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The List: Obama's Two Hundred and Seventy-Second Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 4/11/14 | Nachum

Posted on 04/11/2014 10:24:52 AM PDT by Nachum

Obama's Two Hundred and Seventy-Second Week in Office

"Socialism only works in Heaven, where they don't need it and in Hell where they already have it."


Obama and the IRS

Oversight committee votes to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress

Resolution to Hold Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress, Part 2

Speier: Lois Lerner Just a 'Mid-Level Bureaucrat' -- 'No Connection to the White House'

House Republicans won't rule out arresting Lois Lerner if Justice Department doesn't

House Panel: IRS' Lerner Targeted Rove Group, Should be Prosecuted

Rep. Trey Gowdy: How does Lois Lerner Still Have the Right to Remain Silent?  Trey Gowdy continued

Timeline of Targeting: The Evidence Mounts Against the IRS’s Lois Lerner

Issa hits Cummings over staffers' IRS request

Republicans Raise 'Disturbing Concerns' About Cummings' Contacts With Lois Lerner's Office

Elijah Cummings promises to respond to Republican request for information on Lois Lerner

Rep. Jordan: DOJ Investigation of Lois Lerner 'Is a Complete Joke'

Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents' decades-old debts

Obama Voter Fraud

Based on North Carolina Study: National Voter Fraud Numbers May Have Reached One Million in 2012

Obama and Agenda 21

Standoff at Nevada Ranch Drags On 'The feelings run very high'

Nevada Governor Slams Feds in 'New Ruby Ridge' Battle

Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's.

GM Has Sold Only 58,000 Chevy Volts in Three Years

 Taxpayer-Backed Electric Car Company Closes U.S. Factory Government watchdog recommends DOE wind down controversial program

Obama and Israel, Year 6

US Official Says Pollard Release Is a Matter of Days Senior official reports that the deal includes the release of Arab terrorists and a building freeze, and will happen in the coming days.

Inside the White House's Secret Campaign to Scapegoat Israel Top diplomats planted anti-Israel reports in lead up to peace talk collapse

Israel's Netanyahu orders ministers to halt ties with Palestinians

Obama Selfies

Obama: 'I have lived out the promise of LBJ´s efforts'


Sharyl Attkisson Claims CBS Moved On From 'Fast and Furious' as She´d 'Barely Begun to Scratch the Surface'

Key Senate Republicans call testimony of former CIA acting director on Benghazi misleading

Russian Reset

Satellite Photos Released Revealing Russian Military Build Up

Eric the Red

Holder bypasses U.S. Sentencing Commission in mandatory minimums, angers U.S. Attorneys

Boehner blasts Eric Holder for claiming he and Obama are treated differently because they are black

Actually, Eric Holder, Other AGs Have Faced 'That Kind of Treatment'

Holder Complains to Civil Rights Activists About Congress's Treatment of Him 'Unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly, and divisive adversity'

Obama Ethics, Year 6

DHS officials broke hiring rules, watchdog alleges


Budget Chief Is Choice as New Health Secretary

AP source: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning after rocky health care law rollout

Sebelius: Previously Uninsured Number Still Unknown

Sebelius: 7.5 million now signed up

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment

At Fort Hood, President Obama Vows to Keep Firearms Out of the Hands of Mentally Ill

Obama vs The 1st Amendment

Yet another Justice Department lawyer and Obama campaign donor handling a political hot potato case

The Obama administration has won an award named after America's third president, "The Jefferson Muzzle"


Member of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers Admits White House 77 Cents Pay Gap Claim Is Bogus

Obama vs The U.S. Military

Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Barrett: Less pay raises discipline

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Keeps Quoting Fake Fatwa About Iranian Nuclear Program


Obama and the IRS

 Schock: 'Clear Evidence' Lerner Broke The Law Illinois Rep. discusses Ways & Means decision to refer Lerner to DOJ for prosecution

Emails Show Lois Lerner Fed True the Vote Tax Information to Democrat Elijah Cummings

