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Seven Step Campaign To Get The Dem Memo Story Out

Posted on 11/05/2003 7:12:14 PM PST by jmstein7

Seven Step Campaign To Get The Dem Memo Story Out


This time, we the people will not stand for GOP spinelessness.  We will not let the GOP simply “Move On” from the vicious, unethical Dem memo. 


If you have not read it yet, click HERE.


If you have not read Zell Miller’s reaction, click HERE.


1)  Click HERE to open the “Send Fax” window.


2)  Cut and paste this phone number AS WRITTEN into the "The FAX Number" field:


    1 202 224 3514


3)  Address the fax to "Senator Pat Roberts" and don't forget to put your email address where it tells you to or your email will not be sent!


4)  Write your own message to the Senator expressing your outrage at the Dem memo, or cut and paste this sample:




    Dear Senator,


    As a grassroots supporter, I am OUTRAGED at the unwillingness of Republican Senators, the MAJORITY party, to take on the Democrat party on the Democrat memo outlining a political strategy to use the power and resources of the Senate Intelligence Committee as a political tool against our President, and the leader of our party.


    I am DISGUSTED by the repeated lack of testicular fortitude of my party's Senators.  I am SICKENED by the way the Majority Republicans allow the Minority Democrats to continually steamroll them on EVERY ISSUE.


    I, and my cohorts, are the people who put and keep Republican Senators in office.  If our party's Senators will not represent and zealously advocate the interests of "we the people" who put you in office, then you can expect a well-funded (by a our various well-organized grassroots organization) primary challenge from a Republican who has what it takes to take on these acid tongued, vicious, partisan Democrats. 


    So, please, start fighting for us.  Take the Democrats head-on.  Take to the airwaves.  Do what it takes to effectively represent us, your grassroots supporters, or you will risk losing our support. 


    We are fighters.  We have fought hard over the years, collectively, to put you and your peers into office.  Please don't forget that, and please return the favor by fighting for us.


Thank you.






5)  Click "FAX IT!"


6)  Here are other numbers you can fax this to:


Senator Frist        1 202 228 1264


Senator Kyl         1 202 224 2207


Senator McConnell (email)


Senator Santorum (webform)


7)  Email your friends with a link to this page (copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your page and paste it into an email to your friends).


Great Job!!!



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KEYWORDS: 2004memo; democrat; memo
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To: jmstein7
Thanks for the thread! Bookmark bump.
41 posted on 11/06/2003 4:38:59 AM PST by mewzilla
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To: Peach
Morning bump
42 posted on 11/06/2003 4:42:11 AM PST by hoosiermama (Prayers for all!)
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To: jmstein7
43 posted on 11/06/2003 4:44:03 AM PST by Rummyfan
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To: jmstein7
Too many steps.
44 posted on 11/06/2003 5:13:11 AM PST by ClintonBeGone
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To: jmstein7
Look this up and contact everyone of them along with sending the fax. (members page)
45 posted on 11/06/2003 5:17:45 AM PST by yoe (Term Limits - and 2 terms are the limit for all elected to a Federal office!!)
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To: MeeknMing
Thanks for the heads up!
46 posted on 11/06/2003 5:25:35 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
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To: Keith in Iowa
My "money line":

Your continued service in the US Senate depends on your actions over the next few days.

47 posted on 11/06/2003 5:35:17 AM PST by TankerKC (Member since before you! I win!)
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March
Hmmm. Im sorry. This is something we should be fighting for. It appears on the surface, that the dems are trying to politicize intel. This is the same thing that they accused us of in the run up to the Iraq war. But it really doesnt mean anything; the story is already dead..
48 posted on 11/06/2003 5:35:54 AM PST by cardinal4 (Hillary and Clark rhymes with Ft Marcy park...)
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To: MeeknMing
**** Thar she blows !! ... ****

You're fabulous. You know that, don't you?
49 posted on 11/06/2003 6:09:01 AM PST by onyx
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To: jmstein7
I have to go to work now, and if someone else took this position I apologize. Democrats always do things and then complain that republicans do the same things. Yesterday Rangel asked that Rumsfield should resign. Why did he do it? Because he knows that many will request Rockifeller (sp)to do the same thing. Now I see limp wristed repubs saying neither should resign. Hey, wake up. Kick this traitor out on his butt. The country will be better off for it.
50 posted on 11/06/2003 6:36:01 AM PST by ditto h
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To: jmstein7
Well I did it but changed the letter's language. Senators don't like getting bashed over the head. For what its worth, this is what I sent:


I am taking the unusual (for me) step of writing to you directly, in the hope that my words just might make you stop for one moment and consider the broad implications of the "Rockefeller memo" scandal.

