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An Ambassador's Fate: Global Elites, U.S. Dept of State and a Kid - [Benghazi MEPI Series]
Vanity | 11/25/2012 | Self

Posted on 11/25/2012 3:42:49 PM PST by PieterCasparzen

The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI),, lists "Developing Civil Society" as one of the "things it does".

Under "Where We Work", they list: Algeria Bahrain Egypt Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya Morocco Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Tunisia United Arab Emirates West Bank & Gaza Yemen

Of course, Benghazi is in Libya, so it appears that MEPI is not hiding the fact that they work in Libya, but proudly telling the world on their website.

And you thought the U.S. Senate had to approve all Treaties and therefore had the duty of overseeing U.S. foreign relations. Overseeing ? More like overlooking.


Today's installment of the MEPI series starts back in 1982. President Reagan, in an address to the U.K. Parlaiment, eloquently stated:

"The objective I propose is quite simple to state: to foster the infrastructure of democracy, the system of a free press, unions, political parties, universities, which allows a people to choose their own way to develop their own culture, to reconcile their own differences through peaceful means."

Undoubtedly unions were tossed into the mix to gain the support of Democrats. By 1983, the National Endowment for Democracy was formed as a non-profit organization that would receive funding from USAID of the State Department and be structured as a grant-making foundation that would distribute it's funds to private non-governmental organizations for the purpose of developing democracies abroad. Of course, in those days, this was targeted towards the USSR sphere of influence, but under President George W. Bush, this organization's focus was shifted towards the middle east.

Meanwhile, however, during the 1990's, George Soros was beginning to implement his own visions of how to "save the world", and part of his strategy was to make all the use he could of government resources in supporting his efforts. Of course, all he had to do was set up non-governmental organizations with vaguely the same aim of "promoting democracy", and his organizations could qualify for grant money. Not being a cheap fellow when it comes to his schemes, however, this is not the core of his purpose, getting at government funds. Actually the reverse works quite well for his purposes - his organizations can liberally spread around money to fund organizations that are working with what are essentially State Department-backed efforts. This of course, affords him influence and the ability to place his staff everywhere there is action going on, and his staff is then in the driver's seat.

Certainly the ultimate coup was when the like-minded Obama was elected President. Not surprisingly, Obama quickly appointed the longtime friend Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, which, in essence, places the State Department, and consequently, USAID, at Soros' disposal.

Ergo, we come to MEPI; remember ? It's a State Department program.

MEPI describes it's mission thusly:

"MEPI's mission is to create vibrant partnerships between America and the citizens of the Middle East and North Africa to empower them to build more pluralistic, participatory, and prosperous societies throughout the region.

Partnership is more than a slogan of the Obama Administration; it is a foundational principle of U.S. diplomacy. President Obama and Secretary Clinton have made partnership a cornerstone of our engagement with Muslim communities, and it is the guiding principle of MEPI. Partnerships between the U.S., the private sector and non-governmental organizations of the Middle East and North Africa are facilitated by MEPI's work in the region.

Ultimately, MEPI seeks to transform the U.S. relationship with citizens of the Middle East and North Africa. Through MEPI projects, we want citizens to view the United States as a partner in their efforts to create positive changes in their own societies."


So here were can't help but wonder - if we look at Soros' Mideast operations, and MEPI, do we find a nexus ?

Let's meet Anthony Richter. One of his several titles is Director, Middle East North Africa Initiatives, Open Society Institute, a title that reads like Chief of the Minions in the Mideast.
Anthony's picture - when will they scrub it ?

Wow, what an OSI resume:

Associate Director, Open Society Institute
January 2004 – Present (8 years 11 months)

Member, International Board, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
2010 – Present (2 years)

Chairman, Governing Board, Revenue Watch Institute
2007 – Present (5 years) New York, NY

Director, Middle East North Africa Initiatives (MENA), Open Society Institute
2003 – Present (9 years)

Publisher, EurasiaNet
September 2000 – April 2012 (11 years 8 months)

Director, Central Eurasia Project, Open Society Institute
June 1996 – April 2012 (15 years 11 months)

Special Advisor to the President, Open Society Institute
January 1993 – June 1996 (3 years 6 months)

Executive Director, Soros Foundation -- Soviet Union, Open Society Institute
1991 – 1993 (2 years) New York, NY

