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Michael Schiavo Larry King Live
CNN Live ^ | 10-24-03 | Larry King

Posted on 10/24/2003 7:05:19 PM PDT by JustPiper

Michael Shiavo gets Larry King Monday October 27th,2003. This is a change of programming from website!

TOPICS: Announcements; Crime/Corruption; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: bulemia; ccrm; dadoffered700000; dadwantedthemoney; electrolites; finallythetruth; husband; killedmomanddad; king; murderer; potassium; prdisaster; presstitutes; schiavo; terri; terrischiavo; thereisnomurder; tslist; wonttakepolygraph
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To: Theodore R.
Post #2080 ~ "Guardian ad litem" ..

I read that Terri's attorney requested another Guardian because Wolfson had already publicly stated that he was not in favor of "Terri's Law" .. therefore, he was biased. I don't know the result. The actual article probably is posted to the new "Terri's Fight" thread ...

2,081 posted on 10/29/2003 7:31:18 AM PST by Pegita ('Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word ...)
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To: EternalVigilance
Thanks for the ping to this information on bulimia and heart attacks, EternalVigilance
2,082 posted on 10/29/2003 7:38:03 AM PST by syriacus (Casual comments about tubes, made after watching a 3 handkerchief movie, do not justify euthanasia.)
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To: Pegita
So, if Wolfson is "out," how can we be sure that the next choice by this Demers is not another opponent of "Terri's Law"? Wouldn't a court-appointed choice have to tell whether he supports "Terri's Law" up front? If he doesn't support this law, he could not have the support of the Schindler family. Demers is in effect deciding what happens with the appointment of this GAL.

Oh, where, Oh where, has George W. Greer gone?
2,083 posted on 10/29/2003 7:38:13 AM PST by Theodore R.
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To: mickie
Why bother having them on if they can't get a dime's worth of time to talk!

The best interview I saw, was one that Rita Cosby had with Terri's brother and sister. She really let them talk about what they thought was important.

2,084 posted on 10/29/2003 7:42:16 AM PST by syriacus (Casual comments about tubes, made after watching a 3 handkerchief movie, do not justify euthanasia.)
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To: Theodore R.; Alamo-Girl; Howlin; Jim Robinson; Constitution Day

Ask me about the connection between Socialism, Communism, Drug Warlords and Vodka.


Let's not forget the history of the south. Most Southern states were conservative, white and Democratic prior to the "civil rights era". These southern white democrats had equal rights forced on them by (drum roll, please) Republicans. Republicans have since penetrated the south getting some majority stake holds in Florida first.

Unbeknowst to most of them, Northern democrats were quite different from their (old time) Southern counterparts. They still believe that they are the kind and generous repairers of society, while the Republicans are meanspirited warmongers. Because of this myth, the NY/NJ Jewish population has by-and-large embraced the Democratic party. Their brainwashing, from youth, has allowed them to ignore the corruption, the pandering to special classes and the abject failure of government entities run by Leftist Dems.

Meanwhile the self-promoting Southern dems have risen to power through the "good-ole-boy" network funded in part by Southern Bluehairs (old families). They have pandered to the relatively large minority groups with special favors and redistribution of wealth programs that have led to prosperity for a few, but the continuance of an entrenched lower class for most.

Jewish Democrats will vote Republican when it really counts Returning to your question about Dem support of "Republican" judges in Florida, let me remind you that there has been a huge migration of Northern, educated, Democratic Jews to Florida for the past 50 or so years. (Must of been quite a clash between the two types of Dems, back then. LOL)

All Dems generally vote the Dem ticket for local and state elections, but when it comes to national security or the courts, the Jewish Dem and many other white Dems vote Republican. Because of this many judges in Florida switch to Republican to get appointed or retained (by election). These guys are 'country-club Republicans at best, but usually just classic RINO's.

Florida is the Core of the Real Communist Movement in the US

Ms. Reno, et al, in conjunction with the University of Miami Law School, is the center of 'Lawyer Society' in Florida. The Dean's 'Inner Circle', in particular, is the meeting place of those who believe that they control the fate of Florida and, they believe, the fate of the country as a whole. Indeed, their tentacles reach as far north as Canada and as far south as Panama.

I personally believe that the the University of Miami's Dean's Inner Circle is the true center of Communist activity in this country. And anyone involved with it is either a willing accomplice or a duped accomplice. (BTW, Rush is a victim of this crowd.)