The memo as reported makes it perfectly clear that the activities of the Senate Select Committe for Intelligence were to be coopted in order to effect a political ambush of a wartime POTUS.

In the eyes of this citizen, the Committee's every act going forward is now compromised by the knowledge that any and every Committee action may well be tainted by partisan politics.

I can think of no other way to restore public confidence than to have a full and public airing of how widely the memo was distributed, who its author was (and his or her prompt dismissal from any Committee-related activities), and furthermore a public inquiry to find out whether partisan political electioneering is even more widespread among the Committee's members than the memo plainly reveals.

Senator, I beseech you, consider how a soldier, returning from the war theatre, will construe that document. It is critical during war, that the People and the nation's citizen-soldiers, have confidence that their elected representatives have the national interest foremost in their mind and in their work.

Failure to address these implications would only serve to spread, by association, the loss of confidence to the majority members of the Committee. The comity of the Senate is rightfully a bulwark of our Republic, but should not come at the expense of the Senate's very mission.

Very Respectfully Yours,

51 posted on 11/06/2003 6:44:31 AM PST by witnesstothefall
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To: jmstein7
My letter to Senator Roberts:


I have supported the Republican Party and Conservatism for many years, and I continue to shake my head in stunned amazement each time the minority Dims say "Boo!" and the majority GOP cowers in fear. The public put the Conservatives in charge to implement their agenda, not to chicken out at EACH and EVERY confrontation with those who would increase the grip of government on every American's life.

Republicans are the "football kicking Charlie Brown" to the Democrats "Lucy." How many times will our party end up flat on it's back? The latest is the Dims TREASONOUS plan to use the Senate Intelligence Committee as a political tool. Republicans need to DEFEND our nation! The media won't support it. The media will accuse Republicans of politicizing the issue. Fighting those who would take our freedoms is not an easy fight. Will WILL eventually find some Republican politicians who are not afraid!

The Dims will NEVER face any political backlash from the blocking of Conservative minority judges if cowardly Republicans fail to take to the airwaves with some outrage and passion.

The media calls for Republicans to "get along" with the Dims while assisting them in the political assassination of any true Conservative. The situation is coming to a head and Conservatives have little or no need for team members who are afraid to fight.

Thank you,

52 posted on 11/06/2003 6:48:54 AM PST by Onelifetogive
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To: Mich0127
53 posted on 11/06/2003 7:09:56 AM PST by jmstein7
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To: qam1
3 minutes of John Corzine dodging the issue and 57 minutes of how nothing happened in the Laci Paterson case today

I'm completely disgusted by both the H&C and Greta shows, and for the same reason. Who gives a flying crap about this Laci space-filling?

Here FOX has an opportunity to delve into depth on something of substance and all they do is totally waste time on this complete nonsense.

I seldom tune in to either show any more. Same with Whorealdo. FOX is becoming a subsidiary of National Inquirer and I am tuning in less and less all the time.

54 posted on 11/06/2003 7:11:42 AM PST by Gritty
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To: Gritty
Email and complain. Same for on the record.
55 posted on 11/06/2003 7:12:32 AM PST by jmstein7
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To: jmstein7; All
Please add your voices to the "Rockefeller Must Resign" thread!
56 posted on 11/06/2003 7:25:40 AM PST by Judith Anne (Send a message to the Democrat traitors--ROCKEFELLER MUST RESIGN!)
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To: Judith Anne
Please help add voices from the "Rockefeller Must Resign" thread to THIS thread!
57 posted on 11/06/2003 7:27:01 AM PST by jmstein7
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To: jmstein7
Will do.


58 posted on 11/06/2003 7:40:39 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: jmstein7
Done and bttt
59 posted on 11/06/2003 7:42:12 AM PST by CheezyD
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To: Keith in Iowa
Don't you realize that the media is blacking out all the rhetoric by the republicans?

Don't you realize that if it is a republican scandal the medial will run it 24/7 but if it is a democratic scandal they will black it out?

60 posted on 11/06/2003 7:44:24 AM PST by cinFLA
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