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Sign This New White House Petition for DOJ to Investigate Obama’s Forged ID Documents
CDR Kerchner (Ret) Blog ^ | 03 May 2019 | CDR Kerchner (Ret)

Posted on 05/03/2019 11:30:51 AM PDT by CDR Kerchner

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To: Redwood71

Another court case that someone at the DOJ has very recently looked at:

61 posted on 05/03/2019 10:23:55 PM PDT by CDR Kerchner (natural born Citizen, natural law, Emer de Vattel, naturels, presidential, eligibility, kamalaharris)
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To: humblegunner; CDR Kerchner

Party like it’s 2009.

62 posted on 05/03/2019 11:32:59 PM PDT by 4Zoltan
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To: CDR Kerchner
the zer0
63 posted on 05/04/2019 12:20:29 AM PDT by mabarker1 (Congress- the opposite of PROGRESS!!!)
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To: CDR Kerchner

Thank you.

Within your article was the information I had alluded to about the formation of the hospital that was on the birth certificate. The name on the certificate was of a hospital that was founded and joined by the birthing center, not of the same name, in 1978. Obama was supposedly born in a facility that had another name and as this was a public document written at the time of the birth, could not have been eluded to in the latter in 1961. At the time of his birth it was called the Kapiolani Maternity Home founded in 1890 and would have legally had to have been called that. So the mistake couldn’t have legally happened as the other name didn’t exist in 1961 when this document was formed.

This obvious mistake on the cert could not have been made at the time of his birth, as the name didn’t exist. So someone had stupidly put an incorrect, non-existent, name on the cert when it was copied, and I feel created.

Therefore, he has no proof of US birth with a fraudulent certificate but does have an admitted foreign birth proof in England, and Kenya, with a cert as an attempt at dual citizenship which he claims.


64 posted on 05/04/2019 6:44:07 AM PDT by Redwood71
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To: humblegunner
Yeah, and bring on Orly Taitz!
Re-instate Butterdezillion!

Not a funny joke actually. Butterdezillion is a patriot and has paid a terrible price for her thorough research and dedication.

65 posted on 05/04/2019 7:00:09 AM PDT by fireman15
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To: fireman15
Butterdezillion is a patriot

She's a nut in patriot's clothing.

66 posted on 05/04/2019 7:03:52 AM PDT by humblegunner
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To: humblegunner

And you as always are contributing nothing to the discussion other than ill will. You are like an ill mannered bad itch that won’t go away no matter how much you scratch it or what you spray on it. How and why the moderators have put up with you for as long as they have is beyond me.

67 posted on 05/04/2019 7:21:25 AM PDT by fireman15
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To: fireman15

I see someone is wearing their sassy pants today.

68 posted on 05/04/2019 7:22:59 AM PDT by humblegunner
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To: Redwood71

The hospital name meme was debunked years ago.

First, there are other Hawaiian birth certificates from the 1950s and 1960s with the same hospital name - “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital”.

Second, there are medical journals from the 1950s that reference the name - “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital”.

Third, there was a lawsuit in the 1930s involving the “Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital”.

69 posted on 05/04/2019 8:05:30 AM PDT by 4Zoltan
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To: 4Zoltan

Not to start to call you a liar, but where did you get the info about any identification of the hospital called what it is on the cert prior to the late 70’s? Way too many sources don’t say that:

And other sites I have seen like the actual site of the hospital we are discussing I already sent you.

But let’s take another look at the cert.

The independent Republic of Kenya was formed in 1964. It was ruled as a de facto one-party state by the Kenya African National Union (KANU), led by Jomo Kenyatta during 1963 to 1978. If you look at the cert released by the white house, it displays Kenya, East Africa as the birthplace of his father.

