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Top 10 Reasons John Kerry should not be President
Republican National Committee ^ | 9/22/04 | CRP

Posted on 09/22/2004 12:50:48 PM PDT by granite

Top 10 Reasons John Kerry should not be President

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Campaign News
KEYWORDS: kerry; napalminthemorning

1 posted on 09/22/2004 12:50:52 PM PDT by granite
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To: granite

#11: During Dukakis Admin, he favored assigning false Soc. Sec. numbers for illegal aliens so they could illegally collect benefits.

2 posted on 09/22/2004 12:56:49 PM PDT by theDentist (Proud Member of FreeRepublic 's "Pajama-Hadeen")
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To: granite

Awwww, isn't that cute. Someone figured out how to change fonts.

3 posted on 09/22/2004 12:57:43 PM PDT by Xenalyte (Anything is possible when you don't understand how anything happens.)
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To: granite
#12) If there is anything wrong with Kerry's health, the US could end up with the Breck Girl as president.
4 posted on 09/22/2004 12:59:25 PM PDT by mewzilla
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To: granite

#13. He's more boring than Algore.

5 posted on 09/22/2004 1:02:50 PM PDT by DeFault User
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To: granite

#14) He's a farking socialist. Enough said.

6 posted on 09/22/2004 5:00:34 PM PDT by Outland (Since when was socialism considered a good thing??)
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To: Outland

#15 We get to hear him say "Terrrraaazzzzza" like the pompous ass that he is for the next four years.

7 posted on 09/22/2004 5:17:39 PM PDT by JrAsparagus
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To: granite

This list might be more compelling if it didn't look like it was written using the cyber equivalent of CRAYONS.

8 posted on 09/22/2004 5:20:38 PM PDT by Maceman (Too nuanced for a bumper sticker)
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To: Maceman

I did not compose this. It is a JPG posted on the CRP site listed in the header.

9 posted on 09/22/2004 5:49:28 PM PDT by granite (IT IS UP TO US NOW.)
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To: granite

Nice top ten list and I wonder how soon the fear mongering will start ala Clinton/Gore "everything that should be up is down and everything that should be down is up" blah, blah, blah... Maybe they can start here ! Know doubt they would try to get tax money from these things as well !

Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing
Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens
Anablephobia- Fear of looking up
Anuptaphobia- Fear of staying single
Amaxophobia- Fear of riding in a car
Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness
Chaetophobia- Fear of hair
Dextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the body
Ephebiphobia- Fear of teenagers ( We Rule!)
Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news.
Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia
Geniophobia- Fear of chins
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words
Ideophobia- Fear of ideas
Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis
Kathisophobia- Fear of sitting down
Metrophobia- Fear or hatred of poetry
Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8
Parthenophobia- Fear of virgins or young girls
Urophobia- Fear of urine or urinating
Venustraphobia- Fear of beautiful women
Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat hoards (That's too ironic)
Dementophobia/Maniaphobia- Fear of insanity
Amathophobia - the fear of dust
Heortophobia - the fear of holidays
Archibutyrophobia - the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
Phobophobia - the fear of fear itself
Osphresiophobia - the fear of body odor
Chorophobia - the fear of dancing
Pogonophobia - the fear of beards
Genuphobia - the fear of knees ("AUUUGGGHHHH!!! It's a KNEE!!!! HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!")
Batrachophobia - the fear of reptiles
Helminthophobia - the fear of worms
Acarophobia -- fear of skin infestation by mites or ticks
Acousticophobia -- fear of noise
Acrophobia -- fear of heights
Aerophobia -- fear of fresh air (cf. ancraophobia, batophobia, hypsophobia)
Agoraphobia -- fear of being in crowded, public places (cf. demophobia)
Agyrophobia -- fear of crossing streets
Aichmophobia -- fear of pointed objects
Ailurophobia, Aelurophobia, Elurophobia -- fear of cats
Algophobia -- fear of pain (cf. odynophobia)
Amathophobia, Koniophobia -- fear of dust
Amaxophobia -- fear of being or riding in vehicles
Ancraophobia -- fear of wind
Androphobia -- fear of men
Anginophobia -- fear of quinsy or other forms of sore throat
Ankylophobia -- dread of stiff or immobile joints
Anthophobia -- fear of flowers
Anthropophobia -- fear of people, especially in groups
Antlophobia -- fear of floods
Apeirophobia -- fear of infinity
Apiphobia, Apiophobia -- intense fear of bees
Arachnephobia -- fear of spiders
Asthenophobia -- fear of weakness
Astraphobia, Astrapophobia -- fear of lightning
Ataxiophobia, Ataxophobia -- fear of disorder
Atelophobia -- fear of imperfection
Atephobia -- fear of ruin
Aulophobia -- fear of flutes
Aurophobia -- dislike of gold
Autmysophobia -- fear or dislike of being dirty (cf. misophobia)
Autophobia -- fear of being egotistical, of referring to oneself; Fear of being by oneself

