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Social Security for Mexicans closer to reality (Millions of immigrants to collect benefits) ^ | December 11, 2003 | WorldNetDaily

Posted on 12/11/2003 7:55:33 PM PST by VU4G10

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To: Luis Gonzalez; american spirit
American Spirit could you please explain this to Luis, I have tried for the last 75 posts and it is like talking to a brick wall.
181 posted on 12/16/2003 8:32:29 AM PST by Paul C. Jesup
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To: Paul C. Jesup
After debating this subject for years with various folks who are most passionate about this whole issue I've come to the conclusion that sometimes the veracity of someone's passion can conflict with their objectivity. This is probably the case for me, you and perhaps Luis and others.....can't say for sure. One thing I am sure of is that if this issue is not dealt with, we'll see upheaval of some sort and eventually this country will be no'll turn into just another UN designated free trade zone with no borders, no US Constitution and any rights we think we ever had will be gone.
182 posted on 12/16/2003 9:09:12 AM PST by american spirit (ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION = NATIONAL SUICIDE)
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To: american spirit
I care as much about the UN as I care about Saddamy. I am disturbed to say the least when I hear Sandra Day O Connor talking about 'international law'. There are communist front groups like Green Peace and ANSWER and Amnesty International, even some parts of the Red Cross excuse me does anyone doubt US will treat Saddam Hussein with the utmost care? What was the first thing we did? I reference the video murder of Danny Pearl if the shoe was on the other foot. BUT I digress.

This reminds of racial preferences and affirmative action. The liberals are so paranoid that America will deprive 'minorities' of rights that will make slavery look like a cake walk. Why do liberals have such a low estimation of American kindness to enemies? Do they think we'll let illegal aliens die in the street from disease or something? I don't think so. I agree with you in that we need to be concerned about the 'human rights' crowd. Things my parents used to consider a privilege are now a RIGHT.

Here in NY, we get a lot of illegals from China and Eastern Europe. For some reason the Mexicans have picked Farmingville, LI as their landing base, BUT it's nothing compared to what's going in Cali and Texas. If the government doesn't do its job, people will start taking things into their own hands.

/rant off/ (that first cup of coffee was a doosey)
183 posted on 12/16/2003 9:28:49 AM PST by cyborg
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To: cyborg
I'm with you as far as the UN goes....everytime I see a picture of that assortment of misfits I'm reminded of the bar scene from Star Wars. The problem is those in political power, elected and appointed, seem to have an inordinate amount of allegiance to the UN policies and dictates....why?, I just can't figure it out. Many folks who've been trying to make sense of this idiocy for some time tend to believe that USA INC. is in some sort of bankruptcy and that the UN is in involved with our affairs as a bankruptcy trustee or receiver...can't say for sure but how else does an organization like seemingly assume more and more control over our affairs?

Also, I do believe this trend towards open borders is part 'n parcel of this FTAA....Free Trade Area of the Americas's which looks more and more like our version of the EU. If so, I believe our Constitutional rights, national sovereignty, etc. are in serious, serious, jeopardy. Illegal immigration is just the mechanism for conditioning us to accept all these intruders, pay their way while having to keep our months shut in the process. Even the dumbed down American public will someday figure this out, then there'll be hell to pay.
184 posted on 12/16/2003 9:50:38 AM PST by american spirit (ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION = NATIONAL SUICIDE)
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To: VU4G10
President Bush: Please don't do this. I am in my fifties and SS will in all likelihood not be availble to me, and I've been paying into it ever since I was 16. And you are going to extend SS benefits to ILLEGAL Mexicans??????????? That will GUARANTEE that I won't see a dime of the countless thousands of dollars I was forced to pay into SS. Your stance on immigration, especially your apparent surrender to Mexico, and your placing of Mexcian interests above those of Americans, will GUARANTEE that you will not get my vote in 2004. I have thought your performance as president thus has been pretty good (you've made a couple blunders, but you're light years better than Gore ever would have been). But I must tell you this: America is very dear to my heart, and I proudly served her, faithfully, while in the US Air Force during Vietnam. To see America become a third-world toilet just to satisfy Mexico is beyond the pale, though.
185 posted on 12/16/2003 10:00:25 AM PST by ought-six
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To: org.whodat
"I see another one term BUSH as the result."

Yup. I can't believe he'd be so boneheaded as to do this, but it looks like maybe he is. My God, were the Dims right, after all? Is GWB a dunce?
186 posted on 12/16/2003 10:02:36 AM PST by ought-six
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To: vladog
The shocking thing is we are being conquered by MEXICO! We aren't even being conquered by a first-world country. We are being taken over by a third-world, filthy, backward, semi-literate toilet of a country, without a shot being fired. God, I am so disgusted.
187 posted on 12/16/2003 10:07:39 AM PST by ought-six
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To: Bloody Sam Roberts
I can't think of a more sensitive issue, and one that will ultimately result in a huge backlash against illegals, than this one. As the song says: We're headed for a showdown.
188 posted on 12/16/2003 10:17:04 AM PST by ought-six
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To: Luis Gonzalez
"So, apparently either your entire problem is with Mexicans, or you didn't read the article before you posted."

Hey Luis: Our problem is with ILLEGALS! It just so happens the vast, vast majority of illegals are Mexican.

189 posted on 12/16/2003 10:19:56 AM PST by ought-six
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To: Luis Gonzalez
"Undocumented aliens are simply that, undocumented...."

Your comment says it all. You won't even admit they are you, they are just "undocumented." You no doubt have no problem with their illegality, or the fact they are criminals just by the very fact they broke our laws when they snuck across tho border. My mother was a LEGAL immigrant, and she played by the rules, followed the law, and became an American citizen. Your comments suggest she was a chump for doing things the proper way. I wager that if the illegals were from Tibet you'd be singing a different tune, and you would not only call them illegals, you'd be all for rounding them up and deporting them without delay.
190 posted on 12/16/2003 10:26:10 AM PST by ought-six
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To: ought-six

If you are an alien, and you are here undocumented, then you are here illegaly.

My comment directly addressed the fact that without documentation you cannot present DOCUMENTS to submit your claim to SS benefits.

Of course I have a problem with people being here illegally you simpleton, I have a problem with anyone who does anything illegal.

This forum is being overrun by morons, time to get out.
191 posted on 12/16/2003 10:56:58 AM PST by Luis Gonzalez (The Gift Is To See The Trout.)
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To: ought-six
We're headed for a showdown.


192 posted on 12/16/2003 11:22:26 AM PST by Bloody Sam Roberts (I have opinions of my own - strong opinions - but I don't always agree with them.)
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To: Luis Gonzalez
Neither are a vast number of native-born, what's your point?

Which you're one of.

What gives you the idea that paying taxes is an option in this country?

It is for illegal immigrants, they come here to live off the taxpayers. They are not going pay for services that they are already getting for free.

193 posted on 12/16/2003 8:33:24 PM PST by Paul C. Jesup
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To: Luis Gonzalez
"Idiot....Of course I have a problem with people being here illegally you simpleton...."

Ah yes, the voice of reason. When someone takes a position with which you disagree, they are "idiots" and "simpletons." Perhaps that was what they taught you was the essense of debate in the leftist schools you attended. Besides, your argument is spurilous: Illegals also use ILLEGAL documents to obtain benefits, etc.: There was a recent bust in California involving fake SS cards and the like, and the ring was operated by Mexicans that were here in the U.S. But, that is obviously okay with you. You know something? Whenever you speak, something is subtracted from the sum total of human knowledge.
194 posted on 12/19/2003 5:44:31 AM PST by ought-six
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