Florida is home to the masterminds behind most of the corrupt, high dollar, money laundering 'business' activities in this country. The courts tolerate and ignore the illicit activities and sheriffs are easily bought off. When Perot talked about that "giant sucking sound", he had the location all wrong: The tip of Florida has a huge one-way, open valve that is peeing our resources, our values, our core liberties and our very lives, out of this country, into the open sea.


2,085 posted on 10/29/2003 7:49:52 AM PST by TaxRelief (Ask me about the connection between Socialism, Communism, Drug Warlords and Vodka.)
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To: TaxRelief
Florida is home to the masterminds behind most of the corrupt, high dollar, money laundering 'business' activities in this country.

Yes, as I recall even Alphonse "Al" Capone had organized crime times in Miami as well as Chicago!
2,086 posted on 10/29/2003 7:52:54 AM PST by Theodore R.
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To: Theodore R.
One day, someone from the war on drugs crowd, is going to figure out where the heart of the drug king pin activity really is.
2,087 posted on 10/29/2003 8:07:16 AM PST by TaxRelief (Ask me about the connection between Socialism, Communism, Drug Warlords and Vodka.)
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To: TaxRelief
Thank you for this information and your views!
2,088 posted on 10/29/2003 8:24:15 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
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2,089 posted on 10/29/2003 8:24:56 AM PST by firewalk
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To: Lion in Winter
Anyone who disagrees with you is a troll?
2,090 posted on 10/29/2003 8:50:22 AM PST by Hildy
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To: atruelady
o you think "Lurker" is from the Schiavo camp?

Here in FreeperLand, that's not an accusation to be lightly. That said, if you have doubts as to whether or not someone is a plant, click on their user name to see when they joined FreeRepublic.

For instance, I can see that "Normally a Lurker", while not making any friends on this thread, has been a member of FR since June 11, 1998. And I can see that you, "atruelady" just joined last week on October 20, 2003.

Welcome to FreeRepublic!

2,091 posted on 10/29/2003 8:59:11 AM PST by libravoter (Live from the People's Republic of Cambridge)
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To: syriacus
From Fr. Rob -Lori

Exclusive! Schindlers Respond to Michael Schiavo's Larry King Love-

Sorry to miss posting an update yesterday. It was kind of a crazy
day, with more things to do than I had time to do them, including
travelling. which limits my access to the Internet.

I watched the whole Larry King interview with Michael Schiavo Monday
night, and I took note of a number of issues he addressed which
didn't seem consistent with things that either Terri's family told
me, or that I had read.

While Michael was on Larry King, Terri's father Bob Schindler was on
Hannity & Colmes, so he didn't see the interview. Terri's mother Mary
watched the first few minutes, but she said she turned it off because
she couldn't stand to watch Michael lie on TV.

I questioned Bob and Mary about several of the claims that Michael
made on the Larry King show, and they had quite a bit to say in

CNN trumpeted their interview with Michael Schiavo Monday night as
an "Exclusive". I guess that means that Bob & Mary Schindler's
response, which I present to you here, is also an "Exclusive!".

Because of the wide variety of issues addressed and the consequent
length of the reponse, I'm posting it in two parts, with the second
part to be posted this afternoon.

Part I

I started off by asking them, "Michael claimed that after he won his
settlement, you confronted him in Terri's room at the nursing home,
and demanded money. Is that true?" Bob replied categorically that
that is not what happened that day. "I never asked him for money,
ever," Bob said. Bob admits that he got into an argument with Michael
that day, but it was over Michael's promise to use Terri's settlement
money for rehabilitation.

Bob and Mary had gone to visit Terri, and found Michael sitting in
her room at the nursing home, reading a book. After some small talk,
Bob said to Michael, "We can use some of that money now to take Terri
to Shands [the Shands Medical Center at the University of Florida in
Gainesville] for rehab." Bob explained to me that the doctor who
oversaw Terri's treatment in California, a Dr. Youngling [Bob isn't
sure of the spelling], recommended that they take her to Shands.
Michael alluded to this treatment in his Larry King interview, saying
that the attempts to stimulate Terri using implants didn't work. Bob
and Mary confirm that those treatments didn't work as hoped, but that
the doctor had nonetheless observed some improvement in Terri's
condition, and he recommended they take her to Shands for a different
course of treatment. Bob had wanted to bring her to Shands right
away, but Michael insisted on waiting to do so until after he
received a settlement.

