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Microfilm-New York Times archives, Monterey Public Library | 5/26/44 | Milton Bracker, A.C. Sedgwick, Drew Middleton, Tillman Durdin, Alexander P. de Seversky, more

Posted on 05/26/2014 4:56:05 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson


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TOPICS: History
KEYWORDS: milhist; realtime; worldwarii
Free Republic University, Department of History presents World War II Plus 70 Years: Seminar and Discussion Forum
First session: September 1, 2009. Last date to add: September 2, 2015.
Reading assignment: New York Times articles and the occasional radio broadcast delivered daily to students on the 70th anniversary of original publication date. (Previously posted articles can be found by searching on keyword “realtime” Or view Homer’s posting history .)
To add this class to or drop it from your schedule notify Admissions and Records (Attn: Homer_J_Simpson) by freepmail. Those on the Realtime +/- 70 Years ping list are automatically enrolled. Course description, prerequisites and tuition information is available at the bottom of Homer’s profile. Also visit our general discussion thread.
1 posted on 05/26/2014 4:56:05 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson
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To: Homer_J_Simpson
Selections from West Point Atlas for the Second World War
Anzio-Cassino Area, 1943: Situation 18 May 1944 and Advance in Operation Diadem, 11-18 May. Anzio Breakout, 23-25 May and Turn to Rome, 25-30 May
The Western Pacific, New Guinea and the Philippine Islands: Allied Advances to the Marianas, Biak and Noemfoor, 22 April-24 July 1944, and Japanese Kon and “A” Go Operations 30 May-19 June 1944
China, 1941: Operation Ichigo, April-December 1944 and Situation 31 December
2 posted on 05/26/2014 4:56:33 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson
 photo 0526-appian16_zpsf1998faa.jpg

The Nimitz Graybook

3 posted on 05/26/2014 4:57:04 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson
Prime Minister to Minister of Food 26 May 44

I am glad to hear all you say about better rations, and think what you are doing very wise. Try to cut out petty annoyances, whether in the hotels, the little shops, or the private lives of ordinary people. Nothing should be done for spite’s sake. The great work of rationing in this country, which has given so much confidence and absence of class feeling should not be prejudiced by little trumpery regulations which when enforced make hard cases. Let me have some of your ideas on this.

Winston S. Churchill, Closing the Ring

4 posted on 05/26/2014 4:57:57 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: r9etb; PzLdr; dfwgator; Paisan; From many - one.; rockinqsranch; 2banana; henkster; meandog; ...
Appian Way Clear (Bracker) – 2-3
Infantryman Gets Congress Medal – 3
Fifth Army Unites Forces at a Small Rustic Bridge (Sedgwick) – 4
Stand above Rome by Foe is Expected (Middleton) – 4-5
Fifth Army Effects a Historic Junction (page 1 photo) – 5
War News Summarized – 6
A Junction that Spells Victory in Italy (photos) – 6-7
The Cassino Monastery and a Town in Italy in Ruins (photos) – 8
Bombs Tear Rails – 9-10
Britons Forego Holiday Travel; Nazis Bolster Defenses in France – 10
Japanese Hit Back Futilely in Burma (Durdin) – 11
Air Power and the War (de Seversky) – 12
Captives ‘Coddled’ in U.S., Russia Says – 12
Pacific Submarines Add 15 Ships to Toll – 13
The Task Ahead for Allied Airmen (by Hanson W. Baldwin) – 13
The Texts of the Day’s Communiques on the Fighting in Various War Zones – 14-15
5 posted on 05/26/2014 4:59:00 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

Japanese strike US airbases in China
Friday, May 26, 1944

In China... Japanese forces launch a major offensive against American airbases in the southeast (Operation Ichigo). The Japanese 11th Army attacks from Hankow and the 23rd Army drives from Canton. A total of about 620,000 Japanese troops are engaged in the operation.

In Italy... Allied advances continue despite German resistance. The British 10th Corps (McCreery) captures Roccasecca; the Canadian 1st Corps takes San Giovanni and reaches the Liri River; the US 2nd Corps reaches Priverno. The US 6th Corps, at Anzio, progresses toward Lanuvio; US 3rd Division takes Artena, but German defenses prevent it from advancing to Valmontone. The US 1st Armored Division proves too weak to mount a rapid drive towards Velletri.

In the North Atlantic... German submarine U-541 stops the Portuguese liner Serpa Pinto, carrying Jewish refugees to Canada. Two American citizens are removed and 385 others are ordered into the lifeboats. Nine hours later, after the submarine has contacted its base, the passengers are allowed back on board the ship. Three die in the evacuation process, including a 16 month old baby..

In Occupied France... French resistance members bomb the hydroelectric station supplying the Tulle Arsenal. The station is guarded by 40 German soldiers.

In the Marshall Islands... An American destroyer force bombards Mili Island.

6 posted on 05/26/2014 5:00:29 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

May 26th, 1944 (FRIDAY)

UNITED KINGDOM: In post-war Britain there will be no more slumps, and general unemployment will be cured. So a government white paper said today. It explained that expansionist policies will mean plenty of jobs. There will be plans to spend more on public works in lean years and an economic “Brains Trust” to tell the government about world trade conditions. Subsidies will be used to maintain steady prices and prevent a rise in the cost of living.

Destroyer HMS Volage commissioned.

FRANCE: Allied aircraft bomb Lyons, Nice, St. Etienne and Marseilles, killing 5,407 civilians.

D-Day Countdown

The German Perspective

Friday, 26 May, 1944

Rommel holds a special luncheon for General Wolfgang Pickert, commanding the III Flak Corps. Pickert, had once commanded the 9th Flak division in the East, and had been there with his unit when it had been nearly annihilated at Stalingrad at the end of 1942. Pickert, a member of the Luftwaffe, had been one of the lucky ones that had been flown out of the surrounded Sixth Army that winter.