Program Officer, Soros Foundation -- Soviet Union, Open Society Institute
February 1988 – 1991 (3 years) New York, NY

**** end of experience section
Now what about education ?

New York University
Eastern Language Consortium, Intensive Persian I & II
2002 – 2003

Columbia University in the City of New York
M.A., Slavic Languages and Literatures
1984 – 1987

Wesleyan University
B.A., Russian Language and Literature
1980 – 1984

**** end of education section

Now that's downright fascinating. Mr. Richter apparently learned Russian well enough in college that he was able to work in the Soviet practice of George's OSI. What a stroke of luck that he majored in Russian Language and Literature.

On his LinkedIn account he claims to speak Russian, Persian and French.

He's also associated with the Hunter College High School. I don't know if he was a student there, but he claims an association with them on LinkedIn.

I wonder - did George raise Anthony from a pup ? Anthony did "get in on the ground floor", for sure. Must be cool to read Soros plans in Russian.

Here is the longtime faithful employee Anthony's bio at Open Society:

Anthony's bio

Be sure to stop by his organization Revenue Watch Institute to check out the list of board members...

Revenue Watch Board of Directors

But can we put our finger on an example of Director Anthony Richter's MENA efforts in North Africa ?


Let's spin by Tunisia, where the news media tells us "it all began".

We find an example of a youth-led organization hoping to make positive changes in Tunisia, a group that calls themselves SAWTY. SAWTY was founded by Mariem Masmoudi, who was a student at UNC-Chapel Hill on December 17, 2010, a Senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in Political Science & Religious Studies, the day that Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Sidi Bouzid Tunisia. She is no ordinary student, however. Her father, Radwan Masmoudi, is Founder & President of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy in Washington, DC.

UNC-Chapel Hill is home to the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations. Just a quick sampling reveals Soros connections at the Carolina Center. I'll just pick a quick one as an example, but mind you, this was the first person I looked at. John Pickles (ex officio), Chair, International Studies Advisory Board, is undoubtedly familiar with, if not affiliated with, the Soros network. He co-edited the book "Theorizing Transition: The Political Economy of Change in Central and Eastern Europe"; Joanna Regulska wrote a chapter for the book. Joanna was a director of programs at Central European University (which reportedly received an endowment of some $800 million from Soros) and received Open Society Fellowships. One could peruse the rest of the Advisory Board of UNC-Chapel Hill's Carolina Center for other Soros connections and no doubt come up with a few more. Clearly, this Center is one of many academic outposts in the U.S of the "moderate muslim" propaganda efforts that Soros and many other influential NGO's have been undertaking for the past couple decades.

So young Mariem, in her account published here on tumblr says:

"After much debate with my parents, I withdrew from UNC during my last semester before graduation, and decided to travel to Tunisia to donate my time & energy in the service of my native country."

With a father as founder and President of a DC-based Islamic society, she should, in theory, have little difficulty in finding resources from U.S. government sources and from NGOs they partner with. She makes an interesting entry on February 18, 2011:

"With SAWTY, I am Chief Communications Officer and Co-Founder, and as such have met with representatives of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) the President and Cabinet of el-Nahdha (the Renaissance) Political Party, Tunisian civil society activists and respected journalists, et al. Making important contacts and benefitting from their knowledge, expertise, and insight is a big part of what SAWTY is, and we are already well on our way to making a real name for ourselves."


Incidentally, the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations does accept some help wanted advertising - it is important, to be sure, that graduates can find jobs. Oddly enough, as if we needed more evidence of Soros connections, OSF-MENA (Anthony Richter's MENA) is looking for a new director for their Arab Regional Office, based in Amman, Jordan.

You can read the job posting at the site (it's a site chock-full of moderation you might find enlightening): Open Society Foundations | Middle East-North Africa Initiatives (Mena)/ Director for Arab Regional Office or just view the text here:

Open Society Foundations | Middle East-North Africa Initiatives (Mena)/ Director for Arab Regional Office

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. To achieve its mission, OSF seeks to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights. On a local level, OSF implements a range of initiatives to advance justice, education, public health, and independent media. At the same time, OSF builds alliances across borders and continents on issues such as corruption and freedom of information. OSF places a high priority on protecting and improving the lives of marginalized people and communities.