At the time of senior Obama’s birth the area was known as the Kenyan Colony and under British control. But the locals took the area as stated above two years after our president Obama was born. That’s the reason he is a dual citizenship to the British and they have a sealed copy of his cert in their records rather than with Kenya. And if Obama’s father had been born 25 years before him, it can not identify on the cert that he was born in Kenya. Another stupid mistake when the cert was made. The Colony and Protectorate of Kenya was part of the British Empire in Africa from 1920 until 1963. It was established when the former East Africa Protectorate was transformed into a British Crown colony in 1920. Technically, the ‘Colony of Kenya’ referred to the interior lands, while a 16 km (10 mi) coastal strip (nominally on lease from the Sultan of Zanzibar) was the ‘Protectorate of Kenya’ but the two were controlled as a single administrative unit. The colony came to an end in 1963 when a black majority government was elected for the first time and eventually declared independence as Kenya. Again, two years after Obama’s birth.

Also, if you look at the signature of the person attending, the doctor block is not checked, it’s smeared like crazy. Maybe you can help me here. I can’t find any reference to the doctor, using any number of names it may be, on file anywhere in Hawaii. Who is he? It appears to be “David A. Smilan”,(edited to add) but others read it as “David A. Sinclair” although the last name is not easy to read. This appears to be in conflict with Snopes which posted a January, 2009 statement by a teacher in Hawaii, who claimed to recall a 1961 conversation with the obstetrician who delivered Obama, whom she said was Dr. Rodney T. West, who died in February, 2008, age 98. She said she remembered West telling her on August 4, 1961 that “today” a baby named Barack Hussein Obama had been born to a mother named Stanley Ann Dunham and a father who was the first African student at the University of Hawaii. So why was the cert signed by the wrong doctor with a witness claiming otherwise? The cert sucks at best. And Obama should have been investigated before the election but the liberal judges bailed him out on that.


70 posted on 05/04/2019 9:14:28 AM PDT by Redwood71
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To: Redwood71

World Net Daily posted a Hawaiian birth certificate from 1959.

And there are the Nordyke twins 1961 Hawaiian birth certificates

There is this April 1955 “Obstetrics in Hawaii” article:

And there is this 1934 lawsuit:

Kenya was called Kenya back in the 1920s and 30s.

As can be seen by the Kenya Gazette and this 1935 book on Kenya - “White man’s country: Lord Delamere and the making of Kenya”

1935 article on Kenya - “Human Remains from Kanam and Kanjera, Kenya Colony”

1935 The Lancet medical journal article on the “MALIGNANT DISEASE IN THE NATIVES OF KENYA”

Doctor David Sinclair is the name and his family verified the signature is his.—blown-away——honored-.html?nav=5031

The story of Dr. West does not say that he was the attending physician.

71 posted on 05/04/2019 9:47:45 AM PDT by 4Zoltan
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To: 4Zoltan; Redwood71; All
RWood, they love seeing sleuths waste their time untangling the web of untruths they've woven. It's de rigeur and standard operating procedure (SOP), "from the playbook." (You see their minions flapping about here with misdirection and insults.)

Neither Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital [KMGH] nor Queens Hospital has ever had any record of a birth for little Barry at either facility. as Governor Abercrombie found out when he attempted to fulfill a campaign promise of his by finding Barry's Long Form Birth Certificate (LFBC). The mention of KMGH on what Barry and Bob Bauer proffered on 4/27/2011 is fraudulent and forgery.

So-called "Loretta Fuddy", decades long CIA asset, supervised the production of that falsification, claiming she found it just where it was supposed to have been among the (valid) birth certificate record books. Curiously, the State Registrar Alvin Onaka, said it had been found in a different birth certificate location.

Just one of the ways Barry's LFBC is invalid is that its required mark of "AMENDED" does not appear. Once a LFBC is amended (allowed only shortly after birth without being considered AMENDED), it must bear that flag stamp ("AMENDED"). The necessity for that stamp makes the LFBC invalid for legal purposes, where it is the equivalent of hearsay.

The time of Barry's most recent amendments to his HDOH birth file (~2007) coincided with the switcheroo he made from his author claims that he was born in Kenya. If one was born in 1961 in Kenya to a Kenyan parent, one is a British subject. If one has ever been a British subject, one can never be a US natural born citizen.