Pickert, his headquarters now just south of the city of Amiens, now commands some 24 batteries of antiaicraft regiments, a sizeable weapon against the hoards of enemy aircraft that would dominate the skies over an invasion site. At the beginning of the month, Rommel had requested from the Luftwaffe that the corps be relocated to Normandy. Göring had turned him down, and Pickert had agreed with the decision, although a few units eventually did make it to the Normandy area. Most of the regiments though, remained scattered north of the Seine, thus with little effective power against the Allied air force anywhere.

Rommel receives him warmly, and they have a nice discussion over lunch. A little later, they are joined by -General der Fallshirmjaeger- Kurt Student, commanding all the airborne troops. Having dissolved the -XI Fliergerkorps,- he had in its place formed the - Fallshirmjaegerkorps- and had established his new headquarters near Nancy in March. His parachute school at Dreux* was busy with new recruits, eager to learn how to jump out of an airplane.

Also joining them is General von Funck, who is commanding (now Rommel’s) XLVII Panzer Corps.

Rommel excuses himself for a phone call from State Secretary Theodor Ganzenmueller, in the Ministry of Transportation. He complains to Rommel about the meddling into the affairs of transportation by Gauleiter Kaufmann on Rommel’s behalf. Ganzenmueller tells Rommel to kindly keep Kaufmann (and anyone else Rommel is contemplating) out of the affairs of of transportation. Yes, the Ministry is aware of the acute transportation problem in France right now due to the bombings, but trying to get things done using Kaufmann is NOT the proper way to do things.

Admiral Ruge drives to Paris to the headquarters of Security Area West, and then of the Naval Group West. He finds out that the radar installations had been hit pretty hard by the enemy, but that of the eleven major radar installations that had been damaged by the bombs, only one was not back in service again.

Hitler has a conference with a number of his generals.

Mostly, he tells them about how the problems Germany had been plagued with because of the Jews, and how they were in a life or death struggle with the Bolsheviks.

* A small town some 40 miles west of Paris.

Pete Margaritis

GERMANY: A group of senior officers and generals who had been participants in an ideological training course were addressed by Himmler in the Platterhof, a big hotel next to the Berghof. The Reichsfuhrer wanted to strengthen their commitment to National Socialism and to stiffen their spines before they returned to the front. At this late date in the war, people at this level knew what had happened, and was still happening, to the Jews of Europe. Himmler reminded them that they, as well as leaders of the regime, would be held responsible if Germany lost the war.They were all in the same boat with respect to the elimination of Jews from Europe. Hitler addressed the officers that afternoon. He, too, wanted to cement their solidarity with National Socialism. He spoke of the Jews as a foreign body which he had eliminated. His key point: “In removing the Jews I eliminated in Germany the possibility of creating some sort of revolutionary core or nucleus.” (Jay Stone)(97)

U-1106 launched.

ITALY: The USAAF’s Fifteenth Air Force in Italy dispatches just over 700 bombers to attack targets in Italy; B-17 Flying Fortresses hit marshalling yards at Ferrara and Mantua and an air depot at Piacenza; B-24s hit Vicenza marshalling yard and air depots at Piacenza and Reggio Emilia; fighters fly 170+ sorties in escort; 48 P-38s strafe Aviano and Villaorba airfields.

PACIFIC OCEAN: The destroyers of Task Group 57.8 bombard Japanese installations on Mili Atoll in the southeastern Marshall Islands.

The destroyer escort USS England (DE-635) sinks Japanese submarine HIJMS RO-108 110 miles (177 km) northeast of Manus Island, Admiralty Islands . This is the fifth submarine involved in Operation “NA” sunk by USS England in seven days.

U.S.A.: Coast Guard-manned Army vessel FS-177 was commissioned. She was assigned to and operated in the Southwest Pacific area. She was decommissioned 19 August 1945.

ATLANTIC OCEAN: Two RAF 333 Sqn Mosquitoes attacked U-958 killing 1 and wounding 2 men. [Maschinenobergefreiter Herbert Frank].

7 posted on 05/26/2014 5:01:56 AM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

May 26, 1944, the first mention of Free Republic in the New York Times (pg 11).

8 posted on 05/26/2014 2:05:09 PM PDT by centurion316
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To: centurion316; Jim Robinson
May 26, 1944, the first mention of Free Republic in the New York Times (pg 10).

That was back in the pre-dial-up days.

9 posted on 05/26/2014 2:18:49 PM PDT by Homer_J_Simpson ("Every nation has the government that it deserves." - Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821))
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

The party line modem, three rings is for you.

10 posted on 05/26/2014 2:22:18 PM PDT by centurion316
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

Our bulletin boards were run on short wave in those days.

11 posted on 05/26/2014 2:41:25 PM PDT by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!)
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

“Captives ‘Coddled’ in U.S., Russia Says – 12”

This was an interesting item. At a state park in Oklahoma, we saw stone structures that had been built by Italian POWs. Some liked eastern Oklahoma so much that they immigrated after the war.

12 posted on 05/26/2014 2:57:40 PM PDT by Tax-chick (You say I'm insane ... I say you're afraid.)
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To: Homer_J_Simpson

“Hemingway Is Injured”

Mr. Hemingway was injured when the car in which he was riding with a British physician struck a water tank.


Even in 1944, cars drove themselves into obstacles.

13 posted on 05/26/2014 3:00:03 PM PDT by Tax-chick (You say I'm insane ... I say you're afraid.)
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