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Congress (Approval 13%) - America’s Legalized Criminal Institution

Posted on 12/09/2011 3:32:22 PM PST by TLittlefella

A recent Gallup poll (November 2011) indicated only 13% of Americans approved
the job our Congress was doing.
Approve 13%
Disapprove 82%
No Opinion 5%

There is little doubt, given the opportunity, those 82% of Americans that disapprove of
the job Congress is doing would replace them all in a heartbeat.

There have been a lot of books detailing the corruption, arrogance, and incompetence of
our Congress. All those books suggest the 82% disapproval rate is well deserved. Read
any of the following books and if you are in the 13% or 5% percent category you will
quickly join the 82% disapproval category.

OUTRAGE – 2007 by Dick Morris
FLEECED – 2008 by Dick Morris
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION – 2009 by Michelle Malkin
THROW THEM ALL OUT – 2011 Peter Schweizer

The latest book “THROW THEM ALL OUT” went well beyond making me sick, it has
made me fighting mad. The book is loaded with facts that proves the corruption in our
government knows no political boundaries. If you thought you knew about our corrupt
politicians, until you read the book – “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Besides the numerous books detailing the political corruption there are the daily talk
shows and nightly television programs hammering away at the crony capitalism. One
would think that the average American was more than ready to vote every incumbent the
hell out of office. But such is not the case, decade after decade we continue to give the
career politicians another term in office so they can take another shot at bankrupting us
and removing more of our freedom.

It is no longer a case of American tax payers being fleeced out of millions, we are now
talking billions of dollars adding up to trillions of dollars in national debt. Lobbyists have
turned from trying to influence legislation to obtaining inside information from
congressmen/women on legislation that will lead to influencing stock prices. People like
Warren Buffett are making billions of dollars based on inside knowledge gained from
congressmen/women. Warren is no financial genius, he is just another corrupt investor
with political connections that give him inside information. Of course, many of our
corrupt congressmen/women are using the same information to enrich themselves beyond

You would think making themselves wealthily would be enough of a distraction that they
would not have time to create legislation that destroys our freedom. But these career
characters always find time to drive another stake through the heart of freedom.

I’m seventy years old and I do not have the freedom to make a choice of whether I can or
cannot wear a seatbelt in my car. War veterans dying in hospital beds are denied a last
smoke before passing, but millions of women have the freedom to kill their babies. We
have become a drug infested twisted society with the morals of the Devil and the
commonsense of damn fools.

So why do we continue to endure the consequences of a corrupt government? Why do we
keep putting these characters back in power? Why don’t we throw them all out?

As common citizens we are helpless to throw them all out unless we have the leadership
and backing of prominent wealthy people. So why aren’t some of these wealthy people
willing to provide that needed leadership and support? Why is there not a concerted effort
in this country to throw them all out?

The Tea Parties had a few wealthy people backing them. But they became splintered
groups without unified leadership and direction. Many people thought it was great that
the Tea Party was comprised of many independent Tea Parties without a common
leadership. They were wrong and that’s why they failed to make a significant difference
in the 2010 elections. As long as the Tea Party remains splintered groups without
common leadership the 2012 election will yield the same dismal results.

If we can’t count on the Tea Party to throw them all out what about a concerted effort by
the dozens of talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, etc. Why can’t these
wealthy prominent people unite their followers and make a concerted effort to throw
them all out? Because they thrive on our corrupt government, because they have become
filthy rich reporting the corruption, because the success of their shows have been
designed around the existence of a corrupt government. These characters are not about to
kill the Golden Goose laying daily eggs for them. And it is a shame their love for money
exceeds their patriotism, honor, and duty to America.

What about help from prominent wealthy people with loud mouths like Trump. All he
does is claim to know the solutions to our problems and threaten to run as a third party
candidate if he is not satisfied with our nominee. Trump is no fool, he knows no matter
who becomes President (including himself) it will be a lost cause with the congressional
sewer currently in place. He has the resources to recruit a complete replacement for the
current Congress, but he values the attention he gets with his loud mouth more than a
realistic solution.

If we can’t count on the Tea Party, and we can’t count on the talk show hosts, and we
can’t count on the prominent loud mouths, what about the 2012 presidential candidates.
Herman Cain has dropped out, so we are now left with the Seven Dwarfs. Perhaps one of
these characters will have a brain surge and realize that the first one of them to subscribe
to throwing them all out will win the nomination hands down and then win the
presidency. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that brain surge!

Unfortunately the 2012 election will conclude with the same corrupt Congress in place
and the new President will see their campaign promises be stagnated by career corrupt
politicians running our government. As I grew older and our country continued down the
path of self destruction I figured I would be cashing out before I witnessed total disaster,
but now I’m not so sure, the country may pass before I do.

Cain had it almost right when he proffered the notion of a fence and a moat with
alligators to defend the border, he just had the location wrong, had he put that fence and
moat along the DC beltway to keep the career politicians out he would have been 100%

Indeed, our Congress has turned into a legalized institution for criminals.

THROW THEM ALL OUT by Peter Schweizer is an excellent read. At the end of
the book he offers solutions. Paradoxically the title of his book is not one of the
solutions he offers.

Thomas Littlefella

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1 posted on 12/09/2011 3:32:30 PM PST by TLittlefella
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To: TLittlefella

This is exactly why Congress should be a part time gig where the politicians are only allowed in the place twice a year for one week at a time. A full time, year round Congress is freedom’s biggest enemy. Too many buffoons with too much free time just sitting around thinking sh*t up. And we don’t need that.

2 posted on 12/09/2011 3:38:25 PM PST by FlingWingFlyer (Stop BIG Government Greed Now!!!!)
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To: TLittlefella
"Congress - That Grand Old Benevolent National Asylum For The Helpless. Mark Twain
3 posted on 12/09/2011 3:49:51 PM PST by SkyDancer ("If You Want To Learn To Love Better, You Should Start With A Friend Who You Hate")
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To: TLittlefella

Conservatives need to run with a anti-corruption reform agenda like the contract for America.

Outlaw insider trading illegal for Congress.

Be more strict and clear and better enforce congress-critters being bought off by special interests.

We need leglislation to revive the tenth amendment and forbid Congress from the violation and the over reach of Federal power.

Halt the police state operation expansion. Clearly define terrorist and outlaw the Federal government from using terrorist laws for domestic crime enforcement, or for harassment and the violation of the rights of citizens.

It should be illegal to leave a political or government job and go into a job of lobbying the government and Congressional pals.

4 posted on 12/09/2011 6:48:06 PM PST by SaraJohnson
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To: SkyDancer
Mark Twain Congress Quotes

5 posted on 12/09/2011 7:16:21 PM PST by ex91B10 (We've tried the Soap Box,the Ballot Box and the Jury Box; one box left.)
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