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Northeast Intelligence Network ^ | 11/06/03

Posted on 11/06/2003 12:33:04 PM PST by Mossad1967

An urgent news from the jihad rule in Yemen, the Al-Asad messages coded...

XXX and a XXX declared that they received messages from Al Qaeda Network in Yemen that points to the messages of the fighting Sheikh Osama bin Ladin who transmitted last week were coded messages with directions for the execution of three greatest operations during the holy month of Ramadan ...

Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest (( I swear by the great Allah who raised the sky without an intention that America and the west world will not dream of its capture with the security what did not enjoy it a falling in Palestine and the Islamic world ) )

My father and my mother redeemed you O our sheikh the hero

Three greatest operations

Brothers and sisters I greet you, as you have noticed the splitting of the moon in two marks the start of the biggest operation of all, it is expected that America will be fragmented into 3 parts, I swear to Allah on this, I swear to Allah that the US will be divided...

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KEYWORDS: alqaeda; islamonuts; muslim; terrorism; terrorist; threat; wot; yemen
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To: Sir Gawain
Time to buy more ammo.

Unfortunately, while comforting, ammo will not help us against this threat. It might help a lot afterward though.

601 posted on 11/07/2003 1:53:03 PM PST by Sender
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To: padfoot_lover
The Secret Service agent called back, asked me to forward the Yahoo message board address, which I did, and he just sent me an acknowledgement e-mail with a thanks. So it's in their hands.....

Are you implying that we knew about this before they did? Hmmm...

602 posted on 11/07/2003 1:53:04 PM PST by Snowy (Annoy a lib -> Work hard, earn money, and be happy!)
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To: PrivateIdaho
Did you see on the other thread that the "preacher" image is also from Corbis, and it's a distraught Palistinian man sitting on the ruins of a building . . . and I thought it was Billy Graham standing at a podium . . .
604 posted on 11/07/2003 1:56:50 PM PST by LikeLight ( ___________________________________ it's a line)
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To: Mossad1967
We are already divided thanks to the rats who are doing all they can to see to that.
605 posted on 11/07/2003 1:58:26 PM PST by ladyinred (Talk about a revolution, look at California!!! We dumped Davis!!!)
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To: texasbluebell
Those aren't just eyes, ...It's a picture of a FOX. What the meaning is I don't have a clue.
606 posted on 11/07/2003 2:06:40 PM PST by sissyjane
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To: LikeLight
Yeah, I've been following both threads... alot of analysis going on... Billy Graham in a baseball jacket had quite a few people fooled.
607 posted on 11/07/2003 2:06:51 PM PST by PrivateIdaho
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To: PrivateIdaho

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesman - PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: "MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA" (PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT SNIPPET: "Credible information has indicated terrorist groups may be planning attacks against U.S. interests in the Middle East. Terrorist actions may include suicide operations, bombings, hijackings or kidnappings. These may also involve commercial aircraft and maritime interests. While conventional weapons such as explosive devices are a more immediate threat in many areas, use of non-conventional weapons, including chemical or biological agents must be considered a possible threat. Terrorists do not distinguish between official and civilian targets. Increased security at official U.S. facilities has led terrorists and their sympathizers to seek softer targets such as public transportation, residential areas, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, hotels, schools, outdoor recreation events, resorts and beaches.") (November 6, 2003) (Read More...) "AL-QAIDA SUSPECTS ATTACK MECCA" (November 6, 2003) (Read More...) "TERROR SUSPECT DIES IN SAUDI GUN BATTLE" (October 6, 2003) (Read More...)

YAHOO! News (AP): Middle East - AP: "2 MILITANTS BLOW THEMSELVES UP IN MECCA" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The legitimacy of Saudi rulers rests partly on their being custodians of holy Mecca, which is off-limits to non-Muslims. A strike on Mecca could be seen as a strike on the royal family. A new Interior Ministry statement late Wednesday said two al-Qaida suspects were killed and five arrested, including four Saudis and one Nigerian, in Monday's Mecca shootout. The ministry had said earlier six were arrested. The official Saudi Press Agency on Wednesday quoted an Interior Ministry official as saying authorities confiscated the following items from the militants: a box for storing explosives in a car trunk; dozens of hydrogen tanks; four automatic rifles; eight pistols; 1,246 bullets of various types; 21 grenades; three rocket-propelled grenade launchers; military fatigues and women's clothes, apparently intended for disguise.") (October 6, 2003) (Read More...)
On The Net - Islamic Discussion: "'militants' Blow Themselves in Makkah" (November 6, 2003)

THE SCOTSMAN - Scotland's National Paper: "AL -QAEDA 'TARGETING MUSLIM HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN'" (November 5, 2003) (Read More...)