Bacillophobia -- fear of missiles
Bacteriophobia -- fear of bacteria
Barophobia -- fear of gravity
Bathmophobia -- dislike or fear of walking
Bathophobia -- intense dislike of bathing; fear of depth
Batophobia -- fear of passing high buildings
Batrachophobia -- fear of frogs and toads
Belonephobia -- fear of pins and needles
Bibliophobia -- dislike for books
Blennophobia, Myxophobia -- fear or dislike of slime
Bogyphobia -- dread of demons and goblins
Bromidrosiphobia -- fear of having unpleasant body odor
Brontophobia -- fear of thunder and thunderstorms (cf. astraphobia, keraunophobia)

Cainophobia -- fear or dislike of novelty
Carcinophobia -- fear of cancer
Cardiophobia -- fear of heart disease
Cathisophobia -- fear or dislike of sitting down
Catoptrophobia -- fear of mirrors
Celtophobia -- intense dislike of Celts
Cenophobia, Kenophobia -- fear of a void or of open spaces
Chaetophobia, Trichophobia -- fear of hair
Cheimaphobia, Cheimatophobia -- fear or dislike of cold (cf. cryophobia sychrophobia)
Cherophobia -- fear of gaiety
Chinophobia -- fear or dislike of snow
Cholerophobia -- fear of cholera
Chrematophobia -- fear or dislike of wealth
Chrometophobia -- fear or dislike of money
Chromophobia -- fear of colors
Chronophobia -- discomfort concerning time
Cibophobia -- fear of food (cf. phagophobia)
Claustrophobia -- fear of enclosed spaces
Clinophobia -- fear or dislike of going to bed
Cnidophobia -- insect stings
Coitophobia -- fear of sexual intercourse
Cometophobia -- fear of comets
Coprophobia -- fear of excrement/feces
Cremnophobia -- fear of precipices
Cryophobia -- fear of ice or frost (cf. cheimaphobia)
Crystallophobia -- fear of glass, crystals
Cymophobia -- fear of waves
Cynophobia -- dread of dogs
Cypridophobia -- fear of veneral disease