Furthermore, "Loretta Fuddy", the Hawai'i Department of Health (HDOH) Director) was by all appearances (and right) unable to get Registrar Onaka to commit a criminal falsification for three requested Verifications of Barry's LFBC. The evidence shows it was likely she that completed those Verification forms in a way that rendered all three invalid. In short, the HDOH was unable to produce valid Verifications.

Orly Taitz, if she were both a competent lawyer and truly wanted to see Barry be held accountable for his fraudulent usurpation of the presidency could have used the invalid HDOH Verification to at least break wide open Barry's false LFBC on its (lack of) merits. Alas, somethings she couldn't muster, but who's to say she wasn't successful nonetheless.

During the run-up to the 2008 usurpation of the presidency, Barry and his campaign could not decide where Barry had been born. Hedging their bets (because there had never been a birth certificate up to that point with any claim of where he supposedly had been born), the diligent United Press International article writer repeated the claim he or she was told, "Honolulu's Queens Hospital." The same article also came out "corrected" from the UPI claiming he was born at "Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children." It would be ludicrous to imagine the article writer was not explicitly told "Queens" It's more than curious that the name there wasn't as it supposedly would ultimately appear on his LFBC, eh?


Below is the image of where little Barry was born, in Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock, B.C.

Then there's the now disappeared thank you note from Barack Obama to Queens hospital for their good care of him at his birth.... The cover-up continues:

He wasn't really born on 8/4 the 216th day of the year, but that date chosen for him by his CIA handlers (6x6x6 = 216). Haha, we're all supposed to cower at the increase in mystical power brought down by Satanists (who favor the colors black and red) to the CIA creation every time his supposed birth date would be mentioned. Knowing his birth particulars would likely be a contentious issue, they relish the mention of the 216th day of the year every time the "silly" (as Barry has often called it) issue has come up.

The long and the short is that it's just SOP for Deep State types to steep "conversation" in confusions that were set up by them and their comrades just to appear helpful while misdirecting conversations. Truth is anything but a goal for them. (See my tagline.)

72 posted on 05/04/2019 10:40:02 AM PDT by rx (Truth Will Out!)
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To: Redwood71
Oops, I forgot to include the image of the DS/Left-friendly's representation of Little Barry having been born at Queens.

Also, you should know that "Loretta Fuddy" was allowed her exit to "Valhalla" for her decdes-long work to benefit the intel community's fraud onto the American electorate via Barry's usurpation. That was accomplished on 12/11/2013, as she was extracted from the aftermath of an intentional water landing after a faked "catastrophic engine failure."

The following shows involvement of our intel community's and John Brennan's use of the USS LaJolla to help in the extraction. The LaJolla was in the area uniquely on that day (assignment area seen at lower left), military-trained divers and our Navy SEALs' gear was misappropriated for illegal, domestic deception, election/political purposes by the former CIA director. That's banana republic-level treacher, former Director Brennan.

Via the videographer's recording, we can see many instances throughout the exercise where those watches at every turn were showing the time 3:22. Perhaps you would think the water landing occured at that time and everyone's watch got drenched in that minute to make them all stop.

Or perhaps you'll also recall that GHWB and GW's Skull and Bones Yale Secret Society's number is 322.

All just a lot of coincidences, you might say, eh?

And how about the appearance at the crash venue of a CIA vessel, owned at the time by an Obama-appointed functionary? The vessel's name? A fishing vessel known as the Finback (two graphics above). You'll recall that the USS Finback was the vessel that plucked LTJG. G.H.W. Bush after his ditching at sea (Wow! another coincidence!) Nothing you've been told in the mainstream media has comported with the truth about these birth certificate or "death" of the person called "Loretta Fuddy."

BTW, since all the information about these events are in the hands of many people and with the proper authorities, their use as evidence for trial or tribunal won't in any way be diminished by the DS targeting me as they did butterdezillion. The recording devices are all running. Trying to take anyone else out won't have the desired effect but will instead greatly add (as they see it) to their bad karma.

