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FR Poll: List your reasons to vote For, Against, or Abstain (leave blank) in the 2002 Election.
11/4/2002 | Graewoulf

Posted on 11/04/2002 6:53:27 AM PST by Graewoulf

It is important to understand how false the "Opinion Polls" that "The Media" uses in their broadcasts really are. I submit that the usual quote of "3 to 5 percent error" is an error of sampling PRECISION. The error for ACCURACY is at least 60 percent. My reasoning is as follows: 1.) "The Media" asks only those people who THEY think are likely to vote. 2.) According to the pollster Zogby, 60 percent of those asked refuse to be polled.

The purpose of this post is to solicit the ACTUAL opinions of FREEPERS as to what the reasons are for voting in the November, 2002 USA Election. Send a message to the political parties, candidates, voters, non-voters, whomever! Now is the time to register YOUR true opinion!

TOPICS: Campaign News; Parties; Polls
KEYWORDS: election; opinion; poll
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To: Graewoulf
Honestly, I have no idea. I don't know where you live, but I live in Fairfield County Connecticut, in one of the northernmost towns.

We've basically been invaded. All of the yuppie idiots from down county have come up here because the housing values have gone sky high, and they can no longer afford to live there. Meanwhile, all of the even bigger liberal yuppie idiots are flowing in from NY and NJ, trying to escape the taxes.

As a result, my taxes have gone sky high, and the liberals have a lock on the local governments.

RINOs abound, and I honestly don't think it's winnable. I plan to move. I'm just waiting for my grandparents to pass away (most likely in the next few years), and I'll be out of here so fast they won't even see me.

We've been looking at Texas, Nevada, Colorado and other Western states, and that's where we're going. I want to be with my own kind. These people grow tiresome quickly, though they do amuse me at times.

My Dad was the librarian in the next town over (he quit), and he got sick of the NY and NJ transplants moving in for the lower taxes, demanding more services and schools and everything else they have there, then bitching about their taxes. I witnessed this a few times, and I really pissed people off because I would burst out laughing and walk away.

41 posted on 11/04/2002 8:27:41 PM PST by ModernDayCato
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To: calenel
Excellent point: vote to regain control of the Senate.
42 posted on 11/04/2002 8:27:48 PM PST by Graewoulf
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To: ModernDayCato
We are back to the numbers game. It takes only one in four of the voter age population to win an election. Since you have lived there a long time, would you be able to win an election, if you ran for public office? If so, stay and fight!

Creeping Socialism is coming in from both Coasts! You are not alone!
43 posted on 11/04/2002 8:36:23 PM PST by Graewoulf
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To: Graewoulf
Have you found it difficult to convince your friends to vote even if the candidate will probably lose?

Actually, many of my friends avoid bringing up the topic of politics with me, so I rarely find myself trying to make this pitch in person. I would also say that most of my friends are people who are going to vote anyway, so my challenge is influencing their votes as opposed to asking them to vote.

Rather than trying to persuade someone to vote in this situation, I will generally try to persuade them to vote in other races. If someone can't support my candidate (or any candidate) at the top of the ballot, I'll try to lead them towards voting for candidates I like in other races. Another problem with the "I don't like top of the ticket, so I won't vote" attitude is that we lose conservative votes across the ballot. If someone won't vote in any federal race because he doesn't like any of the candidates but I can persuade him to support my candidate in the state legislative race, then I still feel that I have achieved a small victory.

This year in particular, it is important to get every vote tomorrow. I'm voting for Tony Perkins in the Louisiana US Senate race, and most pundits probably say that he doesn't have a chance. Maybe he won't win, but every vote that he gets is another vote that keeps Mary Landrieu from winning the seat on the first ballot. Likewise, even when someone expresses a preference for one of the other Republican candidates, I encourage him to be certain to vote because we need all GOP votes to force a runoff.


44 posted on 11/04/2002 8:40:27 PM PST by WFTR
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To: MoJo2001
By your reply, I am guessing that Bobby Scott is running unapposed. Am I correct?
45 posted on 11/04/2002 8:40:53 PM PST by Graewoulf
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To: Graewoulf
Yes, I do mind expanding. I know you know what I'm talking about and I'm not playing that game tonight.

