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Taglinus FreeRepublicus - 23rd Edition
FreeRepublic ^ | September 8-14, 2003 A.D. | Numerous Freepers

Posted on 09/19/2003 8:01:12 PM PDT by jigsaw

Taglinus FreeRepublicus (23rd Edition)

Recent taglines exhibiting Freeper wit, compassion, curiosity, brilliance, etc.

Billboards for the rich,
spraycans for the poor,
and taglines for the rest.

~ thatdewd ~

I'm so perfect I am naturally humble.     harrowup, 9/08

Xlin-tonism is a mental disease.     martian_22, 9/08

Why do croutons come in airtight packages? Aren't they just stale bread to begin with?     b4its2late, 9/08

A Virginian who always yearns for New Orleans.     billhilly, 9/08

Official Tombot, Member VRWC.     DiamondDon1, 9/08

Do the French know the meaning of soap, water, and deodorant?     Young Rhino, 9/08

No, Travis McGee didn't pay me to say nice things. Read his book!     Tijeras_Slim, 9/09

It's Dowdy doody time!     justrepublican, 9/09

No man’s life liberty or property is safe when the legislature is in session. ~Mark Twain     Kozak, 9/09

All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand...     Hatteras, 9/09

Fill it to the top with the cheap taste of slop...     mhking, 9/09

You, Mississippi FReepers are about as exciting as a “turtle race... make that a Snail race.”     WKB, 9/09

Wait, I just remembered something! You're boring and my legs work.     Cathryn Crawford, 9/09

If America isn't a Christian nation... what is?     pgyanke, 9/09

I don't believe in Astrology. We Scorpios are skeptical.     TheBigB, 9/09

You can read this: thank your teachers. You're FREE to read this: thank our Veterans.     teech, 9/09

Adopt a dog or a cat from a shelter. You'll save one life; you might very well save two!!     sinkspur, 9/09

Israel is the canary in the coal mine of Islamofascism.     thoughtomator, 9/09

Leaving the toilet seat up improves your household feng shui.     LibKill, 9/09

Ich bin ein Tagliner.     Charles Henrickson, 9/10

May our brave warriors kill all of the Islamokazis/facists/nazis to prevent future 9/11's.     Grampa Dave, 9/10

Everyone talks about Congress; I am doing something about it.     Congressman Billybob, 9/10

Release the inmates and lock me up so they can pay for my vacation! Let them see how they like it!     paladinkc, 9/10

WOD Resistance Tip # 2 - Plant Your Seeds.     Lexington Green, 9/10

Give a man a little luck and anything'll do for brains.     VoiceOfBruck, 9/10

If we accept responsibility for our own actions, we are indeed worthy of our freedom. ~Bill Whittle     appalachian_dweller, 9/10

Men willingly believe what they wish.     JackRyanCIA, 9/10

Doomsday Jesus we need you now ! Strength, Merciless Determination Forever.     menotyu, 9/10

God rest the souls of the 9-11 victims. We will NEVER forget!!     prairiebreeze, 9/10

‘Terrorist’, another way to say 'target practice for soldiers' and get away with it.     Darksheare, 9/10

If you continue to do what you've always done, you will continue to get what you've always got.     Leatherneck_MT, 9/10

Incessantly yapping for change.     beelzepug, 9/10

I'm Polish. I'm left-handed. I'm a drummer. I demand reparations.     baltodog, 9/10

Can't sleep.. the clowns will eat me... Can't sleep.. the clowns will eat me... Can't sleep..     scab4faa, 9/10

9/11 Tribute     Corin Stormhands, 9/10

The text in this Tagline serves no purpose other than to occupy the space between the parentheses.     putupon, 9/10

RE-IMPEACH Osama bil Clinton!!     Mudboy Slim, 9/10

The slippery slope is getting steeper.     StriperSniper, 9/10

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, I keep my eyes wide open all the time...     sultan88, 9/10

Whiners & PC'ers.......members of the new OFFENDED Political Party.     goodnesswins, 9/10

Sometimes your worst nightmare is just a start.     calljack, 9/10

Enough of this "Embrace" crap. Stop all this hot topic wording garbage......     ThreePuttinDude, 9/10

Our party will never be the choice of the NRA. ~John F. Kerry, who looks French.     Dan from Michigan, 9/10

US Marines - Technical Support for [Thanks jriemer]     SAMWolf, 9/11

I believe in using the abuse button......     EggsAckley, 9/11

This is my tagline, this is my gun. One is for FReeping, one is for fun.     CholeraJoe, 9/11

