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Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread/Updates) November 5 -7, 2003
Various | November 5, 2003 | sweetliberty

Posted on 11/05/2003 12:14:25 AM PST by sweetliberty

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To: nicmarlo; sweetliberty; floriduh voter; pc93
Interesting -- your post is 666.

I really like the photo of Terri looking so spiffy in her wheelchair -- can someone confirm that's from her trip to the mall for 'makeover' I'd read about somewhere? and when was that. A video loop used to show on CNN, FoxNews of caring Michael outside on a walk with Terri, pointing something out to her. When was that?

I'd like a clarification from someone who knows -- when was the last time Terri was taken out in her wheelchair? I know it broke (was it helped along, the cynic wants to know?), family offered to replace it, and Michael refused. Was that the last Terri was allowed to go out?

Terry is clearly being held prisoner by Michael, and I am losing my patience. This nonsense has gone on at least 10 years too long.

Thanks for all you all are doing.

801 posted on 11/07/2003 3:18:25 AM PST by cyn (
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To: T'wit
Definitely a 2 now on the revised Coral Snake Troll Scale.
802 posted on 11/07/2003 3:20:37 AM PST by Coral Snake (deathculture(HospiceOf TheFlorida$uncoast == Andersonville + Aushwitz)
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To: Coral Snake
Maybe. But I think she's a mutant species, or else such a deformed specimen that scientists will have to run DNA tests to see if she's related to humans. She could be our first space troll, y'know.
803 posted on 11/07/2003 3:31:10 AM PST by T'wit
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To: NYer
Interesting article (The Guardian,11/04/03)

I like this part in 1998....

"Schiavo admitted to the guardian ad litam that he HAD
at LEAST "Two romantic involvements" AFTER Terri's collapse."

Key word."He HAD at LEAST TWO romantic involvements"
Okay..He's been with Jodi for @ 8-10 years , that means
he might of had another ROMANTIC 9,10,11,12 years ago ??
These are romantic relationships, what about the other NOT
romantic relationships, ?,hmmmm?

Here's another Key wording by MS..."AFTER Terri's Collapse"
My question: What about JUST Before Terri Collapsee ?, hmmmm

This Guy is a player, was in High School, and thru out..

Felo$ needs to be charge with "Collusion" "Conspiracy"
"Fraud", a on-going murder (In progress) charges, just to name a few..

I AM happy Judge Greer is seeing the LIGHT, the forces of evil HAD him under there control, BUT now the light is shining more and more... Let's send him CHRISTMAS CARDS..
of Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother, and remind him GOD is watching YOU, and LOVES YOU...Let's remind him of Terri Birthday also.....,since MS and Satan Lawyers are still
blocking any cards,flowers,gifts to Terri, .
Let's send them to JUDGE GREER instead...This way he can forward it to Terri under guard..just a idea

We need to get on Coast to Coast Am radio with George Noory, it's super important now, the sooner the better.
"Let's Roll" out

804 posted on 11/07/2003 3:39:47 AM PST by Orlando (*** Dec. 3rd is Theresa M. SCHINDLER Birthday ***)
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To: T'wit
More likely just another northeastern "Liberal" Kill 'n' Burn carpetbagger troll. Just like the historical figure I use for Type 2 Trolls. They do it in the WESTERN states too as well as the Southern ones. That is how California, Oregon and Wahington got the way they are.
805 posted on 11/07/2003 3:42:38 AM PST by Coral Snake (deathculture(HospiceOf TheFlorida$uncoast == Andersonville + Aushwitz)
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To: FL_engineer
>> Felos: The courts FOUND that its Terri's wish not to be kept alive artificially. They FOUND that she said to Michael and others, "No tubes for me... I don't want to be kept alive artificially. I don't want to linger in this condition." and the court heard both sides, and found that these were her wishes.

A crock of Felos droppings. There is not one bit of admissible evidence that she said anything. Absolutely she did not use THESE words regardless of what this comatose court "found." Note the present tense, the lack of "if." George has her speaking as if cognizant of her condition and choosing to pull her tubes -- but to say that, she couldn't be brain damaged.

806 posted on 11/07/2003 3:47:08 AM PST by T'wit
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To: All
What happen with the LARRY KING INTERVIEW ??
he haves Tom Jones on tonight
807 posted on 11/07/2003 4:18:45 AM PST by Orlando (*** Dec. 3rd is Theresa M. SCHINDLER Birthday ***)
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To: cyn
Interesting -- your post is 666.