Lois Lerner 2013 e-mail: Maybe I can land an office job at Organizing For Action

IRS's Lerner sought to deny Crossroads tax status, emails show

Committee to DOJ: IRS Official Denied Conservative Groups 'Due Process and Equal Protection'

Committee Votes to Refer Lois Lerner for Possible Criminal Prosecution

House committee: Possible crimes by IRS official

IRS under fire: Vote for Obama stickers, campaign cheerleading commonplace Agency still under fire for Lois Lerner-tea party targeting scandal

IRS employees accused of donning pro-Obama gear, urging callers to vote for him

Holder pleads ignorance in IRS-targeting probe Tells Congress he doesn't know if he has access to evidence

Ethics watchdog: IRS customer representative urged vote for Obama


Repubs Want Select Benghazi Committe Dems want investigation ended

Obama and Your Privacy

Obama's equal pay mandate gives feds extraordinary new spying powers


Only Two House Democrats Vote for Obama Budget

Wholesale Inventory Build Slows As Sales Miss 3rd Month In A Row

Beef prices hit all-time high in U.S.

 Rancher: Armed Feds are Surrounding My Farm

The IRS of Labor: Obama’s cabinet may be giving increased scrutiny to non-union factories

  Fears of market collapse amid record margin debt Money borrowed to buy stocks nears half-trillion

Obama and Israel, Year 6

Israel 'Deeply Disappointed' by Kerry's Remarks on Peace Talks

Republican Jewish Coalition Blasts Kerry's Statements Blaming Israel

Eric the Red

Holder on Gohmert exchange: 'What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?'

GOP lawmaker suggests Eric Holder should 'be in jail' -- to his face! [VIDEO]

It's 3am and nobody's there

AP Interview: US troops may be sent to E Europe

An Iowa City With A Population Of 7,000 Will Receive Armored Military Vehicle

Why Does America Send So Many Stupid, Unqualified Hacks Overseas?

More than half our ambassadors are political appointees instead of career Foreign Service.

Obama Ethics, Year 6

 The Progressive Aristocracy The Left seeks a separate set of rules for themselves

The Obama Era Left:  Progressive Chameleons The difficulty of beating an opponent who doesn’t believe in much of anything.


RAND Comes Clean: Obamacare's Exchanges Enrolled Only 1.4 Million Previously Uninsured Individuals

Survey: Employers beat Obamacare in covering uninsured

OY VEY: Obamacare Causes Spike in Small Group Premiums, Colorado’s Increase 29%

8100 Hawaii Employers Face Premium Hikes Due to Obamacare

Health Plan Premiums Are Skyrocketing According To New Survey Of 148 Insurance Brokers

GOP lawmakers believe over $1 billion spent to promote Obamacare

Obama Selfies

White House: Obama 'looks forward' to speaking at Al Sharpton event

Revealed: The Obamas' three-day trip to Ireland in 2013 cost taxpayers $7.9 million, and Michelle’s gigantic suite cost $3,300 per night

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move!' takes over annual Easter Egg Roll --- again

 Obama and Agenda 21

Obama targets climate change in wildfire strategy

Obama Amnesty

Sheriffs warn of violence from Mexican cartels deep into interior of U.S.


Obama Selfies

Report: Obama To Attend Dem Fundraiser In Texas Same Day As Fort Hood Memorial

Obama and Israel, Year 6

John Kerry Defends His Diplomatic Efforts: 'I May Fail – I Don't Care'

Israeli Settlement Plan Derailed Peace Talks, Kerry Says

Kerry places blame on Israel for crisis in peace talks

 Obama and Kerry to confer as peace push stalls Administration said to be weighing whether to continue investment in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations  Read more: Obama and Kerry to confer as peace push stalls

Israel 'gave US the finger' in peace talks, MK says

Eric the Red

Holder claims 'vast amount of discretion' in enforcing laws: ..laws are only suggestions

Eric Holder to Rep. Louis Gohmert - "You don't want to go there, buddy!"

