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New ‘impossible to ignore’ climate data spin initiative announced by the White House (other NGO;s)
Watts up With That? ^ | March 19, 2014 | by Anthony Watts

Posted on 03/19/2014 8:47:08 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach

From the White House, courtesy of John Podesta and John P. Holdren, comes this announcement of a new initiative to provide repackaged NOAA/NCDC data in a  way that supposedly helps “state and local leaders on the front lines of climate change”. It comes  with an emphasis on the supposed climate link to extreme weather events, that even the IPCC backpedaled on and Nature said in an editorial aren’t real enough to endorse because it is a dead issue.

The initiative was unveiled on Wednesday and claims to be aimed at giving communities data to prepare for the effects of climate change, saying “it is impossible for them to ignore the consequences”. And, what if they do? Will these communities be dubbed “denier communities” and perhaps sealed off from the rest of the world to prevent their thinking from leaking out to infect other communities?


A possible treatment for communities that choose to ignore the new White House initiative on climate change effects Source: CBS miniseries “Under the Dome”

It seems this was part of the coordinated effort Wednesday also that saw the AAAS announcement yesterday on “what we know” which has been thoroughly shredded as nothing more than a climate alarmism agit prop and listed by a prominent climatologist as ‘an embarrassment to the scientific community’. IPCC author and economist Dr. Richard Tol saidAAAS reasons from authority and naturalist fallacy, and mangles the economics and statistics too“.

So, with that in mind, here is the press release from the White House:

Climate Data Initiative Launches with Strong Public and Private Sector Commitments

Across the country, state and local leaders are on the front lines of climate change—and it is impossible for them to ignore the consequences.  In 2012 alone, extreme weather events caused more than $110 billion in damages and claimed more than 300 lives.

While no single weather event can be attributed to climate change, we know that our changing climate is making many kinds of extreme events more frequent and more severe. Rising seas threaten our coastlines. Dry regions are at higher risk of destructive wildfires. Heat waves impact health and agriculture. Heavier downpours can lead to damaging floods.

Even as we work to curb greenhouse-gas emissions and expand renewable energy generation, we need to take steps to make our communities more resilient to the climate-change impacts we can’t avoid—some of which are already well underway.

That’s why today, delivering on a commitment in the President’s Climate Action Plan, we are launching the Climate Data Initiative, an ambitious new effort bringing together extensive open government data and design competitions with commitments from the private and philanthropic sectors to develop data-driven planning and resilience tools for local communities. This effort will help give communities across America the information and tools they need to plan for current and future climate impacts.

The Climate Data Initiative builds on the success of the Obama Administration’s ongoing efforts to unleash the power of open government data. Since, the central site to find U.S. government data resources, launched in 2009, the Federal government has released troves of valuable data that were previously hard to access in areas such as health, energy, education, public safety, and global development. Today these data are being used by entrepreneurs, researchers, tech innovators, and others to create countless new applications, tools, services, and businesses.

Data from NOAA, NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, the Department of Defense, and other Federal agencies will be featured on, a new section within that opens for business today. The first batch of climate data being made available will focus on coastal flooding and sea level rise. NOAA and NASA will also be announcing an innovation challenge calling on researchers and developers to create data-driven simulations to help plan for the future and to educate the public about the vulnerability of their own communities to sea level rise and flood events.

These and other Federal efforts will be amplified by a number of ambitious private commitments. For example, Esri, the company that produces the ArcGIS software used by thousands of city and regional planning experts, will be partnering with 12 cities across the country to create free and open “maps and apps” to help state and local governments plan for climate change impacts. Google will donate one petabyte—that’s 1,000 terabytes—of cloud storage for climate data, as well as 50 million hours of high-performance computing with the Google Earth Engine platform. The company is challenging the global innovation community to build a high-resolution global terrain model to help communities build resilience to anticipated climate impacts in decades to come. And the World Bank will release a new field guide for the Open Data for Resilience Initiative, which is working in more than 20 countries to map millions of buildings and urban infrastructure.

Every citizen will be affected by climate change—and all of us must work together to make our communities stronger and more resilient to its impacts. By taking the enormous data sets regularly collected by NASA, NOAA, and other agencies and applying the ingenuity, creativity, and expertise of technologists and entrepreneurs, the Climate Data Initiative will help create easy-to-use tools for regional planners, farmers, hospitals, and businesses across the country—and empower America’s communities to prepare themselves for the future.

John Podesta is a Counselor to the President. John P. Holdren is Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.