Isn't it, though. I hadn't even noticed that until sweetliberty pointed it out.

808 posted on 11/07/2003 4:35:37 AM PST by nicmarlo
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To: supercat

Another thing I like is Jeb's attorney, Kenneth Connor, is from the same area of the state.
He know's exactly what kinda good ole boy network is there.

This is looking better and better for Terri.
The dark clouds are opening and the sun is peeking through.
I voted for Jeb Bush and hope this Kenneth Connor runs for something so I can vote for him.
Lord only knows where we would be today if red pick-up had won instead of Jeb.

Thank you God and thank you Barbara Bush, you did a fine job raising those boys.
809 posted on 11/07/2003 4:39:25 AM PST by pickyourpoison
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To: msmagoo; tutstar
704 & 711 -- thanks for spelling it out so clearly. That's what I've been waiting for, praying for.

Info from 6/90 physical exam and 1 & 3/91 evaluations:

From this PDF at friends of terri website:

810 posted on 11/07/2003 4:50:22 AM PST by cyn (
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To: FL_engineer
THANKS for your work on that. SNIP:

Felos: Yea, but how can you criticize Mr.Shiavo ten years ago, for holding out the same hope that the parents say that they have now, 13 years later? ... I mean he, he for years, believed that Terri COULD get better, and tried valiently to help her get better, experimental treatments, and therapies he did that for a NUMBER of years.

Here's what's been bothering me -- HOW can Schiavo DENY her parents the same hope he had? Why work with someone for "X" amount of time only, then say, "that's it, you're not getting any more treatment" and letting them stagnate for the next 10 years?

Get Terri OUTTA there already!
811 posted on 11/07/2003 4:56:49 AM PST by cyn (
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To: Republic; PrepareToLeave; kimmie7; tutstar
==========Update on Terri Schindler Schiavo -- 11/7/03

* Terri is not in a coma and not in PVS (persistent vegetative state). This was true in 6/90 doctors exam (read at from PDF file)
* A Jacksonville, FL neurologist who examined her last year flatly calls any plans to let her die "MURDER" ; I confirmed this with him. "She's alive....there's no question in my mind she is not brain dead." (see article,100)
* She responds to her family & those around her (see video of her w/mother; also above 3/91 report)
* She is NOT on life support -- she has fewer tubes than Christopher Reeves has! Only one, a feeding tube that many we see out and around have.
* Terri has had no rehabilitation since about 1993 -- not even cloth put into her hands to keep her hands from clenching.
* Guardian has not allowed any recent swallowing tests; only 3 were done in early 90's.
* Her husband/guardian Michael Schiavo has a fiancee with (now) two children & their own home.
*Terri has her own life to get on with as well, even if it’s not the life she or her family would have chosen.

We are praying:
* for Terri's safety in a hostile environment -- she has had some close calls; for some reason these are not being publicized.
* for a true advocate for Terri, who has not had a guardian ad litem since about 1998
* for hard hearts to be softened -- God's work! Especially with Terri in the center of the "right to die" debate (Michael's attorney George Felos and others are deeply invested in this -- may his heart be moved to release Terri.)
* for her husband ("HINO") to be removed as Terri's guardian.
* for Judge Greer to be open minded in the face of “new” evidence. A positive is that Wednesday he did not automatically dismiss the case to have Michael removed as Terri's guardian and replaced by Terri's brother Bobby as had been done in the past.
* for Terri to be put into the care of her family so they can fuss over her as much as they want!
* for all who are drawn to Terri's fight to be convicted of their need for a closer relationship with God, as they recognize and take stand against evil.
* For our country! Is there any doubt we are in a culture war?

What you can do:
* Continue to pray for all concerned -- that God will soften hearts. This is a real life-and-death drama being played out right in front of us; search for answer to what God would have you do.
* GO TO for updated information.
* Correct local & national media misuses of "coma" and "vegetative state" -- she is not! Letters, phone calls, and email need to be continued, directed to the media especially, as well as to Gov Bush (thanking him, expressing continued concern).
* Our Bible study class signed a card for Terri just telling her she's in our thoughts and prayers -- on that, all can agree. Terri's birthday is Dec 3 or 4. Sending cards underscores for both the sender and those at the hospice that Terri is a person who is loved, not an inanimate object. Her address is:
Ms. Terri Schindler Schiavo
Woodside Hospice
6774 102nd Avenue N
Pinellas Park, Florida 33780