Michael received the settlement in January of '93, and this
confrontation took place in February. "A month had gone by since he
[Michael] had gotten the money, and he hadn't done anything yet," Bob
explained, nor had Michael said anything about what he planned to do.

Mary said that Michael appeared to ignore Bob, so Bob repeated his
remark. At this point, Mary said, "Michael looked up, threw his book
against the wall, then he stood up and kicked the tray table by
Terri's bed, and went into the hall." The Schindlers followed him
into the hall, and Bob, angry at this point, reminded Michael that he
had "promised to use the money for Terri's rehab." Michael then ran
down the hall, turned back and yelled at Bob and Mary, "I'm going to
call my lawyer, and you'll never see your daughter again." At this
point Michael's lawyer was not George Felos. Felos only became
involved once Michael sought Terri's death.

Bob repeated to me that he has never asked Michael for any of Terri's
settlement money. He said, "I tried to remind him of his promise." A
promise, Mary added, that Michael had made under oath. This promise
may not be legally binding, but the Schindlers certainly regard it as
morally binding.

About a month after this incident, the Schindlers were informed that
Michael had cut off their access to Terri's medical information.
Terri's doctors and nurses were not to discuss Terri's medical
condition with the Schindlers. Bob & Mary are still denied access to
medical information about their daughter.

They learned later that shortly after this, Michael gave a Do Not
Resuscitate order for Terri. This struck the Schindlers as odd, since
Terri was in no danger of death. Also, up to this point Michael had
yet to say anything about Terri's suppposed wish not be kept alive in
her condition.

The nursing home staff was sympathetic to the Schindlers, and
frequently gave them information in spite of Michael's medical "gag
order." In July of that year, Bob & Mary were told that Terri had a
serious urinary tract infection. The nursing home staff also told
them that Michael had ordered the nursing home not to treat the
infection, which treatment would have consisted of a simple course of
antibiotics. The staff were worried, because left untreated, the
infection would eventually cause sepsis and Terri's death. Bob and
Mary were powerless to do anything, but fortunately the nursing home
eventually gave the antibiotics anyway, and Terri recovered.

At this point, Bob & Mary made their first attempt to have Michael
removed as guardian. In his deposition for this proceeding, Michael
admitted that he had ordered the nursing home to deny Terri treatment
for the infection, and that left untreated, the infection would have
caused Terri's death. Bob and Mary then explained that when asked in
the deposition if he would do something like that again, he said he
couldn't "because the law prevented him from acting in that way."
When asked why he did it, he responded that he "didn't think Terri
would want to live like this." Notice that Michael said he didn't
think so. Bob said, "he had the perfect opportunity there to talk
about Terri's "wish" not to be kept alive, and he didn't. In fact, it
was another 5 years before they heard anything about Terri's supposed
wish not to be kept alive.

The judge denied the Schindler's petition to have Michael removed as
guardian. 3 years later (1996), they tried again to have Michael
removed as guardian, and were again refused. This in spite of
testimony from the administrator of Terri's second nursing home that
Michael had given similar orders to them to deny potentially life-
saving treatment to Terri. Fortunately, that nursing home also
decided to go against Michael's wishes and administered the
appropriate medication.

I would add that this was not the last of Michael's attempts to cause
Terri's death by denying medication for perfectly treatable ailments.
When Terri developed pneumonia earlier this year, Michael's attorney
George Felos asked the judge if medication could be denied to Terri
for the pneumonia. He wanted her to be removed from the hospital,
returned to the hospice, and "allowed" to die "naturally".
Fortunately, even Judge Greer thought this beyond the pale and
ordered her treatment continued.

I also asked Bob and Mary about Michael's claim that Bob had offered
him $700,000 to walk away and let them take care of Terri. Bob
admitted that after Terri's feeding tube was restored the first time,
he did offer Michael money, but that it was more like $500,000. Bob
explained, "that was our attorney's idea [at that time their attorney
was Jim Eckert]. He thought that since Michael was after Terri's
money, let's give him what he wants to make him go away." I asked Bob
and Mary how they intended to come up with the money. Bob
replied, "we didn't know. Jim [their lawyer] thought we could raise
the money somehow, but first we had to get Michael to agree to the
idea." I asked him if any pro-life or other "right-wing" group ever
offered him money for that purpose. He laughed and said no, nothing
like that ever happened.