608 posted on 11/07/2003 2:16:04 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Labyrinthos
"I mention this stuff to friends, family, and colleagues at work, and they think I'm a freaking nut-job." Ya got that right! Last week, I told my school's admin about a kid who was talking about what he was going to do at FTAA Miami (ala Seattle). They thought I was an alarmist. Well, last night the bomb squad went thru the entire school because the kid has been implicated working with anarchists from another state. So now, the law will be calling me for more info.

609 posted on 11/07/2003 2:19:56 PM PST by debg
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Comment #610 Removed by Moderator

To: padfoot_lover
Think we should alert the SS?

Nah, I haven't seen anything from al Qaeda that's half as threatening or disgusting as the everyday posts on DU. Seriously, if we're reading Islamoblog rants, the gub'mint is already reading them too. They have lots of people scanning messages for threats right now you can be sure, 24/7. And certainly al Qaeda deliberately puts out suggestive BS all the time just to dull the senses. But somehow I do believe they are going to do something soon. This is the time for them to strike for so many reasons...if they've got anything to light, they'll light em up. Revenge for Iraq, revenge for Palestine, revenge for Afghanistan, revenge for Gitmo, and all the moon eclipse business. Somebody wants to be the mahdi and they have to pull off a big one to get the nod.

611 posted on 11/07/2003 3:37:40 PM PST by Sender
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To: mikegi
Quit bashing NIN. They openly state that all they do is present stuff that's out there. If not for them and other Debka-like sites we would never have read any of these Islamoblogs. No one ever said the information was specific or accurate, it's just stuff to think about and discuss. I for one am glad to get this information.
612 posted on 11/07/2003 3:42:20 PM PST by Sender
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To: LayoutGuru2
On the Yellowstone supervolcano thought, this recently from Hamas leader Sheik Ahmad Yassin:

STATEMENT 15 October 2003 (Rough Translation): The Fagana of our uncle the sheikh Yasin Bnbaa from the heavy bullet is this issue where he confirmed that the coming December (2003) will witness great events on the Arab and international level . The first prophecy and on our great sheikh compact that an Arab leader to a powerful state will meet his end before the end of this December and his country will witness a state from the chaos and the political tension that for it its reflections on the economic situation will be internally and on the Arab and international level in the region, as for the second bomb that our uncle the sheikh Yasin exploded is that America will be exposed to a natural catastrophe that will destroy the everything and is from its victims by millions and the material losses exceed thousands billions of the dollars of what he will lead to an economic and political disaster a people did not witness it before in the old or new age and surpasses a disaster became and Thamoud and the anger at the White House will burn and on the American president Bush who will hide forever.

The concern is Qena your torture is a day he descends upon your slaves.


For the first, maybe Saudi Arabia?
For the second, Yellowstone mischief?

Tinfoil ON. But curious.

613 posted on 11/07/2003 5:47:41 PM PST by Sender
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To: yonif
the solar eclipse is only in ANTARTICA. I doubt that AQ has a presence at McMurdo!

614 posted on 11/07/2003 6:33:48 PM PST by bonesmccoy (Defeat the terrorists... Vaccinate!)
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To: Sender

ROTFL... are you guys listening to Art Bell again?!?!
615 posted on 11/07/2003 6:58:35 PM PST by bonesmccoy (Defeat the terrorists... Vaccinate!)
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Another Al Qaeda Plot? Officials: Al Qaeda Interested in Hijacking Cargo Planes
616 posted on 11/07/2003 7:40:30 PM PST by Nouge
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To: DreamWeaver
I meant this week following and trying to ingest all this frightening info, especially all the info that came out yesterday...and I 'feel' we won't have to be nervous all month DW, for this week , if any will be the week. I've slept one good day all week!
617 posted on 11/08/2003 1:22:59 AM PST by JustPiper (18 out of 19 HiJacker's had State issued Driver's License's !!!)
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To: padfoot_lover; FairOpinion; Pro-Bush; BagCamAddict; ganeshpuri89; pokerbuddy0; cgk; Sabertooth; ...
Applause and gratitude Lover! You did the right thing!!!
618 posted on 11/08/2003 1:36:53 AM PST by JustPiper (18 out of 19 HiJacker's had State issued Driver's License's !!!)
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To: padfoot_lover
The day you signed up here was a good day Lover ;)
619 posted on 11/08/2003 1:39:33 AM PST by JustPiper (18 out of 19 HiJacker's had State issued Driver's License's !!!)
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To: bonesmccoy
Either a supervolcano or they might use flying saucers this time! No space marshals on them!
620 posted on 11/08/2003 4:44:15 AM PST by Sender
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