* Read the transcript of Larry King’s interview with Michael Schiavo last Fri 10/31 at SNIP: SCHIAVO: “. . . I'm fortunate to have two women in my life that I love very much. My girlfriend right now has done more for Terri than her own mother did....” SNIP: KING: Are the parents lying or wishful thinking? . . . In order to keep their daughter alive. They don't have a motive, do they? . . . SCHIAVO: Probably just to make my life hell, I guess. Comments or questions for LKL can be sent to

* Terri's parents will NOT be on Larry King Live Fri Nov.7 after all for now.

NOTE this photo -- from 11/90, used in last week's Newsweek article. Michael is looking at Terri as if she is indeed "there"; she's looking back just like she does in recent video with her mother (see ) . Despite what Michael said in LKL interview, it did NOT take 4 hrs to get either of these photos! I welcome comments and questions at XXXX. Prayerfully researched and sent.

==========end 11/7/03 update==

812 posted on 11/07/2003 5:02:21 AM PST by cyn (
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To: phenn
* Larry King interview w/Michael Schiavo was on Monday 10/27

I love seeing Terri's bright smile at the website! I look forward to meeting her sometime. Great work, THANKS! I miss the picture of her in the wheelchair. Prayers continue for all concerned.

813 posted on 11/07/2003 5:10:02 AM PST by cyn (
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To: msmagoo

I read on one of the threads that Greer is up for reelection in 04.

That's when we need a bill-board saying " A vote for Greer' is a vote for Death, Yours"

Greer thumped his nose at Jeb Bush and me thinks he put his pickle in the wrong barrel when he sided with Felos
814 posted on 11/07/2003 5:32:42 AM PST by pickyourpoison
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To: Orlando
he HAD at LEAST "Two romantic involvements" AFTER Terri's collapse

He also sired a child with another woman BEFORE Terri's Collapse and pays child support payments. That child is now 14. He considers himself to be the "loving husband". <>

815 posted on 11/07/2003 5:38:56 AM PST by NYer ("Close your ears to the whisperings of hell and bravely oppose its onslaughts." ---St Clare Assisi)
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To: Krodg
Hi, Krodg -- did you ever get the info you needed? sorry, am just seeing this. there are html sandboxes that (in less intense times) are a great place to play around & learn in. I'll see if I can find one to ping you to, I just saw it a few days ago. But dummy? nah!

quick notes: use brackets WITHOUT SPACES < and > to enclose these commands:
for paragraph, use p
for break single line use br
for bold use b
for italic use i
for big quickest to just say big.

Imp: Use < / > WITHOUT SPACES make sure you CLOSE those commands at the end to return to 'normal' font, although it might be FR now has a "selfcleaning" feature now.

try it out in a simple post for starters, see if my quick notes make sense. for an important more elaborate, labor & time intensive post, I paste from document so can save. it's tough to lose work in a crash, ESP when the goal is to pass on info or to make a point here -- we all lose in that case.
816 posted on 11/07/2003 5:48:35 AM PST by cyn (
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To: msmagoo
This case shows, highlights, how judges abuse the rules of evidence to prejudice a case. Here it is done to bullet-proof the trial record for appeal, by false and suspect "findings of fact".
817 posted on 11/07/2003 5:51:59 AM PST by bvw
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To: pickyourpoison
Yea, ol' Janet Reno made a trip in her pick-up to St. Petersburg a couple of weeks ago to endorse the killing of Terri. What a sick, sick "public servant"!
818 posted on 11/07/2003 5:52:30 AM PST by Theodore R.
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To: Concerned; Lone Voice in the hinterlands
Death by starvation and dehydration is NOT PAINLESS!!!!!

THANKS for your posts -- showing that the answer to Terri's situation is NOT to simply draw up a living will. So many people do not realize the probs w/this. There is info at about what folks can do, not just blindly doing a living will. Others have posted w/more info.

819 posted on 11/07/2003 5:54:44 AM PST by cyn (
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To: pickyourpoison
George W. Greer was so anti-Bush that nearly all of us thought he was a Democrat with ties to the late Lawton Chiles. In fact, Greer, a NY native, has long worn the "Republican" label in St. Petersburg politics.
820 posted on 11/07/2003 5:58:50 AM PST by Theodore R.
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