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Statement by Jim Robinson Regarding the State of our Free Republic
October 20, 2003 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 10/20/2003 4:53:35 PM PDT by Jim Robinson

Edited on 10/20/2003 8:39:45 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

I happen to believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton were the worst presidents in our nation's history. Corruption, government abuse, treason and daily scandal were the norm under their rule. Bill is a useful idiot who can't keep his mouth shut or his zipper up and Hillary is an America hating godless communist power monger. These are my personal opinions.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and their minions still wield a tremendous amount of power and influence over the Democrat Party, the socialist movement and the national press. Their goals are to completely eliminate our rights to free speech, free religion, freedom to keep and bear arms, etc., and these are just for starters.

I believe the overall goal of their movement is to completely do away with the U.S. Constitution and in its place, install socialist/totalitarian rule over America. Furthermore, I believe they wish to do away with our national sovereignty altogether and subject America to domination by the U.N. and other world bodies.

Now you may call me a nutcase if you wish, but that's the way I see it. I believe that in the last century, FDR, LBJ, RMN, Carter, Clinton, et al, successfully introduced many socialist programs into our government and our way of life and with the help of the media and atheist institutions like the ACLU began systematically destroying the fabric of our society. In the process, they've moved both of our major political parties way over to the left. They (the liberals/marxists/socialists) have almost completely taken over all of our government institutions and agencies, the judiciary, the press, the Universities, our education systems, our charities, even our churches.

I believe that as long as Bill and Hillary Clinton and their like minded socialist minions have any influence or power over the government or either of the two major political parties, our nation and all of our freedoms are in extreme danger.

Free Republic was created in 1996 as a place where liberty-minded individuals could gather and share the news and discuss the Clinton scandals and other government abuses. I had hoped that the truth of the Clinton corruption would come out in time to prevent his re-election in 1996. Didn't happen. So we moved on. If we couldn't block his re-election, well, perhaps we could help with his impeachment. He was impeached, but we could not remove him.

So next, we decide to do all in our power to ensure that his second in command does not get to the Whitehouse. Even though GWB was not my first choice, once he won the Republican nomination, most of us rallied behind him and fought like the dickens to get him elected. Then we fought again to block the attempted Gore coup d'etat. Our Free Republic chapters mobilized all across the nation and there were thousands of rallies and protests in hundreds of cities objecting loudly to Gore's attempted takeover.

Then we all thanked God when Bush was finally declared the winner and off to Washington we went to celebrate at the Free Republic George W. Bush Inaugural Ball (I).

Then we all thank God again when after the cowardly attack on our nation by a gang of murderous international terrorists we realize how close we were to complete collapse and national destruction had the socialist U.N. loving Al Gore been in charge. Thank God for President Bush!

And I haven't even mentioned how evil I truly believe the official Democrat Party platform is. Here's a partial laundry list of what the Democrat Party supports and promotes: abortion; homosexuality; feminaziism; environmentalism; government control over every aspect of our lives and society; socialized health care; disarmament of the American people; subjugation of the U.S. to the U.N.; the complete elimination of our national sovereignty; complete destruction of our basic traditional family unit; loss of personal freedoms and individual liberty. In other words, complete destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and our American way of life.

I came to the conclusion several years ago that there is no way this republic can survive if we allow the Democrat Party to maintain control over our government and other institutions. If America is to survive as we know it, Bill and Hillary Clinton and all the current democrat/socialist power mongers who share their philosophy and visions for a socialist America and socialist world must be soundly rejected and defeated at the polls.

And not just at the presidential level. They must be rejected and removed from both houses of Congress and from our State houses and local legislatures. For example, if we cannot remove them from the Senate, then there is no hope for reestablishing a judiciary built on the original intent of the Constitution and the rule-of-law. The liberals and socialists must be rooted out of our congress and our judiciary. Our free republic, our freedom and even liberty itself depends on it.

Just my humble opinion and why I act the way I do. I see the Democrat Party as domestic enemy number one of the Constitution and therefor it is my sworn enemy. And, in my eyes, anyone who helps to elect members of the Democrat party are aiding and abetting the enemy.

Futhermore, I believe wholeheartedly in the original intent of our Founding Fathers and in the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

God gave us these unalienable rights and they can never be taken from us by man or government. And we are ALL to be treated justly and equally under the law.

"That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Yes, the Founders established a government and set forth the plan for us to govern ourselves.

"That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

The government has become destructive to these ends. One of the main purposes of our government is to defend, preserve and protect our liberty. It has been doing just the opposite. Therefore, it is our right and duty to alter or abolish it. I propose doing so by destroying enemy number one of the Constitution, the corrupt socialist Democrat Party.

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To: Jim Robinson
Well-stated, Jim. THANK YOU for this Forum. We'd be floundering without FR.
961 posted on 10/21/2003 4:38:44 AM PDT by Prov1322 (Have you thanked God again today that George W. Bush is our President?!)
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To: malia
If I guess correctly, dear Hawaii Reporter, thank you for your publication, too.
962 posted on 10/21/2003 4:53:57 AM PDT by First_Salute (God save our democratic-republican government, from a government by judiciary.)
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To: MEG33
963 posted on 10/21/2003 5:04:42 AM PDT by MEG33
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To: Jim Robinson
But, would the Democrats ever change their stripes? Can they adjust in order to save their party?

