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Drudge Report ^ | 11-26-2003 | Matt Drudge

Posted on 11/26/2003 9:33:50 PM PST by yhwhsman




Active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are upset over being forced take part in a military repatriation ceremony today for remains believed to be those of the non-military brother of presidential candidate Howard Dean, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"His brother will receive full military honors...flag over the coffin and all!" fumes one soldier, who asked not to be named.

Governor Dean is set to visit to the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) and the repatriation of his brother to Hickam AFB, Hawaii.

The brother's remains were recovered in Laos by a JPAC recovery team this past month. JPAC's mission is to search, recover, and identify remains of US service members who were killed in previous wars.

During the Vietnam War, Dean's brother and an Australian friend treked into Laos as civilians -- and were captured by the Vietcong and killed.

JPAC was pressured to not only recover his brother's remains, but to bump Dean's recovery over numerous other MIA's who actually died fighting for their country, a well-placed military source tells the DRUDGE REPORT.

Additionally, JPAC is being pressured to push up Dean's brother's identification ahead of approximately a hundred other service members remains, it is claimed.

Says one source: "These service members were recovered from all US wars, whose families are waiting to finally get word that their loved one, who gave his life for his country has been identified and is finally coming home. It usually take 2 years plus for an identification. Apparently, this 'rush job' will be done in 4-6 months. That's not all, we are repatriating his Australian friend, with military honors, and pushing his identification ahead our service members also."

The military source continues: "We feel it is not only a slap in the face to the servicemembers who gave their lives for our great country, but also the men and women who are currently in harms way"

In the past, JPAC has recovered remains of civilians [specifically contract civilians working for the military], but never with military honors!

In fact, one time, JPAC team members conducting the recovery had to actually pay the postage to FEDEX the remains back to the family because the government would not pay for it.


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KEYWORDS: brother; charlesdean; disgrace; dishonor; howarddean; militaryhonor; remains; vietnamwar
I haven't seen this posted/discussed anywhere yet.

This is absolutely vile. IMHO, this disgrace is an attempt to draw sympathy for and attention away from Howard Dean and his 'medical disqualification' during the Vietnam War.

What a detestable thing to do to our true heroes.

1 posted on 11/26/2003 9:33:51 PM PST by yhwhsman
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To: yhwhsman
Duplicate of:
2 posted on 11/26/2003 9:36:51 PM PST by Keith in Iowa (Tag line produced using 100% post-consumer recycled ethernet packets,)
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To: yhwhsman
does "Dean's brother" even have a name?
3 posted on 11/26/2003 9:44:57 PM PST by InvisibleChurch (Cletus: "There's that girl what makes those squiggles into words.)
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To: yhwhsman
I haven't seen this posted/discussed anywhere yet.

This is absolutely vile. IMHO, this disgrace is an attempt to draw sympathy for and attention away from Howard Dean and his 'medical disqualification' during the Vietnam War.

What a detestable thing to do to our true heroes.

Who authorised this crap? This is demeaning to the troops, this guy was not even in th Military, so why the ceromony??????????? Why was this done? Dean is a draft dodger, ski slope sucker, lied to the Military, and will get beat in the Presidential Vote.
4 posted on 11/26/2003 9:49:25 PM PST by Ethyl
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To: Ethyl
Ask yourself two questions.

If the current administration controls the recovery team (via the Pentagon)...who would have made the decision to push his remains recovery to the top? Easy answer: a Bush appointee.

If the current adminstration controls the military burial process and handles 'honors'....who would have made the decision to bless this honor? Easy answer: a Bush appointee.

In both cases, these gentlemen need to be fired. I strongly suspect that this was all political in nature and would be ammo for the Bush re-election team. I am a GW supporter...but this is really below the dignity of the current administration. It gives them a slight smell of the Hillery administration. Lets lay blame on the correct source of this episode.
5 posted on 11/26/2003 9:55:25 PM PST by pepsionice
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To: Ethyl
its just Dean being very sneaky. the dead brother becomes a soldier..therefore dean is a soldier as well. the brother died in vietnam(laos actually, I believe) and iraq is vietnam..this consumates deans hatred toward the present war in iraq.