God save the United States of America.     EternalVigilance, 9/11

Our Al-Mighty will whip your Al-Qaeda.     jigsaw, 9/11

If I had a hammer, I'd keep it cocked over a full chamber with the safety on.. .condition one.     glock rocks, 9/11

Pitbull Mauls Dieting McClintock Supporter who was on Atkins.     TankerKC, 9/11

Clemson University plays possum football...They play dead at home and get killed on the road.     N. Theknow, 9/11

Who are you and why am I here?     Flurry, 9/11

Retribution is inevitable.     Harmless Teddy Bear, 9/11

Mr. Arafat, we're ready to fit you for your new necktie now.     EternalVigilance, 9/11

Quality Taglines brought to you from the Freeper Foxhole Tag Team.     SAMWolf, 9/11

Who is the tag whore now!     Stew Padasso, 9/11

I may not agree with what you say, but I reserve the right to puke on your shoes if you're liberal.     viligantcitizen, 9/11

What a relief! I'm included in TR-22nd Edition, now I don't have to pout until the 23rd is released.     putupon, 9/11

I survived 9/11--Hugging my babies and thanking God.     netmilsmom, 9/11

‘Principled Conservative’ is NOT an insult, even if you think it is.     EternalVigilance, 9/11

Each one hopes that if it feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. ~Churchill     w_over_w, 9/11

Christian Conservative American, and proud of it!     EternalVigilance, 9/11

My goal: Renewing an America that reveres God, respects life, and enjoys liberty...     EternalVigilance, 9/11

HEY *OSAMA* I'm tired of your threats. Time to put up or SHUT up; so BRING it ON already, B*TCH!     Sweet_Sunflower29, 9/11

Davis has just been downgraded from eGray Hooker to 2 dollar whore...     TheSpottedOwl, 9/11

Two years ago to the day and year, the truth about Islam became clear, to all with eyes and ears...     EternalVigilance, 9/11

I'm A Registered Freeper...And I Have A Sticker That Says I FReeped Today.     JonathansMommie, 9/11

I'd bomb Yassar myself but I can't even figure out how to run my printer.     wizardoz, 9/11

There aren't enough conservatives in CA to vote for Tom and still have him to win. That's a fact.     Victoria Delsoul, 9/11

In Spain, the president is called "President of the Government" not "President of the Country."     snopercod, 9/11

Logan for Pinup of the Year.     Maigrey, 9/11

I honor my personality flaws for without them I would have no personality at all.     Chad Fairbanks, 9/11

Truth... is a cow which will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull.     Eala, 9/11

Hot damn, my tagline has been listed twice.     Sparta, 9/11

Support independant musicians - shop for music without the RIAA label!     visualops, 9/11

Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?     dixiechick2000, 9/11

An ounce of humility often saves me a pound of humiliation.     auboy, 9/11

I have to change my tagline, I've been Taglinus FreeRepublicused again : )     The Mayor, 9/11

Get on your camel and ride! ~Kool and the Gang     Tolerance Sucks Rocks, 9/11

You Cad!!!!! ~Libertina     Chad Fairbanks, 9/11

LOL Chad, I am 1000 Xs sorry I spelled CAD, now remove thy tagline! (Please)     Libertina, 9/11

I love FReepers!     Libertina, 9/11

This tag line is MINE!! Keep your "mitts" off!!     Fighter@heart, 9/11

We are americans bound together by history and love of freedom. We will not forget!!     .45MAN, 9/11

Yes, I know. I have a nasty suspicious mind.     Harmless Teddy Bear, 9/11

Antidistablishmentarianism is a long word.     GoldMan, 9/11 - because lawyers with a clue are rarer than truth-telling Democrats.     dirtboy, 9/11

I'm Southern. We've been refighting the Civil War for 138 years, you think we'll forget 9/11?     Moose4, 9/11

Honk!! ...if you are being followed by leftists too.     At _War_With_Liberals, 9/11

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Quitting Sarcasm Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks To Your Health.     general_re, 9/11

Stop immigration now!     rellimpank, 9/11

10101100     Not now, Not ever!, 9/11

I'm still waiting for that Clinton middle-class tax cut to kick in...     Libloather, 9/11

Don’t put Cali on CRUZ CONTROL.     WOSG, 9/11

I have steel resolve. Do you?     Mr. Silverback, 9/12

I married Msdrby on 9/11/03. --- Blast it Jim, I'm an Engineer, not a walking dictionary.     Prof Engineer, 9/12

First Rule of French Warfare; " France only wins when America does most of the fighting."     LindaSOG, 9/12

