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Milosevic's trial. Has Clark commited perjury?
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Posted on 12/18/2003 1:58:51 PM PST by Headfulofghosts

This is from Milosevic's trial, with Presidential Canidate Wes Clark. I find this very interesting, what Milsosevic has to say.

MR. MILOSEVIC: [Interpretation] So I believe it is not in dispute that I said to you, General Clark, that these were terrorists, murderers, rapists, killers of their own kind. Is that right or is that not right? Was that clear or was that not clear?

A. You did say that to me in October of 1998, and that is the phrase you used. I remember you using it in English, "murderers, rapists, and killers of their own kind."

Q. And terrorists; right? Terrorists first and foremost.

22 THE ACCUSED: [Interpretation] Now, please put this picture up. These are men in KLA uniforms, and I hope that you will recognise the patch on the sleeve, the KLA patch. It can be seen on the left arm. So there is no doubt that this is the KLA. We see this too.

Ten years ago we were arming and equipping the worst elements of the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan - drug traffickers, arms smugglers, anti-American terrorists… we did same thing with the KLA, which is tied in with every known middle and far eastern drug cartel. Interpol, Europol, and nearly every European intelligence and counter-narcotics agency has files open on drug syndicates that lead right to the KLA, and right to Albanian gangs in this country. Furthermore, the KLA was involved in sex slaves. Furthermore, they were supported by Osama Bin Laden. Furthemore, two of the 9-11 hijackers, Saudi's Al Hamzmi and Al Midian " traveled" to Bosnia around the same time frame, meaning we trained them.

JUDGE MAY: That is unnecessary. Remove that picture, please. This is nothing to do with the evidence. Return the picture, please, to the accused.

THE ACCUSED: [Interpretation] Mr. May, these men in KLA uniforms, I mean, this man is holding two Serb heads that had been cut off. Is that confirmation? I mean, are these allies of General Clark's infantry in Kosovo?

JUDGE MAY: Now, let us deal with this in a way which is relevant. The picture is not relevant. You can give evidence in due course about. You can call the witness, and you can produce these photographs if there is relevance of them, providing you establish that, but we have to deal with the general's evidence. Now, there hasn't been any dispute that you made these comments to him.

MR. NICE: Your Honour, if the Chamber's concerned about the production of that photograph and the effect it may have unsupported by any relevance, it could give consideration to redacting that part of the transcript. It's a matter entirely for the Chamber. We don't press you one way or the other.

[Trial Chamber confers]

JUDGE MAY: We'll consider that.

Yes, Mr. Milosevic. What is the point that you're trying to establish as far as the witness's evidence is concerned? You can ask other witnesses, you can call other evidence about the behaviour of the KLA, and indeed you've done so. I seem to remember a very great deal of 1 cross-examination about it already. If you wish, you can call some evidence, relevant evidence during the case, but I don't think we're going to take it any further with this witness.

THE ACCUSED: [Interpretation] Well, the KLA was a terrorist group.

MR. MILOSEVIC: [Interpretation] Q. Isn't that right, General Clark? Is that in dispute or is that not in dispute?

JUDGE MAY: It may be a matter for us, but it's not a matter that arises from the witness's evidence.

THE ACCUSED: [Interpretation] The witness is talking about measures of repression against the KLA, and you see what kind of killersthey are. I have yet another photograph here, a group of 15 of them, with 13 severed heads. This is also not relevant for you; is that right, Mr. May?

JUDGE MAY: That is quite right. Quite right. You can call all 15 this evidence in due course. We are just dealing with a part of the evidence which is given by the general. The generalised evidence about the behaviour of the KLA, if it's relevant, you can give it in due course. Now, time is limited. If you want to ask him about the conversations, of course you can.

THE ACCUSED: [Interpretation] The general -- well, I mean the general is speaking in general terms about the KLA, and you did not allow me to show a picture yesterday of the three Musketeers where he is like D'Artagnan with the leaders of these terrorists.

MR. MILOSEVIC: [Interpretation]

Q. General, you actually commanded these formations, these units that cut off Serb heads.

JUDGE MAY: Now, time is very limited. You're plainly not following instructions you've been given. Your cross-examination is limited to what the witness has given in evidence. The behaviour of the KLA is not relevant to that. What you said about the KLA most certainly is relevant. You've asked questions about it and what other things you've said about it, you've said to the general, that is relevant, and you can ask and indeed you should. If you challenge it, you should deal with it, as you did with the general, General Naumann.

