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You want privacy? Fight for it.
The Shadow Review ^ | 6/9/2013 | David Focil

Posted on 06/09/2013 3:15:27 AM PDT by d_focil

In order for you to claim the right to be a sovereign citizen who can rebuke unwarranted intrusions into your life, you also need to take on the burden of self-government and accept the risk inherent in living in a society where every citizen is free and sovereign as well. But is seems we don’t want that, it seems we want to be coddled and protected from harm, especially from those “others”, those liberals or conservatives who scare us with their crazy notions. We want to make sure those brown skinned foreigners don’t infect us with their weird customs, that those corporate thugs don’t exploit us. We want all of this but we don’t want to get our hands dirty so we empower politicians to do it in our name. We hire people to run the company that is the United States of America an instead of checking on them as good employers do, we give them the company checkbook and let them have free reign. Until we are willing to be responsible for what we want to have in our society and use politicians as aids rather than crutches, we will have more and more violations of our fundamental rights. The current NSA and IRS scandals are only the beginning of where things are heading.

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TOPICS: Freeoples; History; Society
KEYWORDS: democracy; liberty; nsaspying; selfgovernment

1 posted on 06/09/2013 3:15:27 AM PDT by d_focil
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To: d_focil
Having spent most of my working life in the Information Technology business, I can testify to this: the nexus of the arrogance that is rampant in the world of technology executives with the unrestrained lust for power that is clearly evident these naive, ideological wonks of the Left is a clear and present danger to our democracy.
2 posted on 06/09/2013 3:38:35 AM PDT by Makana (Notice: A copy of this message is being filed with the NSA.)
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To: d_focil

Another thing we don’t want is a blog post that is incomplete because most of us don’t click links we don’t know anything about. We aren’t fond of blog pimping.

3 posted on 06/09/2013 4:07:24 AM PDT by MestaMachine (My caps work. You gotta earn them.)
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To: d_focil

The real problem, in my mind, is not only is our privacy bring invaded to a degree our founding fathers could never have envisioned but the information is most likely being used to aid the enemy by the current administration. That and the fact that it will be most likely used out of the constraints of the law and as a tool to blackmail and control us to bend to the will of a tyrannical government that has gone out of control.

4 posted on 06/09/2013 4:10:16 AM PDT by jsanders2001
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To: d_focil

The entire excerpt is the inverse of how conservatives feel therefore I will not click a link that goes to something written by a liberal whinner.

5 posted on 06/09/2013 4:32:56 AM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (I voted Republican, no Conservative was on the ballot.)
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To: d_focil

I take hooking up to the internet and phone line as an invitation to have my privacy invaded, at least to some degree. No phone, no internet, would be a good start in reducing a public footprint. But we’re addicted now, and so is the government that invented it, Al Gore notwithstanding.

6 posted on 06/09/2013 4:36:46 AM PDT by Fester Chugabrew
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To: jsanders2001
Whatever it's used for we have always had restrictions and limitations on ordinary folks who work for the government that make their lives an open book.

Welcome to my world!

So, what to do what to do ~

(1) Separate work from play. Don't socialize with the people you work with. That breaks symmetry and all those koinkydinks that could entrap you in nonsense not of your own making.

(2) Get a pen name early. Doesn't matter if everybody knows who you are, or what your pen name might be ~ make sure that 100% of everything you write outside of work is associated only with your pen name. That also breaks symmetry and sticks you into the 5th dimension. If others want to try to drag you out, just ignore them.

(3) Get one phone number and keep it as long as you can. Two numbers are great, three extraordinarily convenient, and dozens of them are simply marvelous but you only 'need' one ~ stick with that to the degree that number is associated with only one address and one name. When you move, keep your phone number.

(4) Don't give the post office any forwarding orders! They'll find you ~ the folks who want to send you a bill can and will do so using their own resources ~ so what that Master Card knows where you live ~ they will anyway, but that clerk working in the data processing unit managing electronic forwarding orders won't!

(5) Always make sure that at the end of the year you OWE taxes! You might ask why you want to give up your refunds, but the money is better in your account than theirs, plus you are going to end up sending your return to the least used address IRS has. If what you owe is within 10% of what you've paid, there's not going to be a penalty, or if there is, it's minimal. What this will do is REDUCE the chance that you're going to be audited. The decision for auditing is apparently made on the amounts you paid ~ not what you finally owe. Unless you claim EITC, that should drop you way below the 1% level. If you earn $10 million or more you jump to 9%. If you claim EITC you jump to a 30% chance!