73 posted on 05/04/2019 11:38:43 AM PDT by rx (Truth Will Out!)
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To: rx


I finally found the article I was searching for. It’s not the shortest one, but it does entertain some points:

InfoWars is a far-right American news website owned by Alex Jones. It was founded in 1999, and operates under Free Speech Systems LLC.

Talk shows and other content for the site are created primarily in studios at an undisclosed location in an industrial area in the outskirts of Austin, Texas. The InfoWars website receives approximately 10 million monthly visits, making its reach greater than some mainstream news websites such as The Economist and Newsweek. Please take the time to read the article, thank you.


74 posted on 05/04/2019 7:19:17 PM PDT by Redwood71
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To: Redwood71

I read this when first published.

The problem with the CIA stuff is that it comes from Dennis Montgomery. He has his own Wikipedia page and has been called a “conman” by his own attorney.

Sheriff Arpaio had two ex-NSA guys (Thomas Drake and Kirk Wiebe) review Montgomery’s hard drives and his claims and they wrote a memo saying, “We have found that he is a complete and total FRAUD.” Arpaio himself testified under oath that the stuff Montgomery gave them was junk.

So make of it what you want.

75 posted on 05/04/2019 9:57:02 PM PDT by 4Zoltan
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To: 4Zoltan

The only problem is that sometimes a liar tells the truth and the evidence is very interesting. I don’t go much for the density of the paper used, or the dual citizen thing as nothing can be done about it now as the phallic symbol served two terms in office. But I would, at least, like to see a reputable investigation done on it as it effected the outcome of an election just as much, if not more, than the ongoing 3 year, $50 plus million grilling Trump has taken. And it has been completed numerous times as the libs just won’t give up as they are following the playbook they have used for 70 plus years.

Seems kind of inconsistent when so many irregularities, and outright incorrect entries, on a state document used for federal purposes can be shoved under the rug but something that has been proven false can’t be turned off due to political desires.

I was a sports official for about half my life and I’ve found that the best officials may not call the way you like it, but they are the best because they call it the same at both ends. You get your money’s worth.

Right now, it ain’t happening as I truly feel that even liberals have determined the horse is dead and are concentrating on their own lives worrying more about eating and sleeping under a roof than the vile actions of liberals trying to preserve their identity for 2020. And lying and hurting people to get there has become the acceptable norm for only one side of the aisle. It needs to go both ways to be the democracy millions try to get here to divulge in. I spent the same half in service and it makes me ill to watch it destroyed by just plain old fashioned dishonesty. Most of them should be in jail. But the crooked justice system would just stop it, and has like with the birther thing, a name they even blamed on an Illinois politician no one even knows. It just never stops and never stops hurting people, or die trying.


76 posted on 05/05/2019 5:57:40 AM PDT by Redwood71
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To: Redwood71; 4Zoltan; Travis McGee; DoughtyOne; CDR Kerchner; Liz; ransomnote; bagster; ...
Yes, rwood, liars sometimes tell the truth, and some people are trained to lie to those they consider infidels. It's called taqiyyah.

4Zoltan has taken the "con man" appellation of NYT writer James Risen and falsely applied it to the lips of Dennis Montgomery's (DM) lawyer. His lawyer's reference to the term in argumentation only shows 4Zoltan's comment to have been opportunistically slanderous. The judge in that case, Rudy Contreras, you may recall, figures prominently in the Stzok/Page FISA-related texts as being a friend of theirs. From those texts, it seemed the good judge may have been "working toward similar goals." or perhaps one who was willing to look the other way as a fraud on his court was perpetrated.

If what DM says has any larger elements of truth--and his grant of federal immunity as a whistleblower must tell us exactly that--it would only be expected that the data he says he collected via the HAMMR computer system of his design and construction would not likely be decipherable by any two "ex-NSA guys." (DM (through his lawyer) seems to believe the HAMMR continued to be used past his involvement to spy on hundreds of judges and others.) The same system inscrutability would be even more the case for even a very experienced and talented sheriff in Arizona. DM's immunized whistleblower status should tell all those following this story that even though some people may not have been able to make use of or decipher DM's personally encrypted data on 47 hard drives, there is a significant amount of "there there" with regard to the story of who DM is and what he was provedly hired to do within the intelligence community.