Deipnophobia -- fear or dislike of dining and dinner conversation
Demonophobia -- fear of spirits, demons
Demophobia -- dislike of crowds (cf. agoraphobia)
Dermatophobia -- fear of skin disease
Dextrophobia -- fear of objects on the right side of the body
Dikephobia -- fear or dislike of justice
Dinophobia -- fear of whirlpools
Diplopiaphobia -- fear of double vision
Dipsophobia -- fear of drinking
Domatophobia -- fear of being in a house
Doraphobia -- fear of contact with animal fur or skin
Dysmorphophobia -- dread of deformity, usually in others
Ecclesiophobia -- fear or dislike of church
Ecophobia, Oecophobia, Oikophobia -- fear of or aversion to home surroundings
Eisoptrophobia -- fear of mirrors
Eleutherophobia -- fear of freedom
Emetophobia -- fear of vomiting
Enetophobia -- fear of needles or pins
Entomophobia -- fear of insects
Eosophobia -- fear of the dawn
Ergasiophobia -- fear or dislike of work
Ergophobia -- hatred of work
Erotophobia -- fear of sexual feelings and their physical expression
Eurotophobia -- fear of the color red; fear of blushing
Febriphobia -- fear of fever
Galeophobia -- fear of sharks
Gamophobia, Gametophobia -- fear or dislike of marriage
Gephyrophobia -- fear of crossing a bridge
Gerascophobia -- fear of growing old
Geumophobia -- fear of tastes or flavors
Glossophobia -- fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak
Graphophobia -- dislike of writing
Gymnophobia, Nudophobia -- fear of nudity
Gynephobia, Gynophobia -- fear or hatred of women
Hadeophobia, Stygiophobia -- fear of hell
Hagiophobia -- dislike for saints and the holy
Hamartophobia -- fear of error or sin
Haptophobia, Haphophobia, Thixophobia -- fear of touch
Harpaxophobia -- fear of robbers
Hedonophobia -- fear of pleasure
Heliophobia, Solophobia -- fear of sunlight; abnormal sensitivity to the effects of sunlight
Helminthophobia -- fear of being infested with worms
Hemaphobia, Hematophobia, Haemaphobia, Hemophobia -- fear of the sight of blood
Herpetophobia -- fear of reptiles
Hierophobia -- fear or dislike of sacred objects, fear of priests
Hippophobia -- fear or horses
Hodophobia -- fear or dislike of travel
Homichlophobia -- fear of fog
Homilophobia -- hatred of sermons
Homophobia -- fear of homosexuality (same-sex affection)
Hydrophobia -- fear of water
Hydrophophobia -- fear of rabies (cf. kynophobia)
Hygrophobia -- fear of liquids in any form, especially wine and water
Hylephobia -- dislike for wood or woods
Hypengyophobia -- fear of responsibility
Hypnophobia -- fear of sleep
Iatrophobia -- fear of going to the doctor
Ichthyophobia -- fear of fish
Iophobia -- fear of poisons
Isopterophobia -- fear of termites
Kakorrhaphiophobia -- fear of failure or defeat
Katagelophobia -- fear or dislike of ridicule
Keraunophobia, Ceraunophobia -- fear of thunder and lightning (cf. astraphobia, brontophobia)
Kinetophobia -- fear or dislike of motion
Kleptophobia, Cleptophobia -- fear of thieves or loss through thievery
Kopophobia -- fear of fatigue
Kopophobia -- fear of mental or physical examination
Laliophobia -- fear of talking
Lepraphobia -- fear of leprosy
Levophobia -- fear of objects on the left side of the body (cf. dextrophobia)
Limnophobia -- fear of lakes
Linonophobia -- fear of string
Logophobia -- fear or dislike of words
Lunaphobia -- fear of the moon
Lyssophobia -- fear of becoming insane
Mechanophobia -- aversion to or fear of machinery
Merinthophobia -- fear of being bound
Metallophobia -- fear of metals
Meteorophobia -- fear of meteors or meteorites
Microphobia, Microbiophobia -- fear of microorganisms
Misanthropy -- a hatred of mankind; pessimistic distrust of human nature expressed in thought and behaviour
Misophobia -- fear of dirt, especially of being contaminated by dirt (cf. automysophobia,
Misogynism, Misogyny -- extreme dislike of females
Misosophy -- hatred of wisdom
Molysomophobia -- fear of infection
Monopathophobia -- fear of sickness in a specific part of the body
Monophobia -- fear of one thing
Musicophobia -- dislike of music
Musophobia -- fear of mice
Mythophobia -- fear of making false statements
Necrophobia -- fear of death; fear of corpses
Neophobia -- fear of new things
Nephophobia -- fear of clouds
Noctiphobia -- fear of the night
Nosophobia -- fear of contracting a disease
Nychtophobia, Achluophobia, Scotophobia -- fear of darkness or the night
Ochlophobia -- fear of crowds
Ochophobia -- fear of vehicles
Odontophobia -- fear of teeth, expecially those of animals
