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Wednesday, October, 15, 2003

Quote of the Day by I'm ALL Right!

1 posted on 10/14/2003 11:07:08 PM PDT by JohnHuang2
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To: All
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2 posted on 10/14/2003 11:08:29 PM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: JohnHuang2
so the judge is helping out the far left by getting the cops booted out of their meetings?
4 posted on 10/14/2003 11:19:40 PM PDT by GeronL (Please visit and
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11 posted on 10/15/2003 12:37:05 AM PDT by Mo1 (
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To: JohnHuang2
If IAC wants to use the courts, the Bush admin and SS should start doing house calls to their leaders residences in the same manner tht Clinton did to, well, to people who frequent(/ed) this forum. The DC police should also slap a RICO on the group, so they can protect their undercover officers. Fluid responses to these problems are required.

Reminiscent part of this, the cops are so deep undercover, and so plentiful in the organization that the IAC can't root them out. On the far right the same occured in the "Elohim City" while the build up towards OKCbombing.

19 posted on 10/15/2003 2:08:07 AM PDT by JerseyHighlander (Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant!)
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To: JohnHuang2
Good post. Judge Kessler is very much a liberal. She's also not that smart as a technical matter. She rose from the local bench to the federal bench strictly on her political connections with the administration.

I once heard her encourage people to settle the smaller cases so she could focus on "high profile" cases. That's so un-democratic: a judge that wants to focus on high-profile cases. Sigh. It's just not my idea of how the democracy should work, at least.
26 posted on 10/15/2003 6:49:02 AM PDT by FreeTheHostages
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To: JohnHuang2; Jim Robinson; Mama_Bear; JustAmy; chadsworth; gracie1; notpoliticallycorewrecked; ...
OMG! This is an outrage! These people are a danger to the President , to the citizens of this country who support the government, to the law enforcement groups and to the national security of this country. I hope this does not stand.
28 posted on 10/15/2003 5:23:12 PM PDT by ladyinred (Talk about a revolution, look at California!!! We dumped Davis!!!)
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To: JohnHuang2
Tracking bump. Will be curious to hear the DC FReepers' comments on this.
32 posted on 10/15/2003 5:33:47 PM PDT by FreedomPoster
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To: JohnHuang2
Let me guess.

Kessler (the "judge" in this case, and the previous ones hiding data ABOUT the democrat party, but releasing police data to international terrorists), was appointed by Clinton.
40 posted on 10/15/2003 6:44:00 PM PDT by Robert A. Cook, PE (I can only support FR by donating monthly, but ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: JohnHuang2
Well, let's hear a few Democrats scream about outing undercover police/security personnel like they did about the woman who worked at Langley whose husband drank tea in Niger for a week. Or how about the great unbiased Media? They should be all over this like white on rice.

Yeah, right. Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, Ahmed, Mohammed and Gunter rent a white panel van and drive to a warehouse in Jacksonville...
45 posted on 10/15/2003 7:12:43 PM PDT by Flora McDonald (Support our Troops Rally in Washington, DC, Saturday, October 25)
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To: JohnHuang2; All
TALK ABOUT HATE GROUP RHETORIC, this thread is linked from most of those groups that are against FR.

Some pretty rough talk going on regarding taking this nation down.

And the Leftist Liberal Judge is making it possible for them to continue.


If we are going to become serious about stopping this war, and even the U.S. led atrocities of tomorrow, we must be realistic about our strategies and tactics and actually begin to utilize those methodologies which can and will challenge the power structure of the country. Yes, I am speaking of direct action, but not the generalized version spouted freely today and used to describe primarily conscience serving endeavors. An action is direct if it actually gets in the way, prevents, or stops an injustice from occurring. Unfortunately, the government sanctioned peace parades do not fit into this description. Even though public education is an inherent necessity of any movement, the time for public education by relying upon corporate media's interpretation of your events has long since passed -; if it was ever valuable.

