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Bush Immigration Plan Borders on Treason
Chuck Baldwin Ministries ^ | 01-09-04 | Baldwin, Chuck

Posted on 01/08/2004 4:26:33 PM PST by Theodore R.

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To: breakem
Already, more than ten percent of Mexico's population is living illegally in the United States.

Chuckie is blowing smoke or on something I suspect. He gives no basis for that statement whatsoever. Depending upon whose numbers you use there are some 10 million or so attributed to be in the US illegal.... The Census allows maybe 50% or so to be from the Americas South of the US Border with Mexico having the largest share of them, maybe 60%+ or so. The next largest group is East/Southeast Asia at something less than 3 million..... the remainder is from around the rest of the world..... Also about 50% or more of the illegals enter the US legally with visas and never leave.... Students, workers, etc. The US never follows up and persues their deportation.
41 posted on 01/08/2004 7:41:15 PM PST by deport (..... DONATE TO FREEREPUBLIC......)
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To: Theodore R.
I knew I liked him for some reason. The concept of "standing on principal" has become an inside joke to both party's politicians, an obstruction to practical deal-making while away from our view yet a concept they trade notes on when election cycles roll around.
The Constitution Party is looking better all the time, so long as they run a person better suited than the last one.
That guy was actually making the case for the Green Party candidate!
42 posted on 01/08/2004 8:15:27 PM PST by NewRomeTacitus (Has anyone gone out and come back as an alien yet? It's the new path to success.)
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To: Theodore R.
If the only remaining difference between left and right is this nations defense then how will this bill help in the war on terror?

We currently only have ( apparently) 2000 Immigration guys that can check people out.

Now do you think its wise to now wise these limited resources to do checks on perhaps millions of immigrants from Mexico?

Or would it be better for this nation’s security to have them working on Arabs, Muslims?

The Washington Times
Border authorities fear influx from Bush plan
By Jerry Seper
Published January 8, 2004

“They said only 2,000 agents are available to review the millions of applicants that might be submitted. “
"When U.S. immigration officials were tasked with the responsibility of checking immigrants coming into the United States from the Middle East after September 11, it tied up all of INS' resources and caused significant delays," Mr. Cutler said. "When this country had problems trying to properly identify a few thousand people, how is it going to do the same with a few million?"
43 posted on 01/08/2004 8:25:14 PM PST by Kay Soze (How will refocusing INS resources from the war on terror to millions of Mexicans make US safer?)
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To: Zipporah
Right on!
44 posted on 01/08/2004 9:07:35 PM PST by Bella
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To: KantianBurke
I am glad that at least you agree that Bush would never do anything to deliberately hurt the country -- for political motives or any other motives, UNLIKE THE DEMOCRATS.


"While Bush's plan, if enacted, would cause quite a disaster and the elimination of the middle class"

You are over reacting.

"Call me naive but I see it as more likely that he's very badly mistaken rather than harboring an outward hatred for this country."

Bush is also smarter than people give him credit -- I think people fail to notice that Bush is NOT giving the illegals any instant amnesty or instant green cards.

And people also ignore that NOBODY has any other realistic solution to the illegals already in the US -- it is not realistic to expect to send the police and the army to go house to house and search out the 12 million illegals in the country and drag them across the borders kicking and screaming.

Bush is doing the absolute best possible with a bad situation.

The main objective is to stop them at the borders, so more of them can't come in.

Bush is giviing them a chance to work -- he should be applauded by conservatives that he is NOT giving them a blanket amnesty. This way, productive people can work for a while, then maybe stay or maybe not, but he is not legitimizing those who are sitting here using up welfare. THIS is a key part.
45 posted on 01/08/2004 9:22:00 PM PST by FairOpinion
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Comment #46 Removed by Moderator

To: Theodore R.
How can you "border" on Treason? Either it is or it isn't. Baldwin has no guts.
47 posted on 01/08/2004 9:24:38 PM PST by Texasforever
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To: Russ
"TREASON? What the hell, let's each one of us try to outshout the other and be more outrageous than the one before. "


What more, let's all attack Bush and yell that he is committing "treason" and let's elect a Bin Laden and Saddam-loving Democrat instead, that'll show Bush.

Wait, we already did that, when the outraged conservatives elected Clinton, to punish Bush I. Guess who really got punished -- the country and all of us.

But let's do it again!

Bush isn't a good enough conservative, in the view of some, so let's elect Dean.

Great logic!

48 posted on 01/08/2004 9:28:30 PM PST by FairOpinion
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To: Theodore R.
A surprising threat to freedom-Campaign Finance Reform thread-day 29

49 posted on 01/08/2004 9:36:22 PM PST by The_Eaglet (Peroutka for President)
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To: Dr. Marten
On one hand I can agree with you, but on the other...what do you call the act of sacrificing the best interest of America in order to gain the votes of a growing illegal population who has the best interests of their own country in mind?