Vote for whoever you want, but don't ask me to justify my vote to you. If you don't vote for the Republican Party, you can sit and your computer and tell the rest of us what a purist you are. And you can explain to us how your vote against a candidate YOU judge not to be conservative enough didn't leave Tom Daschle in charge.

46 posted on 11/04/2002 8:48:36 PM PST by Howlin
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Thanks for replying back to my question on convincing friends. You make excellent sense in that you encourage them to vote in other races. My concern is that so few of us vote that we will end up with a Republic of the idiots, by the idiots, and for the idiots!

I really like the Louisiana Rule: Unless one candidate get more than 50 percent, there will be a runoff election. Did I state that correctly?
47 posted on 11/04/2002 8:48:51 PM PST by Graewoulf
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To: Howlin
There is no game here. I am posting this so that the undecided, lurkers and the indifferent might be inspired to vote tomorrow for the good of our Republic.

I chose my ping list carefully, and as you can see they are some of the best minds on FR. THEIR compelling comments are what I seek so that the Conservative voter base will expand tomorrow. And that is why I asked you to expand your comments: for the benefit of the undecided.

I apologize if my comments have offended you, in any way. I can assure you that such was not my intent to you or anyone else on this thread. My intent is as stated above.
48 posted on 11/04/2002 8:59:29 PM PST by Graewoulf
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To: Graewoulf
Voting is not only a right, it's our responsibility as a people who live in a democratic "Republic". We have government through "representation" and those who represent us are "VOTED" into office, who in turn elect like minded people under them. If the vast majority of the people didn't vote, then that representative gov't of, by, and for the people will not exist. It will be gov't of, by and for the "few" who took the responsibility to go out and vote. If less & less people go out to vote, then just a small % of the population will control the destiny of this nation. When those who have been elected see this, they will know that they can do anything they want because the "people" don't care about what gov't is doing, and we could end up with a Socialist Gov't... In fact, it's already heading in that direction even as I write.


I vote because: I cannot face my Maker as say that I care about abortion, homosexuality, pornography, evolution, the removal of the 10 Commandments and the Bible from our pub(l)ic schools, the anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bigotry which the left-wing liberals are promoting and making it look like such things are a "choice" rather than the "abomination" that the Bible calls them, and then tell Him that I didn't bother to vote for people who want to return this nation back to the moral prnciples that this nation was founded on. I can't say I had good intentions, and I believed in the moral principles of the Bible and practice them as best I can, but will not lift a finger to change America toward a more moral gov't. Especially when I also believe that "good intentions" are the stepping stones to HELL.

I also believe that if the majority of the people of America, through the election of liberals in gov't and therefore the leadership of both Houses of Congress, and thus the Supreme Court, raises their hands to God Almighty and thrust their middle finger up at Him by electing leaders who believe the exact opposite of what the Bible says, then America will not be America any longer. She was protected by The Almighty and blessed by Him, but His hand of blessing and protection will be removed, and then what happened on 9-11-01 will look lik a picnic in comparison to what will take place in America, because Satan will be let loose to do as he pleases to the people and to the land called the United States of America. In my apathy, by not voting, I too would be, in essence raising my hand to God and saying to Him, "I don't know & I don't care", whatever Lord, whatever." I believe 9-11 was a warning to America to "wake-up" from our complacency and rebellion against The Almighty and turn from our wicked ways, or God will turn His Back on America, as He did Israel because Israel refused to repent. Of course, because of the covenant that God made with Abraham, he could not utterly destroy Israel off the face of the planet. That covenant was restated to all Abrahams descendents. He promised that Israel would be a nation forever, and that King David would be their King forever.


49 posted on 11/04/2002 9:12:39 PM PST by webber
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To: Graewoulf
Yeah, I know what you're saying...I've thought about running for office, and I might. Just not here. In fact, I thought about primarying Christopher Shays. I (or another conservative) could probably beat him.

We'd get slaughtered in the general election, but he would be gone, which would almost make it worth the bulls--t.

I may just run. But it won't be around here.

