statue was worshipped rather than Allah. Its destruction was not an act of destroying a universal heritage. We have no respect for idols that are worshipped instead of Allah.


If I were president of Egypt, I would have destroyed those idols, whether worshipped or not. This is the law of the Prophet Muhammad.


Three ministries must be abolished. The Ministry of Tourism is the first one. This ministry is based on prostitution and depravity...

Wael Al-Abrashi: Sheikh Murgan, it seems that you want to close the country, and turn it into darkness. No tourist would come here. Do you want to destroy this country's economy?

Murgan Salem: I want to purify the economy.


Anyone who thinks what I am saying is an exaggeration...

Wael Al-Abrashi: You want to destroy the pyramids and the Sphinx. Can there be anything more exaggerated than that?

Murgan Salem: This exaggeration is in keeping with the shari'a...

Wael Al-Abrashi: What more would you like to destroy? Would you fill up the Nile with earth? Are we to wake up tomorrow morning and hear a fatwa about filling up the Nile?

Murgan Salem: We will dig another river for you, Allah willing.


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Video at link

1 posted on 11/15/2012 8:00:26 AM PST by DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

Well, the world has no shortage of a*****es.

2 posted on 11/15/2012 8:11:10 AM PST by pieceofthepuzzle
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

Just another benign religion of peace, teaching tolerance and acceptance of others.

Radical Islam has come completely out of the shadows, now unafraid to reveal its true nature. It is a cancer upon the civilized, have we become too fat and lazy to defend ourselves against domination and eventual annihilation?

3 posted on 11/15/2012 8:13:49 AM PST by Tigerized ("..and whack 'em, and whack 'em, and whack 'em!' cried the Toad in ecstasy." (also my 2012 strategy))
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To: pieceofthepuzzle

pieceofthepuzzle~:” Well, the world has no shortage of a*****es. “

Maybe the rest of us “infidels” should get more ‘Preparation H’ and ‘Vasoline’ to get along with the Religion of Peace” . NOT !

4 posted on 11/15/2012 8:17:47 AM PST by Tilted Irish Kilt ("You cannot strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong." Abraham Lincoln)
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

After standing for thousands of years it will be ironic for the pyramids to be blown up by Johnny-come-lately Muzzies.

5 posted on 11/15/2012 8:18:53 AM PST by luvbach1 (The late, great United States)
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

“I consider Sheikh Osama Bin Laden to be greater than Saladin.”

Words fail me...

6 posted on 11/15/2012 8:19:46 AM PST by DemforBush (100% Ex-Democrat.)
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

I suspect that the good Imam has no knowledge of the amount explosives required to take down one pyramid. About the cost of Egypt’s annual GDP.

Good luck with that.

7 posted on 11/15/2012 8:33:54 AM PST by buffaloguy
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

So the European government is going to send 62 billion dollars from bankrupt countries to a country that hates them.

8 posted on 11/15/2012 8:37:20 AM PST by I want the USA back
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

That zebibah in the middle of his forehead needs enlarging.

With a ten pound sledgehammer.

If the Egyptian government issued a statement like “Don’t listen to this fool, he’s nuts”, there might be hope for the new order. But they won’t.

9 posted on 11/15/2012 8:54:51 AM PST by elcid1970 ("The Second Amendment is more important than Islam.")
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

Way to go Baraaki. Let’s usher in the End times you Boob!

10 posted on 11/15/2012 8:56:59 AM PST by crazydad (-` sd)
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis
When Saladin wanted to liberate the Islamic world and expel the Tatars

Moron doesn't even know his own history.

By the Tatars I assume he means the forces we generally call the Mongols.

Saladin died in 1193. Genghis was proclaimed khan of all Mongols in 1206. The Mongols started their invasion of Muslim lands in 1219, and for some time were tied up in what is now Central Asia and Iran.

If Saladin ever even heard of the Mongols/Tatars, they were certainly not something he was concerned about.

11 posted on 11/15/2012 9:15:33 AM PST by Sherman Logan
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To: luvbach1

I hope they do blow up the pyramids. Then stupid american tourists will stop wasting money on people who hate us.

12 posted on 11/15/2012 9:49:56 AM PST by Josa
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To: DemforBush

i consider obama’s buddies, aka islamists, more evil than the nazis.

13 posted on 11/15/2012 10:08:09 AM PST by bravo whiskey
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To: Tigerized
destroy it all you insane stone age animals....

destroy the pyramids and all of it....

maybe someday you'll actually piss off the hollowood crowd....maybe not...

14 posted on 11/15/2012 10:24:43 AM PST by cherry
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Note: this topic is from 11/15/2012. Thanks DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis.

15 posted on 02/24/2015 2:11:03 PM PST by SunkenCiv (What do we want? REGIME CHANGE! When do we want it? NOW!)
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