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To: nathanbedford

You said: “I say to those who would cavalierly abandon the Republican Party, you will have an obligation to put in its place as good as you took.”

If I put NOTHING in it’s place, I will have fulfilled that, as of now. You’re not understanding my point at all. My point is that nobody, apparently, in the GOP leadership is willing to lead. AT ALL. If the leftists can mob a bank until the bank agrees to make bad loans, lead by taxpayer funded “activists”, then why are we on the right limited to “nice dialog” and “symbolic gestures”?

I came home one day to find that we had a serious financial crisis, one which would have caused a serious family crisis on top of that. So, we “fixed” the problem. As in, identified what had to be done, determined the course of action, and did it. It’s no more complex than that. It required making choices, taking some actions, and yet, it wasn’t actually anything particularly controversial.

So, I’m not understanding why the games, and no action. We ARE broke. The course is unsustainable. The actions to be done are not even any longer a matter of debate, other than minor matters at the fringes. The consequences are world changing if we do not, not to mention both the moral condemnation and our own sullied future history if we don’t. So, what’s the issue? Why play games? Why sit in DC and do diddly? The obvious course of action is to And it’s time to do that. So why is the GOP so desperately afraid?

The TEA Party phenomenom is defined as a protest. Obviously. The people can’t propose legislation, vote on it, or argue in Congress. Our “role” here is to be the parent who sees the baby trying to climb the drawers to get to the cookies in the top shelf and say “NO!”. We cannot, by design, “lead”. Nor should we be.

Nor should the collective responses be manufactured into a political party, just so it can play footsie games in DC.

Rather, I want an answer from the guys who claim to be on my side in DC... “Why won’t you get off your duffs and do something???” instead of playing the parlor game?

18 posted on 05/15/2010 3:16:13 AM PDT by The Watcher
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To: The Watcher
So why is the GOP so desperately afraid?

Because in order to solve our fiscal problems you must decide whether to put grandma on the ice flow and abandon her and her hip. Every Republican politician knows that entitlements are swallowing us whole and they must be trimmed. Equally, every Republican politician knows that to even nod in that direction is to commit political suicide, witness what happened to George Bush when his attempts to reform Social Security were a aborted.

Were the tea party patriots, of whom I count myself one, out there flooding the streets of America begging the government to cut their Medicare, cut their cost Social Security, and balance the budget? Hell no. But they are out there now, however, many of them are out there protesting potential cuts in their Medicare. What is a poor Republican politician to do?

The reason this democratic republic has got itself into this fix is because it is in the nature of man to behave this way, to beg to be pandered to, to evade reality and responsibility, project blame, to kill the messenger.

You want Republican politicians to have fallen on their swords on your behalf but where were you?

Please understand I do not mean to make this personal. We are all at fault. But since your indignation has risen to the top, and you had the courage to stick your head above the intellectual bunker, you get shot at.

24 posted on 05/15/2010 3:40:55 AM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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