THE WITNESS: Your Honour, may I just have -- ask the permission of the Court to clarify that I did not command the KLA. We never gave assistance to the KLA. We did not direct the KLA. We did not assist itsformation. And I met with the leaders of the Kosovar Albanians atRambouillet as part of a normal diplomatic effort in the same way in which I met with Serbs at the discussions at Dayton, that's all. Thank you for allowing me to insert that for the record.

Clark is commiting perjury here.

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1 posted on 12/18/2003 1:58:54 PM PST by Headfulofghosts
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To: Headfulofghosts

Indeed, for all the Clinton officials' concern about Islamic extremists in the Balkans, they continued to allow the growth and movement of mujahedin forces in Europe through the 1990s. In the late 1990s, in the run-up to Clinton's and Blair's Kosovo war of 1999, the USA backed the Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbia. According to a report in the Jerusalem Post in 1998, KLA members, like the Bosnian Muslims before them, had been 'provided with financial and military support from Islamic countries', and had been 'bolstered by hundreds of Iranian fighters or mujahedin ...[some of whom] were trained in Osama bin Laden' s terrorist camps in Afghanistan'. It seems that, for all its handwringing, the USA just couldn't break the pact with the devil.

The Times, US Alarmed as Mujahidins Join Kosovo Rebels, Nov 26, 1998
The Scotsman, US Tackles Islamic Militancy in Kosovo, Nov 30, 1998
AP, Bin Laden Operated Terrorist Network Based in Albania, Nov 29, 1998
Jerusalem Post, Kosovo Seen as New Islamic Bastion, Sep 14, 1998
Sunday Times, Bin Laden Opens a New Terrorist Base in Albania, Nov 29, 1998
Sunday Times, Iranians Move in (Kosovo Link), Mar 22, 1998NYT, Whispers of New Tyranny in Kosovo
Times, Harvest Massacre Blamed on Kosovo Guerillas
Independent, UK, Organized Crime Gangs Rule Kosovo
NYT, Chaos and Intolerance Now Reign in Kosovo
LA Times, Kosovo Battles Resurgence of Organized Crime
WP, Kosovo Rebels Make Their Own Laws
Express (UK) Albanian Mafia, KLA and Kosovo Aid
NYT, Rebels Are Taking Charge of Kosovo
Reagan.Com, The Story of Commander Remi
NYT, Kosovo's Rebels Accused of Executions in the Ranks
WSWS, Kosovo "freedom fighters" financed by organised crime
NYT, In Kosovo, Gangs Dim the Luster of a 'Greater Albania'
Guardian, Old Serbs Become Terror Targets
Guardian, This is What Will Happen To Us All
Amnesty International Urges KLA Leader to Stop Human Rights Abuses
Start, New Paramilitary Army ready in Macedonia, June 2, 2000
Bota Sot, KLA Secret Service Persecuted Albanian Politicians, July 11, 2000
The Times, Violence Feared As KLA Fund Dries Up, July 24, 2000
ADN, Kosovar Refugees Fear Being Murdered by KLA, July 13, 2000
Reuters, Armed Albanian Group Enigma in South Serbia, Aug 7, 2000
Reuters, Former KLA Members Face War Crimes Probe, Aug 9, 2000REUTERS, Former Kosovo Guerrillas Arrested in Gang Probe, Aug 25, 00
UNMIK, Ten Kosovo Albanians arrested in anti-crime operation, Aug, 25, 00

General Clark, since you claim that these individuals who carried
out these acts of terrorism are not terrorists, although several
resolutions of the Security Council refer to terrorism in Kosovo, you
nevertheless claim that they are not terrorists. Please answer a question: Is your election campaign financed by Albanian circles including the KLA?

JUDGE MAY: That's a totally improper question, totally improper
and irrelevant. General, you do not have to answer this sort of thing.

CLARK: I think it's important that I do answer it, and the answer is no.

Yet there is this, which has not been reported in the media. I expect the main stream press to pick this up in a day or two. The problem is with It's a left leaning contribution website. You know, the one that has been running anti-bush ads? It's been seeking contributions outside of American borders. Both Clark and Dean are named on international fundraising websites suggesting donations to Basically Political websites from London to Portugal to Montreal are directing their citizens to stop the American president George Bush by donating to

2 posted on 12/18/2003 2:00:47 PM PST by Headfulofghosts
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To: Headfulofghosts
We never gave assistance to the KLA

Looks like perjury to me.

