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Free Roger Stone (Saturbray) ^ | 2/15/20 | bray

Posted on 02/15/2020 6:16:40 AM PST by bray

Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 1 John 4:10 KJV

The Roger Stone fiasco is the perfect face of the Deep State. For decades Repubs have understood the way the game is played. Dems can get away with any corruption they desire and Repubs are supposed to sit back and allow it. If Repubs are accused of the wildest accusation they are guilty and will be prosecuted into oblivion. Just as the Clintons can make millions selling Uranium to Russia, Trump gets falsely accused by the Clintons and loses 3 years of his presidency. These are the rules the press corpse has made and everyone in DC has accepted.

President Trump has fought these rules magnificently to the detriment of his administration and the destruction of many of his followers such as Stone and Michael Flynn. Roger Stone has been unfairly convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering which if pushed would convict most inside the Beltway of Graft. How is Stone looking at the rest of his life in prison and Adam Schiftforbrains walking around a free man? The guy made up a fake phone call and read it into the Congressional record and is heralded by PravdABC? How is this not lying to Congress?

Everyone knows this was another DNC kangaroo court to punish an innocent man who was tweaking the DNC establishment which will not be tolerated. He was playing the media about the WikiLeaks involvement in the Hillary email releases and apparently was trapped into lying.

Just like Scooter Libby it is an investigation crime and not an actual crime and being selectively enforced. Most of the heroes on the Left such as Brennon and Comey lied to Congress under oath and nothing was done while people like Stone were targeted to justify a $50 million coup attempt.

At what point does the American people say enough is enough. The system is rigged for the Communist Party from top to bottom. There is no blind justice when you have one side being harassed by the judicial system and the other skates or is accessories to crimes. At what point does the people and the President say it is time to reset the rules inside Moscow on the Potomac? At what point does the people say enough of the unfair media and demand these schmucks get fired and hire people from both sides of the aisle not just one like Steponallofus?

Stone is another example of what is wrong with the media and fairness in America. Just like the President who is deemed guilty until proven innocent and then is not really innocent, Roger Stone was found guilty the minute he was charged. Now we find his jury was rigged and had no fair trial even by DC standards. If anyone should be charged with a crime it should be his judge and the jury foreman who lied about her being unbiased when she was a hardcore political hack. This is the judicial system and healthcare system they would have for you.

Stone and everyone charged for these phony charges need to be released and repaid for their lost time and money. This was based on a fake charge of Russian collusion built on a fake dossier purchased and pushed by the Clinton campaign and the FBI. The people who should be looking at prison time if it was what it appears to be are those like Comey and Brennon who pushed this fake investigation. In addition, the media needs to be investigated and their FCC licenses pulled. It is time to eliminate this version of the fake media and start over. The Democrat control is obscene and would be obscene if it were the other way around.

The mediots are really who got Roger Stone convicted. They were active participants in the early morning SWAT raid on an unarmed 70 yr. old man and his deaf wife. What type of Banana Republic Gestapo not only uses that type of terror, but calls the local hack media to report it? This is the same Establishmedia who has been wrong about everything including the election yet are considered the wise sages of the nation.

Just like myself being the only one who predicted Trump would win when 99.9% of the echo chamber was predicting Hillary, I predicted Bernie would win six months ago when they were crowing about the inevitability of Biden mixed with Beto and Commie-la Harris. This is the quality of the news readers we have who run around in a little club repeating what each other says and thinks without the slightest deviation.

Now like I predicted when the fake polls had Comrade Sanders at 15%, he would win they were laughing like he had no chance. Not only did he and does he have a chance he will win this thing and it is time the veil was torn off the Communists and they say what and who they are once and for all. They have been hiding behind the curtain since FDR and it is time, we have the vote between Marxism and Capitalism. It is time we finally had the decision between Commie Sanders and the Billionaire Trump, let America decide what her fate is.

The only thing which can trip up Bernie is his message is too 2016. America was doled into believing the economic malaise was inevitable. The people were lied to into believing capitalism doesn’t work and had not realized the economy could roar if the chains were removed from vital industries like energy and transportation as well as fair trade agreements meant to spread the wealth from America to less free countries.

Pre-2016 was another time and those clichés of the evil 1%, wait Bernie is one; so those evil billionaires do not work as well as before. Those 1970 chants Heh, heh, ho, ho, capitalism has got to go, are not as effective when everyone is working and making a living. He is going to have a tough time even with the AirheadOCommie chick spewing her hatred. The old tired clichés are not nearly as effective against Trump as they are against an establishment Repub since they will play by the DNC rules and Trump will not. He talks talk while they spew 1970 chants. If Bernie was forced to really talk about his beliefs it would shock most Americans. How exactly is he going to keep the economy growing? Stealing money from the 1% and giving it to the 99% is a policy not an economic policy to improve the economy.

Roger Stone is a symptom to this disease. The disease is a socialist establishment which needs to maintain itself. It cannot survive with Roger Stones or Donald Trumps turning over rocks and exposing the Podestas of the District of Corruption. Just like Hollywierd and Weinstein they have ways of doing things and generations of corruption making those rules. They were installed by FDR, Kennedy, LBJ, Bush, Clinton, Barack and now they are being broken by Trump just like Reagan.

Whether you love him or hate him you know Trump is fighting the swamp. You also know the swamp is fighting him and leaving a trail like Stone and Flynn exposing themselves to the world. Weinstein and Epstein are collateral damage in this war and now Comrade Sanders is coming in to save the day for the Deep State, what irony. Now they are hoping upon hope Mini-Mike will pull off the upset, but they have no idea his money is not what got Trump elected and will get him a second term. It was and is the people are tired of the District of Corruption as well as the unfair press corpse and are cleaning house for the next generation.

Roger Stone deserves a fair trial or acquittal and given the same pass everyone in the DNC is given. If he lied to the FBI who cares, they were pulling a lie on America. Give him his freedom and fine him a couple thousand bucks while you clean house in the FBI and put a few dirty cops in front of a real jury. Perhaps the second term of Trump with a Repub House there can be the cleaning this sewer really needs so the Lady in the Bay can raise her torch for all the world to see.

Pray America really wakes

KEYWORDS: corruption; rogerstone; trump

1 posted on 02/15/2020 6:16:40 AM PST by bray
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enough brayin

2 posted on 02/15/2020 6:17:33 AM PST by bray (Pray for President Trump)
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To: bray

After the election Trump should let Stone go free. Then have a ceremony where he is presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom. During the ceremony he would say something like yes he committed crimes, many crimes and list the crimes. Then he would say no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute for these crimes. He should use Comeys exact words as much as possible.

3 posted on 02/15/2020 6:52:43 AM PST by Dennis M.
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4 posted on 02/15/2020 9:23:29 AM PST by bitt (We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.)
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To: Dennis M.

If he does not get an appeal then the President should exonerate him. This is such a huge misjustice.

5 posted on 02/15/2020 11:19:48 AM PST by bray (Pray for President Trump)
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To: bray

I wish Stone had taken good advice. He should have ignored Congress and let his lawyer do all the talking. But he didn’t. Nonetheless, a mistrial MUST be declared because of the deception of the jury forewoman, the present judge must recuse herself and a change of venue MUST be granted. Further, there is no reason he needs to be held in prison if a retrial is granted. Best case scenario is a full pardon from President Trump, but that might have to wait until November.

6 posted on 02/15/2020 7:15:19 PM PST by Enterprise
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