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GOP Nominations: Don't do it (GOP-E Screwing Up Virginia)
Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch | May 30, 2012 | Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff

Posted on 06/08/2012 5:28:17 AM PDT by Timber Rattler

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To: cripplecreek
"Cox said that according to the MRP rules, Santorum and Romney should each get one of Michigan's two at-large delegates based on their take of the popular vote.

"I supported Mitt, but the vote was clearly wrong," Cox said of the Credentials Committee. "It's kind of like Third World voting. We published rules and then we voted to change the rules."

Yep, that's just how Romney and other Democrats do business.

21 posted on 06/08/2012 6:07:25 AM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Time for a write-in campaign...Darryl Dixon for President)
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To: CatherineofAragon

The best part is that Saul Anuzis lost his national committee chair at the state convention. LOL

22 posted on 06/08/2012 6:12:09 AM PDT by cripplecreek (What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?)
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To: Timber Rattler

Of course, since Virginia has no Party Registration and Open Primaries, it allows Libs and Dems to sabotage the process by throwing votes towards the candidates they think are most beatable. . . .

23 posted on 06/08/2012 7:04:49 AM PDT by Salgak (Acme Lasers presents: The Energizer Border. I **DARE** you to cross it. . . .)
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To: Timber Rattler

Closed primaries, with all states having one on the same day, is the way to go.

24 posted on 06/08/2012 7:06:21 AM PDT by GenXteacher (You have chosen dishonor to avoid war; you shall have war also.)
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To: Timber Rattler

A convention is actually the best way to go. The Establishment doesn’t like it. Here in VA, we had a convention a few years ago that resulted in the defeat of the Establishment nominee for the Chairman of the Party and Gov. Gilmore won narrowly the nomination for the Senate in 2008.

25 posted on 06/08/2012 7:27:38 AM PDT by kabar
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To: GenXteacher

“Closed primaries, with all states having one on the same day, is the way to go.”

That would solve nothing. Regular people participating in the convention system is the way to go.

26 posted on 06/08/2012 7:57:34 AM PDT by ngat
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I agree with everything you said except “Until there is registration by party in VA, primaries make no sense whatsoever.”

With party affiliation pre-registration you still have the effects of the big-money, corporate, out-of-state special interests on masses of malleable voters, plus the voter fraud factor.

Grassroots-organized precinct-level elected delegates partcipating in the convention system is the only way for the producer-class of citizens to get their country back.

27 posted on 06/08/2012 8:09:54 AM PDT by ngat
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To: ngat

Closed primaries would interfere with your agenda of nominating left-wingers, gnat.

28 posted on 06/08/2012 8:30:41 AM PDT by fieldmarshaldj (If you like lying Socialist dirtbags, you'll love Slick Willard)
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To: marktwain
Conventions do not give the MSM as much clout.

More importantly (to them), conventions mean you don't have multi-million dollar advertisment buys.

Remember folks, when the media is yelling about "money in politics", the vast majority of this money goes directly to them. Political campaigns are propping up the lamestream media in a major way. That's why it is in their best interests to keep the nation so evenly divided. It makes more money for them.

29 posted on 06/08/2012 8:59:00 AM PDT by zeugma (Those of us who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.)
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To: muawiyah

To be fair, to the degree the establishment is the people who are currently in power, Cuccinelli would also be part of the GOP-E, as a statewide elected candidate who has his own powerful allies on the state committee.

If he didn’t have a lot of power over the establishment, there’d be no chance of changing to a convention, and as the report says, if he tells his people no, it won’t happen.

I prefer primaries to conventions. We have conventions of course in part because we don’t have political party registration, so all of our primaries are open. We need to get that fixed, so we can do closed primaries.

But, having attended several conventions, I much prefer the 10 minutes to go vote in a primary over the hours of wasted effort to make my voice heard in a convention.

If there is a convention, I might well go and vote against whoever it was that forced me to go through that again.

I happen to like both Ken and Bill very much, but I will be supporting Ken, and expect he will win a primary without too much trouble (Bill is just too “nice” — I wish he’d have run for the senate seat this year, he’d kill Kaine, and be a better senator than George Allen will be).

Of course, to the degree GOP-e is used as a derogatory, I reject the notion that any of the three statewide leaders are a problem. They have all served conservatives well over the past decade. Any victories we have had can be attributed to their hard work, including Bill Bolling casting the tie-breaking votes in the Senate.

30 posted on 06/08/2012 9:42:28 AM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: Timber Rattler
Yeah, this is state level politics.

True but it is another symptom of the disease of cronyism which affects the GOP in Virginia (and elsewhere). It was the GOP-e cronyism in Virginia that made sure that Mitt's two biggest rivals weren't on the ballot. The GOP-e doesn't want a fair race if their candidate isn't going to win. This is nothing more than an attempt to make sure a Tea-Party candidate can't get in.

31 posted on 06/08/2012 10:00:01 AM PDT by CommerceComet (Obama vs. Romney - clear evidence that our nation has been judged by God and found wanting.)
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To: CharlesWayneCT
Bill jumped the reservation and went over to the Dark Side some time ago ~ whatever he did for Conservativism in the past was undone when he became the Sith Lord to Romney.

Doufous McDonnell chose the wrong path as well. Cantor has his own problems ~ actually too many problems.

Cooch is still OK.

Now, regarding the need to run Cooch for higher office, whatever it takes!