Odynophobia -- fear of pain (cf. algophobia)
Oenophobia, Oinophobia -- dislike of or hatred for wine
Olfactophobia -- fear or dislike of smells (cf. geumophobia)
Ombrophobia -- fear of rain
Ommetaphobia -- fear of eyes
Onomatophobia -- fear of a certain name (or a set of names)
Ophidiophobia -- fear of snakes (cf. herpetophobia)
Ornithophobia -- fear of birds
Panphobia, Pantophobia -- a nonspecific fear; a state of general anxiety; fear of everything
Papaphobia -- fear or dislike of the pope or the papacy
Paralipophobia -- fear of neglect of some duty
Paraphobia -- fear of sexual perversion
Parasitophobia -- fear of parasites
Parthenophobia -- aversion to young girls
Pathophobia -- fear of disease
Peccatiphobia -- fear of sinning
Pediculophobia -- fear of lice
Pedophobia -- fear or dislike of children
Peladophobia -- dread of baldness
Peniaphobia -- fear of poverty
Phagophobia -- fear of eating
Pharmacophobia -- fear of drugs
Phasmophobia -- fear of ghosts
Phenogophobia -- fear of daylight
Philosophobia -- fear or dislike of philosophy or philosophers
Phobophobia -- fear of fear itself
Phonophobia -- fear or dislike of noise
Photalgiophobia -- fear of photalgin, pain in the eyes caused by light
Photophobia -- fear of light
Phonemophobia -- fear of thinking
Pneumatophobia -- fear of incorporeal beings, spirits
Pnigophobia, Pnigerophobia -- fear of choking or smothering
Pogonophobia -- fear or dislike of beards
Poinephobia -- fear of punishment
Politicophobia -- dislike or fear of politicians
Polyphobia -- fear of many things
Ponophobia -- fear of fatigue, especially through overworking
Potamophobia -- fear or rivers
Potophobia -- fear of drinks (beverages)
Psychophobia -- fear of the mind
Psychophobia -- fear of the cold (cf. cheimaphobia)
Pteronophobia -- fear of feathers
Pyrexiophobia -- fear of fever (cf. thermophobia)
Pyrophobia -- fear of fire
Rectophobia -- fear of rectum
Rhabdophobia -- fear of being eaten; fear of magic
Rhypophobia -- fear of filth
Sciophobia -- fear of shadows
Scoleciphobia -- fear of worms (cf. helminthophobia)
Scopophobia -- fear of being looked at
Scotophobia -- fear of the dark
Selaphobia -- fear or dislike of flashes of light
Siderophobia -- fear of the stars
Specrophobia -- fear of specters or phantoms (cf. phanmophobia, pneumatophobia)
Spermophobia, Spermatophobia -- fear of germs
Stasibphobia -- fear or standing or walking; conviction that one cannot stand or walk
Symmetrophobia -- fear or dislike of symmetry
Tabophobia -- fear of a wasting sickness
Tachophobia -- fear of speed
Taphephobia -- fear of being buried alive
Tapinophobia -- fear of small things
Taurophobia -- fear of bulls
Telephonophobia -- fear of the telephone
Teratophobia -- fear of monster or of giving birth to a monster
Thaasophobia -- fear or dislike of being idle
Thalassophobia -- fear of the sea
Theatrophobia -- fear of theatres
Theophobia -- fear of God
Thanatophobia -- fear of death
Thermophobia -- fear or dislike of heat
Tocophobia, Tokophobia -- fear of childbirth
Tomophobia -- fear of surgical operations
Topophobia -- fear of certain places
Toxiphobia, Toxicophobia -- fear of being poisoned
Traumatophobia -- excessive or disabling fear of war or physical injury
Tremophobia -- fear of trembling
Triskaidekaphobia -- fear of the number 13
Tyrannophobia -- fear or hatred of tyrants
Urophobia -- fear of urine
Vaccinophobia -- fear of vaccines and vaccination
Venereophobia -- fear of venereal disease
Vermiphobia -- fear of worms (earthworms, not intestinal, cf. helminthophobia)
Walloonphobia -- fear of the walloons
Wicaphobia -- fear of witches and witchcraft
Xanthophobia -- fear of the color yellow or the word yellow
Xenophobia -- fear or hatred of foreigners and strange things
Xerophobia -- fear of dryness and dry places, like deserts
Xylophobia -- fear of wooden objects, forests
Zelophobia -- fear of jealousy
Zemmiphobia -- fear of the great mole rat
Zoophobia -- fear of animals

Demoncrats, the only thing they have to offer is fear itself!!!
Yes I know their fear mongering has already started but Kerry and Boy Wonder will turn it up a notch. To try and knock some fence sitter on to their side !!

10 posted on 09/22/2004 10:42:34 PM PDT by Mier
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To: Xenalyte
It's a graphic.
11 posted on 09/24/2004 10:04:29 PM PDT by SunkenCiv ("All I have seen teaches me trust the Creator for all I have not seen." -- Emerson)
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