To this WH initiative claiming a warmer climate is making weather more severe and that all we need is a Google Earth visualization to help state and local leaders see this, I say this graph is also “impossible to ignore”:


Dr. Roger A. Pielke Sr. says in a WUWT comment:

I recommend readers look at the minority AGU Statement I prepared and contrast that with the AAAS report’s statements in My statement is

Pielke Sr., R.A. 2013: Humanity Has A Significant Effect on Climate – The AGU Community Has The Responsibility To Accurately Communicate The Current Understanding Of What is Certain And What Remains Uncertain [May 10 2013]. Minority Statement in response to AGU Position Statement on Climate Change entitled: “Human-induced Climate Change Requires Urgent Action” released on 8/5/13.

The AAAS report is even worse than the AGU and AMS Statements (and I thought that would be hard to do). I know several of the authors of the AAAC report, and respect their science within their immediate area of expertise. However, the blatant advocacy and absurd statements such as

“The science linking human activities to climate change is analogous to the science linking
smoking to lung and cardiovascular diseases.”

show that this report is just political theater.

There are no health benefits from smoking, only health risks. CO2 is required for life on Earth including plant growth and function.

Added CO2 is a significant climate forcing (both radiatively and geochemically, the latter of which I feel is of more concern), but to directly contact to the health risks of tobacco demeans the scientific stature of this who make such wild claims.

Another example (and their are many in this report) is

“decades of human-generated greenhouse gases are now the major force driving the direction of climate change, currently overwhelming the effects of these other factors.”

is counter to established research which shows, for example, the first order importance of other human climate forcings; e.g. see

Pielke Sr., R., K. Beven, G. Brasseur, J. Calvert, M. Chahine, R. Dickerson, D. Entekhabi, E. Foufoula-Georgiou, H. Gupta, V. Gupta, W. Krajewski, E. Philip Krider, W. K.M. Lau, J. McDonnell, W. Rossow, J. Schaake, J. Smith, S. Sorooshian, and E. Wood, 2009: Climate change: The need to consider human forcings besides greenhouse gases. Eos, Vol. 90, No. 45, 10 November 2009, 413. Copyright (2009) American Geophysical Union.


National Research Council, 2005: Radiative forcing of climate change: Expanding the concept and addressing uncertainties. Committee on Radiative Forcing Effects on Climate Change, Climate Research Committee, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Division on Earth and Life Studies, The National Academies Press, Washington, D.C., 208 pp.

They also ignore the recent recognition of the heightened importance of natural climate forcings and feedbacks.

This AAAS report is an embarrassment to the scientific community.

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Conspiracy; Science; Weather
KEYWORDS: climatechange; globalwarming; globalwarminghoax; glowbullwarming; hoax

1 posted on 03/19/2014 8:47:08 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach
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To: SunkenCiv; Tolerance Sucks Rocks


2 posted on 03/19/2014 8:49:11 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach
Check it out. This was posted on twitter this morning.

December–Feb global #temperature is 8th highest on record for season per @NOAANCDC

3 posted on 03/19/2014 8:52:00 PM PDT by smokingfrog ( sleep with one eye open (<o> ---)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

I’m not sure how these models could ever have hoped to pin down future climate. They were trying to solve for more variables than equations. Any engineer would tell you that this is tommyrot.

4 posted on 03/19/2014 8:55:04 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Embrace the Lion of Judah and He will roar for you and teach you to roar too. See my page.)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

Podesta and Holdren - two snake-oil peddlers to the low-IQ population.

5 posted on 03/19/2014 8:56:16 PM PDT by beethovenfan (If Islam is the solution, the "problem" must be freedom.)
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To: smokingfrog

Surface temps? Some kind of average of the air column?

6 posted on 03/19/2014 8:56:57 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Embrace the Lion of Judah and He will roar for you and teach you to roar too. See my page.)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

Here we go... federal/NWo/ uN jurisdiction over our entire lives... notwithstanding the internet surrender.

7 posted on 03/19/2014 9:21:07 PM PDT by lavaroise (A well regulated gun being necessary to the state, the rights of the militia shall not be infringed)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

while i understand this is just another attempt to link Obama to some great cause, the broad meaningless misguided if not totally stupid direction he seeks to drive the nation and even the world in, i was really excited to see a link to an editorial in Nature. So off i go and boom. Sept 2012. Sigh.

8 posted on 03/20/2014 12:43:35 AM PDT by wiggen (The teacher card. When the racism card just won't work.)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

The end goal has nothing to do with “protecting” us.

It’s about total control of the masses. The literal definition of Islam is “submission”. Welcome to the western world’s version, commonly known as “climate change”...

9 posted on 03/20/2014 4:25:35 AM PDT by Tigerized (So. Are YOU better off than you were 5 years ago?)
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