3 posted on 12/18/2003 2:07:14 PM PST by expatpat
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To: Headfulofghosts
Clearly the wrong man is in prison. Heaven help us for that travesty that was perpetrated by X42 and those in congress who supported him at that time. Republicans AND democrats.
4 posted on 12/18/2003 2:10:20 PM PST by OldFriend ( BLESS OUR PRESIDENT)
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To: expatpat
The BBC and the London Sunday Times have run stories containing damning evidence of how the Clinton administration created a pretext for declaring war against the Milosevic regime in Serbia by sponsoring the KLA.

Britain's BBC2 television channel ran a documentary March 12 by Alan Little entitled "Moral Combat: NATO At War". The program contained damning evidence of how Clinton sponsored the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), then pressed this decision on its European allies. The revelations in the documentary were reinforced by an accompanying article in the Sunday Times.

Little conducted frank interviews with leading players in the Kosovo conflict, the most pertinent being those with US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Assistant Secretary of State James Rubin, US Envoy Richard Holbrooke, William Walker, head of the UN Verification Mission, and KLA leader Hashim Thaci. These were supplemented by many others.
5 posted on 12/18/2003 2:11:58 PM PST by Headfulofghosts
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To: OldFriend
Slobadan Milsosovic, is indeed guilty, but the US secretly supported those paramilitary organizations, which commited attrocities also, the KLA, which included two of the 9-11 hijackers.
6 posted on 12/18/2003 2:13:32 PM PST by Headfulofghosts
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To: Headfulofghosts
Thanks for the link. Weasley Clark is so Hillary. Compare his recollection in these two passages:

Q. And that first working day, the Muslim delegation proposed that Republika Srpska consist of 30 something per cent, 34, 35 per cent of the territory. Do you recollect that? A. Your Honour, I have no specific recollection of that particular matter. The reason is that I may or may not have been in for the entire duration of the meeting. At the time, I was involved in not only participating in much of what Ambassador Holbrooke was doing but also trying to finish the negotiation of military annex with other NATO member countries who would have to enforce it. So I just don't have any specific recollection of that fact. I would have to consult other sources, but it's not something that I remember. And it's not in my witness statement. I'm not testifying about it or whatever; I just don't remember it."

Compare that with this--

Q.....Why would I stay with you and Kruzel during the break? That is not true simply. JUDGE MAY: Wait. Now, let there be an answer to this allegation. 10 THE WEASEL, ER, WITNESS: Your Honour, there was a break. Ambassador Holbrooke did get up to go to the toilet. I can't account for every single member of the accused's delegation in the room. The accused was seated in a -- in an armchair at the head of the table, and he stayed in the room at least momentarily. And as he got up from the armchair and moved to the side, I went over and approached him. And I was ccompanied by Assistant Secretary Joseph Kruzel. And it was a break that was taken right after the period in which he had announced that he could hold a referendum that would ensure that the Pale Serbs agreed with whatever peace terms were being proposed. And I simply continued the discussion with him and asked him, "You say you've had so much influence on these people. If you had so much influence, how did you permit General Mladic to kill all those people at Srebrenica?" He looked at me and said, "Well, General Clark, I told him not to do it, but he didn't listen to me."

The sooner Clark is relegated to a political footnote, the better, IMHO....

7 posted on 12/18/2003 2:18:06 PM PST by eureka! (Rats and Presstitutes lie--they have to in order to survive.....)
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To: Headfulofghosts; *balkans; Destro; Fusion; Jomini; A. Pole; Honorary Serb; Andy from Beaverton; ...
Balkans Bump!

Related Thread:

Milosevic attacked Clark's personal character by citing criticism of him by Gen. Hugh Shelton

8 posted on 12/18/2003 2:19:58 PM PST by Incorrigible (immanentizing the eschaton)
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To: Headfulofghosts
Hmmmm. Slobo is coming off a little kooky here.

"Ten years ago we were arming and equipping the worst elements of the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan"

Who's this "we" he's referring to?  If this is a direct quote from him it doesn't make sense.  If he said "The U.S." or "The West" or something along those lines (though I wouldn't necessarily agree) I would understand the statement.

I'm familiar with the photos though I would suggest no-one post them since they tend to cause threads to disappear.

He seems to be making a direct mockery of the court by showing these photos while Clark is sitting in the witness chair.  I would prefer he make a direct mockery of the witness however.  However, I presume there more to this with 2 days worth of testimony, there's more to come.