It's 3am and nobody's there

White House Says Iran's U.N. Diplomat 'Not Viable'

Senate Insiders: Obama Admin Lying About Bid to Kill Iran Sanctions Source: Top Treasury, White House officials tried to dismantle sanctions law

U.S. will cut deployed nuke missile force by 50

U.S. to trim air, sea and land nuke launchers under U.S.-Russia treaty: officials

Senators: Iran-Russia Trade Deal Opens Floodgates for Nuke Materials, Weapons Experts, lawmakers warn $20B trade deal violates nuke deal

Kerry: 'Under Law' Obama Admin Needs Congressional Approval of Iran Deal

 Iran Nuke Head Admits to Hiding Info from IAEA Intel agencies used IAEA reports to sabotage nuke program

Senate Approves Ted Cruz's Bill Denying Visa to Iran´s U.N. Ambassador

Kerry Rejects Charge That Administration's Foreign Policy is 'Spinning Out of Control'

Obama and the IRS

IRS's Lois Lerner faces CRIMINAL prosecution over targeting of Tea Party groups

Issa Report Slams Dem Collaboration with the IRS

Boehner: 'Somebody at the IRS Violated the Law'

Handling of former IRS employee Lois Lerner makes lawyers cringe

Obama Ethics, Year 6

A two-decades-old battle between a Nevada rancher and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has resulted in officials armed with machine guns surrounding the ranch and forcibly removing the owner's cattle, according to the rancher's family.

Obama to Headline Al Sharpton's NAN Conference

Al Sharpton: FBI Informant Claims Are 'Embellished, Crazy, a Stretch'

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment

DOJ Requests $2 Million for Safe Gun Technology Development


FATCA: The Dark Road: The Worst Tax Law You've Never Heard About

Insanity: NLRB Wants Power To Prevent Businesses From Relocating

White House Peddling Stats Debunked by Own Adviser Labor secretary refuses to address adviser's admission that wage gap is a myth

WH Press Sec. gets testy when confronted with fact Obama admin is botching gender pay stats

Valerie Jarrett: Wage 'Transparency' Will Help Employers 'Avoid Lawsuits'

CBS: White House Getting 'Roughed Up' Over Its Gender Pay Gap

CNN on WH Equal Pay Push: 'A Textbook Case … Of Do As I Say, Not As I Do'

Obama dangles student-loan freebie for midterm 2014 voters


RAND: By our estimate, 3.9 million people signed up for OCare, not 7.1 million like the WH says

RAND Study: Only 36% of Obamacare Enrollees Were Previously Uninsured

Survey: U.S. sees sharpest health insurance premium increases in years

How much does Obamacare actually cost?

HHS Spending $800K on Studies to Help Family Planning Clinics Survive Obamacare


Benghazi: The Complete Obama Timeline


Holder versus Gohmert, Part One

Holder to Gohmert, Part Two


Obama and the IRS

House Committee to File 3 Criminal Charges Against IRS Official Lois Lerner… And Contempt Charges!

House Committee: Possible Crimes by IRS Official

IRS agents' testimony: NO progressive groups were targeted by IRS

Obama Ethics, Year 6

 Holder Claims DOJ Never Sought to End Louisiana Voucher Program Lawsuit: 'The U.S. asks this Court to permanently enjoin the State of Louisiana from awarding any school vouchers'

Revealed: Obama's friend and civil rights firebrand Rev. Al Sharpton was a paid FBI informant who wore wire to trap Genovese, Gambino family wiseguys

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment

Holder: We Want to Explore Gun Tracking Bracelets

Russian Reset

Kerry agrees to meet with top diplomats on Ukraine as US threatens further sanctions

The White House on Monday warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against moving "overtly or covertly" into eastern Ukrain

Russia Accuses US Mercenaries Of Inciting Civil War In Ukraine

It's 3am and nobody's there

US sending 2 warships to Japan to counter North Korea

Samantha Power Puff: WashPost Calls Obama's UN Pick a 'Dazzling Diagnostician' of U.S. Failure