You fell into that trap that once they obtain this "temporary work visa" they're automatically citizens. This work visa is not a drivers license, nor is it a voter card. Many states require drivers licenses to vote. The ones held to account are the businesses (large or small) who currently employ ILLEGALS. The ones who want to stay here to make a living will go out and apply for citizenship. The others who possess the card will get kicked the hell out by the business owner who hired them and the US government who granted the card, once the card expires. If the business owner doesn't kick them out, the US Government will penalize them and the illegal with the expired card.

50 posted on 01/08/2004 9:36:43 PM PST by BigSkyFreeper
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To: BigSkyFreeper
Bush's plan is miles above the plan Gray Davis tried to pull on the voters of California..... Look where that got him.
51 posted on 01/08/2004 9:39:19 PM PST by BigSkyFreeper
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To: Theodore R.
What's so treasonous about documenting the undocumented? I don't get that. At first I didn't like the plan at all, but every time I read what Bush had said about it, I warm up to it.
52 posted on 01/08/2004 9:43:34 PM PST by BigSkyFreeper
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To: deport
Chuck Baldwin has been a certifiable Bush basher since 9/11.
53 posted on 01/08/2004 9:50:26 PM PST by BigSkyFreeper
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To: BigSkyFreeper
Chuck Baldwin has been a certifiable Bush basher since 9/11.

He used to have Nader on his radio show back when he was broadscattering from the hotel......

Certifiable ..... that I'd agree with
54 posted on 01/08/2004 9:55:33 PM PST by deport (..... DONATE TO FREEREPUBLIC......)
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To: BushCountry
Some facts about immigrants.>>>>>>>>

For the SECOND time today, PLEASE PROVIDE your LINK......

and WHY do you keep posting your *facts* about IMMIGRANTS on threads that are clearly discussing ILLEGAL immigrants, & the BURDEN they are to taxpayers.

Reagan's amnesty, granted in 1986, legalized 2.7 million immigrants.>>>>>>>

LOL.....he amnestized 2.7 MILLION ILLEGALS & some say 50% immediately signed up for welfare (do your own search)

55 posted on 01/08/2004 10:01:10 PM PST by txdoda ("Navy-brat")
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To: Veritas01
"this is the most B.S. article i've ever read, and to say bush is bordering on treason is B.S."

Question: Hadn't Dubya sworn to uphold the Constitution at his inaugural?

56 posted on 01/08/2004 10:01:33 PM PST by F16Fighter
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To: F16Fighter
There's only one way to fight back, and that's for true conservatives to write in Tancredo in the NH primary. Bush got the message in 2000 when McCain won, maybe he'll get the message again.

We have nothing to lose by writing in Tancredo in the primary states.

57 posted on 01/08/2004 10:24:47 PM PST by hunter112
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To: BigSkyFreeper
This policy anouncement is less about votes and more about the "haromonization" of mexico and the United States. YOu see the Summit of the Americas is next week. You will not see the text of president' bush's speech run here, but he will give a speech that describes how the United States is going to implement the policy determined by the 1998 Summit of the Americans on migrant workers. In that policy statement, business interests and nongovernmental agencies established that what they call "migrant" (read illegal) workers should be able to keep any social security money paid while working in the united states and that it was important that the flow of remittances ( the money the illegals send out of country) be maintained at a high level as possible.

Now Bush will speak next week and tell the members of the summit conference that the social security is a done deal and that the open border to illegals will insure that remittance money will keep flowing South.

In case you didn't know, remittance is globalist speak for wealth redistribution through foreign aid. Yes the remittance is foreign aid and it is so thoroughly relied upon by our southern neighbors that they can add up to 50% of the GDP. Since when is the American taxpayer required to bolster the GDP of a foreign nation by subsidizing illegal workers? Since the executive branch started to go around congress and make policy with international nongovernmental organizations.

The important thing to remember is that the treason plays out outside borders as well as the inside. when a group of business people and nongovnermental organizations from foreign countrys set policy that is implemented by our president, ignoring the fact that Congress is the only body that should set foreign relations and trade, you are seeing treason of the highest level and a complete usurpation of the balance of power between Congress and the executive office. You see, the president no longer needs Congress to set foreign policy. He has the summit of the Americas to do it for him. He doesn't need Congress to vote on it either, because other departments like the treasury department acceptance of the matricular consular card, implement it without congressional authority.

58 posted on 01/08/2004 10:42:42 PM PST by hedgetrimmer
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To: Russ
This is what the term "national debate" has been reduced to.

During the 2002 election, the word was put out by the RNC and Rove that immigration would not be a subject of discussion. We, conservatives, were silenced by the Republicans who thought the election was more important than our country's sovereignty.

You are now seeing the results of trying to control and silence a free people.

59 posted on 01/08/2004 10:45:35 PM PST by texastoo ((go California go. Tell it like it is))
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To: hedgetrimmer
A good post!

You explained it well. As a matter of fact, the Mexican newspapers reported that V. Fox talked on the phone with Bush prior to yesterday's speech. It looks like Bush is not going to do anything with congress until he talks in person with V. Fox.

I had to reread your post 3 times to comprehend it all. However, what you have said has made sense.
60 posted on 01/08/2004 10:57:19 PM PST by texastoo ((go California go. Tell it like it is))
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