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(Vanity) Twenty-Five Things I'd Most Like To Say To A Student In A Liberal University
My ruminating | November 15, 2012 | D.M. Ryan

Posted on 11/15/2012 5:02:54 PM PST by danielmryan

  1. "When you hear a group of people described as 'bigoted,' 'prejudiced', 'haters' or something similar, you would be wise to ask a test question. Raise your hand and ask, 'Bigotry has been generally frowned upon for decades. Clearly, bigotry is not in anyone's self-interest. So why would these people be bigoted if it's clearly against their interest?' Consider the response you get. Is it a plain or cleverly-constructed dismissal out of hand? Even if laced with pity? But what you should watch out for is verbal hostility. If you hear hostile words, even if expressed engagingly, avoid that person. That goes double for laced-in slander."

  2. "If you don't get a chance to ask the test question, or get a substantive answer, make a note to yourself to check it out. Find a forum frequented by those 'bigoted' people and post this question: 'Someone I know says you guys have gripes. Could you explain what they are and why you have them?' If you get answers that are bigoted, hostile or something similar, your professor was right on that one. If you get real complaints, especially ones girded by facts and logic, your professor's pegging is doubtful."

  3. "Getting the other side of the story is what the Internet is made for."

  4. "Social networking is always good for fetching out a second opinion."

  5. "Professors are people of words and ideas. Consequently, they think more highly of skill with words and ideas than most others. They also tend to have a lower opinion of the doer than most others. In most cases, this is just pride in their jobs: a harmless affectation. But in some cases, you'll bump into someone that actively despises people of action. Beware: that type is a user, particularly when it comes to politicking. If you like implementing, you'll be sized up by that type as easy to use."

  6. "Professors are more sheltered than most. As a result, they tend to be blind to their unknown unknowns. When you find yourself being drawn into a compelling narrative, remind yourself that you're swallowing the blind spots along with the narrative."

  7. "In the working world, Blamer bosses or superiors often make life miserable for their subordinates. They're notorious for proclaiming, 'Oh, I'll never blame you!' and later reneging. Remember this well in case you encounter a Blamer professor."

  8. "There are no saints in the university system. What appears to be saintly is politically childlike."

  9. "Be skeptical of advertised 'critical thinking.' Any so-called critical thinkers are likely shrewd positioners. Their ostensibly critical stance against an outside society, which they keep their distance from, likely conceals a tune. Keep an ear peeled for 'it's too idealistic' as a criticism. That's the same as a job interviewee saying, 'My biggest weak point is that I work too hard!'

  10. "Professors who are open slanderers are expressing opinions that the mainstream professoriate and the administrators like to hear. The other types are weeded out early. What this mean is: if you complain about it, you'll at best be patted on the head. At worst, you yourself will be hauled before a kangaroo court."

  11. "Don't argue with a professor, even if (s)he's both wrong and slimy. Even if you win, you'll be remembered as argumentative."

  12. "Winning by browbeating is really losing later. Take this maxim to heart - and measure everyone in the university by it, even if they're too sheltered by the university to lose later. Had they not been so protected, they would."

  13. "If you hear someone say 'x is stupid', it would be wise of you to think 'you're a fool.'"

  14. "Just as a Puritan with a science degree is still a Puritan, a fool with a laurel wreath of awards and accolades is still a fool."

  15. "A prejudice expressed rationally, politely and engagingly is still a prejudice."

  16. "It is a dangerous delusion to assume that the ID stamp of prejudice is excessive emotion."

  17. "Internal consistency - a narrative that never bites its own tail - is not a substitute for squaring with facts. When you come across an argument that's 100% unimpeachable on its own terms, ask yourself: 'Am I being sucked in?'"

  18. "Everyone that's anyone in the academy looks down on 'dogmatism'. Therefore, any dogmatist there will be known as something else, likely laudatory."

  19. "Is your professor charismatic? If so, then he or she sizes people up in terms of loyalty to his or her worldview. This predilection will not be openly admitted to you unless you're especially trustworthy. Best to find out in advance what that worldview consists of."

  20. "It has been said that attractive people have an easier life because others cut them more slack. In the university, charm and brains are attractive. It would be savvy of you to find out what else there is considered attractive, because that's where more slack will be cut."

  21. "If you bump into engaging activists, take some time to find out what qualities it takes to become a master salesperson. See if you recognize those same techniques in the activists."

  22. "You'll likely encounter someone who tells someone else to look in the mirror. That type of person rarely leads by example."

  23. "Being overly anxious not to offend is sometimes called 'subtle racism.'"

  24. "How to tell the charitable from the busybody: genuinely charitable people don't mind helping out anonymously and alone. They also don't mind others who help out anonymously and alone. Prayer belongs in this category."

  25. "You always have the right to remain noncommittal. Sometimes this requires lending a sympathetic ear and/or speaking hypothetically, particularly to the passionate, but no-one has the right to compel you to commit to anything."

