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To: Noumenon; bang_list
The names and addresses of these monsters, along with their intent, need wide distribution and publication. A nice interactive map of type so beloved of gun-hating liberals would do the trick.

We need to start a webpage called, or something to that effect that has a profile on every anti-civil Rights (anti-gun) zealot with so much information on them that they will squirm when they see it...such as their home and work address, wives workplace (down to which cubicle), daycare/church activities, kid's dorm room # and class schedule, favorite restaurant, walks in the park, where they take their pets to be vaccinated, doctor's office, CPA office, license plates, deeds, investments, 2nd homes, RVs, boats, airplanes, floor plans of their homes,....all with photos, GPS coordinates, and time date stamps where people can update their whereabouts and activites.

I mean, I am looking at right now and it wouldn't be that hard to get people with mobile devices to log in and leave information on each of these gungrabbers. Just substitute gas stations with known-gun grabber.

We need them to know that we not only know where they stand, but also that we know where they live and operate in order to infringe on our God-given rights.

They of course would be removed from the website when they buy their first Title 2 firearm, or become lifetime members to the GOA, JPFO, JBS, RNCC, RNC, GOP, and NRA;)

18 posted on 02/14/2013 12:54:41 PM PST by DCBryan1 (Dear Congress Critter: Help create jobs and support RKBA by repealing 18 USC 922 (o).)
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To: DCBryan1

“We don’t organize. Who were you organized with in the last week? Nobody. You can’t get sold out if no
one knows what you’re doing. We use the Internet, and electronic bulletin boards. We get the message out,
about who the targets are, and how easy it is to kill them and get away with it when working alone.

“We don’t have to get much participation, Henry. Hell, take that figure of five million I used before, which
I think maybe low. If only one out of every five thousand thinks it’s a good plan, and pops one fed, don’t
you think a thousand dead ATF agents would get these guys to revise their priorities?”

“Let’s see if I’ve got your plan straight, here. You want to log onto th e Internet, or a bunch of bulletin
boards, or both. Anonymously, of course. Then you want to issue an ‘Immediate Release’ to all ATF and
government offices.” Henry thought a moment, then went on.

“It’ll say something like, ‘ATF, you’ve had your fun and up ‘til now your only risk has been a letter in your
file or a few days of paid suspension. That’s over. Thousands of decent American citizens are in prison or
dead because they didn’t fill out a line on one of your stupid forms, or a piece of wood or metal was longer
or shorter than you said it should be, or some other stupid thing. No more. The party’s over.’” Henry
thought a moment. “Won’t do much good to kill the janitors in the federal buildings, so let’s put a limit on
our ultimatum, say, GS-7.” He went back to his announcer’s voice.

“’From now on, any ATF employee with a Government Service classification of GS-7 or higher is a party
to the treason the ATF has committed and is now subject to execution, as are all ATF informants. No

“’Second, any judge who upholds any gun law shall also be guilty of treason and subject to execution. No
exceptions. From now on, guns will be treated the same as books.

“’Third, since elected officials and law enforcement entities have a duty to defend the Constitut ion, any
elected official or police agent who supports or enforces any measure, past or present, which violates the
Second Amendment shall be subject to execution. Private citizens may freely advocate any policies or ideas
that they want, as per the First Amendment.’” Not bad, actually Ray thought, but Henry was talking again.

“Then I suppose you’d want to post a list on the Internet of all the ATF agents and their home addresses.

Informants too, and maybe throw in the national politicians who’ve voted for antigun bills, so the people

wouldn’t have to track down all that info themselves. And then a few tips about tactics, and acting alone,
and not talking to anyone, and how you should refuse to make any statements at all to cops. That about
what you had in mind?” Henry asked his friend.

“Oh, I almost forgot—I guess you’d want to give all these thugs an alternative to being executed, so you’d
throw in a graceful way out, like ‘Public notice in the Wall Street Journal classifieds of resignation from
government service or from law enforcement duties shall secure absolution from past crimes. Any return to
government service shall reinstate the death sentence’.

-Unintended Consequences

25 posted on 02/14/2013 1:32:58 PM PST by Second Amendment First ("Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not..." - Thomas Jefferson.)
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