(6) FInd out who your neighbors are. They are the folks who will inform on you in a heartbeat ~ it'll be negative if they have no idea who you are. It will be less so if they know you. Besides, some of them are cops. Allay their suspicions about you (note; all cops are paranoid) by meeting them first ~ then you control the storyline, not the folks who don't like you.

(7) Always live near a fire department station or firehouse. That way when your house burns it won't burn down all the way. Oh, is your house going to burn down? There's a chance ~ a real chance, but do you want folks to be able to go paw through your safe and gun cabinets? Ah, ha! No, you don't want that so make sure any fire is minimal in its impact.

(8) Vary your routes to and from work. Sounds cloak and daggerish ~ and it is, but you can have people following you ~ may be debt collectors, robbers, loan officers, cops, crazy people ~ this trick should be used often. Keeps them on their toes, and with that you improve your security on the mean streets. They gotta' expect you to change routes or modes of travel, else they won't respond, and there you are in a world full of street people who look at you as little more than an economic opportunity.

(9) If you answer the phone do so aggressively ~ give your name and say 'How may i help you' ~ put them on the defensive instantly.

I"m sure there are numerous other rules on how to lead a private life in what your keepers imagine is a public way. Looks like everybody is going to need to figure them out now.

7 posted on 06/09/2013 4:46:11 AM PDT by muawiyah (Git yer Red Arm Bands here - $29.95 - NOT SOLD IN STORES - TAX FREE)
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To: muawiyah

Don’t do Facebook. Ever. Those whom I know have my email address. I will not go to their Facebook page. If Facebook is the only way they communicate & bare their souls/lifestyles to the world, kindly include me out. I am a rock, I am an island, guitar strum.

The little riceball Kim Jong-Un has a Facebook page. Eww!

8 posted on 06/09/2013 5:51:44 AM PDT by elcid1970 ("The Second Amendment is more important than Islam.")
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To: d_focil

Why don’t you encrypt your transmissions. Change the encryption at random times.

9 posted on 06/09/2013 5:59:21 AM PDT by Citizen Tom Paine (An old sailor sends)
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To: Citizen Tom Paine

Encrypted transmissions attract attention ~ learn to talk in circles ~

10 posted on 06/09/2013 6:10:39 AM PDT by muawiyah (Git yer Red Arm Bands here - $29.95 - NOT SOLD IN STORES - TAX FREE)
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To: elcid1970


When I disengaged from FB, I lost a lot of friends.

I guess they really weren’t “friends” to begin with.

11 posted on 06/09/2013 6:33:07 AM PDT by left that other site (You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Set You Free...John 8:32)
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To: muawiyah
Encrypted transmissions attract attention ~ learn to talk in circles ~

Talk a lot about "killing the b@$t@rd$" without specifying which b@$t@rd$ you're talking about.

12 posted on 06/09/2013 8:13:10 AM PDT by JimRed (Excise the cancer before it kills us; feed &water the Tree of Liberty! TERM LIMITS, NOW & FOREVER!)
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To: d_focil

Run your internet use via TAILS

13 posted on 06/09/2013 10:51:22 AM PDT by wrencher
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To: muawiyah

Keep one set of clothes for wearing when you go out, you are a distinct bundle of RFID tags. Change them when you are doing something wrong. Maybe make them one-time use only and throw them out.

Or only go out naked so you cannot be tracked?

14 posted on 06/09/2013 10:54:04 AM PDT by wrencher
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To: wrencher

You’ll want to maintain one set of clothes, including socks, shoes, handkerchiefs, and even your billfold ~ that you know are not tagged in anyway. Wear them often. That becomes your NORMAL background signature.

15 posted on 06/09/2013 12:41:51 PM PDT by muawiyah (Git yer Red Arm Bands here - $29.95 - NOT SOLD IN STORES - TAX FREE)
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To: Conspiracy Guy

So conservatives are NOT in favor of self-government and a limted state that is answerable to the people?

16 posted on 06/26/2013 11:15:32 AM PDT by d_focil
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To: d_focil

I didn’t say that. I said I had not interest to click to your blog. Your attempt to decide what I do believe reinforces my original decision not to click the link to your blog.

17 posted on 06/26/2013 4:13:39 PM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (To stay calm during these tumultuous times, I take Damitol. Ask your Doctor if it's right for you.)
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