Furthermore, as to the contention that the Schindlers are being put
up to their defense of Terri's life by "right-wing" pro-life groups,
Bob & Mary Schindler dismiss it as ridiculous. "The first offers of
assistance we got from national pro-life or conservative groups was
about two weeks ago", Bob said. Furthermore, the assistance offered
was in terms of organization and mobilizing grass-roots support, not
financial support. "We actually approached a couple of organizations
back in 2000 after the first trial", Bob added, "but they weren't
interested in getting involved at that time."

Indeed, the Schindlers have fought for this decade and more with
little more than their own resources and some local help. After the
first trial in 2000, "Professionals For Excellence" a local
organization of conservative professionals, offered some help, and
since then have occasionally contrbuted the expertise of their
members in publicity, legal opinions, and other organizational help.
According to Bob, Pat Anderson, their lead attoney, has worked on
Terri's case largely pro bono with some occasional grants from legal

The Schindlers started the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation to get
the word out about Terri's plight and to raise money to help defray
the considerable expenses they have incurred in the efforts to save
her. In the past three years, Bob Schindler estimates that the
foundation has raised "about $40,000." "In addition to that," Bob
continued, "Msgr. Malanowski [the priest who has been offering
spiritual support and guidance to the family for the past few years]
raised about another $10,000."

Far from being well-financed pawns of "right-wing" groups and pro-
lifers, Bob and Mary have been crying out for years to get someone to
listen to them, someone to help them. Finally, within the last few
weeks, they've begun to be heard, and there has been an outpouring of
support for which they're truly grateful.

Part Two of the Schindlers response will be posted this afternoon.
2,092 posted on 10/29/2003 9:52:19 AM PST by pc93 (A good site to visit is . Oct. 15th 2pm death order must be stopped)
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To: pc93
Thanks very much for posting this, pc93. It's great to have the opportunity to read the Schindlers' response.

My 29 year-old daughter, who got me interested in Terri's fight, was watching Mike S. on LK live and had to turn it off, too.

I think a lot of young women are alarmed about the way in which a "Prince Charming" can turn into a

"Prince Harming."

2,093 posted on 10/29/2003 10:21:34 AM PST by syriacus (Casual comments about tubes, made after watching a 3 handkerchief movie, do not justify euthanasia.)
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To: pc93
Part Two of the Schindlers response will be posted this afternoon.

Thank you for doing this! But will their response be widely disseminated?

2,094 posted on 10/29/2003 10:22:25 AM PST by Saundra Duffy (For victory & freedom!!!)
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To: Theodore R.
I believe Greer is legally blind, of course he may have listened to it.
2,095 posted on 10/29/2003 10:26:37 AM PST by pickyourpoison
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To: Hildy
You said it was time for Terri to "move on", so I ACCORDED YOU THE SAME RUDE INVITATION, troll.
2,096 posted on 10/29/2003 10:27:02 AM PST by Lion in Winter
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To: Lion in Winter
We have two different ideas of what compassion is.
2,097 posted on 10/29/2003 10:28:26 AM PST by Hildy
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To: Hildy

Go gone you ghoulish-thing!

2,098 posted on 10/29/2003 10:34:55 AM PST by Lion in Winter
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To: TaxRelief
That I don't know, but her glucose levels would have been zilch.

I have a friend who used to be a bodybuilder. Back in the 80s he read in a magazine that insulin could increase muscle mass/ability. He injected himself with some and ended up in the ER. He nearly killed himself. He was told afterward that the nurses kept pushing IV dextrose into him but could not raise his glucose levels until the end.

To me, that would be more important than the potassium.
2,099 posted on 10/29/2003 10:37:50 AM PST by Canticle_of_Deborah
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To: Saundra Duffy
It will be if everyone who cares tries to get it out to at least 10 different places on the internet and ask that others do the same, etc. send e-mails to others, etc. I cannot stress enough that when others do these things we will get the desired geometrical progression in regards to disemination.
2,100 posted on 10/29/2003 1:18:49 PM PST by pc93 (A good site to visit is . Oct. 15th 2pm death order must be stopped)
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