The only possibility of stopping this current military action is to engage in strategies and tactics which severely disrupt the war machine, the U.S. economy, and the overall functioning of U.S. society particularly how it relates to consumerism and the economy. Marches, picketing, rallies, parties, benefits, civil disobedience and even property destruction are pointless, and perhaps even counterproductive, unless they serve to severely disrupt the functioning of the political system and its economy. An atmosphere of severe unrest, if manufactured properly, will force the U.S. government to place military resources in the streets of the United States, will threaten the economy (the chief motive behind this military excursion) of the United States, and ultimately create a political atmosphere unfavorable for Bush to continue on with the war.

48 posted on 10/15/2003 8:30:59 PM PDT by chadsworth (Hillary MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE 2004 ; Davis MUST BE REMOVED)
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To: JohnHuang2
Sounds like time for a fire in the appropriate database file. They can make of it what they will, while they stand there empty handed.
52 posted on 10/15/2003 9:49:54 PM PDT by MissAmericanPie
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To: JohnHuang2
Judge Gladys Kessler...

Oh, shi'ite. No wonder.

Judge Gladys Kessler Bio (Clinton Judge Who Is Siding With Terrorist Sympathizers)
United States District Court of The District of Columbia (Official Gov't Site) ^

Posted on 08/02/2002 8:41 PM CDT by Recovering_Democrat

This genius just ruled the DOJ must make public all the names of detainees held for questioning in the 9/11 attacks. In a time of war, Judge Kessler has taken it upon herself to determine how that war is conducted. How nice.

...She is an outrage!!! She is the judge that misinterpreted the commissioners term on the civil rights counsel. I think that was just over turned a couple of months ago. Also she is the one who tried to put the labor union/ Rat party veto power documents back in the bottle. It was a Landmark Legal case and don't know the status. Judge Kessler is probably the most overturned judge in history.

Tripp Lawsuit Switched From Reagan Judge to Clinton Judge

News/Current Events News
Source: Associated Press
Published: Aug 17, 2000 - 01:27 PM Author: By Pete Yost
Posted on 08/17/2000 10:45:56 PDT by Lance Romance

Three federal judges appointed by President Clinton took a lawsuit filed by Linda Tripp away from a Reagan appointee, and randomly assigned the case by computer to one of themselves, court records show.

The three, Emmet Sullivan, Paul Friedman and Gladys Kessler, run the calendar committee that controls the docket at the U.S. District Courthouse. In a five-page order dated Aug. 11, they said the year-old Tripp suit never should have been directed to U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth.

The court sent a copy of the ruling to Tripp's lawyers Wednesday.

Sullivan is now overseeing the lawsuit. It ended up in his hands as a result of the calendar committee's decision to put the Tripp case through a computer process that randomly selects judges for cases.

Odds favored the case going to a Clinton appointee, notwithstanding the random nature of the computerized selection process, because nine of the 13 judges in the federal courthouse were appointed by Clinton. Three are Republican appointees and one was appointed by President Carter, a Democrat.

The decision to remove the case from Lamberth's control comes amid a judicial investigation into why the chief federal judge in the District of Columbia, Norma Holloway Johnson, bypassed the computer system and directed half a dozen criminal prosecutions of campaign fund-raisers and friends of Clinton and Vice President Al Gore to Clinton-appointed judges.

The Judicial Council, which oversees judges' conduct, took the rare step of hiring a former U.S. attorney to investigate the matter. That investigation is in its fourth month. The Associated Press first reported Johnson's decision to bypass the random assignment system last year.

Johnson directed several of the fund-raising prosecutions to Friedman, one of the three judges who took the Tripp case away from Lamberth. season opens with most restrictions ever-Thanks Gladys-Clintoon Judge
Boston Herald | Wednesday, May 1, 2002 | by Kay Lazar

Posted on 05/01/2002 7:16 AM CDT by ninonitti

Scores of New England fishermen faced this morning not knowing how they will pay their bills and feed their families, as the new fishing season opened today with the most severe restrictions ever to hit the centuries-old industry.