50 posted on 11/04/2002 9:17:39 PM PST by ModernDayCato
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To: Graewoulf
I will vote because I love my country and honor all those who fought to win and preserve my freedoms. I will vote because it is a privilege to have the opportunity to have a voice in the laws that govern me. I am able to vote easily near my home. It is not a struggle to exercise such an important right so why would I avoid this most important "duty"? I could easily say my vote doesn't matter , or there is too much corruption in the voting system, but if I don't vote , I will soon lose the right and be smothered in even more corruption. I will not be silenced by evil! Mrs Grassontop
51 posted on 11/04/2002 9:23:41 PM PST by Grassontop
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To: ModernDayCato
We have long forgotten "Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask rather, what you can do for your Country!" Today the democrats buy votes by promising to pillage the Republic's treasury and "give" a new program to the people that voted for them. Some call that embezzeling!

It is hard to imagine ANY democrat today making a speech with democrat JFK's quote in it. The democrats of today are so far left that they are off the screen!

Pick your new state to live in, but I can assure you that the political issues will be the same.
52 posted on 11/04/2002 9:31:59 PM PST by Graewoulf
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To: Graewoulf
I really like the Louisiana Rule: Unless one candidate get more than 50 percent, there will be a runoff election. Did I state that correctly?

You stated it correctly, but I still have mixed feelings about our practice. We have elections in this way because we do not have primaries. In effect, Election Day is our primary, and we use runoffs to settle any races that aren't settled on election day. The good thing is that it does force a candidate to win with a majority and not to rely on like-minded opponents splitting their support.

The bad thing is that it led to the David Duke vs. Edwin Edwards debacle back in the early 90's. In this system, a crook or a kook who can put together a motivated group of supporters can reach the runoff with the support of only about 20% of the voters. This strategy depends on there being a fairly large field of weak candidates, but an open primary of this kind can often give a large field of weak candidates. As each one draws his little circle of voters, they keep any from being strong enough to beat the crook or kook.

In any case, I feel pretty good about tomorrow. I'm supporting Tony Perkins, and I think he's having a late surge. Even if he doesn't make the runoff, I'm very happy with the other two Republicans.


53 posted on 11/04/2002 9:32:42 PM PST by WFTR
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To: Graewoulf

"Voting gives me the right to complain." was listed by both of you. Would you agree that voting is the ONLY complaint that politicians really listen to?

Yes,That IS the only thing most of them care about.I "do" think SOME politicians care about representing the views of the voters that put them in office..however, some don't care about anything but the power they have as congressmen/senators.The best way to complain is to vote.
That said, i will NEVER help a dem get in office again.There party is far to socialistic to help keep in power.
54 posted on 11/04/2002 11:45:46 PM PST by ConservaChick
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To: Graewoulf
Good morning Graewoulf.

"Judge appointments." Would you mind expanding on that topic a little?

I want the President's nominations for judges to get hearings, and be voted on. Leaving candidates (this includes for other positions as well) and their families hanging in limbo is wrong.

I believe that things would move faster with Republican control in the senate.

Have a nice day.
55 posted on 11/05/2002 2:22:19 AM PST by firewalk
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To: Recovering_Democrat
Worth a repeat

1. The Supreme Court
2. The Supreme Court
3. The Supreme Court
56 posted on 11/05/2002 2:30:09 AM PST by Fzob
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To: Graewoulf
"Or, perhaps, a better way to convert RINOS into Republicans?"

My theory is that RINO's are RINO's because it makes them electable. If they were truly in a freely conservative body, they would take the temperature and vote with the majority and claim that it is the democratic thing to do. So, the solution for RINO's is to elect MORE Republicans of ALL kinds! There, that was easy! Hope it works today!

VOTE! VOTE REPUBLICAN! PLEASE!!!! (for the children)
57 posted on 11/05/2002 5:44:35 AM PST by alwaysconservative
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To: Graewoulf
Maybe...but perhaps it's just a question of degree. Besides, our founding fathers intended for there to be competition between the states for us citizens.
58 posted on 11/05/2002 5:45:21 AM PST by ModernDayCato
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To: ModernDayCato
Ok. Fair enough, I can see that you have resolved to move away. We here in Texas would love to have a free-thinking man like yourself call Texas home. Lots to choose from here in Texas, as there are 5 major regions that make up our state, each one the best in their own way!

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I hope they inspired others to vote today.
59 posted on 11/05/2002 6:02:20 AM PST by Graewoulf
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To: alwaysconservative; All
I want to thank all y'all for your time and effort yesterday in supplying excellent reasons to vote today. My hope is that there will be a large Conservative vote total today, thanks to your efforts of yesterday.
60 posted on 11/05/2002 6:06:52 AM PST by Graewoulf
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