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You said: Why couldnt a GOP minority stop obamacare? I mean SERIOUSLY - they have zero power to stop Democrat majority rule, the media is on Obama’s side, and you didnt know that? What do you expect, supermen with trained sharks with laser beams on their heads zapping the Dems?!? No, EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN OPPOSED OBAMACARE. They made good arguments, and the people responded and were and are on our side. COMPLAIN ABOUT THE DEMOCRATS REFUSAL TO LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE ... but complaining about the GOP is ‘concern troll’ BS, they have done well as an outnumbered minority and NOW is the time to support them in taking back the Congress. Yes, the GOP played the "parlor game" in DC and lost. We knew that. We knew they'd lose that game. They knew they'd lose that game. But that's the ONLY game they played. While the libs have amassed a huge war chest of paid activists, thugs, fraud, paid activism, and called on millions of astroturfers to give them MSM political cover, and on and on.. the GOP sat on their fat backsides and played the parlor game with a fixed outcome. What's the point in giving them a majority? They'll just whine and moan and be "bipartisan" so as to not make the MSM mad, while we race frantically over the cliff of destruction. So, while the GOP has become good at the parlor game of winks and nods in DC, what is needed is LEADERSHIP, one where they act such that people are actually inspired by them, instead of playing wet blanket firemen. Seriously, in the aftermath of Obamacare, how many GOP figures self flagellated about being called "the party of NO!"? Where's the video of the GOP rallying millions to DC and shutting down the place and then "negotiating" to get their way, or the government stays shut down? They should be SPONSORING the largest and most civil disobedient rallies the nation has ever seen, WE MUST PRESERVE THE UNION. We know the TEA Party people don't riot, don't break glass, hell, they don't even litter. Yes, the GOP gained enough spine to not vote with the Democrats on ONE issue. And immediately backslid and has myriad members supporting cap and trade and this stupid bailout crap and on and on. They learned NOTHING. As far as Christie goes... He can be judged when some history has occurred and we can see if he's just a big mouth with just enough spine to stare down a stupid reporter, or if he's willing to go the distance. The GOP is still seeking lefties for office, and is still content to play the game in DC without leading. It's as if they have eyes but cannot see, and are actually afraid of conservative ideals, which they run from anytime there's not a TEA Party rally outside their door, consisting of pitchforks and long knives. And while you insist that there are individual members of the party who ARE willing to do something, some little something, I've specifically been addressing the non leadership. And still am. You can literally see them dreaming up ways to triangulate to try to "have amnesty and oppose it too". OR, politics as usual. As to your question, could the GOP have stopped Obamacare? Absolutely. No question. It would have only required them having a tiny bit of courage and acting with some conviction, but they could do nothing but hide frantically in the dark and rush out with vote counts to placate the mobs outside the door. And immediately after, waffle about rescinding it. Talk about courage of your convictions. Not even a smidgeon to be seen.
53 posted on 05/15/2010 9:53:46 AM PDT by The Watcher
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To: The Watcher

LOOK AROUND - have you actually spoken to most not-so-informed people. Like you, they have abosrbed various anti-GOP attitudes, thanks to an anti-GOP mainstream media, doing the bidding of the leftwing Democrats to keep people unhappy enough with the GOP in order to keep the socialists in power. here’s the problem - like it or not, You ARE the GOP.

YOU ARE THE CONSERVATIVE BASE IN AMERICA. If you do nothing, America goes socialist. If you do the rigth thing, America doesnt.

You dont get it wrt this whole GOP blame-game. The GOP lost in November 2008. they got fired by people like you already - now that bed has been made, giving the Democrats the power to socialize industries left and right. The powers-that-be are Big Government liberals. There is no ‘parlor game’ in DC, there is the plain simple fact that Democrats have all the power and have the media on their side. The GOP is left with figuring how to minimize losses.

All this “THEY should do” X, Y or Z is pathetic. As if GOP leaders have a magic wand to overcome media bias, or change realities of who has power in DC, and millions of apathetic voters will somehow wake up at tap of some heels. You frankly sound like you have absorbed the same selfish, lack-of-responsibility Im-a-victim mentality of the liberals.
Blaming the GOP for this leviation is like blaming the towel boy for losing a superbowl.

The question is: WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT IT? if you wont get off your duff to help save the country, WHO WILL?

“They should be SPONSORING the largest and most civil disobedient rallies the nation has ever seen, WE MUST PRESERVE THE UNION.”

Great idea! I guess you missed that rally of a million people last September in DC. Multiple rallies organized by different conservative groups, and the GOP. Want another? ORGANIZE IT YOURSELF... and don’t blame others for not doing something that ahs been done and that YOU CAN DO too. Because if you dont do it, WHO WILL?

“Yes, the GOP gained enough spine to not vote with the Democrats on ONE issue. And immediately backslid”

I call BS on this. Not a single GOP member of Congress has been for Obamacare, and now 20 states are suing to stop it, led by GOP leaders at the state level.

“and has myriad members supporting cap and trade”
Myriad? How about “hardly any and the few who did are wriggling out so the real number now is ZERO.

And so it goes. You are bound and determined to IGNORE each and every instance of the GOP doing the right thing, ignore it and whine igorantly about them not doing the right thing.

If you want to continue to lose power and lose this country to the socialists, go on whining. It’s pointless and stupid, but people do it because it is easier that actually fixing the problem. If you want to actually do something POSITIVE, here is the game-plan:
1. help conservatives win primaries
2. help conservatives win in November
3. after elections, keep their feet to the fire to do the right thing

And yes, Gov Ghristie IS doing the right thing. He has already stood up to unions, teacher’s unions, govt bureaucrats, the leftist activists, the legal liberals, and a few others. He’s getting his job done. Find more like him to support.


68 posted on 05/16/2010 9:24:54 AM PDT by WOSG (OPERATION RESTORE AMERICAN FREEDOM - NOVEMBER, 2010 - DO YOUR PART!)
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