9 posted on 12/18/2003 2:34:40 PM PST by Incorrigible (immanentizing the eschaton)
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To: Incorrigible
Go back to Serbia.


10 posted on 12/18/2003 2:36:05 PM PST by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite
Go back to Serbia.

Oh c'mon Hoplite.  You already know I've never been there.  I don't even know any Serbs beyond the aliases of the denizens of FR.

I'm simply an Irish Catholic American who wondered at the time why the leftists weren't protesting the bombing of Yugoslavia. I can remember vividly how Clark had been caught in several lies at the time of the bombing in Kosovo.  There are threads after threads debunking him in real time here on FR.

I'm no fan of unrepentant communist thugs but that doesn't mean I want this world court to determine what is just.

This is worse than the OJ trial.

11 posted on 12/18/2003 2:42:19 PM PST by Incorrigible (immanentizing the eschaton)
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To: Incorrigible
You're right, this is worse than OJ - there African Americans lost their common sense and sided with a murderer.

Here, with Slobo, it's supposedly staunch Americans and conservatives siding with a murderous thug.

Whatever - these threads are freakshows of the ignorant and disingenuous. Take me off your ping list and pretend you don't know me.

12 posted on 12/18/2003 2:45:20 PM PST by Hoplite
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To: Incorrigible
The " We supplied" line comes from both a DEA agent and intelligence agent it was them talking about our relationship with the KLA.
13 posted on 12/18/2003 2:52:51 PM PST by Headfulofghosts
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To: Hoplite; mark502inf
Actually it was you or maybe mark502inf that posted a link of information on the mass graves found in Yugoslavia that I found quite interesting and countered my understanding of the facts.  I like reading your counter opinion and value it.  It may even help me see the light from your perspective.

I'll honor your wish to be removed from the ping list but know that I consider your research on Fusion top notch and lends considerable creditability to your opinion.

14 posted on 12/18/2003 2:53:37 PM PST by Incorrigible (immanentizing the eschaton)
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To: Hoplite
Here, with Slobo, it's supposedly staunch Americans and conservatives siding with a murderous thug.

One can condemn Milosevic and still maintain this 'trial' is a joke. In fact, it's done for Milosevic what Milosevic could never have done for himself - it's made him look like a gutsy underdog. It's the single best argument for letting Saddam be tried by the Iraqis; because it's inconceivable the Iraqis could do a worse job than this kangaroo court.

15 posted on 12/18/2003 2:53:48 PM PST by Right Wing Professor
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To: Headfulofghosts
Yep.  I understand the accusations, I just don't understand why he's using "we" when speaking about the arming of the Mujahadeen. 

I can understand an American critic of our policy at the time saying "We armed the Mujahadeen" but not Slobo saying.

Perhaps something was lost in the translation.

16 posted on 12/18/2003 2:56:21 PM PST by Incorrigible (immanentizing the eschaton)
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To: Incorrigible
Who got him to the Hague? It wasn't the UN? It was the US, and you know how? It was money.
17 posted on 12/18/2003 2:58:21 PM PST by Headfulofghosts
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To: Headfulofghosts
Well, that much I think we all agree on.
18 posted on 12/18/2003 2:59:28 PM PST by Incorrigible (immanentizing the eschaton)
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To: Hoplite
True, Slobo was a murderous thug. Opposing the fraudulent "War in Kosovo" does not mean you sided with him. My objection to the war was founded on the lies and manipulation to cause the "war", which I am sure was just politically expedient for one of the most corrupt administrations that this great nation has ever suffered as a matter of coincidence. A "war" where the predicates therefore were fraudulent (100,000 mass graves), the tactics were obscene (bombing the civilian infrastructure of Serbia), the results were distorted (34,000 sorties--maybe a hundred true hard military targets destroyed) and the US/NATO allied with the terrorist, pimping, drug-dealing KLA. Just my humble opinion. (Me, I'm just an Irish American news/political junkie, never been to Serbia and don't know any Serbians)...
19 posted on 12/18/2003 3:01:06 PM PST by eureka! (Rats and Presstitutes lie--they have to in order to survive.....)
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To: OldFriend
Clearly the wrong man is in prison. Heaven help us for that travesty that was perpetrated by X42 and those in congress who supported him at that time. Republicans AND democrats.

If Slick Clinton wasn't the antichrist then, as Fats Waller used to say, he'll have to do until the real thing comes along.

20 posted on 12/18/2003 3:07:07 PM PST by greenwolf
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