Five of the Obama Doctrine's stealth foreign policy failures


Obama to force government contractors to reveal salary breakdowns by sex and race in equal pay drive – but women are still paid less at the White House

 Mortgage Originations Plunge To Lowest On Record

Obama looks to close wage gap while paying female staffers less than men

Anti-poverty zone leaves out L.A.'s poorest


Americans on Medicaid Exceed Population of UKCNS

Number of Americans without medical insurance hits record low, claims Gallup- but backs off claim Obamacare is 'accomplishing its goal'

Healthcare cuts canceled after Dem complaints

Obamacare Era: 50 Worst Months of Employment in Past 25 Years

Gallup survey suggests sign-ups under ObamaCare not as high as White House says

Even the healthy locked out of 2014 policies now


Benghazi cover-up was more to protect Hillary than Obama

More Obfuscation on Benghazi

Obama vs The 1st Amendment

NSA Uses Corporate News to Spread Propaganda and Silence Dissent

Queen Michelle

'I´ll never forgive Michelle Obama for this school lunch': Students sick of smaller, healthier portions take to social media to rail against First Lady's pet project

Sandy Hook School Massacre

Crisis actor connections? pictures. The fake examiner?


Obama and the IRS

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting Continues

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting Continues

Obama and Agenda 21

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State - The Sagebrush Rebellion

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State - The Sagebrush Rebellion Update

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State Energy Independent

It's 3am and nobody's there

62.7% of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Last Afghan Presidential Election

White House considering ban on selfies with the President

Obama hails Afghan election as 'important milestone'

Asian leaders watching Obama's 'capitulation' U.S. response to Crimean takeover gets attention of Chinese, North Korean leaders


Obama orders to test workplace ideas

Obama: Republican budget would shrink opportunity

President Obama shifts focus to economy

Zillow Study Shows 1 In 3 Homes Are Unaffordable, But Vacation-Home Sales Are Soaring

Russian Reset

U.S. sanctions target pro-life woman with no Crimea links 'This is payback for Russian restrictions on abortion, pro-family initiatives'


GOP seeks coverage choices in health law they hate

White House now boasts that more than 10 million Americans have signed up for Obamacare- but only after Medicaid enrollees and PRISON INMATES are added

Obamacare eclipses low-cost NJ health plan for middle-class kids

Obama and Israel, Year 6

John Kerry's Middle East Interference May Lead to Economic Crises and War

Obama Ethics, Year 6

Eric Holder defends using Justice Department airplane for 27 personal trips

Obama and Agenda 21

Common Core IS UN Agenda 21

Obama vs The 2nd Amendment

Obamas to attend Fort Hood memorial


Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden on homophobia: 'I've had it up to here with cultural norms'


Unknown CIA Mid-level official:  CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide CIA does not yet release name

Obama Ethics, Year 6

Why did state Sen. Leland Yee escape terrorism charges?

Did Barack Obama Sr. visit Hawaii in 1971?


 9 Of The Top 10 Occupations In America Pay An Average Wage Of Less Than $35,000 A Year

Obama casts GOP's balanced-budget plan as 'massive tax cuts' for millionaires

Obama and Israel, Year 6

Jimmy Carter: Free Jonathan Pollard for peace deal

It's 3am and nobody's there

US envoy Samantha Power decries 'religiously motivated violence' in Africa, doesn’t mention jihad in Nigeria

Boeing, GE say get U.S. license to sell spare parts to Iran

How Obama Lost Afghanistan He said it was 'the right war.. Then he did everything he could to screw it up.

Obama Voter Fraud

Dems' Voter-Fraud Denial - How do you address a problem they insist doesn’t exist?