Investor and philanthropist George Soros in 1993 created OSF as a private operating and grantmaking foundation to support his foundations in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Those foundations were established, starting in 1984, to help countries make the transition from communism. OSF has expanded the activities of the Soros foundations network to encompass the United States and more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Each Soros foundation relies on the expertise of boards composed of eminent citizens who determine individual agendas based on local priorities.

The Middle East-North Africa Initiatives (MENA) is a program of the Open Society Institute dedicated to exploring possibilities for developing civil society in the countries of the region. Reporting to the Associate Director of OSF, and with the guidance of an Advisory Board, the Director of the Amman-based Arab Regional Office (ARO) would take primary responsibility for developing the grant-making portfolio and engaging in related advocacy and public information activities.

Work with AD and the Advisory Board to help develop comprehensive strategies for the region.
Implement existing comprehensive strategies under AD’s guidance, and provide programmatic and logistical assistance to the OSF’s Network Programs engaged in the region.
Expand the ARO grant portfolio, and develop cooperative projects with partner organizations.
Review and evaluate grant proposals, letters, and reports of various ARO grantees.
Conduct necessary correspondence with grantees at all stages of grant process.
Prepare grant docket for review.
Plan and develop annual budget for the ARO in conjunction with AD.
Evaluate annual budgets and strategies, monthly transaction reports, audit reports, and various other legal and grant documentation.
Under supervision of AD and with the guidance of the Advisory Board, develop, execute, and coordinate special projects as required. Provide occasional program and administrative support to other projects.
Monitor civil society and NGO development in priority sectors of the region.
Work with communication and advocacy teams to develop messaging, advocacy strategies, and web content.
Communicate with the public, media and other relevant bodies.
Supervise the work of program and administrative staff and oversee the day to day administrative functioning of the office.
Ensures that the ARO is in compliance with local laws and regulations, and with OSI policies and directives.
Other projects and responsibilities, as directed.

Grant Management
Conduct Pre-grant inquiries for all grant applicants.
Monitor grantees, provide reporting guidelines, review interim and final financial and narrative reports.
Work alongside OSI-NY Grants Management (GM) Department to ensure all grantees are in compliance with U.S. law and GM requirements.

Prepare ARO budget in collaboration with AD and departmental staff; review budget variance reports on a regular basis.
Work alongside OSF-NY and Budapest Finance Departments to ensure all ARO budgeting and accounting is in compliance with OSF Finance Department requirements.

Work with Legal Department to ensure all programmatic activity is compliant with U.S. law; work with local lawyers in region (in conjunction with OSF-NY Legal Department) to ensure local compliance.
Review contracts, legal memoranda, etc. for ARO as necessary, in conjunction with AD.

Compose consultancy contracts and ensure that payments are processed and sent in a timely manner.
Engage in research and other projects as needed. Assist AD with relevant projects upon request.

Advanced degree, Masters or above;
Extensive knowledge and experience in Middle East and North Africa;
Experience working with NGOs, international organizations, and/or grant-making institutions;
Fluency in Arabic;
Excellent organizational skills, particularly the ability to effectively manage and compile disparate pieces of data.

Start Date: ASAP; Compensation: Commensurate with experience.

To Apply: Please email resume and cover letter with salary requirements before August 31, 2012, to: Include job code in subject line:ARO-MENA OR Open Society Institute, Human Resources – Code ARO-MENA, 400 West 59th Street, New York NY 10019 (fax: 212 548-4675). No phone calls, please.The Open Society Foundations is an Equal Opportunity Employer. By Christopher Wallace | Posted on: July 23, 2012 at 8:37 pm | Posted in Jobs (2012-2013) | Comments Off


Mariem's SAWTY post mentioned that they worked with the National Democratic Institute

On the WHO WE WORK WITH page, one of the categories is Civic Organizations. You will find that it has been scrubbed, however. And with good reason; five organizations were listed there at the time when the Tunisian revolution was beginning - GONG, Transparencia (Peru), European Institute for Democracy (EID), PACT (Haiti), Common Cause International.

Many corporations, universities, governments and NGOs (of course, including the Soros network), of course, have ties to these "Civic Organizations".

For example, just PACT and GONG...