Bill & Hillary Clinton.......lie like tombstones.     Osage Orange, 9/12

Fight Czarism in America!     KarlInOhio, 9/12

The difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector? The taxidermist takes only your skin!     HuntsvilleTxVeteran, 9/12

Let's Roll. ~Todd Beamer, 9-11-01. I see happy! free Iraqi man in Baghdad, 4-09-03     Ragtime Cowgirl, 9/12

Something caught my eye....and dragged it 15 feet.     netmilsmom, 9/12

Which is more powerful: The story or the warrior?     rdb3, 9/12

To freedom, Alberta, horses . . . and women!     Alberta's Child, 9/12

POW/MIA - Bring 'em home, or send us back! Semper Fi -- Tag Line copying encouraged.     JoeSixPack1, 9/12

Liberal Democrats can give Al Qaeda hate lessons.     DaBroasta, 9/12

Coming Soon: Shake Hands with the Serpent: Poetry by Charles David Lipsig.     Celtjew Libertarian, 9/12

Member of the McClintock Militia.     ambrose, 9/13

Shoot them if they stand. Cut them if they run.     cavtrooper21, 9/13

Isaiah 22:22, Rev 3:7, Mat 16:19.     Aquinasfan, 9/13

The road to hell is paved with liberals.     edchambers, 9/13

Liberalism belongs to the Fool, the Fraud, and the Vacuous.     Noachian, 9/13

Arnold opposes the driver's licenses, but he also wants to lobby DC to legalize Illegal Aliens. Ah.     Sabertooth, 9/13

Happy Birthday, Mike...wish you were here.     mystery-ak, 9/13

If I don't mean what I say; pretty soon, I won't be able to say what I mean.     Remote Control, 9/13

It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.     JustPiper, 9/13

Don't mind people grinnin' in your face. ~Son House     Scenic Sounds, 9/13

Brought to you by The American Democratic Party, also known as Al Qaeda, Western Division.     prairiebreeze, 9/13

There are two things in the middle of the road. Roadkill, and a yellow stripe.     Dan from Michigan, 9/13

RIP Paul Kersey.     Hazzardgate, 9/13

Bomb Hollywood!     wizardoz, 9/13

Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it. ~Mark Twain     secret garden, 9/13

Anti-American Nihilistic Saddam-lovers Working to Eradicate our Republic.     Ex-Dem, 9/13

Controlled application of force is the sincerest form of communication.     tacticalogic, 9/14

There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them.     Valin, 9/14

GNY Highway's Rules: Improvise; Adapt; Overcome.     alfa6, 9/14

Double Your Dubya, Reelect George W. Bush.     Fixit, 9/14

Helping you to get that 'don't' out your 'do’.     ConservativeStandUP, 9/14

France… the world's leading exporter of arrogance - Democrats… their #1 customer.     auboy, 9/14

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.     Major_Risktaker, 9/14

I assure you I was just whistling for a cab.     yankeedame, 9/14

There is no shame in being poor, just dressing poorly.     Hillary's Lovely Legs, 9/14

Base eight is just like base ten really - if you're missing two fingers. ~Tom Lehrer     FormerlyAnotherLurker, 9/14

SUCKER: Short-sighted Uncompromising Conservative Kool-Aid-drinking Elitist Republican.     Hildy, 9/14

When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!     Little Ray, 9/14

Faster, Better, Cheaper. 2 out of 3 is the best you'll get!     .cnI redruM, 9/14

Today is the first day of the rest of the pie.     mlmr, 9/14

I ain’t wrong, I ain’t sorry , and I am probably going to do it again.     sgtbono2002, 9/14

Jeanie needs a shooter, a shooter on her side, Jeanie needs a shooter.     Cheapskate, 9/14

Hillary and Clark rhymes with Ft. Marcy park...     cardinal4, 9/14

California -- It's Groovy! Baby!     Alia, 9/14

Boss, I forgot to bring my tag line!     Revolting cat!, 9/14

Semper Fi .. <<<<<<< Elect Arnold And The Yolk's on You... Not Him! >>>>>>>     NormsRevenge, 9/14

This Train don't carry no scammers - no AlSharptons, no midnight ramblers - This Train.     185JHP, 9/14

Leaders cannot lead me without my consent. I, citizen, have power.     Libertina, 9/14

Picture nine Dumbocrat Clowndidates exiting a Yugo clown car, as another arrives by broom.     F.J. Mitchell, 9/14

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To: Sparta; SAMWolf
oops. This means I missed you too cause I was working off his list.

