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To: tired&retired

Most of the folks are not ready for that. Nor reincarnation either.

45 posted on 02/23/2014 8:23:31 PM PST by Nuc 1.1 (Nuc 1 Liberals aren't Patriots. Remember 1789!)
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To: Nuc 1.1

“Most of the folks are not ready for that. Nor reincarnation either.”

That is why Jesus said,”Let those who have ears hear.” Jesus also spoke in parables as very few people would understand what he was saying if he spoke scientifically and logically. Mankind’s ability to comprehend what He was saying was very limited and it still is.

Imagine if you had never seen any airplanes and I need to describe a fighter jet to you. When you have no point of reference it is very difficult to communicate an idea to you. (Not you specifically, but in general)

At the higher levels of consciousness there is no need to communicate in words. Consciousness communicates directly with consciousness. It’s the Tower of Babel concept and it is real. I’ve run into it when removing nasty spirits from a home when all I could hear was gibberish. When I tuned my consciousness to a higher level in prayer, I realized that the ghost could only speak Italian and I could not understand him. At the higher level his thoughts were automatically known by me and I was able to help him go to Heaven. It’s like communication through epiphanies.

The Holy Spirit is a higher level of consciousness. It has a higher vibration frequency, thus it processes faster and has a higher data storage and processing capacity than regular human consciousness. If you could see it you would realize that it functions very similar to the electrons in the orbitals of an atom. There are many levels (mansions) and each has its own unique attributes. Just as Neils Bohr, the atomic physicist who developed the model for the atom, discovered that when an electron goes from an outer orbital to an inner orbital it gives off light; consciousness viewed from a lower frequency level is perceived as Light. This is why the saints have the glow around them. This is also why God is often described as Light.

I virtually always tell people not to mess with past life work as they do not have the ability to discern if they are communicating with an attached spirit or demon rather than a different aspect of their own consciousness. Secondly, even if past lives existed, your soul would be at your highest level of spiritual development right now. Finally, if something in a past life is important, it will manifest as an experience in the present life for you to deal with now.

Too many people use past life as an excuse to be a victim... “It’s not my fault that I am this way!” rather than working to improve themselves. Thus my advice is usually, ignore any temptations to go in that direction.

The human soul exists on many levels of consciousness, the lowest of which is dense enough to manifest the physical body.. The lower levels of consciousness are wiped clean, just as a magnetic tape eraser does to a cassette tape, in order for your soul to experience the illusion of separateness from God. If a person focuses on God and goes within, they can traverse and perceive the many levels of consciousness and further realize why Jesus stated, “My Father and I are One.” God becomes experiential rather than theoretical at the higher frequencies. It is virtually impossible to describe this experience to anyone who has never experienced it as they have no point of reference to understand it. It is the “treasure buried in the field.”

Consciousness functions with wave attributes at lower frequencies and is very limited in ability. At higher levels consciousness functions in particle attributes and functions similar to x-ray or gamma rays in that it has the ability to pass though various densities of matter and differentiate between them. I’ve often told people with cancer exactly where their tumor was located even when it was in the brain and very difficult to locate with medical instrumentation. When a person is “Born of the Spirit” they begin to perceive directly from their soul or spirit rather than the flesh, just as when you are born of the flesh you begin to perceive from your flesh senses.

The energy of consciousness at the higher frequencies has the ability to transmute lower frequency thoughts just as a dense object placed in a microwave heats up and catches on fire. (This is why the weeds will be burned and why a prayer to an evil person is like placing hot coals upon their head.) It’s how Jesus did His healing. When He said “You are forgiven.” He was transmuting the lower frequency consciousness that created the illness. He was removing the obstacles to Love from the person’s soul. This is how sin causes illness.

When you are in water, it is very difficult to identify other liquids that are mixed in with the water. But if you are standing in air and encounter small amounts of liquid you quickly begin to differentiate between the various types and temperatures of liquids. It is the same way with consciousness. When your consciousness is functioning at a lower level you do not perceive other people’s consciousness around you. When you raise your consciousness to a higher level, all of a sudden other people’s consciousness becomes physical and tangible to your perception as they differentiate. You quickly learn that walking into fear, anger, or hatred feels like you are walking into a solid wall and stubbing your toe, while Love is like a breathe of fresh air after a storm.

All the things I have mentioned are very simple to understand when you begin to experience them. But very difficult to understand while you are asleep. This is why Jesus stated in Matthew 13 that the weeds were planted while the people on earth were “asleep!” It’s time to awaken... That’s the wonderful “Heaven on Earth” we pray for when we say our Father’s prayer.

What I have shared is a very small tip of a vast body of knowledge that Jesus tried to share with us. When He shared it with His disciples, He warned them not to share the knowledge with others lest they use it to turn and devour the messenger as the knowledge is very powerful. If you hear my words, close your eyes and pray within yourself. The experience will begin to be yours as well. We truly are in the times Jesus described many times in His teachings. Stay focused on God through Jesus and use the Bible as your life operating manual.

56 posted on 02/24/2014 2:50:22 AM PST by tired&retired
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