Both Arpaio and DM have been under accusation in Judge Murray Snow's courtroom. Just because Sheriff Arpaio was unable to make hay with DM's consultancy for him does not negate DM's claimed work. DM still has Non-Disclosure Agrement aspects to his situation to which he will likely forever be obliged. That Sheriff Joe was similarly unable to get traction and national attention before Congress with his Cold Case Posse's stunningly-flawed culminating presentation in December of 2016 is something of a trifecta-plus-two of losses for the newly-retired sheriff, despite the deserved pardon by President Trump for Joe's criminal contempt conviction.

DM saw no apparent action in the time of James Comey's being the custodian for his 47 hard drives of data, and his complaint against James Comey seems to have been stonewalled. Had there truly been "no there there," the situtation could easily have been resolved to the Barry Administration's advantage.

Though one might reasonably say both Clapper and Brennan are proven, total liars would not negate the powerful positions they've held and the huge capacity for the good or ill their actions implicitly effected.

4Zoltan's representations are misdirection from the truth, which is a consistent pattern for her, here as well. Take for example the "CIA stuff." Even though someone might wish to call a CIA asset a "con man" or "fraud," we should realize the hard truth that such assets are trained in ways that rightfully elicit such monikers from the rest of us. The same would apply to the twisted logic, here-and-there false claims of 4Zoltan. Does that make her a "fraud"? Well, yes, to offset her hubris, but she "may well" have gotten that kind of training and assignment, even for this very kind of exchange here and now.

Aside from 4Zoltan's contribution, DM's role in manipulation of the Hawai'i Department of Health computer system and Vital Records database is in no substantive way negated by what we would perceive as his shown lack of character here or there. Are we to say John Brennan couldn't possibly have been a CIA agent for all his adult life because he showed himself to be a liar before the Congress? Or how about James Clapper? Would you let 4Zoltan's "logic" successfully lead you to believe neither of them could have been Intel Community-trained to be very effective assets? That would once again be laughable, but that's how she's (hopefully-ineffectually) trying to work here.

No, obviously the total-fraud liars Brennan and Clapper rose to the top of whatever heap it is they surmounted and no flawed logic should suggest that's not possible.

Furthermore, there's a lot more than just DM "trying" to interject a measure of "CIA stuff." With that nonsense, 4Zoltan would have us abandon that the CIA is invovled at all as quickly as DM's character can be impugned. HA! Sorry, missy, but Barack Obama sits atop these initiatives regarding his birth certificate and related issues. Brennan has been managing Obama's narrative and getting him schooling funds and walking-around money from Brennan's days as Riyadh station chief. You did note the decades-long "rumors" of Saudi money helping that along, right? What is the Saudi monachy but the institutionalized ARAMCO, first set up by the Rockefellers in the US. The Deep State. CIA. Our betters--globalists, etc.

When the full story is disclosed publicly, we may find that an MK-ULTA subject like Jared Loughner was involved in the two-fer of taking out the reliably right-wing Judge John Roll and being the grist to provide justification for Barry's receipt of a birth certificate number that he otherwise didn't have prior to 2006. Sorry, all taken! And just because DM couldn't help Arpaio overturn his contempt indictment doesn't mean DM wasn't involved in fixing Hawai'i Vital Statistics to benefit Barry.

Fuddy was a decades-long member of Subud--a proven CIA front, with her being the cream of that crop as seen in her selections, first as treasurer, then USA national chairperson. Registrar Onaka, ostensible Barry LFBC approver, had a long history that saw him rising through the ranks of USAID. That organization has also long been known as a CIA front. The $2B La Jolla submarine was at the time of the hoaxed Fuddy plane crash assigned to be under CIA control. $2B of CIA submarine's activities aren't signed off by some "Commander McHale." All its activities would be explicitly approved by the Director of Central Intelligence--Brennan. So don't bother letting 4Zoltan dissuade you from thinking that "CIA stuff" disappears from the story of Barry's LFBC on a slamming sentence from a couple of ex-NSA guys, no matter how well we know Admiral M.S. Rogers as a white hat. Remember it was Brennan as CEO of Analysis Corporation that was in the news in 2008 dealing with an "Obama passport breach" of State Department records and the likely-related murder of Lieutenant Quarles Harris, a guy who worked for Brennan's State Department contractors at the time.