And, BTW, as long as the primary system is so corruptable, particularly by outsiders, I suggest we cannot afford to use it. It's gotta' be fixed.

32 posted on 06/08/2012 10:18:26 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: deport
Without real competition Romney couldn't break 60%.

When 0bama couldn't break 60% folks here said it was a disaster.

33 posted on 06/08/2012 10:24:10 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: ngat

OK .. but please understand that in VA, the state conventions were open to anyone willing to pay a (minimal) registration fee, not locally elected precinct level delegates. The delegates have been self-selected, and that is what is so intimidating to the in-crowd.

Who would locally selected delegates be, if not part of the power structure. I find them more easily intimidated by the powers that be than the rabble who’ll fork over $25 to go to convention for their favored candidate.

It’s been my experience in VA, at the County level broken down by magisterial district, that the same old cronies (oh, and I DO mean “OLD”) sit around at monthly meetings accomplishing not a damned freakin’ thing. But they become buddies and there’s a group think that evolves. One dare NOT say a single thing that might be construed as ‘anti’ a cherished pol. So, ask me I want those folks picking the delegates who pick the nominee at convention? I’ll take the rabble who might or might not have been influenced by advertising.

34 posted on 06/08/2012 12:49:48 PM PDT by EDINVA
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Great point ~

I find it absolutely amazing that Bolling is so stupid he thinks we didn't notice how he fixed the primary for his boy Romney.

We need to make sure he knows that we know ~ for sure Cooch knows!

I think Bolling has spent entirely too much time visiting with the committee folks such as you described, and not eough time visiting with real people who don't have to drag oxygen bottles with them! (not that there's anything wrong with oxygen bottles, but all of them?)

35 posted on 06/08/2012 1:10:27 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: muawiyah

You give Bolling too much credit. The presidential primary fiasco was due to each and every one of the candidates whose campaigns didn’t have their acts together enough to qualify to be on the VA ballot. Perry. Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann managed to screw up all on their own. Romney didn’t even need Bolling’s help.

36 posted on 06/08/2012 2:11:08 PM PDT by EDINVA
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Several things wrong with that theory. There were 16 candidates registered with the DNC. You ended up with 2 candidates on the Virginia ballot. That is UNIQUE in the extreme.

Second, Bolling and his MIttbot cronies were clever ~ they simply changed the standard of validation for nominating petitions at the LAST MINUTE ~ only MItt had claimed enough to meet that additional LAST MINUTE CHANGED standard of 15,000.

Ron Paul was the only candidate who claimed 10,000 signatures and validated 10,000 signatures. Romney didn't have his signatures validated. We don't even know if they qualified ~ nothing but his claim for it.

Whatever the failings of the other candidates, with Bolling on the job the FIX WAS IN.

Whether Bolling himself is the Sith Lord, or someone in Mitt's camp is the Sith Lord, and Bolling is just another doufous like Aniken Skywalker, somebody cheated.

37 posted on 06/08/2012 2:24:17 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: muawiyah

“There were 16 candidates registered with the DNC.”

Sorry, but I don’t know what that means. There was no Dem presidential primary in VA in ‘12. The Dems opted out of the primary altogether for ‘12.

The law for being on the ballot, passed by the legislature, has been the same since well before the ‘12 nominating season began. My memory is Paul claimed close to 10K but not at or over the 10K, so his would have been validated vs. Romney who did claim in excess of what was required or even suggested to meet the threshold.

That is a battle not worth refighting at this point, but how the ‘13 state candidates are selected IS worth our time. Just minutes ago got this email from Bolling:

“Dear Friends,

“I’m writing to ask you to join Governor McDonnell and me in supporting a Republican primary in 2013. You can show your support for a primary by signing our online petition.

“A primary will allow many more Republicans to participate in the nomination of our candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. If we want to grow our party we have to involve more people in the nomination of our candidates, and a primary will enable us to do that.

“A convention would effectively disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Virginia Republicans from participating in the nominations process, including active duty military personnel, who are prohibited from participating in a party convention.

“Finally, eight months ago the Republican Party of Virginia voted to hold a primary in 2013. Since then, numerous candidates have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars putting together primary campaigns. It is extremely unfair, and possibly illegal, to change the rules in the middle of the game. We must be a party that stands for consistency and the rule of law.

“Will you stand with Governor McDonnell and me in supporting a Republican primary in 2013? If so, you can let us know of your support by clicking here to sign our online petition.

“Thanks for your support.

Very Truly Yours, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling”

38 posted on 06/08/2012 2:34:41 PM PDT by EDINVA
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EXCUSE ME, RNC ~ mistake on the editing. Thanks for calling it to my attention. I still miss those loop things hooked to a pole ~ (now to read the rest of your piece and see if you fell into the business of thinking Democrats don’t do crossover around here just to screw us up. This used to be a one party state and there are plenty of Democrats who’d like to go back to those days).

39 posted on 06/08/2012 2:38:06 PM PDT by muawiyah
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As you see this thing is on Bolling's mind. I got the memo earlier than you did ~ several days earlier. He knows I'm on his case and want him removed from government.

But see how the guy uses active duty military as one of his reasons to force the question to a primary ~ where he can cheat again ~ that's downright unpatriotic!

Romney has to live with it ~ as long as Bolling is a public man this will be brought up time and time again.

40 posted on 06/08/2012 2:42:15 PM PDT by muawiyah
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