Sadly, I do not think so. The huge number of Dem candidates attacking our ongoing efforts toward survival tells me they cannot get off the wrong track they are currently on.

So, Jim, I add my aplause to your stately statement. You are important to our forum, our nation, and a decent world. Keep it up!!

964 posted on 10/21/2003 5:08:07 AM PDT by YepYep
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To: Jim Robinson
Jim, the Warrior Freeper spirit is the most important change to the Republican party in the last 50 years.

The passive, pious and naive GOP were nearly destroyed by the dirty streetfighting tactics of the Clintonized DNC.

Make no mistake - despite being on the right side of the issues, despite being the party that carries the torch of the Founding Fathers, alone these are not enough to win the hearts and minds - and votes - of the mindless masses that sway elections.

No more.

Warrior Freepers have now taken the battle directly to the Socialist cretins and have become skilled, adept and effective at exposing the DNC for the liars and shameless demagogues they always were.

Warrior Freepers have harnessed the power of ridicule to humiliate and vanquish the enemy.

Warrior Freepers have organized to disseminate the truth, celebrate American values, and defend our freedom.

The heroes of a new generation of conservatives include George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn, Rush Limbaugh, and Jim Robinson, who all embody the Warrior Freeper spirit.

Thank you, Jim, for hosting this wonderful and exciting - and powerful - party for America.

Your friend and fellow Warrior Freeper,

965 posted on 10/21/2003 5:12:07 AM PDT by Stallone (Warrior Freepers Rule The Earth)
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To: Jim Robinson
966 posted on 10/21/2003 5:14:27 AM PDT by Rebelbase
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To: Nakatu X
What is LP?


967 posted on 10/21/2003 5:16:15 AM PDT by CDHart
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To: Chad Fairbanks; Miss Marple
If we are to throw the RINO's out, then conservatives have to do two things. Find a viable candidate that can win elections...(just being the conservative candidate is not enough)... and vote them in.
968 posted on 10/21/2003 5:17:30 AM PDT by carton253 (To win the War on Terror, we must, at once, raise the black flag!)
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To: ladyinred
All you can do it try. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Have you turned him on to FR? lol

969 posted on 10/21/2003 5:39:13 AM PDT by prairiebreeze (We will not deny, ignore or pass our problems along to other Presidents. ---GWBush)
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To: Flyer; Jim Robinson
Thanks for the ping.

JR - We're with you FRiend.

970 posted on 10/21/2003 5:44:00 AM PDT by The_Victor
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To: Madame de Winter
Nice research, but how are stain head's remarks from 5 years ago relate to the discussion?????

Well, you and I were discussing Democracy, yes? So, I'd say that it's worth mentioning how socialists feel about "Democracy"...

971 posted on 10/21/2003 5:45:12 AM PDT by Chad Fairbanks (Francis Scott Key was a One-Hit Wonder)
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To: ApesForEvolution
Do you personally prefer a Representative Republic or a Democracy?

A Representative Republic, as this country is supposed to be...

972 posted on 10/21/2003 5:46:00 AM PDT by Chad Fairbanks (Francis Scott Key was a One-Hit Wonder)
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To: Madame de Winter
Wow. words escape me, chad fairbanks! Wish yio luck in africa or alaska. Anywhere you think democracy is wrong. And I pray to God it is far, far, far away from me and normal people

By 'normal people, I'm assuming you mean "Sheep" or "Cattle" who will allow themselves to be herded or stampeded in whichever direction thier masters want them to go, right?

No, if you want a pure democracy, I'd recommend that you should be the one to leave - I'll stick with prefering a constitutional republic, thanks. That way my rights as an individual won't be at the mercy of the "normal people".

973 posted on 10/21/2003 5:48:20 AM PDT by Chad Fairbanks (Francis Scott Key was a One-Hit Wonder)
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To: Jim Robinson
Well said.
974 posted on 10/21/2003 5:48:58 AM PDT by Tijeras_Slim (There's two kinds of people in the world. Those with loaded guns and those that dig.)
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To: Jim Robinson
I did not believe it for a minute.
975 posted on 10/21/2003 5:49:18 AM PDT by bmwcyle (Hillary's election to President will start a civil war)
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To: Madame de Winter
And you use this argument for one party rule....

Well, you are lying when you say I am advocating one-party rule. I have never advocated one-party rule, and never will advocate one party rule - nice try, though, Madame de Winter.

You scare me...


976 posted on 10/21/2003 5:50:31 AM PDT by Chad Fairbanks (Francis Scott Key was a One-Hit Wonder)
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To: cgk
I'm still amazed Pelosi got away with saying that she didn't think politicians needed to be "looking over their shoulders", after Gray was recalled. Speaks volumes about how they see their own "entitlements."

Yes it does speak volumes... scary

977 posted on 10/21/2003 5:51:21 AM PDT by Chad Fairbanks (Francis Scott Key was a One-Hit Wonder)
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To: Jim Robinson
Hi, Jim -- best to you and your family. Thank you for FR. Psalm 105 : 1 - 5
978 posted on 10/21/2003 5:55:37 AM PDT by cyn (
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To: Jim Robinson
Two big toes up....
I got my hands full...
979 posted on 10/21/2003 5:57:30 AM PDT by joesnuffy (Moderate Islam Is For Dilettantes)
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To: Jim Robinson
I totally agree with your opening statement, Jim!
980 posted on 10/21/2003 6:03:35 AM PDT by LRS
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