But let's not stop there. There is lots of evidence from the 2016-2018 FBI/DOJ/CIA "Trump-Russia Collusion" episode that that crew enlisted aid from the intel services of our 5VEY (Five Eyes) allies, Brits and Aussies in particular. That evidence suggests that the Barry's Administration regularly used such foreign help to direct activities against the Americans and our interests through deception missions. We've even seen what may have been 5VEY folks chime in regarding Barry's domestic deception activities (e.g., BC and Fuddy-related) even (and especially) here at FR and at theFogbow. (Read "Foggy Bottom," where Hillary's State Department is located.) It's been highly coordinated stuff that in no way was dependent on whether some whistleblower had legal success taking umbrage at his bad press.

Truth be told, it's the "CIA stuff" related to Barry's very beginnings that led to his two biggest, most oft-quoted self-directed axioms: "leading from behind" (with its life-long sexual double entendre) and "I'm really good at killing people." Here, the intended meaning of "leading from behind" was that no LFBC appeared or (even existed) and until it was pretty clear what that the LFBC was needed to say. If "people" seeing to his narrative and interests had tried to codify that LFBC much earlier, one of those many court cases against his Natural Born Citizen status--or lack thereof--could have gone against him, since actual DM-to-be-planted HDOH data didn't yet exist, which could have easily tripped him up. The way it was, all those court cases lacked clarity because authentic data were hidden from the public...and fizzled.

As an anthropology intern under the CIA's wing in Indonesia, Stanley Ann Dunham kept personalized information regarding villagers' ethnicity, under the de facto control of Dr. Clifford Geertz, the eminent grise of the Suharto slow-motion overthrow of Indonesia's first President, Sukharno. Ethnic Chinese Indonesian citizens were targeted as overwhelming supporters of Sukharno. The CIA's preferred replacement, Suharto employed Lolo Soetoro, ostensibly as a geologist, but as reported by retired intel asset and historian Warren Madsen, as an assassin. With Subud/CIA support Suharto engaged in a bloody coup that saw between 800 thousand and 3 million Indonesians losing their lives and 1.5million spending time in prison. Barry would have known of all that political killing that had been going on around him, such that he would have seen and heard from others how to get "good at killing people."

The association of Barry, his birth narrative, and his life-long family activities are anything but paper-thin with CIA involvement.

77 posted on 05/05/2019 11:44:08 AM PDT by rx (Truth Will Out!)
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To: Cold Heart


78 posted on 05/05/2019 12:14:15 PM PDT by SaveFerris (Luke 17:28 ... as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold ......)
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To: rx

All this BS from a guy who mistook a GoPro camera for a “camouflaged, manufactured, high-tech, classified SEAL Team equipment.”


79 posted on 05/05/2019 3:44:38 PM PDT by 4Zoltan
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To: 4Zoltan

It’s the self-delusion in which you engage that gleefully and wrongfully imagines that a sleuth is somehow responsible to get every detail of your paymaster‘s hoax interpreted 100% correctly. That’s laughable.

Hypothetically speaking (of course), dozens of crooked conspirators and operatives (violating their oaths) behind a series of presidential election fraud events won’t get let off the hook because a witness merely temporarily misidentifies a piece of gear used by a paid, non-official cover.

Besides, we’re not in court yet, and being assertive earlier helped us get closer to the truth as we read your feeble attempts at derision. So, thanks!

The case is very well bolted down with the help of you and your “sock puppets” need to stroke your own egos.

80 posted on 05/05/2019 5:41:23 PM PDT by rx (Truth Will Out!)
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