I hope that made no sense.....Its just my jab at demlogic!
6 posted on 11/26/2003 9:58:53 PM PST by mylife
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To: yhwhsman
Hope this isn't lost in the holiday rush...
7 posted on 11/26/2003 10:02:17 PM PST by Libertina ("We're not establishing intimacy with these people, we want to crush them." Rush on rats.)
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To: yhwhsman
Its especially vile if you recall that when Clinton was president, they brought home the remains of some Korean war era KIAs with UN flags on the coffins.
8 posted on 11/26/2003 10:14:47 PM PST by farmguy
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To: yhwhsman
Maybe the two civilians were undercover?
9 posted on 11/26/2003 10:23:22 PM PST by RWG
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To: pepsionice
There are a great many positions that are not appointments, but folks who remain on from administration to administration.

Don't jump the gun and claim this was a "Bush appointee" until you have all the facts. This could be a career civil servant (or civil servants), for all we know, who hate Bush.

10 posted on 11/26/2003 10:32:27 PM PST by TheWriterInTexas (With God's Grace, All Things Are Possible)
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To: mylife
The MIA count, as of today is 1875...and a civilian cavorting about in Laos, when he (or his skiing partner brother) could have been in uniform and on duty, is not authorized a burial flag and a salute (as was clearly pictured!) for the military guys who renered that salute...get some 'nads! 58,000 names are etched in granite on the Mall...honor THEM, not a civilian wioth no connection to the war (at an age when they should have been!)
11 posted on 11/26/2003 10:32:44 PM PST by NMFXSTC
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To: TheWriterInTexas
To have two major screw-ups (both the recovery and the honors)? In both cases, the military individuals involved (on the recovery team and with the honor guard) should have questioned the orders given. They didn't. Both violate standards acceptted and written down. The media will cover the Dean angle for about a week...cutting him down...but eventually, they will come back around and start asking questions to the administration. I stand by my original comment....both individuals need to be fired. This was wrong to turn this into a political event....either to hurt Bush or to hurt Dean.
12 posted on 11/26/2003 10:45:54 PM PST by pepsionice
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To: pepsionice
I have 27 years (retired now) service, two PHs...damned if I would render honors to a civilian with no status...I am pissed that ur "PC" active military succombed to this disrespect for the uniform and their comrades who earn that flag and honor.
13 posted on 11/26/2003 10:51:52 PM PST by NMFXSTC
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To: Mrs Zip; BOBWADE
14 posted on 11/26/2003 11:00:06 PM PST by zip (I'm stealing some of JG's post for later use.)
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To: yhwhsman
Perhaps Mr. Dean is going to have a 'Wellstone' moment. This is despicable.
15 posted on 11/27/2003 6:21:22 AM PST by tbpiper
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I always here that bit about "fighting for our country", yet as I remember, everyone was fighting for their buddies and the only team that was going to provide a way out of there!
16 posted on 11/27/2003 6:22:05 AM PST by Chapita
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To: yhwhsman
Weasely Clark and John Kerry have been beating up on Howard Dean all week as a draft dodger.
I am sure they will use this to beat him like a gong.
They both can use their phony outrage to scream about draft dodging brothers pushing ahead of genuine heroes who died in service to their country.
Anything that brings a weaker candidate Dean into the General Election is a good thing.


17 posted on 11/27/2003 7:04:48 AM PST by Servant of the 9 (A Goldwater Republican)
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"damned if I would render honors to a civilian with no status"

My reaction is the same as yours - consider, however, that this might well reflect the attitude of many active and retired members who will
remember this in the event Dean were the RAT presidential contender.
18 posted on 11/27/2003 9:30:04 AM PST by Ben Hecks
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To: pepsionice
Sorry for the late reply, Pepsi.

I agree, the person who ordered this needs to be let go. There was not enough house cleaning at the beginning of the administration. Everything about it stinks. But my point is we don't know what motivated the person who made the decision, so we can't automatically assume it was made with the blessings of the administration.

As much as I hated Clinton, I didn't hold him accountable for everything that went wrong on his watch, although there were lots. The decision maker and his boss need to go!

P.S. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

19 posted on 11/30/2003 10:28:19 PM PST by TheWriterInTexas (With God's Grace, All Things Are Possible)
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To: pepsionice
The article I read on this stated that it wasn't conclusive that all the remains were Dean and his partner; some could belong to an American service member therefor necessitating the military honors.
20 posted on 11/30/2003 10:49:21 PM PST by sandlady
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To: TheWriterInTexas


...In all there were four coffinlike containers removed from the C-130 cargo jet that had arrived from Laos, via Guam, on Tuesday. One other set of remains was believed to be those of Neil Sharman, an Australian who had been traveling with Charlie Dean. The others were believed to be those of airmen.