Russian Reset

US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal

Military Officers Relieved Under Obama

AF vice commander relieved after sending 'unprofessional' emails


'The debate over repealing this law is over': Obama boasts 7.1 MILLION have signed up to Obamacare but study shows just 858,000 newly insured*


Let them eat.... kale

$1.5M Hotel Bill for President Obama's One-Day Visit to Brussels


Intel Chair: Obama Knows Where Benghazi Terrorists Are Hiding – But Won’t Go After Them (Video)

 Obama Ethics, Year 6

No. 3 DOJ Official Praises Al Sharpton

State Department Misplaced $6B Under Hillary Clinton, IG report reveals incomplete, lost contract files worth $6B

Obama and the IRS

Darrell Issa wants Elijah Cummings to disclose talks with Lois Lerner's attorney

Washington Post: 'Cat's Out of the Bag’ on IRS Targeting Scandal


192,000 Jobs Added in March but Wages Fall

Part-Time Nation: Number Of High-Wage Jobs Added In March: +2,000

US employers add 192,000 jobs; rate stays at 6.7 percent

US futures add to gains after jobs data; jobless rate at 6.7%


U.S. reports three million Medicaid enrollments under Obamacare

Health Insurance Isn´t a Year-Round Thing Any More

Large employers are getting their premiums under control, but you're probably paying more

Californians Upset Over Lack Of Doctors Under Obamacare

HHS Started Obamacare Applications for Americans Without Their Knowledge or Permission

Oregon...The Biggest Healthcare Scandal You've Never Heard About  An Obamacare state exchange for the ages.

Carney: No More Delays for Employer Mandate

Obama and Israel, Year 6

Kerry Warns Israel and Palistinians: US Patience Running Out

Kerry Decides to Hold 'Reality Check' With Obama Kerry says he will 'evaluate' next steps in peace talks, noting 'limits' to his time.

With Israeli-Palestinian peace talks faltering, Kerry must decide how to proceed

 Israel says it won't release final group of Palestinian prisoners

John Kerry, Thwarted by the Middle East

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama and Kerry Say Iran Issued Fatwa Against Nukes, But It's Not Listed With the Others

Obama vs The US Military

Yes, the Navy Did Try To Ban The "Don’t Tread On Me Patch"

Top Senate Republican Says Obama 'Disarmed America'

Obama and Your Privacy

Obama's NSA overhaul may require phone carriers to store more data

Obama and Common Core

Mom's Anti-Common Core Stance Gets Her Suspended From Son's School, Threatened With Arrest

Obama and Agenda 21

GOP lawmakers push EPA to ax proposed water rule amid outcry from farmers

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Attack of the Clones! Sebellius resigns and her clone takes her place. Attack of the 50 foot IRS woman and more!

The Week that was in Obamaland...

Let me know if you wish to be on or off the ping list.

1 posted on 04/11/2014 10:24:52 AM PDT by Nachum
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To: Nachum

Thanks for keeping this list. A great go-to list for my memory. Since we are in a battle every day to say this Country from the daily onslaught by This Administration, my brain is in War-fog mode.

There has NEVER been such a telling list from ANY President. I think if I ever had the intestinal fortitude (male gonads for the not-faint-of-heart), to make a list up for Each President since Washington, the entire compilation would not be anywhere CLOSE the 6 year attack on This Country that “the One” has compiled.

Extremely Distressing it is, but the list needs to be kept and I thank you for that. You are a better man than I. (I’m a gal, but you know what I mean :) )

2 posted on 04/11/2014 10:38:55 AM PDT by machogirl (First they came for my tagline)
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To: machogirl
Extremely Distressing it is, but the list needs to be kept and I thank you for that. You are a better man than I. (I’m a gal, but you know what I mean :) )

Ah, now you dunnit. I'm blushing.

3 posted on 04/11/2014 12:27:25 PM PDT by Nachum (Obamacare: It's. The. Flaw.)
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To: Nachum

lol ;)

I would have lost my sanity for over 5 years compiling this list. Thanks for taking one for the team!

4 posted on 04/11/2014 1:56:23 PM PDT by machogirl (First they came for my tagline)
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