``I got a truck payment, a house payment, my wife has a car payment and I got two young kids, but I can't work,'' said Paul Theriault, 37, a Rockport fisherman who will likely turn to a construction job to keep his family, including a 1-week-old baby girl, afloat.

``With these new rules, I'm allowed to go fishing for a total of six days during May, June and July,'' Theriault said. ``I'm all done.''

Under a sweeping federal order issued Friday, 1,800 square miles of prime fishing grounds off Boston's North and South shores and the tip of Cape Cod will be closed during May. Another huge section off Cape Ann and southern New Hampshire will be closed in June. And prime off-shore fishing grounds east of Cape Ann, known as Cashes Ledge, will be closed year-round.

The closures are in addition to several others, effectively shutting fishermen out of thousands of miles of ocean.

The order also drastically cuts the number of days fishermen will be allowed at sea starting Aug. 1, and eliminates the ability of an estimated 340 to fish altogether.

Citing the ``harsh'' effects of the order, the state's Division of Marine Fisheries yesterday filed a motion asking a federal judge to reconsider her actions.

U. S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler issued her April 26 order in response to a lawsuit by environmentalists, who accused federal fishing regulators of failing to protect depleted stocks of cod and other groundfish.

Many had expected Kessler to approve a less-strict agreement to ease overfishing, which had been reached April 16 by environmentalists, fishermen and others. A number of parties who signed that agreement, including state officials, now are asking for a reconsideration.

Judge Rules In Favor Of Wilson In Civil Rights Commission Case ^ | 2/04/02 | Melanie Hunter

Posted on 02/04/2002 1:41 PM CST by kattracks

Federal Judge Gladys Kessler ruled Monday in favor of Victoria Wilson and against President Bush's most recent appointment to replace Wilson on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Peter Kirsanow.

The Justice Department said it will appeal the judge's ruling.

At issue is whether federal law allows Wilson to serve a full six-year stint on the panel, or only the unexpired portion of Higginbotham's term to which she was appointed.

The 1983 law reauthorizing the USCCR specifically limited commissioners appointed to fill unexpired terms to the remaining length of the original term. A 1994 reauthorization law did not include that language. However, it also included no contradictory provisions.

A free pass for the AFL-CIO ~ Bob Novak

Source: Chicago Sun-Times
Published: July 23, 2001 Author: Bob Novak
Posted on 07/23/2001 12:25:41 PDT by Elle Bee

Four days after the House briefly debated rival campaign finance reform bills that both overlooked the AFL-CIO's political excesses, Big Labor got another break. A Clinton-appointed federal judge last Monday blocked the Federal Election Commission from its scheduled release the next day of thousands of documents that neither the union nor the Democratic National Committee wants made public.

This is evidence from the notorious 1996 national election, for which the Democratic Party and the AFL-CIO joined in questionable practices leading to the re-election of Bill Clinton. The supine FEC last year dismissed a Republican complaint that the party and the labor federation coordinated activities in violation of the law. At issue since then has been investigative files that Democrats and labor complain reveal too much of their political strategies.

Their concerns produced last Monday's injunction by U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler of the District of Columbia, whose career is closely tied to liberal-labor Democrats. Unless reversed, her edict would keep evidence out of the hands of congressional and Justice Department investigators until the five-year statute of limitations for embezzlement under the Landrum-Griffin Labor Reform Act expires in November. Labor appears to be getting another free pass.

Judge orders release of Cheney task force records, criticizes Energy Department
Associated Press / SFGate

Posted on 02/27/2002 4:08 PM CST by RCW2001

And on and on and on and on. This hideous hard left judge is on the panel that assigns cases in the DC District Court and is very powerful and VERY partisan.

60 posted on 10/16/2003 2:08:37 AM PDT by Stultis
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To: JohnHuang2
Seditious Fifth Columnists BUMP
74 posted on 10/17/2003 1:42:25 PM PDT by weegee
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