Though Charlie Dean and his friend were civilians, they were given military honors, officials said, on the chance that the remains include those of service members missing in the Vietnam War.

"We don't know who we have until the lab says who we have," said Lieutenant Colonel Gerald O'Hara, a spokesman for the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, which runs the international recovery missions and the forensic laboratory here. "Ninety-eight percent of the missing from this war were service members. We're treating everyone as if they could be a service member."

O'Hara said DNA testing to confirm the identity could take up to eight months, although family members were confident because of the personal items found with the bones. Eventually, the Dean family plans a burial under the Sag Harbor, New York, cemetery marker laid for Charlie two years ago, according to the wishes expressed in the will of his late father, who never spoke of his son's death after 1975.

21 posted on 11/30/2003 10:58:13 PM PST by sandlady
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To: nutmeg
22 posted on 11/30/2003 10:59:48 PM PST by nutmeg (Is the DemocRATic party extinct yet?)
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To: yhwhsman
Bio from POW MIA network

Name: Charles Dean
Rank/Branch: Civilian
Date of Birth: 05 April 1950
Home City of Record:
Loss Date: 10 September 1974
Country of Loss: Laos
Loss Coordinates: 181251N 1073308E
Status (in 1973): none)
Category: 1
Acft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground
Other Personnel in Incident: Neil Sharman

Source: Compiled by from one or more of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews.
Updated by the P.O.W. NETWORK.
SYNOPSIS: Charles Dean and his Australian companion, Neil Sharman were aboard a boat enroute to Thakhek, Laos, in early September 1974 when they were captured by the Pathet Lao at Ban Pak Hin Boun. Numerous reports indicate that they were subsequently held in the Kham Keut area of central Laos. Reliable information indicated they were alive in that area as of February 1975. Diplomatic efforts to obtain information from the Pathet Lao about the two have been unsuccessful. Although Dean was captured after the cessation of hostilities in Laos, his name is included on the list of the missing because he is an American on whom the Pathet Lao should have information.



NAME : DEAN, Charles, Civilian, Tourist
RATIONALE FOR SELECTION: Source reports indicate that at Mr. Dean was in fact detained by the Pathet Lao. There have been no correlated reports of his death subsequent to the many reports Mr. Dean's. detention.

REFNO: 1994 2 Apr 76 (C) CASE SUMMARY
1. (C) On 5 September 1974 Mr. Neil Sharman, an Australian tourist, and Mr. Charles Dean an American tourist, departed Vientiane Laos. They had planned on traveling by road from Vientiane to Paksane, and from there by boat to Thakhek. On 13 September the U.S. Agency for International Development Area Coordinator in Savannakhet , (Laos), received a report that Mr. Sharman and Mr. Dean were overdue. Subsequent information from Laotian sources indicate that on 6 September 1974, Mr. Sharman and Mr. Dean while traveling from Paksane to Thakhek by boat, experienced. difficulties with Neo Lao Hak Sat., (AKA: Pathet Lao), authorities at Hinboun, located in the vicinity of grid coordinates (GC) VE 585 466. At this time they were taken into custody. It is reported that they were held first at Ban Thong Lom, in the vicinity of (GC) VE 380 910, and then four days later moved to a Pathet Lao Police Compound. A review of aerial photography indicates that this camp may be located in the vicinity of (GC) VF 704 157. There are reports that in December 1974 Mr. Sharman and Mr. Dean were moved from this camp, reportedly to Sam Neua, Laos. However, later information places them in the camp located in the vicinity of (GC) VF 699 156 as late as 23 February 1975. (Ref 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)