PACT shows, as it's "partners"...
Australian Agency for International Development
British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Canada (DFAIT)
Department for International Development (DFID, UK)
Government of Norway
Government of Southern Sudan
Royal Danish Embassy
Swedish International Development Cooperation
Agency (SIDA)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
US Agency for International Development (USAID)
US Department of Labor
US Department of State
World Bank Group
World Food Programme (WFP)
World Health Organization (WHO)

Open Society Forum
Population Services International
Institute of International Education
Salvation Army World Service
Management Systems International
Action Aid
National Democratic Institute
Nike Foundation
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Oak Foundation
AngloGold Ashanti
Oxfam America
Anvil Mining
Packard Foundation
Chevron Foundation
Clinton Foundation
Tenke Fungurume Mining
Danish Church Aid
Development Alternatives, Inc.
Wildlife Conservation Society
Elton John Foundation
World Wildlife Fund
Family Health International
Ford Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Foundation Ensemble
Frontier Mines
Geneva Global
US Department of State
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
International Union for Conservation of Nature
Johns Hopkins University
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Pact also thanks the more than 12,000 local organizations with which we partner around the world. *******************************************************************************

GONG shows this on their donor page:


GONG is a non-profit organization, reliant upon support and donations from many generous donors both from the Croatian community and international community, without whose support it would not be possible for GONG to fulfill its goals and tasks.

Finances are managed according to legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia. GONG regurally publishes its annual financial reports.

Domestic donors (in the last three years):
- Government of Croatia
- Local government and self-government (Zagreb, Rijeka, Primorje - Gorski Kotar County, etc)
- National Foundation for Civil Society Development
- Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
- Ministry of Family Affairs, War Veterans and Intergeneration Solidarity
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations
- Croatian National Television and numerous private TV and radio stations
- A number of large and small companies, institutions and citizens who have provided GONG with goods in kind, special discounts, material donations and volunteer work.

Foreign donors (in the last three years):
- Embassy of the United States,
- Balkan Trust for Democracy,
- European Commission,
- European Union,
- Dutch Embassy,
- Norwegian Embassy,
- Open Society Institute,
- OSCE Mission to Croatia.

The raw information here, all linked to the State Department's MEPI brand name, shows yet again that NGOs, governments and jihadis all think they are using each other to get what they want in the mideast.

MEPI appears to be an agency whose very definition is based on policies that not only are failing spectacularly but are being pushed into the American government by people who are unelected, virtually unknown to the general public, yet extremely influential.

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: globaleast; globalelites; hillary; mepi; middleeast; soros

1 posted on 11/25/2012 3:42:57 PM PST by PieterCasparzen
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To: PieterCasparzen

Look up THE INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP and see who is on their board.

2 posted on 11/25/2012 4:03:07 PM PST by blueunicorn6 ("A crack shot and a good dancer")
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To: alpo; newheart; DuncanWaring


3 posted on 11/25/2012 4:04:55 PM PST by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves.)
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To: Truth2012; Lazamataz; RobertClark; SatinDoll; Graewoulf; Alex Murphy; Steve Newton; Morgana; ...


I have list for posts providing research on The State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) for those who want on it.

4 posted on 11/25/2012 4:08:55 PM PST by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves.)
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To: PieterCasparzen

How are all our bought-and-paid-for Middle East “friends” going to feel when we outcompete them and drive down prices in the oil and gas business? Or will our government prevent that from happening, in the name of friendship?

5 posted on 11/25/2012 4:23:21 PM PST by AZLiberty (No tag today.)
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To: AZLiberty

I think you answered your own question.

Obama’s task was to simply prevent drilling to the extent that he can without doing something too crazy. Accordingly, he’s shut down drilling on Federal lands as much as he can.

6 posted on 11/25/2012 4:37:00 PM PST by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves.)
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To: AZLiberty; PieterCasparzen
How are all our bought-and-paid-for Middle East “friends” going to feel when we outcompete them and drive down prices in the oil and gas business? Or will our government prevent that from happening, in the name of friendship?

They'll do it in the name of protecting the environ-mint while turning a healthy profit on both the mitigation "market" and the high prices induced by restrictions on production.

7 posted on 11/25/2012 4:45:36 PM PST by Carry_Okie (The Slave Party: advancing indenture since 1787.)
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