Sparta, if you knew how SAM's mind works you'd understand. He missed someone last week too. He has a multi-tasking brain that is ALWAYS on and running a thousand miles a minute it seems.

Working wiht him sometimes makes my head spin and I often have to tell him to slow down. LOL!

41 posted on 09/19/2003 10:05:22 PM PDT by snippy_about_it (Fall in --> The FReeper Foxhole. America's History. America's Soul.)
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To: snippy_about_it
My Mind works?
42 posted on 09/19/2003 10:09:38 PM PDT by SAMWolf (Teamwork is vital. It gives you someone to blame.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 41 | View Replies]

To: jigsaw
Thanks again for the recognition.
43 posted on 09/19/2003 10:09:46 PM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (Living fast is fine as long as you steer well and have good brakes.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 3 | View Replies]

To: jigsaw
I use this one on dem posts
44 posted on 09/19/2003 10:11:56 PM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (Reelect the Clintons, they already have most of the White House furnishings.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 3 | View Replies]

To: SAMWolf
My Mind works?

It's just at such a high speed you maybe don't notice. LOL.

45 posted on 09/19/2003 10:12:43 PM PDT by snippy_about_it (Fall in --> The FReeper Foxhole. America's History. America's Soul.)
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To: snippy_about_it
High speed and spinning my wheels going nowhere.
46 posted on 09/19/2003 10:17:40 PM PDT by SAMWolf (Teamwork is vital. It gives you someone to blame.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 45 | View Replies]

To: SAMWolf
LOL! That's it!
47 posted on 09/19/2003 10:24:46 PM PDT by snippy_about_it (Fall in --> The FReeper Foxhole. America's History. America's Soul.)
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To: SAMWolf
Teamwork is vital. It gives you someone to blame.)

Oh, you've worked for NASA too?

48 posted on 09/20/2003 2:11:31 AM PDT by snopercod (Going where no MAN has gone before)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 46 | View Replies]

To: jigsaw
A thanks BUMP
49 posted on 09/20/2003 2:53:20 AM PDT by putupon (I wish we could put itty bitty pics here so we wouldn't have to think up so many words.)
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To: jigsaw
Thank You,Thank You.
50 posted on 09/20/2003 5:28:53 AM PDT by JonathansMommie (Have You Hugged Your FReeper Today?)
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To: jigsaw
Thanks jigsaw.
51 posted on 09/20/2003 6:31:03 AM PDT by CholeraJoe (Wesley Clark:"I missed starting WW III in Kosovo. Give me another shot.")
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: snippy_about_it; SAMWolf
You'll like the new one.
52 posted on 09/20/2003 6:32:40 AM PDT by CholeraJoe (Wesley Clark:"I missed starting WW III in Kosovo. Give me another shot.")
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 17 | View Replies]

To: Chad Fairbanks; jigsaw; Eala
Morning all! Very fine job again, Jigsaw... This is such a classic - FReepers will be going back into the archives for years. What an awesome idea! FReepers RULE! See you later today cad er... Chad :) and Eala!
53 posted on 09/20/2003 7:01:05 AM PDT by Libertina (Jigsaw writes another chapter of FR history!)
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To: jigsaw
54 posted on 09/20/2003 7:03:15 AM PDT by The Mayor (He who waits on the Lord will not be crushed by the weights of adversity.)
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To: CholeraJoe
LOL! I do like the new one!
55 posted on 09/20/2003 7:22:30 AM PDT by SAMWolf (, out of taglines!)
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To: snopercod
LOL! No, But I did work for the government once. :-)
56 posted on 09/20/2003 7:23:43 AM PDT by SAMWolf (, out of taglines!)
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To: Libertina; Chad Fairbanks
Morning, Libertina and Chad, LOL!
57 posted on 09/20/2003 7:30:37 AM PDT by Eala (The leftist press interprets its freedom as license to lie -- a license they exercise far too often.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 53 | View Replies]

To: jigsaw
The US 9th Circus Court of Appeals just postponed your tagline.

Can I appeal to the USSC?

Wahoo! I made it on the list twice!



58 posted on 09/20/2003 7:32:03 AM PDT by Harmless Teddy Bear (Hold the forks / The knives are coming / Spoons are on their way….)
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To: snippy_about_it
Once in awhile I come up with a good one.
59 posted on 09/20/2003 7:45:19 AM PDT by Darksheare (Ever try surfing FR while sitting upside down? Not for the soft of head, sorry DUers.)
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To: SAMWolf
Well I could say that I know it to be what this tagline says:
60 posted on 09/20/2003 7:46:25 AM PDT by Darksheare (It's all a vast Tagline Conspiracy.)
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