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KEYWORDS: liberal; liberalbias; professors; university; vanity
These items may seem tepid to some, but they're constructed to avoid a trap. In the liberal academy, "bigoted"/"prejudiced" ofttimes really means outspoken, opinionated and/or disagreeable (particularly with the liberal agenda.) If you end up looking like you came on too strong, your words will end up getting dismissed out of hand - even if you're pegged as someone well-intentioned but honestly mistaken.
1 posted on 11/15/2012 5:03:02 PM PST by danielmryan
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To: danielmryan

does talking even accomplish anything anymore?

2 posted on 11/15/2012 5:11:12 PM PST by ColdOne (I miss my poochie... Tasha 2000~3/14/11 0bie don' t eatl my dog!)
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To: danielmryan

Good luck ever paying off those student loans working at McDonalds, Starbucks or JC Penney. Might want to join the military so they’ll pay it off for you.

3 posted on 11/15/2012 5:12:45 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet (You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.)
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To: danielmryan

I would say; Thank you very much for voting to inherit all of the baby boomer’s debt and pay their entitlements !!!

4 posted on 11/15/2012 5:24:16 PM PST by Kid Shelleen (Beat your plowshares into swords. Let the weak say I am strong)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Who wants to serve in Obama’s military? Not now....
5 posted on 11/15/2012 5:25:45 PM PST by averagemo
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To: danielmryan
This is good advice.

I would say, but my experience is dated, that engineering and physical science professors are mostly covert conservatives. This may have changed, but I don't think so. I will check with some of my young collegues.

6 posted on 11/15/2012 5:51:33 PM PST by The_Media_never_lie (Actually, they lie when it suits them! The crooked MS media must be defeated any way it can be done!)
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To: averagemo
Who wants to serve in Obama’s military?

You mean you don't want to risk your life to defend Obamacare and free birth control? Or are you just a homophobe?

Your attitude does not befit a servant of the state.

7 posted on 11/15/2012 5:53:54 PM PST by TChad
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To: danielmryan

This Music major likes.

8 posted on 11/15/2012 6:03:10 PM PST by real saxophonist (Stay In The Fight)
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To: danielmryan

I always inform them (especially if they are arrogant and snotty), that I have worked and saved and am comfortable now and will be regardless of what happens in the future. I give you my deepest sympathy because you have little more than an attitude, lots of student debt, little or no future and will have to live with the Food Stamp President’s damage to our country for decades. Now, I will have fries with that chicken sandwich and be quick about it!

9 posted on 11/15/2012 6:10:02 PM PST by RetiredTexasVet (The law of unintended consequences is an unforgiving and vindictive b!tch!)
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To: danielmryan

Liberal girl: Can I ask you somethin’?
BayouRanger: What?
Liberal girl: What - Oh, what does Coyote Ugly mean?
BayouRanger: Did you ever wake up sober after a one night stand, and the person you’re next to is layin’ on your arm, and they’re so ugly, you’d rather chew off your arm then risk waking ‘em? That’s coyote ugly.
Liberal girl: My God. But, why would you name your me somethin’ like that?
BayouRanger: Oh, because you’re Coyote Ugly.

10 posted on 11/15/2012 6:15:27 PM PST by bayouranger (The 1st victim of islam is the person who practices the lie.)
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To: danielmryan

The white young liberals around about to find out the reality of left wing racism and hate. They are going to be harmed as the left “progresses” in the power to systematically discriminate based on diversity race hate doctrines.

11 posted on 11/15/2012 6:15:43 PM PST by SaraJohnson
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To: The_Media_never_lie
Thanks! It's geared towards students who take the university's branding at face value - i.e.: as a place where you learn how to think, not what to think. Part of it is intended to inoculate against being swept away by ideologies of any sort.

Back in '09, my father told me something that one of his stockbroker friends told him: "If you've found the perfect hedge, something's wrong" For all I know, my original post is an extended riff on it.

12 posted on 11/15/2012 6:32:20 PM PST by danielmryan
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To: real saxophonist
Glad to hear it. Please forgive my unmusical reference to tune-singing :)
13 posted on 11/15/2012 6:36:39 PM PST by danielmryan
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To: danielmryan

This list is pointless.
I’d invite them to my house, along with a Gold Star mom, a Blue Star mom, and two recently returned veterans, one man and one woman, from Iraq and Afghanistan. I would advise the student to be respectful, and act cordially, “since y’all are in MY house”. After introductions, I would excuse myself to get the coffee and the treats, and let the moms and veterans control the situation. I believe that the kid will have so much of an earful, that they will never believe a professor, again.

14 posted on 11/15/2012 7:08:18 PM PST by Terry L Smith
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To: danielmryan


15 posted on 11/15/2012 9:51:04 PM PST by peggybac (Hope and Change has become Divide and Conquer)
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To: peggybac
16 posted on 11/16/2012 6:18:18 AM PST by danielmryan
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