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Why Kermit Gosnell should be acquitted (/sarc)
Live Action ^ | Kristen Hatten

Posted on 05/02/2013 5:41:42 AM PDT by Morgana

Kermit Gosnell has been on trial for murder for the past month and a half. By now you’ve heard it all before: the filthy conditions, the racist practices, the contaminated instruments, and – of course – the babies delivered alive and killed by snipping their necks with scissors.

I say we acquit him.

There is nothing more disgusting about pulling a baby out and killing her than there is about sticking an instrument into the womb and killing her. Why is it worse if she’s a foot away? Is the difference location? Should a few feet of space be the difference between “perfectly legal” and “first degree murder?”

It’s preposterous. The whole trial is kind of a sham. Let him go. If it’s legal a few feet to the left inside the womb, then why not just let it be legal a few feet to the right outside the womb?

Let him go. You know what, drop the charges. If I were the prosecuting attorney I’d say, “We thought about it, and we decided, y’know, if it’s legal over here, then why not let it be legal over there? If it’s legal at 24.5 weeks, then what the hell is the difference at 25 weeks? Or 33 weeks? Or a couple days after birth?”

Maybe by putting a murderer back on the street we can make our point that there already are murderers walking the streets, legally. They’re called all the abortionists.

Do we condemn Kermit Gosnell for committing abortions in a filthy, slovenly, contaminated manner? If we do, are we saying it’s okay to kill babies if you use clean instruments and don’t accidentally perforate the uterus? Is it okay to abort lots of black babies if you’re just as nice to the black mothers as you are to the white? Is it okay to kill children as long as they’re not a certain size or a certain age?

This is what the pro-abortion people are saying when they condemn Kermit Gosnell. It’s not what he did that’s the problem; it’s how he did it. It makes them look bad. They hate looking bad.

But some pro-lifers are doing the same thing. I’ve been doing it, too. We want the world to see what abortion is so badly that we’ve made a figurehead of evil out of Gosnell, when in reality he is absolutely a logical outcome of abortion law in the United States

Letting Kermit Gosnell go might show the citizens of this country how utterly schizophrenic are their attitudes toward abortion.

Try having a conversation with a pro-choice person. It’ll probably go something like this sample conversation, which I’ve had some version of about 400 times.

Pro-Choice Person: I’m pro-choice. I believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Me: Okay, so you think a woman should be able to go in and get an abortion the month before she’s due?

PCP: Give me a break, of course not!

Me: Why not?

PCP: Because… I mean… it’s a baby by then.

Me: When does it become a baby?

PCP: Well… I mean… it can feel pain by then.

Me: So it would be ok to kill me if you anesthetized me first?

PCP: Of course not, but you’re a person.

Me: When did I become a person?

Inevitably, the PCP ends up having to admit that there are only two logical criteria for the onset of personhood: conception or birth. Any argument for some designation between these two points is purely arbitrary. By this time they’re pretty committed to holding up their defense of abortion, so they go for birth, although you can tell they don’t really like it. At which point it’s easy to show them how the same arguments for late-term abortion can be made for infanticide. This makes them feel bad, so they either become pro-life or make friends with denial.

Enter Kermit Gosnell. He is absolutely the logical conclusion of the pro-abortion mentality, which is not at all based in logic. Logical reasoning about abortion either leads you to a pro-life viewpoint, or a pro-infanticide viewpoint. A human being of sound mental, emotional, and spiritual health retreats from a pro-infanticide viewpoint and becomes pro-life. The rest remain pro-choice, and deserve to be represented by Kermit Gosnell.

I want Kermit Gosnell walking the streets. I want him free because there is nothing he did that is incompatible with a pro-abortion ideology. I want him to serve as a constant reminder that abortion and infanticide are the same thing, and it was the Supreme Court’s idea – supported by around half of the citizens of this country - that some doctors are murderers who get to be free citizens.

I want him punished in the following way: he should have to wear a red T-shirt with white letters on it that say ”I STABBED BABIES IN THE NECK AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT” for the rest of his life. Inevitably, there will be a new college band called I Stabbed Babies in the Neck, and you’ll be able to buy replicas of the T-shirt online, but that’s okay. I still want him to have to wear it, every day, for the rest of his life, and be buried in it.

As a country, we don’t deserve to get to put Kermit Gosnell in prison and feel good about ourselves. We deserve to have to think about him walking around free. We created him. We should have to see him at the grocery store and the post office, look at his face, and think about what we’ve done.

Actually, you know what, I changed my mind. I have a way better and more accurate idea for Kermit Gosnell’s T-shirt: “I STABBED BABIES IN THE NECK, BECAUSE YOU LET ME.”

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KEYWORDS: abortion; gosnell; prolife

1 posted on 05/02/2013 5:41:42 AM PDT by Morgana
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To: Morgana

2 posted on 05/02/2013 6:17:47 AM PDT by PROCON (Never underestimate the power of low information voters in large numbers.)
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To: Morgana

3 posted on 05/02/2013 6:19:44 AM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: Morgana


4 posted on 05/02/2013 6:22:22 AM PDT by kitkat (STORM THE HEAVENS WITH PRAYERS FOR OUR COUNTRY)
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To: Morgana

If it’s OK 2 minutes before birth, and it’s OK 2 minutes after birth, then LOGICALLY it’s OK at age 22.

5 posted on 05/02/2013 6:31:50 AM PDT by I want the USA back (Pi$$ed off yet?)
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Not sure this is /sarc

Sounds like a strategy his defense lawyer will use and probably get away with it.

6 posted on 05/02/2013 6:46:49 AM PDT by PoloSec ( Believe the Gospel: how that Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again)
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To: Morgana
I know, I know, I've heard all the arguments: Abortion stops a beating heart. It's a child, not a choice. Every life is precious. Well, I don't care what the pro-lifers say... I am totally psyched for this abortion!

So, to all of you pro-lifers who are trying to rain on my parade, keep it to yourself, because I don't have the time for that kind of negativity. I've got an abortion to plan, and I just know it's going to be the best non-anesthetized invasive uterine surgery ever!

The funny thing is, I actually have the pro-life movement to thank for this opportunity. If my HMO wouldn't have bowed to their pressure not to cover oral contraceptives, I never would've gotten pregnant in the first place. Then what would I be doing a week from Thursday?

I'll tell you what I wouldn't be doing: going to an awesome abortion clinic where I'll be the center of attention from the minute I put my feet up in those stirrups.

I seriously cannot wait for all the hemorrhaging and the uterine contractions. This abortion is going to be so amazing. I'm definitely taking lots of pictures so I can remember every last detail of the whole experience for years to come and share my great memories with all of my friends, family and co-workers. What an easy decision this was!

So listen up, world: I'm pro-abortion... and I love it! See you at my post-abortion party, everybody!

7 posted on 05/02/2013 8:31:14 AM PDT by laotzu
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To: Morgana

Kristen Hatten

8 posted on 05/02/2013 8:29:16 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (I'll raise $2million for Sarah Palin's presidential run. What'll you do?)
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