2. The US and Australian Embassys in Vientiane made repeated and determined efforts to secure the release of Mr. Sharman and Mr. Dean. Summaries of the incident, subsequent intelligence reports, and photographs of the two men were handed over to high-ranking members of the Laotian Government with requests for assistance. All efforts were unsuccessful, as the Neo Lao Hak Sat authorities consistently denied knowledge of the incident. and the men concerned. Mr. Sharman is currently carried in the status of Captured, and Mr. Dean is currently carried in the status of Dead Body Not Recovered.
1. RPT (U), Chronology of events, undated.
2. MSG (C), Det 5, 7602 AINTELG, 010610Z Nov 74.
3. MSG (C), USDAO Vientiane, 260240Z Nov 74.
4. MSG (C), DIA Wash D.C., 182107Z Dec 74.
5. MSG (C), Det 5, 7602 AINTELG, 120603Z Mar 75.
1. Neil Sharman 1994-0-01
2. Charles Dean 1994-0-02
* National Alliance of Families Home Page ---------------------- 02/07/02
Vt. Governor to Seek Brother's Remains
.c The Associated Press

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - Charles Dean had just graduated from college and wanted to see the world. After more than a year on the road, with Japan, Australia and Indonesia behind him, he and a friend decided to head north from Laos to Nepal. They never made it: they were stopped at a checkpoint by Laotian communist insurgents, arrested and later killed.
Nearly 30 years later, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is seeking his brother's remains. In another step in his family's long and painful odyssey to unravel the mysteries behind the capture and death, he will travel next week to a remote section of Laos where the body is believed to be buried. Dean said Wednesday he hopes his trip will help ``begin closure'' for his own family as well as for the families of the other 400 Americans still unaccounted for in Laos.
``I recognize it may be pretty heavy duty emotionally for me,'' he said. ``But there are a lot of families in our position and it may be that what I am doing can help them, as well as my own family.'' The governor will leave Sunday and travel to Japan and Thailand before arriving in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, two days later. From there he will travel by helicopter to a base camp being used by the task forces leading the excavations.
Charles Dean, a 24-year-old graduate of the University of North Carolina, and Neil Sharman of Australia were arrested in Laos by the Pathet Lao, a left-wing nationalist group that fought the U.S.-supported government in the 1960s and early 1970s before winning control of the country in 1975. The two men were detained Sept. 4, 1974, while traveling down the Mekong River, and held in a small, remote prison camp. Authorities believe they were killed Dec. 14 while being driven toward Vietnam by their captors. ``Either he tried to escape or they just executed him,'' said Dean, who is unsure why his brother traveled to Laos and whether the Vietnamese or Pathet Lao was responsible for his death. Charles Dean, although a civilian, is considered by the U.S. government to have been a prisoner of war. The effort to recover the bodies of Dean and Sharman is being coordinated by the Defense Department's Joint Task Force Full Accounting, which was created to bring home the roughly 1,900 Americans unaccounted for in Southeast Asia. Dean's visit will be his first, although both his mother and father made trips in 1974 and 1975 to push for the release of their son. The trip grew out of an exchange of letters Dean had with the Defense Department in which he expressed concern that the planned excavation of the possible burial site was being delayed. In addition, he said his family's desire for action increased following the death last year of his father, Howard Dean Sr. ``It would have been very difficult for me to go while my father was alive,'' said the governor. ``It has been very hard for everybody, but it was very, very difficult for him.'' Using information gathered from informants, mostly Lao, the government has worked for the past 30 years to piece together likely sites where Americans are buried or where planes or helicopters carrying Americans may have crashed. It has not been easy because much of the U.S. war effort in Laos, aimed primarily at cutting off communist Vietnamese supply lines that ran through the country, was secret. ``We were bombing the hell out of them,'' said Dean. ``We were denying we were bombing them while they were denying they were holding any American prisoners.'' But through informal networks, the family learned in March or April 1975 that Charles Dean was dead. Since then the family has worked with the Defense Department and others to determine how and where he died.
A new effort by the joint task force to interview locals late in 2000 provided the most reliable information to date: That Dean and Sharman had been taken by truck and killed a few miles shy of the Vietnamese border along Route 8. It is there that Dean will travel. He is hopeful his efforts will prompt an excavation by the American-led team this summer.
``That would be the ultimate closure,'' he said.
23 posted on 11/30/2003 11:03:15 PM PST by armymarinemom (I Rocked the Cradle of Death from Above)
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To: armymarinemom
AMM--good find. Check out #22.
24 posted on 11/30/2003 11:07:22 PM PST by sandlady
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To: armymarinemom
25 posted on 11/30/2003 11:14:27 PM PST by sandlady
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