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To: Gabz
When I was getting benefits for food through an EBT card I couldn't buy any of those things. Now that I am no longer getting such benefits I am giving to my local Food Bank again.

There is an EBT that allows them to draw money from it like an ATM for a cash stipend; this is in addition to the food stamp benefit. These cards get used at places like cruise ships, casinos, strip clubs, liquor stores etc.

It is hard to feel sorry for a population (LA) that overwhelmingly votes itself more "benefits" forced from the taxpayer at gun point and then wants empathy for its woes.

This on top of a city/state that prides itself in being a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrant parasites.

"Any man that will not work, than neither shall he eat."

I have no problems donating to charity. I have no problems helping the poor. I have handed out money the world over, personally walked homeless into restaurants and ordered them food. I have also made sandwiches in my own home and provided them to a vagrant passing through my neighborhood; I also provided him with a change of clothes.

However, I DO have a problem when you steal 35% or more of the money from my wallet and then bitch and moan it isn't enough.

If that makes me stingy and greedy well TFB. I grew up piss ass poor in a trailer park; my step-mother worked a minimum wage job in a hardware store and my dad drove truck and did odd jobs between runs. We didn't eat the best of food, but we never went hungry and we never got a handout. And I worked for every last thing I have.

I still remember the day a few years back standing in a grocery store counting out my cash and trying to figure the most amount of baby food I could buy with the $8 in my pocket, so I would stay on budget and not withdraw more cash if I didn't need to. Especially since it was the end of the year and the "property tax" on the vehicles I already owned and paid taxes on had just come due and I wasn't expecting them to be as high as they were.

I approached the register. There was a girl in front of me that was my age. She was impatient when she ordered the clerk to "look again" under the register for more baby formula. Waiting was a terrible inconvenience to her and the TEN cans of formula on the counter were apparently not enough. After several more comments and dramatic gestures to insure the other customers were full aware of her displeasure she could not get the full number of cans she wanted.............she produced her WIC vouchers.

It totaled out to nearly $200 in formula. And here I was in line trying to be frugal and not withdraw more (OF MY) money than I needed to, wondering how I was going to budget to pay for the property taxes that were nearly $300 more than I was expecting; due the week before Christmas.

The fact is we have made being poor an incentive. Eventually the productive come to a point where enough is enough.

1st World problems of infertility? Hell the best fertility drugs in America are EBT and WIC.

I get that some people fall on hard times, but charity is not at the point of a gun and it makes it that much harder to give when the rest of the time it is forced.

They want benefits? Try voting for candidates that will give the BENEFIT of lower taxes for employers so they will be able to BENEFIT you with a JOB instead of the fruits from someone else.

Then more folks will find it easier to be more charitable again.

37 posted on 11/19/2012 6:21:21 PM PST by Repeat Offender (While the wicked stand confounded, call me with Thy Saints surrounded.)
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To: Repeat Offender

Well said. People equate welfare with charity or morality. It is not moral or charitable to promote dependence and sloth among an entire subsection of the population. It is not moral or charitable to forcibly take from producers and give to those who will not do for themselves.

67 posted on 11/20/2012 11:21:37 AM PST by opus86
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